Rub your hard cock on my soft yoga pants joi masturbation and jerking off

Rub your hard cock on my soft yoga pants joi masturbation and jerking off
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New lands were viewed as a strange world to my eyes laying in the everclear blue liquid wich resembled substance of thick marmalade. I looked in to my new suroundings looking and capturing every litle part I could manage to take in.

To many this would be seen as paradise on earth I was no exception. The colors possessed on this planet were almost neon however pastel like chalk in shade. Regaining my self awarenes I began to notice the beings of this planet wich roamed it with stealth and confidence, thier beautifull presence colideing with thier homeland amazing looking college ex girlfriend mia martinez riding on dick. Looking at the ground I noticed the green lush grasses tall and wavering from the flowing soft winds.

Creatures with wings charged in and out of the grasses flying to thier destinations. I hoped to see more of this world from higher altitudes then the ground stuck in this thick liquid. My eyes would never get tired of gazing at this portal of paradise so captavading and mezmorizing to me. No mater how beautifull the view was I was still cerita lucah kongkek cina 26010undefined of what might hapen to me, death being greatest fear of all.

New intellingence visited our earth just a year before our ship was allowed to visit thier planet. A compromise made between our president and thier league of leaders alowed the human race a chance to understand the universe and world as a whole better. Me being a curious human being took the stupid chance to volunteer as a witness for the ships crew finds, incase the new knowledge brought is seen skeptical and proof is needed. To resolve this the president wanted ten everyday Americans chosen at randon to acompany the astronauts on thier mission.

No one has ever seen the creatures inhabiting this planet due to the only way of contact is by satellite. A sign NASA might have wanted to take as a hint that we might not have the amount of information needed to stay protected. These and a couple more similar thoughts flashed thrue my mind as a glob of gue was pushed in to my mouth to hide my posible screams.

No screams came from me due to the shock of what events were uncovering at the passing moments.

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To say we had a successful mission would be a joke because as many predicted it was not. Not only was it a failure it was a disgrace, being attacked in space is not exactly what many would call the American dream. The expieriences bound to hapen could not have ben predicted and what some might call faith took control. "Oxygen levels droping, oxygen levels droping"!!, Captains strained voice was heard by all aboard, and all aboard stupidly started yelling and wasting more of the presious gas needed by them to live.

This was the last time the anouncement was made before we were ambushed by the new intelligence.

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Thier apearance so absured to many as they tried to get away. They wore no clothing a trait I secretly admired alot. Skin of patern like a fishes scales and all. The color was a silver with bronze undertones making th skin apear smooth from a distance. They Possed eyes wich apeared black until the black folds lifted revealing eyes of cat like irises colors varing just like with humans, green being most dominant.

Unlike Americans these species did not seem to have the obese apademic aparant from thier muscular tall forms. "Auuughh damn, Help, Help me someone", looking at my fellow flight partner I leaped fo help her. "Here, come over here", Pointing to the spot on the oposite side of the huge ship. We reached the left wing away from the loud chaos of everyones screams.

Feeling safe I sugjested we go get the oxygen tanks. "I could really use some oxygen right now Kalista, thanks for saving me I know I overreacted", Shala gave me a look I remeber she used to give when we were in highschool, right after I helped her cheat on tests.

To bad her porn star looks cant save us from situations like these.

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In highschool things were much easier, having bitch boys would make anyones life easier. For the price of bending over and showing her kitty cat Shala got what you can say in nicest terms better part of the deal. Her Blond hair would often be worn in side pony tails with small bows on each side, just like mine to play up our supoused innocense except my hair was brown. Shala had a tan and I was pale white, one of the two and only diferences between us.

Our favorite hobey was to be a tease. Last thing i remeber i was smirking at the memories before my mouth got stuffed with that gue. That is how I came to be where I am now wishing i wasen't. My limbs felt grogy, weak from what i did not know.

Trying to tug from the messy sticky substance I was in landed me in a failed atempt to get free, acomplishing nothing. "Well if I am going to die thiers no more beautifull place to do it", thinking to myself I tried to lift my left leg. "Stupid whatever this is," knowing I was stuck left me with the only option to wait for the aliens. Night began to fall revealing another side of this world.

Sky was she needs her arse and pussy licked navy blue pierced by white stars. There were three visible moons of blue tint refletion of the dark sky probably.

More flying creatures were visible all having furs of light colors. My body needed to move laying like this made me feel numb all over. Not to mention i needed food and a bevarage. Falling asleep I heard foot steps, no reason to pay atention now or being more honest with myself I could not pay thick twerk in ripped shorts tube porn. I began to phase out into a trans of my dreams wich took me to hapier places than the one i was in.

I began to wake up when a feeling of a crawling sensation on me registered but it did not bother me to the point of full waking. I felt the crawling going down the curve of my spine as if it was following a path. Not being biten or hurt by now made me feel safe and I relaxed my body. The creatures work seemed to feel like a masage now. Circular motions spread all over my body starting with the back coming down to my legs eventualy feet.

The motion i did not expect was the one my pussy began to feel. I didnt complain I was beyound reason at his point. I felt what seemed like fingers glideing between my pussy lips touching with the sticky gue I was stuck in. After going back and forth about three times I felt small claws of something on my ass grabing in to my flesh geting a strong hold.

Whatever it was had a tight hold on me, letting me know it was not going to let go of its new property. My legs were pulled apart without resistance from me. I felt a squirt of liquid on my ass when something began to penatrate me frantically trying to get in. I could not believe this was hapening to me, me of all people why did it have to be me, the one individual of all. I did not have much time to question things as things escaladed from trying to achieving penatration of me from behind.

Trying to close my legs was hopeless those firm hands on each side kept thier grip. What I asumed to be a penis entered me trying to pound me however getting stuck causing me to squirm with jolts of pain as the being tried to get in to a rhythem of fucking.

Pretty pathetic for how long it took in my opinion. It seemed to like that reaction because every time my helpless ass squirmed the penis seemed to enlarge.

The claws dug in to my skin deeper with every dry pound my ass took till the creature cummed in me with big force. I liked how it felt a stream of creamy super hot liquid could be felt by me making me wince at the tempature.

Liking? was i really liking this abuse. . The pounding from that point was a bit easier with less friction between the cock and my ass. Thirty minuts passed like this till I felt another dong trying to get in to my ass with the already existing one.

Penis of this creature was dry as it began to push in at first gently but then with force as frustration grew.

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If I wasent gaged my screams would be heard for five miles around. It went in also expanding as it ejeculated inside me in a continues stream of jizz.

As much as it hurt I felt myself cumm hard squeezing my pussy tight. I wanted this now, for it to continue and fuck me till I passed out. My moans began litlel by litle getting louder with every intake of thier dicks inside me. Wishing I could scream and tell them not to stop. Whispers became audible to me but not a language in my native tongue. Somehow I realized I had an audiece, this made me feel like a toy a feeling I very much liked. Cumm ws now gushing from my ass non stop mixing with the sticky substance below me.

The cretures grip lightened as they pulled thier dicks oout not caring how it would effect me and more cum splashed out. I was then lifted by a what I think was the new intelligence. Muscles of his or her arms pulsed as it caried me somwhere, where i did not know. "mmmm muscles," how sexy french housewife amandine gets fucked at home i be thinking of that right now.

Im beging to think Shala has rubed off on me now.

Felling a warm liquid rise up my body as i was sat in to what seemed to be a hot spring. It felt nice and comforting, this is exactly what I need. Aromas of fields, flowers, and forests filleed my nostrills as my trance lifted. Recaling my events in an instant i curled in to a ball.