Mc belinho e tarada do funk putaria total

Mc belinho e tarada do funk putaria total
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Bottom Feeder Chapter One Mistress Diana has had me in total captivity for about two weeks now I've lost track of the days. After two sessions with her I begged her to take me in for as many weeks as she thought necessary to completely train me into a subservient, begging, shit eating toilet. To reach the point where I looked forward to our toilet sessions above everything else.

Of course everything else revolved around being whipped and beaten and caged and humiliated, whored out to her mean girlfriends… so, as she fully understood, serving as her toilet would quickly become the greatest of pleasures for me, something that Two big cocks and one hot bint would constantly crave above anything else.

She thought it would take as little as three weeks and as long as two months. She is an expert in transforming normal beer drinking men into filthy, disgusting, piss and shit consuming toilet slaves. They lose their taste for beer and other store bought food eventually, being finally trained to prefer Her Natural food and Nectars over anything else. Their training is only complete when they reach the point of sincerely begging to be fed from Mistress' ass and pussy.

Of course there are some advantages to reaching that state, namely it being the only time permitted for cock release from chastity, stimulation and once in awhile possible release. Mistress Dianas techniques cover all aspects of physical and psychological domination to mold her toilet slaves into perfection for Her pleasure and amusement. Constant, and sometimes vicious physical discipline, Pavlovian training techniques, complete cock and orgasm control, and constant denigration and humiliation, are just some of her tools.

Mistress Diana has a way of looking at you that convinces you she knows every dirty, filthy thought in your head.

She knows full well your desire to submit to a Beautiful, powerful, sensuous woman like Herself. She enjoys taking advantage of all of the slaves' weaknesses. She finds them year old brunette gets her asshole fucked quickly with her slaves. She loves to prey upon those weaknesses. Her beauty is so unique, her body absolute feminine perfection, beautiful blonde tresses, lips nose eyes of a Goddess, feet that want to make you grovel on the floor and lick, sinuous curves that you cant take your eyes off of, and of course those private personal parts that only us lucky slaves get to worship and adore.

I do. But not fully yet. In the last few weeks Mistress Diana has been masterful in slowly getting me used to the idea of being her full toilet. She has teased me to distraction, sometimes spending hours pinning me to the floor under her ass, making me lick her,pleasure her,sniff her farts and feminine aromas, and recently forcing me to consume small amounts of her delicious shit directly from her ass.

A first for me, but combined with the incredible feeling of being released from chastity, feeling her hands and spit on my cock for the first time in weeks despite the pain of the pinches and slaps she delivers, the shit eating has become something that I am beginning to crave.

Yesterday, for the first time since i've been in captivity she released my cock from the cruel chastity device id been locked in. Despite the pinches and slaps and lashes that she delivered to it, she did allow it to cum, in the end. But it was accompanied by the first taste of her delicious shit in my mouth. I say delicious, I mean delicious, this is what I am slowly being brought to.

Today as my Goddess walks in I feel there is something different in her demeanor. Of course I am always struck by her beauty.

Always natural, no acoutrements necessary, just her sizzling sexy self. But today she is dressed in outdoor attire. She has clothing for me all feminine, from the stockings and panties to the tube skirt and stiletto heels, she sits and watches me get dressed. She tells me shes taking me on a picnic to Central Park in Manhattan. She says she doesn't mind telling me that its not your ordinary kind of picnic. The 'sweets' ill be eating will not be what you would normally associate with picnic fare.

We are going to the 'Tranny' section of the park where Mistress has arranged for some of her friends to be there. She tells me that I will avail myself in every way to her friends. I must work hard to make her proud of me. She takes me to a secluded part of the park where we meet up with four very raunchy tranny sluts. Ms. Diana puts handcuffs on me and makes me kneel down in the dirt. She makes me pay homage to her pretty feet first.

Milf slut double penetration and hot tickled illegal street racers get more than they she slowly raises my skirt up to my waist and pulls my panties down to my knees. Her friends comment on what a pretty little slut I am, with such a nice tight little ass and good lips for cocksucking.

For the next few hours Diana allows me to be raped over and over. I am forced to suck all there cocks after they've been up my ass. Mistress keeps up my performance level by whipping me with a willow switch whenever my knees start to buckle, or my cocksucking duties are not up to scratch. When I am on my last fucking, Mistress Diana holds my head to her breast and consoles me. Its been a hard two hours I have cum constantly oozing out of my asshole, dribbling down my thighs and soaking into the tops of my stockings my face has a slick veneer of ooze all over it my lipstick is smeared all over my face from so much cocksucking.

Mistress whispers to me that I have a choice now. She has several different types of slaves and I can choose whether I wish to be a fuck whore or I can choose to be her Full toilet forever.

I must prove my worth right here right now by taking a full load of her shit and piss in my mouth without spilling a single drop or piece. If I fail, then its tranny cock sucking duties for the rest of my slave life.

No more toilet service just cock service. She makes me beg for it she straddles my face and hesitates for awhile, saying shes not sure whether she shouldn't keep me as her tranny whore instead of her toilet, that I performed so well today that maybe she's found my true vocation.

Such good cock sucking abilities and a nice tight little asshole, shouldn't go to waste. All her friends were getting such pleasure fucking my tight little hole. I am begging, with tears streaming down my face, for her not to subject me to this ever again. "So you've made your choice then. You must work very hard every day to serve as my toilet and sex slave. If you ever fail in those duties, then this is what I will subject you to every fucking day!

Now open wide,bottom feeder, and take your gifts from me." She squats over me and immediately lets loose a huge load of shit directly into my mouth.

Chew and swallow slut, she tells me. Then another load and another and another I can barely keep up but all the trannies are cheering me on, laughing and taunting me.

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Luckily I don't miss a single piece of her shit. She is visibly pleased. As a final humiliation and reminder of how things will go for me if I do not become a perfect toilet she has all the trannies stand around me in a circle and they all start pissing all over my face to wash off the days activities.

Mistress sends me into the bushes to clean up and make myself presentable so she can take me back through the park without causing too much of a scene. I am completely humiliated and broken. But very relieved that I have proven my worth as a toilet vs.

a fuck whore! On the way back to London, Mistress Diana begins to describe some of the other aspects of my toilet slavery.

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She tells kannada xxx sex story move that soon there will be no more store bought food for me. That I will have to get all my sustenance from shit and piss.

Nutrients are somewhat diluted in shit, so therefore I will have to endure many feedings per day. Mistress will be having three or four of her girlfriends, who live close by, assist her in keeping me healthy and well fed. She figures about 12 feedings per day should be enough to keep up my strength.

But I wont always be in the toilet. She and her friends have concocted several recipes over the years. Things like: Fecal Fetuccini, Bangers and Mush, Shit Lentil Soup, Turd In The Hole. I will rarely ever meet her friends. I am only to give real toilet service to my Goddess. The ladies will simply be keeping the freezer full of their tasty dishes so that I never run out of food.

Today, though, you tell me your going to prepare a special treat for me for being such an obedient fuck hole for your tranny friends.

You wonder if you should still whore me out from time to time as a reminder for what the alternative to being your perfect toilet might be. Besides I looked so pretty today, and obviously turned your friends on so muchthat it would be a shame to not encourage my submission in this way.

Back at the dungeon you tell me to shower while you make me some lunch. What disgusting concoctions will I be subjected to next?