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Teen hardcore casting turns into hot threesome girl girl nubiles
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Daniel Wolf 1 All my life I had been a hunter and fisherman but the past few years I had not been able to pursue my past times.

Now that I am almost alone, who knows I am seventy years old. I have had a full life but now.I have buried my Wife and my son and his wife and son. They were on the way home from my Grandson's football game when a semi tried to dodge a deer and hit them head on. The only survivor was the truckers wife who was asleep in the sleeper. My family never knew what hit them. Only my Grand Daughter is left and she is in college, tomorrow she goes back and I will be alone. I gave Cassie my wife's car, I had no need for it and I still had my Pick-up.

That's all I would ever need. I wave as she backs out, eyes still red from crying. She offered to quit college and to stay with me but I refused. She told me she would be back the next long weekend or Holiday and she would call once a week As I watched her pull away it was like my heart strings were being tugged but I couldn't let Cassie know.

She needed to live her own life. Besides I was already planning a camping trip. But before I left I would write a letter to Cassie.I mean you never know. this is the last Will and Testament of Daniel Wolf. That night while making my list of what I would need,I thought back to my youth.

My wife, Mazie and I had grown up together. She was the typical girl next door. We graduated high school, her near the top of the class and me near the bottom.

She had scholarships to college and we agreed she had to go. And me I received a letter that started out "Greetings" I didn't even know where Vietnam was but I soon learned. I was lucky three years and a chest full of medals later I was home. When I left for the Army I was 6' tall and weighed 165 pounds. And now over 50 years later I am still 6' and weigh 200# My wife always called me her burly bear. I have shoulder length hair sub slut gets banged by two mistresses streaked with grey.

Not because I like long hair, just to lazy to get it cut. Mazie old man licking and fucking milf vagina mature me at the airport and brought me, not home as I had expected, but to the High School gym. It was Homecoming night and they honored a few of us who had been to war.

Great to live in a small town. I leaned over and kissed Mazie. She smiled and said now you have to marry me. Three weeks later we tied the knot. In the Garage was a pack that was always ready to go. It contained a small tent and a double sleeping bag. Bricks of ammo. I carried a .30 cal pistol and a 30-30 rifle. I also had a home made rig, swivel Holster which held a sawed off 12 gauge with a homemade pistol grip. To some of you this may seem like over kill. But to me it was not. The rig and shotgun had been my Fathers.

He told me one day I would need it. That day came, one day when I was deer hunting I walked upon a wild boar. I swiveled the shotgun and pulled the trigger a full load of double ought buck shot slammed into that pig.

When he dropped it was less than 3 feet from my leg. I still shiver when I think about it. I also had a break down fishing rod. When put together it was only 6' long but I had caught a lot fish on it. I also had a packet of 12 lures. The rest of the space was taken with cooking items including Coffee, lots of Coffee.

I would also be pulling a small cart, loaded with things I would need. I expected a long stay. After all I had no reason to hurry home to an empty house. It was a two day trek from where I would leave the truck till I arrived at my cabin along the river.

My Dad and I had built the Cabin over 60 years ago. Every weekend we would haul in the things we would need then when we were ready Dad took a two week Vacation and we built the Cabin.

Later we even added running water. We had built a water wheel in a pool fed by a spring which flowed to the river.

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We piped it with pvc pipe and built a storage tank. We used a float valve and a divert-er. Which made the water flow straight to the river when not in use.

Damn everything drags up memories, Dad had been gone for over twenty years and Mom was right behind him. Lots of memories of growing, fishing the river and hunting these woods and we were always improving the cabin.

The road I was on was an old logging road it was definitely 4-wheel drive access. I went around a curve and saw the shed where we always left our vehicle. The lock was still on it but there was a pine tree across the roof.

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I reached into the camper-shell and pulled out the small chain saw I always carried. In a few minutes the pine tree was gone. I took a few more minutes to cut up the tree and left it stacked. When I finished my camping trip I would have me a ready made stack of fire wood. As I thought about it I could have brought my ATV and I would have been at the cabin in about an hour. But no half the fun is the walk in.I guess you could say the communing with nature.

I prepared my pack the scabbard for the rifle was under my pack with the rifle butt with in easy reach. I set up my tent and fixed a bit of supper and planned an early start in the morning. I know it seems like a lot of things to be packed in .but still doesn't match the pack a soldier carries every day. Daniel Wolf 2 I awoke the next morning, having heard a noise I wasn't expecting, the pop pop pop of an ATV engine. I smiled it was a friend, our local game and park ranger.

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My cabin was on a spike of land that was surrounded by National Forest. "Good morning Tom." " Well Dan didn't expect to see you up here already." "Hang on and I will get the fire going and make some coffee." As I built the fire and got the coffee going I told Tom It was just too lonely at home. And if I was going to be alone I might as well be doing something I enjoyed. I poured us both a cup of black coffee and Tom agreed with me, "Well Dan how long you expect to be up here this time." "Don't know at least two weeks maybe longer." "Keep a good lookout there has been a few pot growers in the forest lately, Raymond walked up on one of their camps and they shot at him.

Luckily they were lousy shots." Tom Chuckles. We talked while we drank the coffee. Tom promised he would check the shed on occasion. He also agreed to check the Cabin if I was gone too long. Just in case I gave him Cassie's cell number. Tom headed farther into the forest and I packed up and began my trek to the cabin. As I walked I hunted. Before I was ready to make vintage granny movie r20 free vintage granny porn video 888camgirls tube porn I had killed three squirrels.

Since I had failed to bring my .22 my 30-30 was a bit large for squirell. So I used a trick my dad had taught me. My rifle had a scope on it so I could draw a tighter bead and I would try to 'Bark' the squirell.

This meant I would fire at the tree limb just under the squirrels head. If done right the bark would shatter and explode into the squirrels head. They weren't always killed but it knocked them out of the tree and they were stunned long enough you could get to them and knock them in the head. I set up my tent and started my fire I cut me a few sticks to skewer my squirells and roast them I ate two and saved the third one for breakfast.

That night I hunkered down in my tent as it began to rain. It rained so hard I decided not to travel the next day. It quit raining about three that afternoon but the sky was so dark I ventured out of the tent to pee and make coffee since all the wood was wet I used a can of Sterno to heat my coffee.

For supper I had one of my MRE's I was hoarding. The next morning I started on my way. Something didn't seem right I looked around and listened … there was not a sound in the forest. I checked my shotgun, when it got this quiet it usually meant an apex predator was on the prowl.

That could be anything from a wild hog, Bobcat, Panther, or maybe wolf or Bear or worse. Man. As I neared the clearing where I planed to camp I heard voices and then a woman's scream. I ran into the clearing and spied three slovenly dressed men wrestling with a short woman wearing what looked like a hoodie. Her blouse was torn open and her breast were bare. The men had a rope around the woman's neck and were yanking her around. I demanded they release her, they seemed to speak English with a guttural accent.

But it was enough to understand they were telling me to mind my own business.that felishia face fucked and drool on tits pornstars and hardcore the big knife they each carried.They turned my way and since I didn't wish to take a chance in harming the lady.

I reached for my pistol which was on my left side rigged for a cross draw. I pulled the pistol, which didn't seem to bother them at all. I thought Oh well! I fired into the ground. When the sound of the shot ceased the three men were gone. I pulled my case knife and slit the rope from around her neck.

I said, "If you wish you are free to go. " I pulled off my pack and began to set up my tent. She sat cross legged with her head leaned forward I was unable to make out any features at all. After all grown up monica orsini caterina rinaldi kathy kash nicolette up my tent I built my campfire and began cooking the rabbits I had taken as I walked. When the coffee was ready I poured two cups. I handed one to her but she seemed to ignore me.

I sat the cup by her knee. I noticed a slight tilt of her head I think she was watching me drink my coffee. After awhile a hand ventured out to take the cup. With the robe she was wearing I still could not make out a thing about her.

I talked to her as if she was answering me I told her that she could join me in the tent. I also told her she would have no trouble. I laughed and said that part of my anatomy hasn't worked in 10 years.I soon realized I was wasting my time.

I stood up and entered my tent and layout my sleeping bag, slipped off my clothes and crawled inside. I watched for awhile till I went to sleep. Around midnight I awoke, I had a very strange feeling, really I had two strange feelings and a delightful odor. Humm maybe three strange feelings.

I felt female legs stroking up and down mine, I also was feeling fur. what the Hell. Fur. The third strange feeling was something I hadn't felt in over 10 years. Not since my prostate cancer. I had a hard on. Then I felt something furry wrapped around my hard on.

I felt heels sliding up and down my legs I realized the heels was walking my underwear down my legs. That delightful odor was coming from inside my sleeping bag. I felt the furry thing that was wrapped around my 7" miracle and was drawing it toward that pleasant odor. The instant the head reached that wonderful slit and began to enter. The furry thing wrapped around my cock slithered off. I pushed as hard as I could and quickly bottomed out. Instantly I found out I had a wildcat bouncing around my cock.

I reached up and grasped a pair of perfectly formed tits they were covered with a light coating of soft fur. It gorgeous brunette alex blake sucking and riding on dick been so long since I had felt the velvet glove of a woman's pussy grasping my cock. She began twisting and moving up and down and jerking sideways. It was more than I could stand after all I had 10 years worth bottled up inside.

She exploded and I followed seconds later. Even though I had not lost my hard she pulled off. She turned over and began to lick.

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. First my face then my neck, my nipples, down my stomach till she reached my pubic hair. Then wild waves of hardcore enjoyment european and blowjob switched ends and began to lick my legs when she reached my balls she gently pulled them into her mouth and sucked and licked them.

Then her tongue licked up and around the head of my cock. I felt a bit useless just laying there so I started stroking her legs till I reached the center of her existence. I stroke along the outside then inserted 1 finger then two. It was delightful then she swirled her tongue around my cock and I exploded again.

Truly there was not that much sleep gotten the rest of the night. I woke the next morning with a pleasant furry body next to me. For the first time her face was in view. She had the delicate features of a very young woman. Maybe 17 or so. She was sleeping with her mouth partly open and I observed a set of very sharp teeth. I was glad that she wasn't mad at me last night. Although her face was clear of hair the rest of her body I could see was not. She was covered with a light coating of soft hair or fur.

I also discovered the other thing that had caressed my cock was her tail. While I was making these observations I had been stroking her body and I could hear a soft purring emanating from her chest.

I looked at her face and realized her eyes were open. the green eyes looking back at me. I had seen them before. on a Cat. She was smiling, "You Like?" I nodded my head and said, "Yes.very much." "What are you?" She smiled, " I am a Jessup Cat." ".And what is a Jessup Cat?" She looked at me and began to speak.