Big black cock in assy latina teen

Big black cock in assy latina teen
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My girlfriend Jill had an old high school friend, Wendy, coming to visit us for a few days and this would the first time I would be meeting her. Jill picked her up at the airport and then they stopped at a bar for a few drinks. By the time they got home, I was asleep on the couch and they were a bit sloshed.

I very briefly met Wendy, a cute redhead who was a bit shorter than Jill, and then told them both I would see them in the morning and went to bed. I was just getting to sleep when I felt my girlfriend crawl into bed with me. She was naked and she snuggled behind me and began running her hand over my body. I was pretty sleepy but I'm certainly not one to turn down a fuck, so I turned over and began to kiss her and fondle her tits. The next thing I know, someone else is slipping into the bed next to me.

At first, I was surprised, but then realized they had to have come up with this plan together. I couldn't believe Jill was going to do a threesome, but I wasn't going to argue.

My cock got rock hard within seconds. I laid flat on my back as the two girls began kissing, sucking, and biting their way up and down my body.

Of course, I was dying to have my cock sucked as they did this, but they were teasing me by just giving it an occasional kiss. This became excruciating after a while, and I begged them to please suck my cock. One of them took my cock in their hand while the other started sucking it.

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I was getting jerked off and sucked at the same time and it was fantastic. I had one of them on each side and it was a perfect angle to finger both of their pussies while they continued their work on my cock. They were both nice and juicy and I licked my fingers to get a taste of their sweet pussies. After a short time, they'd switch, so the one that was sucking was now stroking, and vice versa. Soon, they were both going at my cock, sometimes two tongues licking it, sometimes one mouth sucking my cock and the other licking and sucking my nuts.

It was an incredible feeling, having two mouths at once working on me, and I had a very hard time not cumming. Adding to that, we were in a pitch black room, so I sometimes couldn't tell who was who.

After around ten minutes of this, Jill straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. She sat upright as I ate her, and her friend continued to suck and stroke my cock.

Wendy straddled my hips, sliding her hot, wet pussy along the top of my cock, and I could hear her start kissing Jill. This was a huge turn on for me. It must've turned my girlfriend on, as well, because her already wet pussy started getting extremely wet, coating my face.

Wendy kept grinding her wet pussy around on top of my cock as she continued making out with Jill. Then, they switched places, with Jill straddling my cock and Wendy straddling my face. Her pussy was so dripping wet that my face was even more drenched than before, as I sucked her clit and tongue fucked her.

My girlfriend used her wet pussy to tease the head of my cock, and then eventually mounted it, slowly. She continued making out with her friend while she started riding my cock.

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She would slide all the way up on my cock and then slowly down on it and then grind her pussy into me. We were all moaning and panting by this time, and I knew that one or more of us was going to cum soon. My face was dripping wet with pussy juice, but I didn't care because I was in heaven.

Jill said "make me cum, then I want you to fuck her and make her cum." "No problem!" I said enthusiastically. I don't think my cock could have been any harder, it was absolutely swollen to the max and throbbing, ready to cum a wild stream.

My girlfriend began the usual rhythm that I know will make her cum.

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She started moaning, which was muffled by Wendy deeply kissing her. Soon, Jill shuddered, started bucking her hips, and creamed my cock, nice and long. Her body completely tensed for a few seconds, and then relaxed.

Having her cum on my cock definitely had me ready to shoot my load, but I had another girl to satisfy!

Wendy climbed off my face and moves down to mount my cock. I couldn't believe that I never even had to get off of my back for all this fabulous fucking. Jill began kissing me and licking Wendy's juice off of my face. Then I felt her friend slide her pussy down onto my cock. It was unbelievably hot and tight. She began rocking back and forth on my cock, taking my long cock all the way in, deeper than Jill, who's taller, can take it.

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I was so deep into her, it was amazing. Then, she started to ride me with several quick pumps and then a slow, grinding pump. By then, Jill was sucking on Wendy's nipples and, before you know it, Wendy was orgasming all over my cock. I couldn't take it anymore, I said "girls, I'm going to cum." Wendy climbed off my cock, and Jill began to stroke it the way she always does when she wants to watch me cum.

My lewd mum julia ann watching and playing was plenty wet from all that pussy juice and creamy cum.

She stroked the shaft a few times and then started stroking my head. This sent me over the edge, the cum shooting out of me in long spurts, all over my stomach and chest, drenching me with my own cum. The girls licked all of my cum up. Then, if you can believe it, we repeated the whole thing almost identically, only the second time it was a little slower and less rushed.

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We had a great few days while Wendy was there, and you can bet I'll be looking forward to her next visit too!