Milf keeps bringing him to the brink of orgasm over n over handjob cumshot

Milf keeps bringing him to the brink of orgasm over n over handjob cumshot
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I am Raj, six ft tall, average complexion and physical structure. I was 20 yrs old that time. I used to live with my brother in a big city and study in a famous university. My brother was a top level executive of an MNC. He had a big bungalow from his company. There was a middle aged watchman(Darwan)for the house, who used to live at their house, with his wife. Komola was his 2nd wife, as his first wife died. She was pretty young, about 24/25 yrs old, much younger for her husband. Komla used to work in the house as maid.

She was stunningly beautiful. Her captivating sweet appearance, big eyes, sharp nose, rosy lips, huge boobs, flat navel ,thin waste and well shaped butts were very appealing to everybody. She was a scared, polite girl. I used to think about her all the time. I tried my best to attract her attention. But it was fruitless. I had a place to relax, spend time ,read books on the rooftop, at top of the staircase.

Komola used to go there to hang the washed clothes. I tried several times to approach her. She was very shy. Once she told me that I should not talk to her without a reason there. Sab and Mamsab(My bhai and bhabi)would kill her if she befriended me. My bhabi and I used to play Carom in the sunroom in our leisure time, while my 3 yrs old nephew played around. Once bhabi told me that she had noticed, I was interested about Komola. Which was very normal at my age. But I should remember the position my brother held here and also remember, Komola was a maid and a married woman.

She smiled and said, I should not feel insulted or frustrated as Komola did not have any indulgence for me. Bhabi told me, Komola actually liked me. She watched me whenever she had a chance.

For example she was watching me through the gap of the window as we spoke. I did not answer a word of my bhabi. Later, I figured bhabi was right. Komola used to secretly watch me. Then I had the chance of my life. Her husband had a week off ,to visit his native place. She was scared and had to sleep in the laundry room inside the house.

The door of the room did not have a lock. I walked around the room few times. She used to push and close the room upon my arrival. Couple of days later, my bhabi's father had a stroke. My bhabi and brother had to go there suddenly, leaving me behind. My bhabi asked Komola to take care of me.

Komola assured beautiful teen girlfriend gets cock in the ass that she would take care of her devar. As we were roaming around the house after they left, My heart was pounding, thinking me alone with Komola. In the late afternoon, I needed some snacks. I was looking for her. I thought I would have a chance talk to her properly but, she was nowhere to be found.

I thought she might have been shy of me and sleeping in her own house. I walked to the house. I did not make any noise and approached there. What I found was unbelievable. She was taking a shower, completely naked, the door was wide open. The shower was running on her body, she was singing with a humming noise.

Her eyes were closed, rubbing her breasts with one hand and thin haired pussy with the other. It was an amazing scene. I wished I had a camera with me. I was just a few feet away. In a minute or so, she opened her eyes.

I was a live ghost for her. She got frozen for couple of seconds. Then she held her pussy with one hand and pushed the door with other. I said, sorry Komola, I was looking for you, but you were nowhere to be found. She said,Choto sab,please go, I would be right there. She was a bit extra bashful while working in the house later. I did not say anything, as if nothing happened.

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She was serving me dinner. I asked her to eat something with me. She said she was not allowed to eat anything there. I asked her to sit in the chair. She said, maids were not allowed to sit there either. Then I said, Komola, do you know how beautiful you are?

She smiled, did not answer, covered her face with pallu. I said, I want to see you again the way I seen you earlier.

She said, no way, impossible, never. That was a mistake on her part.

She was careless but, I was also not supposed to be there. I was urging her to show me her body, one more time, I would not touch.

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She said, it was absolutely out of question. Even if she did, I won't be able to keep my word. I would touch her, I was young. She said, I was her master, I should not be touching a maid's body. I was watching TV and asked her to watch with me. She refused.I asked her to massage my foot. She hesitantly started to massage but I could feel she was shaking like hell, at my touch. I said, It was not my nature to force anybody for anything but I wanted to see her body again.

She refused again. She massaged me half an hour, bellow my knees. It was almost time to go to bed. I asked her to sleep on the floor of my room. She smiled and said, no but I could call her anytime ,she would be right there. I asked her to get me a glass of water. She went to the kitchen to get it. I carried a chair and blocked the kitchen door. I said, if she did not get naked, I would not move from the door and we both going to stay awake in the kitchen till tomorrow.

She started to smile and said, I was behaving like a child. She said, after all she was a young woman too.

She had flesh and blood as well. She could make a mistake and succumbed by my temptation. So, we both should be careful. After half an hour, she gave up and said, let's go to your room, she could not do it in the bright light. I said ,promise me! She said, ok and held my hand. I let her go. She spread her bed sheet on my floor, turned the light off and slept there.

I turned the dim light on. She started to undress herself. When she was completely naked, I said, I told you, I wanted to see your body! How could I possibly see anything in the dark! She laughed, covered her face and said I was a naughty boy. I turned the light on, sat by her and looked at her amazing body. I removed her hands from the face, spread her legs.

She was shivering nudecamsnet christina models webcam session free porn hardcore amateur her eyes. I touched her cheeks. She moaned and held my hand.

I had earlier experience with another young maid back home. I lifted her to my bed. I started to kiss her from forehead, cheeks and lips. She held me by neck and sucked my lips and tongue slowly in return of my kiss. She said, never in her wildest imagination ,she thought, would be able to get me in her arms.

I was a young man, why I was interested in a older maid like her. I should get a pretty girl of my age or younger. I touched and massaged her breasts slowly.

She was moaning loudly and held my face on her chest. I sucked one of her nipple and pressed hard the other breast. I had sweet milk in her boob. I was pleasantly surprised. She said,she gave birth a dead child few months ago. I was amazed, she looked like a virgin girl. My long cherished desire to drink breast milk was fulfilled.

She was holding, feeding me like a baby and moaning loudly like aaaaaaaahhhhhh. I was having my after dinner desert for ten minutes. I kissed her flat tummy ,licked her navel and squeezed her pussy. When I kissed her pussy lips, she held her hand there and asked me, what I was doing! A pussy was always dirty. I did not argue with her, removed her hands and vigorously sucked her vertical lips and clit inside.

She was surprised but started to immediately threw her legs and push my head on her cunt with wild excitement. In just few minutes, she showered my face with her thick musky juice. She loosened her grip on me and breathed heavy.

She took off my t shirt and short, made me naked. She started meaty ding dong inside brazilian arse hardcore blowjob kiss me all over and held my monster shaft. I held her mouth on my dick she was kissing it. I asked her to lick and suck it. She was confused and reluctant. I shoved it in. She gagged for a few seconds but rapidly learned how to enjoy a dick by mouth and give pleasure to her man. He was able to take a fraction of my dick in her mouth, even though she was deep throat me.

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I climbed on her, held her chest by my knees and started to fuck her mouth. I said, I would be coming in her mouth, she got to swallow everything. She was astonished and asked how it would taste like!

Why didn't I fuck her and discharge in her pussy! I said, I would do that again later. She seemed to be confused by everything. She was holding my butts tight and sucking me like a whore. I pressed her head by my knees hard and sprayed my cum in her mouth.

She gagged and tried to throw up but I held her tight and made her swallow every bit of it. I asked her to continue sucking me. I was slowly fucking her mouth with my half limp dick.

I few minutes I started to regain my strength. Another few minutes, I asked her to hold my dick in between her huge boobs and stretch them hard together. I fucked her boobs few minutes. She was hauling and groaning loudly with wild pleasure. Then I asked her to spread her legs and positioned myself in between her legs. I pushed the tip of my dick in and paused for a couple of seconds, then gave her a hard push, I was half way.

I moved myself in and out few times and gave her one grand push. I was all in the bottom of her pussy. She was hot threesome with older man and cute babe with pain and joy. I was kissing her and pumping slowly. She was sucking me back like a vacuum machine. I started to suck her nipples and drain her breasts again. She was very emotional. She was saying to me choto sab, you get a separate home for yourself.

I would leave my husband and live with you as your bitch and maid. I never thought, that sex was so enjoying. My husband never fucked me more than five minutes. That also not more than once a week. After one time he sleep whole night with his limp dick. I was fucking her like a bull. My dick was working in her pussy like a drill machine. In fifteen minutes, she had orgasm twice. Then she told me please cum deep in my pussy, I want to enjoy your juice inside me.

Even if I get pregnant, it did not matter, I am maya kendrick and vanessa sky hot some married woman. I held her both legs up and fucked her five more minutes, then let them go.

She held me with her both hands wrapped me around with her legs. I sucked her one cheek, bit the other and sprayed at the bottom of her cervix. She held me for a while and sucked my tongue. She said she needed to go to the bathroom. After few minutes, she came back with a glass of milk for me. She insisted on drinking it. She shared me a little bit. I asked her to suck my balls. I also asked her to lick my butt and ass.

She reluctantly started it but enjoyed it very much thoroughly. I said, I wanted to fuck her ass. She was confused and got scared. I said, I could guarantee her she would enjoy it.

I lubed my dick in her mouth and asked her to turn around and sleep on her stomach. She unwillingly did that to make me happy. I dug her pussy with my finger and lubed her ass thoroughly with both of our juice. I said, it would hurt first. I poked her ass with the tip of my dick, she screamed. I did in and out several times and gave her a big push. She cried out, I held her mouth. I did in and out another several time and sharp jolt, I sent my tool right in her colon.

She was in tears. I pushed my both hands under her chest and started to squeeze her juicy breasts, which were secreting milk. I was biting her cheeks and pumping her ass nice and steady. She stopped crying in few minutes.

Another five minutes, I asked her to turn around. I pulled her both legs up in the air and shoved my prick in her ass. I pushed my middle finger in her pussy and started to fuck her both in her pussy and ass.

I eventually shoved my two fingers in her pussy and fucked her like a must elephant. She was screaming with joy. She was flooding my fingers with her musky juice. She asked me to discharge in her pussy. In five minutes I finished my job coming at the bottom of her womb. I fucked her once more before we go to sleep. She swallowed my cum with joy. I did not have much of a chance to fuck her. She was looking for a chance get with me, but it was very risky. Once I fucked her in my bathroom in standing position, while my brother was sleeping in his bedroom.

Komola used to seek every opportunity to be around with me. I realized my bhabi suspected something but did not say anything. A month and half later, Komola told me she was pregnant and she thought I was the father. When Komola had her son later last year, everybody was suspicious, looking at him, including my bhabi.

I sometime regret my sexual ordeal with Komola thinking the future of the child.