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Deep roots liz renay anita sands mary swan toni bell debbie love
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They had agreed to meet in Havana. From the moment she stepped out onto the tarmac he knew he'd have to have her.

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She was a vision of beauty, long curly blonde hair, and a shape that would make an hour glass jealous. She recognized him immediately, tall, muscular build and tattoos covering both arms.

She walked towards him her hips swaying suggestively. "Hello Tiger" she said. "Hello Kitten" he replied. They shared a hug and a brief "hello" kiss. Finally they were meeting after a few years of e-mails and eventually phone calls. They jumped into a cab and headed for the hotel he had booked downtown.

It was a warm summer day, and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She wore a flowing white sundress with a low cut front that showed her full firm breasts. He stared longingly as a single bead of sweat ran down her neck and disappeared into her cleavage. She couldn't believe that she was in Havana with him. She was from a small town outside of New York and he was from halfway around the world, yet here they both were FINALLY meeting. When they finally arrived at the hotel he had her bags sent up and they walked for a while.

She watched him as he bought something for them to drink. He was wearing a white undershirt (tank top) and dark trousers. She thought that he looked as if he had stepped right out of the 50's and landed in front of her.

She could feel herself getting damp just thinking about him holding her. As they walked through a nearby park to watch the sun set, she pushed him up against a tree and kissed him fiercely. He quickly spun her around so her back was against the tree and kissed her forcibly back. She let out a soft moan and ran her fingers through his hair - pulling it just a little.

He moved his hand slowly up the outside of her thigh and slowly slid his hand under her dress. He could feel the heat radiating from her and when he touched he cotton panties their moisture confirmed what he had thought. Huge dick makes sweet white babe in lingerie happy continued to kiss her and touch her legs.

Her breathing became very heavy and rapid as he slowly pushed her panties aside and gently ran a finger along her glistening slit. "MORE" she grunted into his ear as she bit his neck softly.

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He slid his finger slowly in and out of her, all the while kissing her neck and lips. She climaxed almost instantly. She looked into his eyes and said " I need you to Fuck me now". "Not yet" he replied with a smirk on his face, "We're going dancing".

Upon returning to the Hotel she slipped into a dress that was stunning. It was dark blue and backless, dropping to just above her heart shaped bottom. "Surely he couldn't resist this" she thought. He changed into black trousers and a black short all girl massage butt plugs and lesbian licking compilation shirt that still showed his many tattoos.

He took one look at her and he could feel his cock stiffen slightly, "My God Kitten, you look stunning" he said. "Thanks Tiger, you look pretty good yourself, now let's get outta here and have some fun". They were both Free Spirits and enjoying the company of one another. He took her to a small night club where a live band was playing Salsa and Meringue music.

She could tell that he was a good dancer, adn he led her around the room with skill. They danced to the pulsing beats for what seemed like hours. It was as if no one else was in the place. Just the two of them, eyes locked in a trance.

He couldn't keep his hands off of her, and the dress she was wearing wasn't helping the cause. "Let's cool off a little Kitten" - he led her up to the rooftop of the old night club. "It's beautiful up here" she commented. A soft warm breeze blew in off the ocean as he held her and they looked out onto the water. She led him over to a bench and pushed him down on it "Sit!" she commanded.

She could hear the rhythms coming from downstairs and decided to dance for him. She turned around so he could see her back and perfect ass. Lowering herself slowly onto his lap until she was grinding against him.

He was in heaven. He had his hands on her hips as she lent back against his chest. He moved his hands from her hips to inside her dress and cupped her breasts. They were perfect and surprisingly fuller that he thought. She let out a soft sigh as he ran his fingers across her erect nipples. She continued grinding on his lap and could feel him getting aroused. She reached between her legs and began rubbing and squeezing his now britney amber in stockings gets anally plowed cock.

"Time for some fun" she giggled as she stood and spun around falling to her knees. Slowly unzipping his trousers and sliding his now throbbing member out she was pleased with what she saw and she could hardly wait to taste him.

Slowly she worked up and down taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, she loved butthole of leggy beauteous girl screwed hardcore and blowjob way he twitched in her mouth and relished the control she now had over him.

She moved in time with the music, slow then fast, she could tell that he was very close to cumming. Suddenly he pulled her off of him and stood up, whispering in her ear "I need to taste you". She practically came hearing it as he scooped her up and laid her down on the rooftop bench. He kissed his way up her thighs and pushed her dress up to reveal that she wasn't wearing panties. He could see that she was aroused and she was glistening in the moonlight.

He gently moved his tongue against her soft pink folds. She had her hands on his head as if to guide him. He pushed her legs a bit further apart as he slid his tongue between her moist lips and up to her rock hard clit. He licked her gently at first, then took turns licking her sweet folds and sucking on her erect clitoris.

He eventually pushed one finger then two into her, sliding them rhythmically in and out to the beat of the music from downstairs. She was moaning hard now and growled "I NEED you to Fuck me" at him. "Not just yet" he smirked, but she was determined to have her way. She pushed him off of her and told him to lay on the bench, she wanted to taste him again. "Whatever you desire Kitten". She lowered herself onto his face and leaned herself forward to continue what she started.

She gently licked and sucked just the head of his shaft, knowing it would drive him crazy. She then nibbled him just a bit, not hard, but enough to entice him.

He wanted to be inside her Now. He lifted her off of him and had her kneel on the bench as he took her from behind. Slowly inching his now aching cock inside her, he couldn't believe how hot and snug she was.

He began to slowly move in and out of her, relishing the feeling. He gently slapped her perfect ass, "Harder" she commanded, he slapped it again, this time letting his hand land on her hard. "Fuck Me" she commanded.

He couldn't help but to do as he was told. She could feel his was getting close to cumming, "Harder" she begged. He reached forward and grabbed her by the hair pulling her ear to his mouth. "Is this how you want it?" "Yes YES! like that". He took his free hand and reached around her and began rubbing her swollen clit. She began to twitch and contract around his throbbing cock, she came hard and he felt her moisture as it flowed out of her.

He couldn't hold back, he came deep inside her grunting loudly and biting her shoulder. She turned around and kissed him deeply as the sun started to rise over the ocean.

"Lets get outta here Tiger" she said. "I'm right behind you Kitten" he responded, and they walked slowly off together.