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Saniy leone xxx story sex stories
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Monday morning I woke in Jim's bed still in pain, more so after what he spent hours doing to me the night before. After taking me to see Johnny and making sure I had taken the morning after pill and putting me on a regular pill he told me I would be spending the night in his room.

Finally at 4am I was able to go to sleep so now I was aching all over and really sleepy. I climbed slowly into the shower making sure to wash every inch of myself at least three times before I felt barely clean enough to climb out and get pinay actress pia moran sexstory scandal. "When you get home you will come to my room and wake me." Jim tells me as I head to the door "make sure you have your uniform on and nothing under it" he adds as I put my hand on the handle trying hard not to be sick, when I open the door I come face to face with the other half of my night mare.

Tony's hands move to my hips with the pretence of steadying me "Woo Jane careful there" he laughs while I cringe at his voice, lowering my eyes and looking down, my skin crawling I'm desperate to get away from him. As I move to the side he squeezes slightly and moves past me giving me a clear view of his son standing at the end of the path. "Hey Jane" he calls to me smiling like he's so happy to see me, for just a second I want to run to back inside and hide.

I know it's ridiculous this isn't Ben's fault he doesn't even know what happened. I take a step forward closing the front door behind me when Jim calls me, looking back his index finger moves to his smiling mouth signalling not to say a word. "Jane are you ok? You're really quiet." Ben asks when we get to school I look up at him not even realising that we have walked all this way without me hearing a word he has said "How was your uncle's party?" He smiles "dad says you looked so beautiful in your new dress I wish I could have seen" "It was ok" I mumble looking down feeling sick all over again, I hate the look in his eyes, I know he's wondering why I'm so quiet and is worried about me, but honestly I just can't make myself care at that moment.

At midday I start to make my way to the lunch hall but I'm stopped by Mrs Cano calling my name seemingly in a rush with her dark grey curls blowing wildly around her cubby face as she waddles into the field towards me "Ah Jane at last I found you, I need you to come with me to Mr Jones' office" she says breathlessly in her Spanish accent I look over at Ben wishing somehow he would stop this, I know it's stupid.

He doesn't know what John said he was planning, he has no reason to believe I would be in danger of our head master why would he? People like John are respected and trusted.

I lower my head and follow Mr Jones' secretary back to his office. "Don't worry you shouldn't be long he just said he has a message for you from your Uncle" Mrs Cano smiles misreading my face thinking I'm worried that I'm in trouble, I try to smile back but just can't manage it knowing what I'm about to face as I walk through the closed door to Johns office.

"Ah Jane please take a seat and close the door" he says as he closes a program on his computer and turns to me, I'm uncomfortable his deep voice still has a calming effect on me after all that he did to me that night "Your uncle has asked to me let you know that he has had to go perfect busty teen in panties masturbating on webcam work so he won't be home until late tonight.

He asks that you go straight home and make yourself ready for when he gets in" he smiles at me as he passes on the last part of his message "I have something I would like you to see, come stand here I'm sure you will find it interesting" he adds pointing at the space beside him. I stand and walk around his desk not able to think of a way to get out of standing within touching distance of him. His right hand moves to the mouse connected to his computer and clicks on the folder closed at the bottom of the screen, suddenly the screen is filled with the image of my blonde hair falling over my face, my mouth filled with Tony's cock as he looks into my eyes his face contorted with pleasure.

Disgust fills me as I realise I can't see any evidence of the tears that were in my eyes when this was actually happening no red blotchy eyes or pain in my face I actually look like I'm smiling up at him with my eyes, my hand moves to my mouth as I start to feel like I'm about to throw up when I feel a hand slide up my thigh and under my skirt. I turn to look at John but his eyes are glued to the screen as his right hand clicks the mouse bringing up another picture this time a close up of my legs spread wide apart and my uncle between them.

I gag holding my hand harder against my mouth trying hard not to allow the vomit now filling my throat to come any higher "You look so beautiful don't you think?" Mr Jones asks me pulling my thoughts away from what I'm seeing; my hand flies down to my thigh to stop his hand moving any higher as I look at him disgusted "No I don't! I think these pictures are disgusting and are just proof that you are all just dirty perverts having sexual intercourse with a minor" His smile makes me want to slap him as he replies "I thought by now you would be able to say the word fuck Jane.

We fucked you and as much as you say you didn't we all know you loved it. Now either you place your hands on the desk and watch the screen or I will have to call your uncle." I place my hands flat on the desk and look at the corner of the screen so I don't actually see the folder full of pictures which he has now put on slide show so he has both hands free "Ramona please hold my calls and tell the maintenance team that someone needs to check the forth stall in the girls toilets please" he calls through the intercom to his secretary before turning it off, I hear the click of Mrs Cano's shoes as she waddles off to do as he asked before his right hand reaches over and easy slips open the button holding my shirt over my bra covered breasts and slides in to caress them.

His left hand continues its route up my skirt reaching the top of my thighs and brushing against my private place "Mm you feel so warm" he breaths into my hair pulling his chair closer to me and leaning in to me, my body starts to shake and my eyes start to well up "Look at the screen my favourite picture is coming up" Against my better judgement my eyes move up to the middle of the screen as a picture comes up of me laying on the sofa, John's head is buried between my thighs, my legs are wide open, my left hand is holding his head seemingly holding him in place as my back arches and I pull Jim's mouth down to mine.

The picture was taken at the exact moment I came; John's fingers slide my knickers to one side allowing him to slide his middle finger into me.

I gasp at the intrusion but he just pushes his finger deeper "God you are still so tight, I love it" he moans pulling me to stand in front of him "Get on your knees I want you to watch something with me" he adds opening a new file labelled James birthday video. As he clicks play he pushes me to my knees "Get my cock out and suck it while we watch" he demands, the screen is filled with the sight and sounds of what was happening when his so called favourite picture was taken.

My moans fill the room as his hands grip my hair tight letting me know this isn't the time to mess around, I pull his private bit from his trousers and suck it into my mouth. I remember from Jim what he liked me to do so I suck him harder as I move my head up and down his shaft.

His moans fill the room mingling with mine still playing on the computer screen, the sound of high heeled shoes distracts us as they move closer "Stay down there and be quiet" he growls pulling his chair towards the desk causing me to shuffle back, "keep sucking, I didn't tell you to stop!" I take him back in my mouth my heart beating wildly I hear him click off the sound to the video just as the door opens "Sorry John I spoke to maintenance and they are fixing the broken toilet, also you have a meeting in half hour with Matthew Rose's parents about his behaviour" I hear her pause "Is Miss Bows gone?" I feel Mr Jones lift his hips pushing himself further into my mouth a silent warning to carry on "Yes Ramona, I told her, her Uncle called and she seemed upset.

I didn't want her leaving like that and having other children question her so I let her stay a while until she got herself under control" he replies calmly although I feel his cock expanding in my mouth hot babe queens while she masturbates a shame a child that young has to go through losing her parents.

It's a good thing she has her Uncle to stay with" "I agree, I know her Uncle well and he is taking good care of her don't you worry" he smiles back his voice a slight moan as he releases his seed into my throat "let me finish this email and then we can go down to that meeting" As she closes the door he pulls his chair back "That was very good, now… before you go I want you to sit on my desk and open your legs wide.

I want to taste that pussy again" "Please Mr Jones can I just go to lunch now I haven't eaten yet and I will have to go back to class soon" I say trying to get round the other side of the desk and to the door "Don't be stupid child Mrs Cano is just outside and I told her you have left already, you will have to wait until she leaves her desk webcam show teens watch part on ulacamcom in the meantime you will get your arse over here and do as you are told" his tone changing dramatically, becoming dark and scary enough that I hurriedly push myself up onto the desk.

At first he just sits there looking at me, just as I start to shake with embarrassment a smile spreads over his mouth "I want to hear you say it Jane" he sighs leaning back in his chair and folding his arms. his eyes roaming over my body, moving slowly from my eyes down my chest and resting between my legs, I know I don't have a choice and the quicker I get this over with the quicker I can get back to class and forget it Looking him straight in the eyes I lift my chin before saying "Mr Jones I want you to lick my pussy" The look on his face is pure satisfaction as he leans in towards me and spreads my legs wide, placing my feet on the back of his chair and bending my knees so they fall open.

His hand runs up the smooth skin of my thighs reaching the top and pushing my knickers to one side once again as he bends his head. I jump slightly as his nose moves slowly through my lips parting them as he takes a deep sniff, his hot breath releasing on the top of my thighs and slightly caressing my anal hole.

I scrunch my eyes closed as he reaches the little nub at the top, moving over it quickly with the tip of his nose before following with his tongue I concentrate hard on my breathing trying hard not to let what's happening affect my body and repeating over and over in my head 'do not come', I realise it's not working as I feel my body start to heat up and my breathing shorten as his tongue slips as deep as it can reach into my private place.

His right hand comes round caressing my thighs and reaching his thumb round to caress my nub, unable to stop myself my back arches and before I know it my body tenses and pleasure fills me. As my body comes down I open my eyes to find Mr Jones staring at me with a wide grin on his face "You know if you just give in to it Jane you will find you will enjoy it even more, maybe so much that your juices will be squirting all over my face" I pull my legs down off the back of the chair feeling them shake with the effort, "I will never give in to what you and my Uncle are forcing me to do," I say with the strongest tone I can manage, the quiver in my voice caused by the aftershocks of pleasure still running through my body not helping.

His laugh catches me off guard as I push my feet to the floor and straighten my skirt "Well the choice is yours but believe me with the amount of people you will be fucking you might as well enjoy it" he says as he pushes me back against the desk and kicking my legs apart, "Ramona would you please go to the lunch room and get me a coke before the meeting? I am nearly finished here" he calls through the intercom his right hand pushing my skirt up again and forcing his fingers into me "No matter what you do little girl you belong to us, just you remember that" he says making me gasp in dazzling porn adventure with big tits rui aki as he forces a third finger into me and pushes them all the way in, as we hear the tell-tale clicking of Mrs Cano's shoes he pulls his fingers from me and places them in his mouth while spinning me round and forcing me out the door "Remember what your Uncle said be sure to be ready and waiting for him when he gets home" he whispers in my ear before closing the door on me.

Somehow I manage to make my way all the way to the hall just before the bell rings signalling the end of lunch "Hey Jane," I hear Ben call behind me I stop to wait for him not really in the mood to talk but I know that it will be suspicious if I don't "Where were you?" he asks as he catches up to me "I wasn't feeling well so I stayed in Mr Jones office for lunch" I say looking at the floor as I force my feet to move again, making myself head to class.

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At the end of the day Ben and I walk home together as usual but this time accompanied by Carl and Terry who are both amateur girlfriend foursome with huge facials hardcore groupsex to Ben's for the night. The conversation seems full of typical teenage boy topics, girls and computers mainly but my attention span lacks the interest where I would use to be interested.

"You'll be there won't you Jane?" I look up confused "Hey earth to Jane" Carl laughs putting his arm round my shoulder, the sudden contact makes me jump causing his arm to slide from me and a hurt look to come over him "Hey I'm sorry" he tries to laugh it off holding his hands up in front of him in surrender I stop in my tracks causing the three of them to stop and look at me "No I'm sorry Carl I was miles away and wasn't listening, you scared me but that was no excuse to flinch like that" I say slowly forcing myself to place my hand on his shoulder and removing it as quickly as I can without it looking strange "What was you saying Ben?

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I will be where?" I ask moving down the road again "I was just saying about my birthday next week" he says, I can feel his eyes on me watching me closely "Sure I'll be there what do you have planned?" I say plastering on a smile to make them feel better. As they start to laugh and joke again about the party Ben wants to have I feel myself slowly going back into my own mind and thinking about the last party I attended and how it changed my life, I know that Ben's won't be like that, he wouldn't do that to me but then I thought that my Uncle would never do it.

As we reach my house I walk towards the door, reaching it before feeling a hand grab my wrist. Again I flinch before I realise its Ben "Jane look at me" he says ignoring my flinch and reaching up to my chin, his hand gently holding me in place so I can't look away "Something is wrong, and I want to know what it is, I won't push you because you clearly don't want to talk about it but I will say no matter what it is I'm here when you're ready to spill.

You can trust me" he adds looking me right in the eyes as they start to spill over. As he releases my face his head slowly bends giving me time to move. Although I flinch again and lower my head I don't move completely, his lips touch my cheek pressing slightly before moving back "Don't" I whisper, he looks at me before stepping back and allowing me to turn and escape inside my Uncles house.

As I close the door on my three friends tears spill down my cheeks, I feel sad that I can't be around them without starting to feel uncomfortable, I head to the bathroom feely letting the tears fall, 'normal girls are out flirting and having fun' I think to myself 'my parents would say I'm too young for that and I would have agreed, I didn't want to do things like that before but maybe it would take my slim teen beauty gets mouth and pussy fucked well of everything going on,' I shake my head as I hold my hand out testing the running water from the shower 'That would be stupid, and just plain mean I wasn't raised like that' I step back and look in the mirror over the sink, leaning my hands on the bowl I look closely at my eyes; they look big, red and she has real fun with that cock. The blue of them looking darker than usual when I'm happy and smiling, turning away I head back to the shower and start to peel away my clothes before stepping in.

The hot water cascading down my naked body I lean my head against the cool tiled wall of the shower letting my thoughts go through my head, not making myself feel any better but I'm no longer able to control them as they turn to the night ahead and what Mr Jones said that Jim wanted me to do. Every inch of my body wanting to scream, to grab my clothes and leave, even to call Ben and tell him everything but the truth is I'm scared what that will cause to happen next.

Where will I go?

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With all the men involved who can I trust? I climb from the tub and walk to my room throwing myself onto my bed. After calming down and making myself some cheese and bacon pasta bake I head back to my room to get dressed again in the uniform I had not long taken off, not sure what time Jim will be home I head back to the living room to watch TV.

Heading past the kitchen door I change direction and move toward the kitchen cupboard above the sink to the left, inside I find the leftover bottles of vodka, brandy and tequila, without thinking about what a bad idea it is I take the tequila bottle and pour myself a shot glass of it, I knock it back quick and follow up with another glass. Just as I cringe from the taste of the second glass I hear Jim's keys in the door. With the Dutch courage of the two tequilas I don't bother to move instead just fill another glass, as he turns through the door and looks at me I smile and hold my glass up to him daring him to moan about a twelve year old drinking before knocking it back.

I instantly regret it as the drink washes through me and starts to affect my senses "Looks like I came home to a party" Jim smiles walking towards me "Well you like parties" I sneer at him losing balance and clinging to the kitchen side "I'm not sure I like you in this state though," he frowns "though you did do as I asked and you are still in your uniform I will let it slide, next time if you plan to drink don't drink so much I want you to remember what I do to you!" he continues bending down to kiss me "I very much doubt will ever forget what you have done to me" I say filling my words with the hatred I have for him His smile infuriates me so much that I have to look away turning my head to the side "Oh I hope so little niece I hope you never forget I took your innocence, who this perfect body belongs to.

You are mine Jane!" he whispers in my ear as he traps me against the side, his left hand coming up to my chin not unlike how Ben touched me earlier but his grip is a lot tighter almost painful as he holds my head to the side and begins to kiss his way down my neck "I hear you had some fun at school, I want you to tell me all about it as I fuck you" he says spreading my legs and pushing his fingers into my uncovered private place My mind beginning to become fuzzy I tell him what Mr Jones made me do at lunch, having to stop and restart every time he growls at me for details, finally getting to the part with him licking my private place Jim lifts me onto the kitchen counter and pulls my head back by my hair "Tell me again Jane, what you said to him?" he growls licking his way up my neck and using his right hand to unbutton his jeans "I…I told him barezar tegan mohr nude xxxx story lick my pussy" I mumble back gasping at the end latexangel fucks a horsecock dildo and sucks cock he pushes his cock ball deep into me "See what you do to me?

The thought of my little niece being a good little slut and getting my friends to lick her pussy while someone is just outside is so hot. I bet you loved it knowing someone could have caught you, mmm his cock spilling in your mouth with Ramona just inches way talking to him" As he thrusts into me I'm suddenly grateful for the drink, feeling numb I can easily forget what's shcool xxxx xxxnx sex stories full, as he lifts me up and pushes my chest over the table he pounds deeper and harder into me, causing a pain to shoot through my stomach "OW UNCLE PLEASE IT HURTS" I shout but his pounding just continues, I hot lesbian teens fuck fucking and staxxx my teeth wishing I could have another glass of drink to take away the pain and help me forget what's happening, next time I will remember to drink enough that I'm about to be sick I think to myself "Ah fuck you feel good baby," he screams pulling me harder towards him so he is buried as deep as possible before releasing his seed deep into me, as his thrusts slow down and he finishes he pulls himself from me seconds before I find myself sprawled on the floor.

"Get me a beer" he says pulling his jeans up and heading towards the living room, realising he pushed me to the floor like a piece of rubbish, I slowly get back up and head towards the fridge, quickly knocking back another shot of tequila before grabbing him a beer and heading to the living room The TV plays the scene that shocked me the day Ben came round, I quickly go to make my way up stairs when he grabs me and tells me that he hasn't finished with me.

Just then his phone rings His smile gives away who is on the other line straight away, dread fills me quickly. "Tony just the man I was hoping to talk to, got a favour to ask you and to sweeten the deal come round now" he grins at whatever his friend says "Trust me man this favour won't need sweetening" hanging the phone up he smiles at me "Strip naked" he demands of me as he opens his can.

Taking my clothes off, he sits on the sofa sideways facing me and watching me lowering my skirt. "Good girl now put your knees on the arm rest and spread them wide," he continues, as I do what he says I have no idea where this is heading until he adds "Now… put your hands both sides of my hips and suck my cock like you sucked John this afternoon" As I comply it clicks into place, just at that moment dani danials xnxx storys by brothers front door opens and Jim's right hand lands on my head stopping me from moving "Jesus" I hear Tony mumble as he closes the door behind him, the cool breeze caressing my bum as it clicks shut, I realise he has had a clear view of both my holes as soon as he opened the door "Whatever the favour man black cock new xxx usa can have it" he adds as I hear his zip open and feel his hands reach my hips, It doesn't take long and soon Tony is filling my pussy as Jim comes in my mouth, both of them thrusting into my holes hard and fast ignoring the moans of discomfort and pain coming from my mouth.

As Jim's body comes down again he pulls my hands making me slip and fall on his chest "Hey" Tony calls behind me as he slips out of me "Sorry man" Jim calls back lifting me up and moving off the sofa to sit on the arm rest that I was just kneeling on, his cock slides into me, his mouth claiming mine.

As he pulls back out he orders Tony to sit down on the arm rest and pushes me towards him, as Tony pulls me up and slides back into me he throws his head back in pleasure "Hold her still" Jim says behind me, I start to get that bad feeling again that I got just before he took my virginity I try to look behind me but Tony's arms clamp round me pinning me to him. I feel Jim's hands pulling my hips up slightly before something big rubs over my little brown hole "NO…NO PLEASE" I scream as loud as possible "Shut her up" Jim growls as he pushes harder into my bum.

My struggling becomes wild and determined as Tony removes one hand and blindly fails around looking for something to make me be quiet "Fuck it man ill shut her up with my fist" he growls "NO" shouts Jim "NO BRUISES" he says stepping back and grabbing a pillow from the arm chair. Handing it to Tony he moves back up behind me, as Tony thrusts the pillow into my face and holds it between us his hand moves to the back of my head burying my face in it and muffling my protests.

Jim pushes harder into me again the tip of his private bit finally managing to pass the resistance my body was giving causing pain I have never felt before to shoot through me, my eyes leak consistently while I scream as loud as I can. Through the agony I feel Tony moaning loudly "Fuck James I have never felt anything so tight, I think I'm falling in love" he laughs "Oh Jesus Christ believe me If you was this end you wouldn't be saying that" The two of them continue to thrust and pump into me, every now and then one of them will use my hair to pull my head back and comment on how great I look filled with both their 'cocks' I closed my eyes against it grateful at least that I knew I wasn't going to come with the amount of pain I was in.

Tony's mouth was around my boob sucking it into his mouth when I felt the warm sensation filling both my holes letting me know it will soon be over, they thrust a few more times making sure to empty themselves completely before pulling out of me and letting me fall on the sofa "Looks like you took that hole good and proper" Tony laughed pointing down at Jim's private bit.

Opening my eyes I look over at Jim as he sits on the arm rest of the chair and notice that his lower half is covered in blood, my left hand gently reaches back and softly touches my sore bum, coming against something wet I look down at my and seeing my blood. Panic builds inside me as I sit up.

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Jim looks over at me and smiles "Don't panic I just ripped you a little should have prepared you more but I couldn't be bothered to wait, we will visit Johnny tomorrow" he adds The pain still coursing through me says it's more than a little, my tears still falling as Tony pushes me to my back and slides his fingers back into me. I can't believe they really don't care what they just put me through, my hands fly up as I begin to punch every inch of him I can reach the pain shooting up my back fuelling my anger and actually helping me to think through it.

Seeing what I'm doing Jim comes running round the other side of the sofa and grabs my hands but not before I shock them both with a swing that connects firmly with Tony's nose. As if in slow motion I hear a crack and feel warm liquid spray over my face. He climbs off me screaming and shouting all kinds of words even the devil himself would blush at, it doesn't take him long though to recover and come stomping towards me with painful intentions in his eyes, my anger still burns inside me and I struggle against Jim's hands wanting to punch them both "Tony stop" quicker than I thought possible Jim stands in front of me with his hands against Tony's chest "Move out of my way James that little bitch needs a lesson in respect" he growls trying to push against Jim "NO BRUISES" Jim shouts pushing him hard making him stumble and fall to the ground "Are you fucking kidding me?

Look what she fucking did" he points to his nose now streaming steadily with his blood I can't help myself as a laugh builds up and escapes my lips bringing both men to stare at me "You think this is funny bitch?" Tony yells over Jim's shoulder causing my hysterics to start all over again as dirty small titted lesbians lick and finger anuses girls out west girlsoutwest anger comes out in a roar Jim still stands between us "Jane if you don't shut the fuck up I'm going to hurt you in a way that won't leave any marks" he shouts over his shoulder at me making me laugh even more " already d.did" I manage between breaths finding it strange myself after what's just happened I can't stop laughing, but as they say you either laugh or you cry and I have been crying enough lately come to think of ebony small tits with booty tugs cock who are they?

The strange though slows my giggling as I climb from the sofa a sob following the last giggle as I accidentally press against my bum "Can I have a shower?" I ask sitting on my knees on the floor "A salt water bath would be better" Jim replies not looking at me as I crawl the stairs on my hands and knees. The bath water stings against my broken skin making me grit my teeth and grip tightly against the sides. When I finally manage to get under the water the door bangs into the wall beside me making me jump "What the fuck what that?" Jim growls at me "don't you start to think that cause I don't want you bruised I won't hurt you in other ways" he adds coming towards me and gripping my neck with his hand, instinctively I let go of the sides of the bath and grip his hand trying to pull him off me.

He pushes me back into the bath and releases me causing another shot of pain to go through me "Sit forward" he growls again and pouring half the tub of salt that he's holding into the hot water behind me, using his hand to swirl it around till it dissolves he adds "the salt zoey foxx in childhood crush on neighour help your muscles relax and also help you start to heal" It becomes clear that he has no intention of leaving as he sits on the toilet seat and watches me sit there in the water, I decide to get on with it hoping that the salt will ease some of the pain but it doesn't seem to be working as I lean back slowly "Why did you hit him?" he asks, I can't believe what a stupid question it is and that he really has to ask "You both just hurt me really bad Jim, and then he pushed me back on my bum to stick his fingers in me" I said looking at him "I don't care what he did you had no right to touch him like that" he stands up and bends over me "and I have told you before not to call me Jim" "No right?

I had no right? Are you joking?

Big tit teen ride on top xxx were not hiring but we have a job for you have no right to rape me over and over, you have no right to hurt me the way you have yet you stand there and say I have no right to defend myself?" I shout at him Quicker than I could have seen it coming his hand catches mine and pins them against the tiled wall while his right hand moves under the water, spreading my legs and pressing into my bum "I.

Don't. Care. How. Much. It. Hurts. You. You. Are. Mine!" he says slowly emphasizing every word while looking at me in the eyes, his biggest finger sliding in and out of my bleeding hole, sending blankets of pain all over me. He releases me just as quick again, "You better find a way to apologise to him. I have to go away for the night for work and I asked him to watch you," at my confused look he smiles "you will be staying at Tony's house the night" 'Oh my god,' I think to myself 'how am I meant to survive the night alone with Tony?' then I realise I won't be alone, Ben will be there and hopefully Tony's wife Kerry will be there too.

"When?" I ask as he leaves the bathroom "Thirteenth" he says walking down the hall When I climb out I head to my room until I hear a cough coming from the end of the hall, looking up Jim is standing in his door way looking at me. Shaking his head at his room he turns round disappearing from sight and expecting me to follow, for a second I entertain the thought of ignoring him and continuing doctor as santa fucked his patient fingering christmas my room but I know the consequences wouldn't be worth it in the end.

Sighing I head to his room to find him laying on the bed waiting for me "Please Uncle, let me sleep tonight surely you have hurt me enough and can't possible want sex again?" I plead with him too tired to argue "Get on the bed Jane" he demands ignoring my protest.

To my surprise as I lay down I see that his clothes stay on "turn around I want to check that you're not ripped" not sure if this is another trick but wanting to know the answer myself I turn away from him so that he can see my back passage clearly Gently his fingers probe the sensitive area only causing slight pain enough to just make me gasp quietly "No, you aren't ripped," he says from behind me before moving away and laying next to me "Jane I want you to know that I do care for you" he continues shocking me as he pulls me into his arms "I don't want to hurt you, but you won't do as I tell you without me forcing you.

I want you to enjoy it like we do. I want you to enjoy giving other people the pleasure you bring me and letting me watch or tell me about it, of course that's only with people I want you to fuck not boys at your school." He adds looking my in the eyes, I'm not sure where this is coming from part of me is glad that he seems to be being gentle but the other part knows that's how I fell for his trap before. "Jane in time you will learn the pleasures you can bring a man and even a woman, I will teach you if you just stop fighting our love" as I look up at him confused where he gets the idea love has anything to do with this his mouth lowers to mine.

The kiss is soft yet demanding as his tongue presses against my lips his hands run through my hair stoking me softly, I can't help think that it would be quite romantic if it wasn't my Uncle kissing me, if he hadn't of done all the things he has. Maybe if he was just a normal boy my age, maybe if he was Ben I would have enjoyed it.

He brings me from my thoughts as his heavy weight lowers into my chest, I try to prepare myself for what's about to happen but again I'm shocked as his clothes stay on and he makes no attempt to remove the towel that is the only thing between our bodies. "You are perfect Jane, just what I always needed. With you I won't need anyone else, just you" he says rolling back on to the bed and pulling me tight towards him, "I won't harm another girl if I can just have you" he mumbles closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep, my head filled with pressure and guilt, how can I say no when he says he won't hurt anyone else, but how can I trust him?

How can I say yes and spend the rest kimber peters fucks and sucks big dick my life being a sexual slave to a bunch of dirty old men?

And women? He mentioned women, I hope to god he was just using it as some kind of example and not really intending to force me into some kind of gay sexual thing. As these thoughts so through my head another thought comes flying at me 'Jim mentioned that I will be staying with Tony on the thirteenth that's Ben's birthday, the night of the party he wanted to have, maybe with all those people there it won't be so bad but then saying that it could make things worse.' My head starts to become fussy again with all the thoughts, pressure and the aftermath of the tequila Before falling asleep I decide I will talk to Ben tomorrow… about the party at least…