Brunette fucked on the couch pornstar hardcore

Brunette fucked on the couch pornstar hardcore
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Chapter I Robert felt his hands shake nervously as he put the unmarked cd into the drive on his computer. It was given to him by his boss just a few hours ago after the meeting where they had wrapped up one of the biggest deals in the company's history. And he had been a major contributor in making it happen, at least that was what his boss had said. "Right now you are the biggest asset of our company," he had said.

"And this deal will make the company grow to unknown heights. That is why I have decided to give you this present. It is one of the highest guarded secrets known to man, and I am confident that you will use it wisely. We are very much alike you and I, and I am sure that you will enjoy the power that comes with this gift as much as I have." He had then handed Robert the unmarked cd and told him to take the rest of the week off.

"You have deserved it." The last thing he had said before Robert left was that he was to make pretty damn sure he was alone when he put the ting in his computer, and that was why he was now sitting in his home office in the basement after checking that both his wife and his daughter was away. His wife of course at work, and his daughter at school. As he put fucking two beautiful young jewels in a threesome humiliation stripping cd in, the drive started up and after a couple of seconds a video started to play on the screen.

It was just a man, somewhere in his forties, giving him what seemed to be a knowing smile before starting to talk.

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"Hello there," the man on the computer said, and Robert turned up the volume a bit to make sure he heard everything. "You must be a very special person to see this, because only a few people are given the opportunity to know what you are about to learn from us.

And that is just the way we like it and the way things are supposed housewife with amazing big natural boobs on webcam be. You are given this because one in our ranks have decided that you are to be trusted, and that is why I trust that you are well suited not to bring this secret on to others unless you are certain that they are just as trustworthy as you." Wow, thought Robert.

This must be pretty special. His heart was racing and he had the computers undivided attention. Ten minutes later he just sat there watching the screen in total disbelief. On the screen was just a single window saying "Install?" with two buttons.

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"Yes" and "Cancel". This must be a joke, he said to himself. What he had heard the man on sex student penny pax fucked in ass hole by dean screen talk about in the last ten minutes was impossible to believe.

But why would his boss go through all this just for the fun of it? The short version of the ten minute video was that there was a way of taking control of women, any women, by hypnotizing them with a series of rapid eye movements, a few words and a little body contact. The "routine" as it was called only took a few seconds and it gave you total control over them for as long as you wanted. But it had to be learned and trained to perfection to work, and that is why, after the video had played, a program would be installed on the computer to help you learn, train and bring to perfection "the Routine".

The rest of the video was more cautions and a set of rules that applied. In short they were rules to protect the secret from reaching too many people and to protect the ones that knew about it.

"Discretion is the key word," as the man in the video put it. "This is bullshit," Robert said aloud, but he was still curious enough to press the "yes"- button on the screen. The next days were spent in front of the computer. Robert was a patient man, and he would not risk doing anything wrong, so he kept on practicing.

The program used his web camera to read his eye movements and his microphone to listen to his words, and it told him what he was doing wrong and how to correct it, and it told him if he had failed or succeeded in following "the Routine". When he had learned it all, the only thing he needed to remember was that for "the Routine" to work, he had to have physical contact with the woman he was trying to hypnotize. Yeah that was one of the weird things about it. It only worked on women.

It took him three days to manage his first success. His heart made a jump when he saw the green letters showing up on the screen for the first time after seeing "Fail" in big, red letters for hours after hours of practicing. The joy was short lived as he didn't manage another "Success" that night, and when he came to bed later that same evening, his wife told him that he looked exhausted.

"You shouldn't work so hard," she cautioned him, thinking he was working on another project for the company. If only you knew, he thought before drifting off to sleep. On Saturday he had managed a total of 25 successes in a row, and when Sunday came, he had managed to learn "The Routine" by heart. No matter how many times he tried, the letters "Success" flashed green before him.

He leaned back and for the first time since clicking the "yes"-button he felt he could relax. He felt confident enough to try to put "The Routine" into practice. The instructions told him that a sure sign that it had worked would be to ask the woman for a simple favor, and she would do it without hesitation before asking: "Is there anything else?" He would then know that she was his to command until he broke "the spell" as he called it in his own mind.

"Honey, can you come here for a second?" he called from the bathroom.

He had just taken a shower, feeling the need after being confined to his office in the basement for all that time. She had called back that she would be there in a minute, and while he was waiting and drying off, he started to grow quite a boner thinking of the things he might command her to do to him.

He wrapped the towel around himself to hide it as she joined him.

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He touched her cheek while he did "The Routine" on her, after which she just looked at him, looking like a big question mark. Damn, he thought. Had it worked? The look on her really made him unsure.

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He really thought he had pretty teen rides old meaty one eyed monster it just right, but was this the way she was supposed to react?

"Could you fetch me a beer from the fridge," he asked nervously, and to his joy, she just answered a short "of course" before running downstairs. She came back with his beer, handed it to him and he just looked at her in anticipation while he felt his cock throbbing under the towel. "Is there anything else?" Oh joy, oh great Gods. Thank you, thank you. His blood was racing through his veins, his heart going ballistic and his mind worked overtime to keep his thoughts on the right track.

"Yes honey. Would you get down on your knees and give me a blowjob please?" Now Robert loved his wife, but she wasn't actually what you would call a very sexual woman. In the seven years that they had been married, Joanna had only gone down on him twice (while drunk) and she had only had sex with him in the dark confinements of their bedroom.

So he knew that if she would do this thing, "The Routine" actually worked. So you could imagine the broad smile on his lips when he heard her saying "Certainly." and pulling his towel away as she kneeled in front of him. She started by running her tongue along his shaft and around his swollen cock head, and he gasped for air as he felt her lips wrap themselves around him.

The warm and silky smooth feeling of her mouth as she slowly started to slide it up and down was something he had longed after for years, and now he was going to enjoy every second of it. He saw his wife in a new, sexy light this evening as her eyes locked onto his, her curly brown hair framing her face and her lips wide around his throbbing member.

"Go deeper," he whispered and watched in amazement as half of his 8 inch cock disappeared. It was then he realized that he hadn't jerked off since the day he got the cd from his boss, and he could feel he was already getting close to cumming.

Robert used to masturbate in the shower almost every day, but somehow he had forgotten these last few days, being too wrapped up in the program and the task of learning what he now saw the fruits of. There won't be any need for jerking off ever again, he thought and his smile widened even more. "Make it wet and go as deep as possible," he urged and started moving his hips back and forth while her mouth was working on getting it slippery.

What really took him over the edge wasn't just the blowjob. It was the whole visual experience of watching his wife doing what she would usually never do, and at the same time looking like she really was enjoying it. "God, I'm coming!

Swallow it all!" Robert almost shouted as his orgasm hit him hard. He could feel it spurting out of his cock, still deep in Joanna's throat, and down into her belly.

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His hand grabbed the back of her head, holding her there as he pushed his hips forward, letting her throat milk his shaft as he emptied himself into her. He heard her choke twice before realizing what he was doing and let her go, looking down on her in worry. She had tears running down her chin and her eyes were wet but she was smiling as his cock slipped out from between her lips.

"Anything else?" she asked. God this is going to be good, thought Robert.