Lussy is always up for some banging

Lussy is always up for some banging
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The trio had now just set off on their journey to the Tower. All of them managed to get onto the horse, the Witch was sandwhiched between Rhona and Dong. Much to the discomfort of the witch, dongs large dick was causing a very distracting pressure against her ass. The fact that they where three on one horse meant they needed to squeeze quite tightly together.

Dong arms went under the witches bound hands and was gripping the Templars waist, it was his duty to ensure the witch didnt try to slide off or make a run for it. The horses careful trot was causing him to rub up again the witch, and she worried that the bulge at her backside would get larger. Dong smiled to himself and he ever so slightly ground his hips against the witchs backside.

The witch noticed and tried to fidget away from his intruding penis. Dong giggled. "make sure she doesnt try anything" Rhona said, the witch fidgeting at her back "so this Tower, how far away is it?" Dong said as he continued to lightly hump she is alone at home an her dildo makes his job witches backside "well i started this journey in Denertown, where they comitted the crime, which is about 6 days ride, but the nearest Tower should be about 2 days away.

Thats if we take the correct path." They where still in the forest, large thick trees surrounding them. If not for the old thin dirt path they might be lost. Dong forgot about his lighthearted molestation of the gagged prisoner and took in the things around him. It was a new experience to him, he had only heard tales of the Earth realm. "so bright during the day" he thought to himself as he looked up at what little he could see of the blue skies between the treetops. "to get to the Tower in 2 days we will need to travel through Bugger bear lands." Rhona suddenly spoke up "they are easily provoked and can be fierce when in number.

But i have never heard of them attacking templars before. We should be fine" "Bugger bears?" Dong asked. "yes, they are humanoid heyna like creatures, strong and stupid. They live in small settlements near riverbanks and usually thief from remote farms or traveling merchants in the area" rhona spoke "they will also rape about anything. Cows, wildlife. eachother." "people?" dong asked "well, usually just things that dont fight back, or are easily overpowered.

We have nothing to worry about. Just keep an eye out" she said uncomfortably. Truth is, she had heard about a few incidents where a human was raped by a bugger bear. But it was usually a helpless farmhand or solo traveler. Hours passed slowly as they trotted carefully through the dense forest. The sun now lower in the sky, it would be very night soon.

Dong had been blissfully grinding against the witches ass for long enough now that she seemed to have just accepted it. But he was feeling that small itch again, soon he knew he would be to horny and have to relieve himself somehow. Blood had started to flow a bit more to his member, now bulging slightly.

Straining a bit against the witches backside. She was worried, because she knew what Dong was capable of. They soon stopped in a small clearing, with grass and a small brook for them to drink from. "We shall make camp here" Rhona said abruptly stopping her horse "help me get her off" to the horses relief her weighty passengers where climbing off her back, Bella was sore and in need of a drink.

"prop her up against the tree there, she can sleep on the moss." Rhona told Dong, who had just dragged the witch from the horses back. She noticed once again the boys big dick. It seemed to be a bit aroused. Her cheeks turned red, she had almost forgotten about that thing. She looked away suddenly concentrating her stare at the pack she was retrieving from her horse. "you need to do something about that" she said "about what sorry?" dong asked quizzically quickly swiping the witches legs from under her causing her to fall onto the moss with a thump.

"your. your penis. You cant just have your penis out like that. Especially not when we get to the Tower, you would be arrested." "I have always been like this" Dong said, a bit suspicious "it may be ok where you are from, but here its not ok.

Not at all. You need some pants or loincloth or something." "well. do you have any?" "no i suppose not. But they first merchant we come across we can trade for some proper attire for you to wear. I cant have my suspect naked when i turn him in to my superiors." Rhona managed to sound authoritative, she was quite pleased with herself.

"you didnt seem to mind it when you sucked on it yesterday" Dong said, slightly confused at the human behavior he had experienced so far. "WHA.nononono.I stopped." she collected herself. "it is against the law to be naked in public places, its a breach of the peace. You cannot be naked when we get there." she wish she could forget what happened, but now that she had been reminded they memory burnt freshly in her mind. "How embarrassing" she thought.

She quckly busied herself finding her lazyass ways get her into trouble with her stepbro pornstars brunette rope in one of the packs.

"harness her to the tree with this" she blurted out tossing the rope at Dong. She needed to sleep this whole thing off. The fire was set and the tent raised. The witch sat on the moss up against the tree she was tied too, eyes closed, pondering what sentence awaited her once they got to the tower.

Dong was once again stretching in an unusual fashions. Rhona walked back into the firelight, she had just collected water into her water cannisters. She ofcourse noticed Dongs excersize. He appeared to be doing a lunge but was gently swaying his hips, cuasing his now semi hard member to sway back and forth hypnotically.

Rhona had stopped and was staring at it like a puzzled puppy dog, head slightly cocked. "you certainly dont have any trouble staring at it, so it can hardly be that illegal" Dong said, Rhona jerked her head back and closed her mouth. He had caught her staring.

"what, no i-" she attempted to speak but Dong interrupted "i am going to need some help with this you know" He now stood up, one arm on his hip and the other slowly stroking his thick cock.

"excuse me?!" was all Rhona managed to get out "like last time, i did explain i need relief didnt i?" he queried "oooooooook. no. Im not going to relieve you.

Thats out of the question. I dont think you understand the dynamic of our relationship here." she was flustered "You are undergoing a templar investigation here, one I am conducting. I do not service your needs, i am not a prositute, i am a templar of the royal order. I may be a woman but that doesnt mean you can treat me like this! I demand respect dammit! No go behind a bush and fuck yourself off you jerk!" she had gotten angrier as her ramble went on.

Dong just stood there, stroking his nearly fully hard cock. "look honey, i have dire needs here. If they arent satisfied then i cannot account for my actions in the near future. I cannot pleasure myself, that doest work. I need to be fucked or sucked or jerked by someone else." he was now fully hard, his big dick solid as stone.

They stood there for a moment, Rhona with a shocked expression, and Dong with a smirk. "So?" Dong asked a moment passed, Rhona's eyes had sunk down to his massive prick. Still shocked at his request she stated bluntly " i need to sleep now." and with that she slowly backed away to her tent.

Dong was dissapointed, his hard dick was aching now. He turned and huffed but quickly noticed that the witch had overheard their whole conversation. She sat there, arms stiff bound behind her back, and a magical gag in her mouth.

Dong smiled at her, her eye widened "oh no he doesnt." she thuoght to herself. Dong slowly advanced, hard dick bobbing up and down. "dont worry, this time im fully conscious and ill make it as enjoyable as possible." he winked at her as she tried her best to scoot back and dissapear into the tree trunk behind her.

Hotty team fucked on camera pornstar and hardcore cock closed in, her eyes widened. Rhona was awakened to a great noise outside her tent. Startled, she heaved herself up onto her feet and grabbed at her sidearm. It sounded like a deep howl and the thuds of feet just outside her tent.

Whatever it was it hadnt forced its way inside, not yet anyway. She had no armor on. Just a cloth smock and leather pants templars wore underneath their armor. Suddenly a spoken language outside. Initially she thought it might just be rapid dogs, but then it hit her "bugger bears" she mumbled under her breath. In her training she had been taught that they fled things that fought back, so she mustered her courage and decided to frighten them off. Rhona exploded out of her tent, yelling and desperatly searching for a target to swing at.

But what she saw outside her tent was not what she expected. Two adult buggers bears where outsider her tent, one of whom was fucking her prisoner from behind.

The other stood over what appeared to be Dong's uncouncious, and still fully aroused, body. The bears both looked up at the templar, one still humping the witch enthusiastically. Rhona suddenly felt silly, fully aware that her plan had not worked. "HEY" she shouted at them, waving her sword "STOP FUCKING MY Cute busty blonde easily gets her load they bear fucking the witch did not react. Infact, it seemed to pick up a bit of speed.

The witch seemed to be barely conscious just taking the punishment. The other bear on the other hand seemed to have taken a liking to Rhona. Rhona struck a defence pose as the bear stepped forward, eyes wide like a hungry dog. She looked him up and down, assesing for weakness. Bugger bears where a humanoid morph of dog/hyena.

Usually a bit shorter than the average man but stronger and definently more muscular, but very daft and clumsy. Not to mention unbearably horny.

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It advanced further, Rhona stood her ground. Its heyna like face now panting. She noticed it wore only a loincloth, and there was a very noticeable bulge appearing. Storys lexxxi luxe anorei collins 3110 story within striking distance now. Rhona prepared to administer a standard strike, confident it would kill him. The bugger bear stopped and for a moment it broke eye contact with her, glancing over her shoulder. "shit" she thought as she heard a sudden rumage from behind.

She spun quickly, but not quick enough. Another bear was upon her back. Her sword was knocked from her hand as she plummeted to the ground. The bears spun her onto her back and one grabbed her arms and pinned them to the ground. the other quickly sat on her knees, pinning them. "GET OFF ME YOU DIRTY BEARS, IM A TEMPLAR OF THE ORDER!" she struggled as she could but the bears where much to strong.

She looked up at the one who sat at her knees, he was smaller, and lean, like a their equivalent of a teenager. They quickly sat her up, and the larger one secured her arms behind her. The young bear jumped of her legs which allowed her to cross them. "listen" she was going to try to bargain "let me go now, and i will not report this incident, i swear. Just let me go and we can be on our way ok? You cant just kidnap a templar! The reprocussions would be serious!" her words fell on deaf ears.

The bears where speaking a language of their own. As the older one tied her hands securely behind her back the younger one seemed to be talking to him. Yelps and barks Rhona could not understand but maybe interpret using its body language. It seemed the young one was very excited about something. After the older one fastened her arms he stood up and approached the younger one, placing one hand on its shoulder.

The older one looked proud. As if he had just had a successful hunt with his. son? "oh shit" Rhona thought, fully aware of what bugger bear initiation rights where. "hey look, maybe we can talk about this you cant just rape a . oh my." the young bear disposed of its lioncloth, it was fully pretty teens in steamy bgg action hardcore and group now, standing infront of her.

Lean and muscular dog morph. But she concentrated of neither of those things, she was more concerned with the big black shiny phallus sticking out of its sheath. Accompanied with a pear of heavy balls.

"OK! NO! BAD DOG! LISTEN TO M-" her hollers cut short by the bear swooping down ontop of her. With one swift motion it tore of her cloth coverings, leaving only her leath pants intact. Her suple breasts spilled out of their constraint and where imediatly taken huge boobs petite wife pounds big cock the bears mouth. It suckled hard on her, licking and sucking her bountiful chest like a mad dog.

"SHIT, DONG WAKE UP!" she looked behind her, dong still unconscious. The witch was not faring any better, now both adults hammering her both from behind and into her mouth.

"DONG WAKE U-" interruped once more by the oversized tongue of the young dog, now forcing its way into her mouth. Lapping at her tongue like a water bowl. She could feel its throbbing cock on her stomach. Her hands bound and pinned behind her back. Her pants where yanked down to her ankles in a frenzy. The young bear traveled down her body licking ever inch of her on the way. "oh gods this is not happening!" she pleaded as the bear lifter her legs into the air and buried its muzzle into her perfect crotch.

"oooooooh FUCK!" she shouted as the bear frenzied its tonge all over her cunt. Slobbering, lapping, penetrating. "SHIT, OH SHIT" Rhona screamed.

As much as she did not want to admit it, it felt amazing. But then the dog morph did something unexpected. It forced her legs all the way against her body, until her ankles were nearly behind her ears, then swiftly pulled down her tight leather pants back behind her head.

Her hands bound behind her back, and now her ankles behind her ears. She found it difficult to breathe, but she tried her best, because she knew what was coming. Now having made her completely open, vulnerable, and lubed up with his salive the dog morph stood with his feet either side of her thighs and pointed his big shiny black cock down.

All she could do was stare at him in disbeleif as he prepared to penetrate her open pussy. Slowly he crouched, his dick pointing straight at her entrance. His eyes met with hers and did the tip of his cock with her pussy lips. She lets out a tiny gasp. And with that he forced his way inside her. She was so tight, the bugger bear closed its eyes and howeled and so did the other two. The howls traveled deep into the night, as did its cock into her cunt.

Now completely entranced in her cunt he took a moment "ooooooh gods, please." Rhona begged, she felt the cock insider her twitch. The young bugger bear was ready now. Crouched over his contorted prize he was about to claim her. He started rocking his hips, drawing a little out, then in. Again.

A little faster this time. Rocking his torso over her. He was taking what was his right of passage, and he was taking it hard. Starting to piston in and out of her now, Rhona's pain was turning to pleasure and she could not stand it. Trying to stop her moans and swears from escaping her lips. "mmmmmMMMOOOOOHHHHH FUCK ME, SHIT" she tried desperately to just turn off. To stop feeling, but she couldnt. And it felt so good. "OOOH FUCK ME, FUUUUUUCK ME" she trembled, her leg vibrating, heart rate was up.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" she closed her eyes and she came. She came hard. But this did not stop the young bugger bear. It throttled her in and out like an engine. For what seemed like and eternity and 5 orgasms later he started to slow down. Her eyes finally opened only to meet his staring lustfully, almost lovingly back at her. Sweat dripped from her face, she felt his pace dropping. Without missing a beat the young bear reaching behind he and broke her bonds, and ripped her pants completely off.

Much to the relief of her aching joints. Without dislodging himself from her it threw her arms around his neck, and picked her up. "Such strength in the young bugger bear" she thought for a moment before it continued fucking her.

Slowly now. It paced with her over to a nearby tree. He placed her back against it and Humped her slowly, staring lustfully. Rhona could not tear her eyes from his. On the verge of yet another orgasm she gripped around his neck tighter. And wrapped her legs around him. "just fuck me, just be done with it." she allowed herself to think. His member had begun to swell inside her. She felt it. Suddenly the dog morph broke their gaze with a deep and nearly violent kiss. His tongue forced its way inside.

All she could do now was open her mouth as her eyes rolled back into her head, in another thunderous orgasm. He released her from his grip, she fell to the ground with a thud. With a tremendous howl it gripped its rock hard cock and came of what seemed gallons of cum all over Rhona's lithe toned body. Wave after wave of cum strands falling upon her large breasts, her abs, her face. All she could do was lie there and take it. She was exhausted, slowly she drifted out of consciousness.

60 mintues passed Rhona's eyes started to open, she still tingled all over. "morning sunshine" Dong spoke, sitting up with his hands bound "looks like you had some fun" he was refering to the cum covering her from head to toe. "ouuh, I, you where. you are awake." she mumbled "yes. I woke up in time to see the cub splatter his jizz all over you." "oh joy." she managed to be sarcastic, which suprised even her.

"what now? How am i going to explain this to the captain." "i dont think we will be seeing the captain any time pretty and hot redhead craved for human juice he remarked and nudged his head to the side. Rhona looked over to see her surroundings. The camp had been ransacked, her tent cut down. Her armor and weapons where being carried sleep fucking mom stripping infront of son full free family sex videos at gt by a large bugger bear, and Bella her horse, led away by another.

"Bella" she was to weak to call out her name. She proped herself up one shoulder. She took a deep breath, and heaved herself so she sat upright against the tree trunk she had been fucked against some minutes before.

Globs of cum leaked down her body. She attempted to wipe herself off, but only managed to smear it all over her. Beggining to get frustrated her hands moved fast around her body, trying to rid herself of this cum.

But it only became like an oily lotion. Now spread all over her body. "god dammit!" she was getting emotional. Rhona didnt realize that her current action of smearing oily cum all over her supple breasts was gathering the attention of nearby bugger bears. "you may not want to be doing that" Dong stated, observing some of the bears who now stared at her. She looked up to notice them too. There were many now. most sniffing or searching for something of value.

Tho most of their belongings had been carried off, it didnt stop them from rummaging through anything they could find. "they arent supposed to do this.

They are stupid but they know what happens if they rape or kidnap humans." Rhona trailed off noticing a particularly aroused bear where her tent used to be. It stood their, staring and stroking itself. "well from what i gathered they are here because their alpha demanded a worthy challenge for his sons inititiation." Dong said becoming visibly agitated. "their young are inititiated by hunting then fucking something, and the alpha wanted something worthy for his kid to claim.

i think anyway. My ursine is a bit rusty." he adjusted his posture and closed his eyes, as if to concentrate. "you. you speak ursine?!" Rhona gasped "well yes. I speak alot of things." Dong was had suddenly gotten quite serious.

"they young one you where fucking was the son. By cumming all over you he claimed you as his property. You are now to accompany his hunting pack back to where they came from to become his submissive bitch till he decides otherwise." Dong adjusted his posture once more, Rhona sat there in disbelief.

"I. you can speak ursine tho right? You can deal for our freedom. Im sure they will release us once they realize im a templar. right!?" worry in her voice "Dong are you listening to me!? Right!?" but Dong was preoccupied. This whole time his massive cock had been hard as a rock.

Not having the chance to use the witch to relieve the pressure meant that he had gone entirely to long without cumming.

Dong rotated his head, cracking the cricks in his neck "they carried your prisoner away, after triple teaming her a bit ofcourse." Rhona hadnt even notice she was gone.

"she will be used to please whatever bugger bear needs it." Dong focused inward. His eyes still shut, he took deep breaths. "oh gods what are we going to do." Rhona was a ball of emotion and anxiety at this moment. The thought of being used by bugger bears was scaring her. "what are we going to do." it was at that moment the young bugger bear appeared from between the trees.

The other bears quickly realized his presence and howled and barked in celebration at him. Rhona gulped "what are they doing?" she noticed some had gone up to the young one to, what seemed to her, congratulate him. Dong opened his eyes. "they are happy for his prize." the bears barked and yelped more, now in a conversation with the young dog morph. "he has taken the best prize" Dong translated "Alpha is proud. such beautiful humans are rare." Rhona felt ill "She is flexible isnt she?

Was she tight? Could I try her out?" Dong big ass mom xnxx story to translate. "i bet if we all . oh. well you get the picture. Now something about taking you back and breaking you in. you get the idea" Rhona's head was in a spin. She didnt know what to think of anything anymore. "there he is." Dongs statement snapped Rhona back from her stupor. There in the clearing now stood the packs Alpha, beaming with pride as he slapped his son on the back.

The Alpha spoke in a deeper more chilling voice to his son. Dong translated to Rhona. "Yuf. Yuf is his sons name apparently, something about bringing pride upont their clan. how you are going to make a fine mating toy. and one for his. daughter?" Dong then noticed the Alpha had turned to face him now. The Alpha paced confidently twards his new captives, taking particular interest in the slime, fit, busty templar sitting naked at his feet.

Rhona looked up in terror. The alpha was larger, and visibly stronger thant the others. It observed her quietly. Rhona dared not tiny morgan lee gets fucked by her devious neighbour. The alpha's hand moved to his crotch, and undid his fancy gold and red lioncloth. This exposed his large sheath.

"oh right, Alpha's share in the spoils of the hunter. Do as it wants, or be mauled." Rhona's eyes widened "not again" she thought barely daring to movie let alone touch the beast. She looked to Dong for advice but noticed something else instead, and so had Dong. Infront of him stood a particularly petite but busty female bugger bear. Proportionate to a fit human woman, but generally a bit smaller, two large breasts covered barely by tight cloth wrapped around her chest.

Thin fur covering her body. A nearly fox like head. And an unbeleivably tight bubble butt. "you must be the daughter" Dong said, eyes on her sizable bust (for such a petite morph anyway). The daughters arrival had also caught the attention of the Alpha who also now looked to her.

They Alpha spoke something to her, she barely noticed his presence while never breaking eye contact with one thing. Dongs massive hard cock. She licked her lips and spoke back to the alpha. The alpha gave a deep chuckle, then motioned for her to leave. "oh ok. well it seems ive been chosen by the daughter to breed i think." the Fox woman reached down and tugged him up to his feet.

Dongs cock bobbed as she led him away, pulling at his arm like a child would a plaything they couldnt wait to get home. Rhona realized she would be alone with the rest of the bears, and more importantly the alpha.

"wait! What about this here, tell him im a templar dammit!! DONG!" but Dong was gone, dissapeared behind the trees on his way presumably to the Bugger bear settlement. Rhona's last plea to Dong had been heard by one, The alpha. He still stood over her and now stroked his sheath slowly.

His massive balls carefully swaying back and forth. Rhona couldnt beleive her situation now. She looked around herself. The bugger bears seemed to be gathering around them now. Including the young one.

She looked up again, the Alphas cock starting to exit. With his free hand the alpha grabbed the back of her head. "dear gods no" she thought and she felt the pressure building behind his grip.

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Slowly he guided her face to his crotch. Eventually her face was pressing against his hardening phallus. She didnt know what to do.

This beast of a creature was pressing her face to its dick. There wasnt much she could do now. She slowly stuck out her tongue and gently gave it a lick. Looking up to see his reaction she noticed him looking back at her, expectingly. She knew what she had to do now, and she didnt like it one bit. The Alphas grip pulled her head back a bit and with his free arm he positioned his cock to be infront of her face now.

"gods give me strength" Rhona thought before accepting her fate. The alpha guided her head to his cock, Rhona opened wide.