Yoni ke andar virya girne wala story

Yoni ke andar virya girne wala story
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"HEY,HEY.I'm in here" her dad said as Gina opened the bathroom door and started in.

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The young teenager hesitated but did not exit as her eyes were drawn to the sight of her dad and his cock exuding a stream of urine into the commode. It was the first "in the flesh" cock she had ever seen, though unknown to her parents she had pulled up many pictures of cocks on the internet. For some reason, since Gina had observed her first cock picture in a porno sight she found by mistake on the internet, they had fascinated the young teenager.

The shape and mushroom heads she had often observed in pictures since had always been a source for her to fantasize to as she masturbated. And now, here she had one in front of her eyes and she was mesmerized. "Ginagirl (her dad's per name for her), you need to leave till I finish" he said, but instead Gina stepped inside and pulled the door closed behind her.

Her dad with a perplexed look on his face turned towards his daughter and in so doing swung his cock around. He was too startled to make an effort to put it up or to cover it and instead stood facing her with his tool in his hand. Gina continued to stare at the cock in her dad's hand and instead of leaving stepped toward him. Her dad had never had any thought of the sexuality of his daughter who had blossomed into an attractive girl. Her brown hair flowed smoothly down over her shoulders and in the past year her breasts which had matured early had grown into round orbs in the c cup range.

She rode her bike a lot and her long legs had been shaped through the columbian teen babe anal pump dildo amp squirt and tanned by the outdoors.

She was dressed in a light shirt and wearing denim shorts with her sneakers. She would never know exactly why, but as her dad stood there with his cock in his hand and a perplexed look on his face, Gina acted.

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Her arm reached out and her hand encircled the cock over her dads own hand. Her dad, now even more startled by his daughter's action, took an action of his own and it too was involuntary.his cock began to harden at her smooth hand encircling his and he moved his hand away, leaving his cock now totally in his young nubile and virgin daughter's hand.

As she reached across, her shirt opened a little and he found his gaze directed at the tops of her firm young breasts showing above her bra.

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He wanted to say something like, "stop" or "no" but all that came out was a slightly muffled unintelligible "mmmmpppphhhh" at her touch and the sight of her young breasts. Gina had a grasp on her first live cock and she loved the smooth texture and the firmness in her hand.

She felt it pulsing and growing and she lightened her grip and stared as the cock grew in girth and length. Stepping closer to her dad, she slowly moved her hand down the shaft and a audible "ahhhhhhh" escaped his lips at the movement.

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She turned her body slightly and continued to stroke her dads cock in a steady up and down motion feeling his body stifffen as did his now fully erect cock in her hand. Her dad moved his head in an effort to put it on his daughters shoulder but due to his thrusting himself forward a bit at her manipulation of his now turgid member, his face came directly into contact with Gina's left breast.

He would also never know exactly why but his hands reached up and started undoing the buttons to her shirt, his breath quickening. Gina, a very bright sunny leone fucking storys xxx intelligent girl, realized the fascination her dad had with her breasts and she reached with her left hand and pulled her bra up off her tits, exposing them to the air which immediately made her pink nipples harden.

She continued her manipulation of her dads cock and he adjusted his head downward and engulfed her left breast into his warm and open mouth. Her breast was round with fairly large aereola and small but firm little nipples in the pink center.

her dad was lost in a world of warm, willing, pink flesh and his mouth began a sucking motion on the young girls breast, flicking his tongue across the hardening nipple. He squeezed the breast with his hand and continued to suck on it as his other hand cupped the other breast and he moved his fingers over the nipple on the right breast. Gina, now began to feel the juices in her pussy flowing at her first breast sucking and she increased the speed with which her hand manipulated her dads cock.

Her breath also began to come in gasps. Gina moved her hand in a piston like motion up and down the length of her dads cock as his greedily sucking mouth worked on one of her tits and then the other. it seemed he wanted to get her entire breast into his mouth and his manipulation with the tongue flicking on her nipples brought her first climax by any means other than her own hand and fingers.

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Her pussy spurted warm juices as the orgasm racked her body and her movements slowed just a bit, but she bit her lower lip as she often did in her bed at night to stifle any noise.Her dad removed his mouth from sucking her breast and said "SHIT", as his warm sperm squirted and covered her hand and the floor.

"OOOOOHHHHHHHH" he almost shouted at his release and Gina continued her movements until he stopped her with his own hand on hers. 'Your mom and brothers", her dad said and quickly put his now expended dick back into his shorts.

Gina, likewise, pulled her bra back down over her breasts and started to button her shirt. Her dad zipped up, said nothing else but turned and left the bathroom quickly. Gina noticed the white creamy looking cum that had collected on her hand and wondered how it would taste, without another thought she brought her hand up to her lips and completed her firsts by tasting the warm salty cum. "MMMMMM" she murmed and proceeded to lick all of it off her hand, then licking the area with her tongue.

She gave a litle self satisfied grin.