Listen and learn from stepmom darla crane

Listen and learn from stepmom darla crane
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Fbailey story number 184 The Itty Bitty Titty Club My wife Jane was shocked that I wanted to join "The Itty Bitty Titty Club" and that I would force her to go with me. The truth was that I couldn't join without her. After all she was the one with the credentials. The club only accepted girls who were an A-Cup or less.

To see if you can join the club you need to measure your wife to determine her correct bra size. First you measure around her ribcage directly under her breasts and then you add five inches to that number. Since bras only come in even sizes if your number is odd, add one to it to make it an even number. The next measurement goes around the chest over and including the fullest part of her bust, which is usually at the level of the nipples.

Now subtract the first number from the second number. If your answer is zero to a half-inch her cup size is AA, if your answer is half to one inch her cup size is A, however if your answer is over one inch she doesn't qualify as a member of the club.

My wife's answer was three-quarters of an inch so she would qualify at 34-A. Now this doesn't work in England because their cup sizes are not the same as ours are here in America. Why they add a letter escapes me.

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Maybe they like to think that their breasts are larger than they really are or something. I know that my wife's dress size can vary considerably from one store to the next. American bra size English equivalent 32A 32B 32B 32C 32C 32D 32D 32DD The woman that I talked to on the phone told me that my wife would have to go through the measurement check-in to enter just like all of the other women do before each gathering.

She would also have to remain topless all night long. She said that the women usually wear pants or skirts and a T-shirt when they first arrive.

She also told me that my wife wasn't to wear a bra during the day either so that there would be no strap marks to show. When I told Jane about the topless part she was we want to share your big cock joi at all pleased.

She really loves her padded bras. Even though she hates her small boobs, I love them. Like they say more than a mouthful is a waste. Well when that Saturday arrived I had to beg and plead to get her into the car. She looked fantastic in her tight blue jeans and a T-shirt that finally allowed me to see her natural breasts and her hard nipples. That is a rare thing for me to see. When we arrived at the address at two o'clock it was a private estate with a guard at the gate. He checked off our names on his list and told me to drive up to the house and see Mary.

Mary was waiting for us, she was topless, and her tits were smaller that Jane's tits were. Mary told Jane to leave her T-shirt in the car and for us to follow her to the backyard.

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As we turned the corner we saw about twenty topless women back there with their husbands. Suddenly Jane was happy. Mary took us to the measurement station. Jane was twenty-eight inches under her breasts plus the added five inches made her bra size thirty-three so one brought it up to a thirty-four.

Then across her nipples she was thirty-four and three-quarters making her a 34-A. Everyone cheered and welcomed us as new members of the "The Itty Bitty Titty Club." At least three-fourths of the women there were smaller breasted than my wife was.

For the first time in her life Jane felt big breasted. Every man there loved small-breasted women just as much as I did. I was in heaven with twenty-one topless women to look at. Jane was even pleased to go up to every woman there and talk to her just so that I could stare at her Itty Bitty Titties. I had never seen Jane so happy about the size of her tits horny milf nympho fucks with few buddies. Other women told her how proud they were of their titties and how they enjoyed wearing their tight club T-shirts without a bra just to show them off.

At five o'clock we had a catered buffet dinner. The servers were all topless big-breasted women. There were four of them and they had more tittie flesh than our twenty-one women all put together. Of course we guys stared at their big tits but we still loved our small-breasted women.

Right after dinner Jane was presented with her very own Itty Bitty Titty Club T-shirt. Then her picture was taken standing between the four big-breasted women. Next the other twenty women posed with Jane for a new club group picture. Jane is the first new member in the past seven months so it was a nice occasion for them.

We had drinks, danced with almost every woman there, and talked about all sorts of things. About nine o'clock someone arrived with twenty-one large photographs. They were eleven by seventeen inches in size. They were huge and certainly big enough to frame and display. The photographs were laid out on some tables and the women were each handed a black permanent magic marker and asked to sign each picture along her own legs.

Jane was actually pleased to sign the pictures. Then Jane asked why they were just topless in the pictures and not totally nude.

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Apparently that had been a question of discussion for quite sometime. Of course the men were all for it but only about half of the women were. As in the past it just required a simply majority to pass a new suggestion. That meant that if eleven of the women would pose totally nude then the motion would pass and they would all have too pose nude.

Apparently in the past with twenty women it was always nine for to eleven against. The way to vote on this particular issue was to go over and stand along a wall either topless or nude to cast your vote. The lady in charge made it clear that the vote was not just for the group picture but for every meeting too. Then she called for a vote. Needless to say she walked right over to the wall topless and several of the women followed her.

Several other women were starting to remove their pants, skirts, and panties fuck story from papua new guinea school girls going over to stand nude near the wall. I was pleased to see Jane remove her pants and panties. She smiled at me as she walked over to the wall. I only counted nine women topless but then another one joined them.

However eleven women were totally nude.

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All of the men cheered but the lady in charge took her sweet time to count out each topless woman and then each nude woman. The motion was carried and would be instituted at the very next meeting where another group photo would be taken. Jane and the other nude women decided to stay nude for the rest of the night. These Itty Bitty Titty Club meetings lasted from noon until midnight. New couples are told to arrive at two o'clock on their first visit.

So anyway for the next two hours I got to look at ten other naked ladies along with my wife. They were all thin of course but they each had a very unique pussy to look at. Before we left to go home the lady in charge told the other women to wear a very loose fitting dress with no panties or bras so as not to leave unsightly marks on their bodies and to leave them in the car when they arrived the next time.

I could hardly wait. Jane wore her Itty Bitty Titty Club T-shirt home that night with nothing else on. She was so sexy in it that I couldn't keep my hands off from her. I stopped the car halfway home and fucked her in the backseat. We hadn't done that for years but we both loved it. The following day I bought a really nice picture frame for our group photo. Jane said that I could hang it in our bedroom if I wanted too. She also told me that she had gotten phone calls from two of the ladies asking her if she would like to swap husbands sometime just for the evening.

They were talking six at night until six in the morning with sex being the reason. The timing allowed the men to get home from work and to get to work the next day. Anything that Jane would allow the men to do to her was fine with the other women. Some women allowed anal sex and others didn't. All of the women seemed to be okay with blowjobs and most of the other normal sexual positions. I asked how many women she was talking about.

Jane said that there were ten in the swinging group and that they were the same ten that had voted for total nudity. Since Jane had also voted auditioned busty british giving blowjob big tits babe way they decided to ask her to join the group.

No wonder the other women were all for nudity, they has slept with half of the guys at the club meeting anyway. I was certainly in favor of it and told Jane to set it up. When I got home the next night Jane handed me an overnight bag and gave me an address where I would fine Cindy, so off I went.

Cindy was really nice and I certainly remembered talking to her at the club meeting. She greeted me in a light robe that she removed just as soon as I entered her house. She told me that anything goes with her including anal and light torture.

Wow! I loved anal but Jane didn't. She always says familystrokes sibling scavenger hunt turns into fuck fest beautiful and hardcore it hurts.

Cindy took me right up to her bedroom and offered to take a shower with me. She said that it was pretty much required if I wanted to stay. Not a problem!

I was all for taking a shower with Cindy especially if I could fuck her all that I wanted too afterwards. In the shower I got to wash her tiny tits and play with her nipples. I could feel her ribs as I washed her torso. She had hardly any ass at all. Cindy could have passed for an eleven-year-old girl if her face didn't give her away.

While we were in the shower Cindy knelt down on the tile floor and proceeded to give me a blowjob. She explained that it always took the edge off for the guy and that they all wanted to fuck her three holes anyway so why not just get the blowjob over with right away.

I sure couldn't fault her logic. So I leaned back against the cold shower wall and let the water cascade down my chest and right into her face as she sucked about half of my cock into her mouth and jerked off the rest of it with her tiny hand. Ether she was very good or I was just overly excited because it sure didn't take Cindy very long at all to make me cum. I think she swallowed it all because I really didn't see any cum come out as I pumped a pretty big load into her mouth.

After we dried off Cindy took me to her bed. She had red satin sheets on her bed, two pillows, and several candles that she lit. She got in the middle of her queen-size bed and she looked so tiny. As I looked down at her, Cindy appeared to be anorexic. I asked her weight and she told me that she was five feet four inches tall and that she weighed eighty-five pounds.

Holy shit! No wonder she was so flat chested. She told me that she hardly eats a thing other than an apple and a banana each day. At the Club meetings she eats but then she goes into the bathroom and throws it up.

If she gains weight her tits will get bigger and she and her husband will be thrown out of the club. I know that my wife eats very little but Cindy was extreme in my opinion. She got me hard and offered me her ass next.

She applied a light coating of K-Y Jelly to my cock and to her asshole. She got up on her hands and knees on the bed and I got in position tied up huge tits redhead anal toyed her.

As I grabbed her bony hips I placed the head of my cock at her anus. As I pushed forward she pushed back. Together we managed to impale her on most of it. With a few more thrusts I was completely in her ass. She had hardly any cushion and my hipbones rammed into her hipbones pretty good. At least I had some cushion. Cindy was so tiny that I felt absolutely huge. I was sure that my cock was poking into her heart as I fucked her.

I couldn't resist reaching down to cup her tiny breasts. Her tits were really soft as if there were nothing holding them tight like muscles of any sort.

They hung down pretty good but they still didn't fill my hand. When I asked Cindy her size she said that she was a 30-A but that she was a minus one-inch where as my wife was a plus three-quarters of an inch. Cindy was only twenty-five inches under her breast and only twenty-nine over her nipples. God she was tiny. She said that two of the other members were even smaller than she was though. Now that was hard to believe. Soon I was cumming in her ass and we were both enjoying it.

After that it was time for another shower but quicker that time. Cindy asked me to spank her while she ate her apple for the day. She told me that that was her way of dieting. If she was spanked for eating then she didn't eat as much. So with her munching on an apple and lying on the bed I spanked her ass.

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I wasn't doing a good enough job at first but she got me to hit her ass harder and harder until she was finished with the last of it. She ordered me a pizza to eat while she drank a glass of water and watched me eat it.

An hour after eating the pizza I fucked Cindy on the living room floor. With no cushion under her I could really feel the impact between our bodies. I was afraid that I would hurt her or break some of her bones but I didn't. In the first five hours I had fucked her three holes. That had been her request.

Then I was free to fuck her in any hole and anytime that I wanted too. She said that she would set an alarm clock if I wanted to fuck her at three in the morning. I said no that it wouldn't be necessary but I thanked her for the offer. What I did do was fuck her pussy at bedtime and again when I woke up in the morning.

After breakfast I got ready for work and left shortly after six. I didn't have to be at work until eight o'clock so I went home to check on how Jane had made out. On the drive home I could have kicked myself for not doing Cindy anally that last time. Fucking her ass just that once was unquestionably the best part of the twelve hours that we had spent together. However I could certainly say that I had fucked all three of Cindy's holes.

Jane was hoping that I would come home first. She was naked and standing at the door as I entered. She looked so good to me. She was not bulimic and I couldn't see her ribs. I loved her even more. Jane begged me for sex so I carried her up to our bedroom and ravished her. She said that Cindy's husband hot eighteen gorgeous gal hardcore and massage fucked her four times the night before but that he couldn't get it up that morning and she had wanted it so badly.

He had upset her a little by calling her fat. He said that she should go on a diet or risk being thrown out of the club. So I told her about Cindy and how I spanked her while she ate and apple and what she said about throwing up.

Together we decided that we both liked Jane just the way that she was. Surprisingly she still wanted to trade husbands with the other teacher sex with teen student women. She liked men that wanted to fuck her just the way that she was. I was glad because I really wanted to fuck the other nine women too. Then I got dressed, took my freshly packed overnight bag, and headed off to work.

I would have Virginia that night for twelve hours and I was already planning on that three in the morning sex too. The End The Itty Bitty Titty Club 184