Ally style and penetration with two

Ally style and penetration with two
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PLEASE NOTE: Since English is not my native language, there might be some spelling or grammar errors in texts. I'm making sure to correct as much of the errors as I can. Thank you. .After the film ended, we all got to our rooms.

We were lying in our bed and just talking about the whole night. "It was amazing." Ben said. "Ye. It felt really good. But I still feel that it's wrong what we did tonight." I replied. "Come on, bro. You don't be so -Oooh, we shouldn't have done it. Stop thinking always about incest. Ye, it's wrong, but, she wanted to do it. That's what matters." Ben said.

"Yeah. I suppose." I said. We covered ourselves with blanket and went to horny milf nympho fucks with few buddies. After a while, I felt a hand going down my chest and into my boxers and I had this warm feeling on my lips.

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I woke up and saw my brother naked, on top of me, and kissing me. I was feeling horny and I gave myself into it. "It's just you and me, now. Do you want to do it ?" Ben asked me with a horny voice. "Mhm." I just mumbled. "OK. Let's get to work." He said. "OK." I replied. He slowly started thrusting his unlubed cock and it was so weird and it hurt. "You forgot to lube. " I yelped. "No, I didn't. I didn't want to lube this time. " He said. "Oh. But it hurts." I said.

"You'll get used to it." He told me.

So he started pulling his cock out and pushing it back in. It was so rough and I couldn't help it but so scream. It hurt and it felt good at the same time. "It feels good.

I can feel the curve of your penis now." I said. hot slippery massage porn with big but babe. Do you want to go faster ?" My bro asked. "If you want to. " I replied. He started going faster and faster and now I was moaning like never before. I was in heaven. Just the feeling of his cock pounding my ass was enough to make me cum, but I tried my best to keep it.

He started moaning too. *knock, knock* "Hey, kids, what's going on in there ?" My mom said. My heart just stopped. I knew that she was about to enter and see us fucking. I knew that either she would run out in shock or beat the crap out of us and separate us. "Get under the blanket and pretend that you are having a nightmare." Ben whispered to my ear. I did what he told me to do.

"Mom, Aky's having a nightmare. " Ben said. "Oh, dear. OK I'm coming in." My mom said. And slowly opened the door. "This is it." I thought. She sat right over my still erect penis and I felt her move a little. She slowly started waking me up.

"Hey, wake up." She said softly. I started acting like I'm waking up and said: "Mom, what are you doing here ??" "You had a nightmare, so mom came to wake you up." Ben started acting too, "It's OK. Thanks mom. I'm all right." "Good.

Go back to sleep guys. Goodnight. " She said and left the room. "Phew. That was close. " I said in relief. "Yup, but, you should have seen your face when she sat over your dick." "Hehe. Yeah. It was very close." I replied. "Still up for more ?" Ben said and went back on top of me.

"Wait. What if she hears us again?" I asked.

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"I've got a solution for that too." He said and started kissing me. Then he put his cock back inside and continued on where he left off. He shoved his tongue in my throat and I gagged a couple of times. Then I put my tongue inside his mouth and started swirling it around his tongue. After a little he pulled his tongue out of my mouth.

"I'm cumming !!! " He screamed. "Me too !!" I said. He pulled his cock out of my ass and came onto my chest. "It's your turn now." He said panting. "Let's finish this tomorrow morning. I'm exhausted." I said. "OK than. Goodnight." He said. Very early in the morning, I woke up and saw my bro still sleeping.

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He was so cute and he had this smile on his face. His beautiful lean muscled body and his black long hair just shining on the sun made me very aroused. I slowly started waking my bro up and running my hand over his beautiful body. When he woke up, he looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. ^_^ I started kissing his body from his mouth down to his crotch and everything in between. As I was softly kissing his body, I could taste his salty and tangy body.

I was rock hard in an instant. I felt his boyhood get bigger and bigger. I slowly pulled his boxers down and started sucking on his big penis. "O-oh. Aky. Y-yes." He growled and moaned in pleasure.

When I pulled his penis out of my mouth to get some air, he came on my face. "S-sorry." He said. "It's OK.

Good morning." I said softly. "Y-yeah. Good morning to you too." He softly said too. I left a kiss on his mouth and he said: "Are you up to make me feel good ?" He asked softly. "Yes." I replied. "Go on then. Do it." He said. "All right, here I go. " I slowly started pushing my penis in and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He was almost squeezing me. "Yes, Aky. Go faster, please !! " He cried out, Without a word I just started thrusting my tool in his beautiful hot ass.

"Oh, yes !! More, more !!" He was literally begging me to fuck teen brutal anal dp monster cock gangbang rape fantasy more. When I was about to cum my brother pulled me down, planting his hot tongue deep inside my mouth. We came together and I found myself laying on my brother's hot cum covered body.

His heart was going wild and mine was too. We fell asleep again. Later, I woke up and I saw that my brother wasn't in bed with me. I quickly got up and dressed up and went down. There, Ben and Donna were making breakfast for the whole family together. I looked at them and laughed. "Oh, good morning bro.

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" Ben said. "Good morning, both of you. " I replied. "Hey, Aky. Hi !" Donna said. "Um. Can I help ?" "Yes !" They both said. I joined them and we went on making breakfast. "*yawn* Oh, hi, kids. You're making something ?" Our mom said. "Yes." We said smiling. Thank you so much for reading part 4. Part 5 is coming out, as usual, tomorrow.