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Sunny leone xxx with mature
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"Scarlett your step-sister Amber is coming to visit" "why is she coming to visit". I hate my step-sister, Amber, she is two years older. She made fun of the way I look since I started middle school. Now I'm a junior in high school and she a sophomore in college. Amber has to make sure that she looked way better than me, but who can blame her.

Amber was popular, she had all the guys and the friends. Amber wasn't a cheerleader, she played sports and was a dancer in high school, while I was in honor society clubs for different subjects.

My two favorite subjects are history and English than science. Math is one subject I hate, and will always hate. *** " Scarlett" I open my eyes to see Amber standing over me.

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Why are you standing over me? "I rush up here, I am like so excited to see you" "you're". " Yes, lil sis" "you never called me sis before" "I called you sis before" "No you haven't". " I made breakfast for you" "where's mom" "at work and I had just drop dad off at the airport for his business trip. I'll be downstairs if you need me". Amber leaves my bedroom, I slide my feet into my sandals and I head downstairs.

I enter the kitchen to see two plates of food lying on the kitchen counter. I sit at the kitchen counter " thank you for the food" "you welcome" Amber stares at me for a moment "yes" "I was just thinking about something".

" I wanted to know do you have anything planned today? Amber ask "no" I said how me, you and I hang out today? "Why" "I just want to spend time with you" "okay". Once I finish eating I head upstairs to get ready. I get undress, an I wrap my sexy young firm perky boobs topless on the beach around me and head into the hallway bathroom.

I close the bathroom door and I step into the tub, I place my towel on the towel rack. I turn on the water when I hear an Amber voice. " Yes, Amber" "I have to use the bathroom" "sure".

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In my house, it's normal for a female to walk in the bathroom while another female showing to use the bathroom. The only person not allow to do that is our dad.

Amber enters the bathroom and walks over to the toilet. I ignore her and go back to showering " how long will you be in the shower" "not too long, why" "I want to take another shower" didn't you take a shower before you got here" "yes but that was hours ago".

"Fine give me five more minutes" "ok," Amber said as she flushes the toilet. Amber leaves when I step out the tub, I wrap my towel around me and I head to my bedroom. It only took me five minutes to get dress, after that I recalling the passion natural tits and cunnilingus my hair and put on my sneakers. "Scarlett are you ready" Amber yells from downstairs "yes," I said as I grab my favorite peach lip balm.

I close my bedroom door and I head downstairs, I stare at Amber to see her dress in a stripe short shoulder dress.

"I love your shirt," Amber said, I look down at my Nirvana shirt "thank you," I said awkwardly. So where are we going? I ask "you decide" "how about the movies, or we can go that new huge arcade that had just open up two months ago" "Okay we're going to the arcade, but just give me the address for the arcade first". Amber pull into the arcade parking lot, " wow this place is huge".

We get out the car, Amber locks the car doors and we head inside. We head over to the front desk, Amber pays for my bracelet which allows us to go roller skating and laser tag. She also brought me an arcade game card with fifty dollars she added to it. We had fun that day anyway I never thought that could happen with Amber and I. I won six prizes and I give three of my prizes to Amber and kept my three favorites.

After gaming, Amber and I went to play laser tag. After laser tag we then sat down and ate, and then we went rollerskating last. "Today was fun," I said as I enter my house "yeah I miss tomoka sakurai watch her squirt small tits pov time with you," Amber said "we barely spent time with each other," I said with a laugh. "I am going to take a nap" Amber said, "okay, I'll be in the den watching TV".

Amber heads upstairs while I watch tv. It was around ten pm and I was sleepy, so I turn the TV off and I decided to head upstairs. As I was heading upstairs I could hear sounds coming from Amber room. I walk across the hall to Amber bedroom door. I push the door open quietly and enter her room quietly. I stand by the wall which hid me from my step-sister bed.I look over to see Amber lying on the bed with her dress rise up and her underwear down.

Amber was masturbating, I stare at her weird shape vagina hairs. My vagina started to tingle as I watch her finger herself. I put two fingers down in my pants, I was becoming aroused seeing my stepsister play with herself. I never I had feelings for Amber, but seeing her perfectly shave pussy makes me want to dive in and lick her juicy pussy. " Scarlett," Amber said, I thought I had got caught but no "Scarlett I want you to lick sanilion new sex vedisex stories pussy and lick it good" she moan, she was fantasizing about me.

I pull my two fingers out of my shorts. I quietly leave Amber room when I hear Amber say "Scarlett come here". I froze in place, I did not want to get caught watching Amber fingering herself.

" Scarlett" Amber said again as she grab me by the waist. I was carried over to her bed, Amber sat me down on her bed. "Amber, I didn't." "I knew you were standing by the door watching me fingering myself" I started laughing "I just came in the room." Amber puts her finger to my lips and shushes me.

"There something I want to tell you, I been holding this in for way too long" "what do you want to tell me" "promise you won't tell anyone" "why would I tell anyone your business". Amber sits next to me "I like you" "what" "yes I been liking since you started high school. I always thought you looked way prettier than me so I thought if I dress in cuter clothing it will make me look cuter than you, but I was wrong. I didn't know at first if I did really have feelings for you.

As time went on I grew feelings for you but I couldn't tell you because were step sisters. How would my mom and your dad feel about this, so I hid my feelings until now. But when I saw you euro whore is very dirtyminded hardcore blowjob first time after almost two years away from home I knew I had to tell you I had feelings for you.

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All I could think of is how much you grew and dam you grew in a lot of places. Dad told me you have a girlfriend now, which made me a little jealous, but I always knew since middle school that you were lesbian but I never told anyone"." You knew that I was a lesbian in middle school "well I found out when you were third grade, you always played with the guys and you only had one female best friend which is your girlfriend now".

Wow she knows more stuff about me than me. I lay back on Amber bed, I must be dreaming. I close my eyes, "Scarlett wake up" a voice said. The next thing I knew I felt a hand rubbing the outside of my pussy. I moan, I open my eyes to see Amber laying between my legs how long was I asleep ? "half an hour" she replies. Amber slides two fingers into my pussy "ahh shit" I moan in pleasure.

I didn't want Amber to stop but I knew this was wrong in some way. "Amber we should." Amber shushes me, and kept sliding her fingers into my wet pussy until she couldn't go any further. Amber started fingering me, and I moan "this feel great" I said.

The next thing I knew Amber was licking my pussy "someone is very wet" she said as she lick my pussy. Amber long tounge was making me go crazy. Amber tongue made pussy tingle "I am going to cum" "don't cum yet" she said.

I try to hold it back I couldn't, "open wide" I said. I squirted Amber face with pussy juices. Amber open her mouth wide and swallow the rest of my juices and then I cum after. "So you're a squirter" Amber said as she lift her body "yes". "Why does feel so good but yet so wrong" "because it will at first then you'll have to busty milf rammed hard by her guy it".

"What if mom and dad fines out" I said leaning against Amber "they won't" how do you know ? "They won't find out, I'll make sure of it" Amber said as she pulls me into a hug.

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