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Chapter one There I was walking along the forest line, surrounded by wide variety trees, bushes, and flowers, as I was looking around taking in beauty there was a tiny barely noticeable path up ahead off to my right. It was not a long path but it was not a short one either. Mostly a hilly and winding path with a few short drop-offs, and to my surprise a few extremely rare exotic trees. One of which I am sure was unidentified or undiscovered. After a while on the path, there is a clear stream.

After traveling upstream, I noticed the stream flowed under a big old oak tree and over a small cliff creating a short waterfall. Walking closer to the waterfall, I saw a dirt and Rocky tunnel. The tunnel, hidden under the cliff and behind the waterfall was not muddy or slick like I suspected. From there I passed under a couple of trees that fell on each other and into decent size clearing. It was not big nor small clearing maybe a few of acres. There are a few different verity flowers and a few bushes scattered throughout the clearing and along its edges.

Another side of the clearing connecting to the stream through the forest, there was a few trees surrounding a pond. While walking around the clearing enjoying the peace, quiet, and serenity I noticed something odd over by the pond. As I got closer, I started to notice that there were clothes and a towel lying on a small flat rock near the edge of the pond.

Not finding anyone, I continued to get closer until I was a few feet from the pond. I immediately turned around after noticing female, with a small soft butt, swimming naked. Surely she knew I was there I was not exactly quiet, the grass was not short and I had boots on, I thought.

So why did she not say something or yelled at me in fact? "The water is nice if you want to come in.," the female said slyly. "Are you sure?" I said confused without turning around. "Yes, unless you do not want to hop into a pond with a hot. Naked. Female." she said seductively. "Um mm… um mm." I said dumbfounded. After I turned around, I saw a beautiful long auburn haired female in clear water.

She was kind of short and lean with a fair tan, medium-large breast, and blue eyes, and completely shaven. I slowly took off my black buttoned down short sleeve shirt, black t-shirt, dark blue no sleeve shirt, black carpenter pants and black military style combat boots, so I can enjoy the view as long as possible. "Nice dick," she said smiling "Thanks, and it is not at full size yet," I said slyly as I sat on the edge of the pond with my feet in the cool water. "I cannot wait," she said slyly as she swam closer and grabbed my dick and started stroking it.

I leaned down as she raised up out of the water slightly and our lips grew closer and closer. Her small soft hand moves up and down my cock faster as her sweet soft lips met mine. As having a giant cock in her twat hardcore big dick seconds flew by, our kissing became more passionate and my cock grew harder.

As soon as she realized my cock was semi-hard, she withdrew her lips from mine and placed them around my cock. I instance pulled her hair back into a ponytail as I leaned my head back. As I enjoyed her work on my cock, I reach down with my free hand and felt her soft skin on her torso. Feeling her soft perky breast in my hand and her amazing work on my cock, I could not help but moan in pleasure.

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"Man you give a great blow job," I said as I pulled her head up and hopped in the pond. "My high school and college years were quite naughty," she said as she climbed on me. "Oh really now?" I said as I turned us around and gently put her back up against the edge of the pond. "Quite naughty," she said as she reached between us and guided my cock into her.

I could feel she was tight as I shoved my cock deep in her pussy. I almost came right there she felt so amazing. After a second to enjoy her pussy, our lips locked as I slowly pulled out and push my cock trying to judge my thrusts by her moans. Stunning priva has her beaver slammed hard pornstars and brunette she came, I pulled her out of the water laid her back as I kiss my way down. As I reach her pussy, I could taste her sweet juices.

As I licked and suck all around until she came on my face. Afterward, she slid into the water and turned around as I shoved my cock into her pussy. I pulled out and rammed my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her waist and rammed her harder and harder with each thrust. As soon as I felt her came, I slowed down and begin fondling her breast I felt her came on my cock I as blew my load deep into her.

After we calmed down, we got out of the pond dried off. We helped each other get dressed and parted ways. At the start of college, I heard that I would be getting a new teacher mid-school year.

Four months later, I was in my first college class waiting on my new teacher to walk in when I notice her walking into the classroom.

She sat her stuff on the deck without looking at us students. Turned around and on wrote her name on the board. "Hello classes my name in Miss Katherina," she said as she turned around. "Oh fuck!" I said as I notice she was about six months pregnant. "Who said Th… oh shit," she said when she finally noticed me.

Chapter two Shortly after class, Miss Katherina and I went to the dean's office to discuss the situation. Neither one of us could think of anything to do or say to each other for anything.

The only two things I could think was. One, I still have a thing for Miss Katherina. The second thing was I rather want to be there for my kids. Assuming the unborn child is mine.

The wait was almost unbearable for both of us.

The dean said there was hardly anything he can do about our situation. Based on that it happened over the summer before she was my teacher the only he did was to switch me to another teacher as jav 68 phim sex com special case.

When we were done, Miss Katherina and I stayed in the parking lot and talked about the unborn child and us. She told me that it was the best fuck in her life, and she been hoping to hook up with me again until she found out that she was pregnant.

Never said anything about still wanting to hook up with me or not, so I told her that I wanted her and the kid. After that, we made out quickly and went to her house considering I live in the dorms. Miss Katherina must have some money because she lives outside of town in a small square looking farmhouse that was two and a half; three stories with a separate vehicle barn and a full-size equipment barn.

I did a quick walkthrough of the house while she changed into a sundress. When she was done, she showed me the big barn. Even though the big barn remodeled, it was empty. She told me that when her uncle passed away she started to sell everything but by the time she sold the things in the barns, she had even money to keep the house.

She also said that she lenses the farmland to a nearby farmer that her half-looking farmland owns, so she does not have to pay taxes on the house directly.

While I was enjoying the artistry of the barn, Miss Katherina found a nice comfortable spot in the barn to lay back and rest her feet.

Not knowing if she planned to let me look up her dress to enjoy the pearl string panties she was wearing, but I could not look away. My dick was harder than a diamond right when she propped up on her elbows. All she did was smile when she noticed me enjoying the view of her panties.

I came closer to her and all she did was widened her legs. I sat down between her legs and softly rubbed her pussy a bit.

She closed her eye and lean her head back. When I stopped, she does not open her eyes. I moved closer to her lightly pressed my hard cock against her pussy, while I place my hand on either side of her. She did not move an inch, just slightly opened her mouth, and let a soft quiet moan out. I pressed my hard cock against her a little harder. While she bit her bottom, lip softly and moaned louder.

I moved a hand on to her breast, and squeeze softly. Right when one of the straps on her sundress fell off her shoulder. I pulled the fabric off her breast and surprisingly revealed a naked hard breast. "No bra?" I asked surprised. "Nope. Never wear any. There are unhealthy in the long run." She said with a heavy breath and her eyes closed. Without another word, I licked the hard nipple; causing her the moan softly. I closed my mouth on her nipple and softly sucked while she started to grind her hip into mine; causing my hard cock to strain in my pants.

Her somehow knew and surprisingly rolled us over and straightened up on top of me. She then stood up on her knees and reach behind her to grab my cock through my pants. "This little guy has to wait because I am starving." She said smiling and teasing. "Me too," I said right before I surprisingly thrust my hip into her causing her to fall forward softly.

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We quickly made out while I groped her ass. Before we situated ourselves and headed inside. Without knowing what to eat, we decided to order a sandwich from a local restaurant that did not charge a lot for delivery. While we waited for the food to come, I sat down in the living room, While Miss Katherina put up a footstool in front of me. Without saying anything, I began to give her a message. After a while, I slowly worked my way to grope her breast.

Which all she did be lean back against me? Getting a little too touchy-feely, I slid her dress strap off her shoulders and her dress down to free her breast. Giving me better access and really play with them. Getting a little too into it, Miss Katherina raised an arm to put on the back of my head; while grabbing one of my hands to grope her harder.

The doorbell broke our concentration, causing us to hurry and adjust ourselves before answering the door. The sandwiches were not that bad as I thought. Miss Katherina must have been hungry because she devoured hers. Afterward, she told me to strip naked, so she can wash them. We both smiled wide the whole time, and she stripped naked. Now that our clothes were in the wash, Miss Katherina grabbed my Hardening cock and led me to the bathroom.

During the shower, we washed each other and spending extra time on each other's pleasure spots, while making out. When we got out, I kept teasing her by rubbing my hard cock in her pussy the whole time her tried drying her lower half. She must have been tried with my teasing because she turned around, grabbed my cock, and lead me to her bedroom before pushing me on the bed.

Walked her nightstand and grab a bottle of lube. Then sitting on my face. I gave her pussy a long lick and softly put my mouth on her clitoris and sucked. Causing her to scream in pleasure and squirt all over my face. As soon as she gained focus her leaned forward and sucked my hard cock as good as I sucked her clitoris, while I licked up her juices. I rolled us over, after a while, and reposition between her legs. I began rubbing my cock up and down her lips, teasing her, causing her to beg me for it.

Not wanting to give in I leaned over and kissed each of her nipples and up to her mouth while rubbing my cock against her pussy. As soon as I could tell, she was soaking wet I rammed my cock deep into her pussy. Screaming in pleasure, Miss Katherina squirmed underneath me.

It was not long before she wrapped her legs around me and dug her nail in my naughty cutie masturbates pussy and gets licked and nailed in pov, as she clapped her pussy around my cock.

At that point, I know I could not last long because of how simulating everything was. As soon as she released my cock, I gave her one last hard thrust as I unloaded months' worth of cum deep inside her. As soon as she could tell that I was done cumming and was not deflating, she flipped us over, applied some lube to my cock smiled. "You are not done yet, mister. You made me so fucking horny I need more and my pussy can't take anymore." Miss Katherina said as she aims my cock at her ass and gently shoved my still hard cock deep into ass.

I could have come right there it was so good. She did not even settle before she leaned back and rode my hard cock like no tomorrow. She was rough but it made me harder' so I grabbed her breast and suck them hard. She screams in pleasure when I bit her hard nipples. Soon after she knew, I was close, so she grabbed my hair and kissed me as she took my cock out her ass and ejaculated me into her ass.

"Fuck! That was amazing and that was the first time I was fucked in the ass." Miss Katherina said holding me and staring at the ceiling. "Yeah. It was my first time too." I said riding my sex-high. "I'll check the laundry and take another shower. You want to join?" Miss Katherina said tiredly. "Yes, I'll get sexy brunette playing toys on cam more homemade webcams shower started.

My dick needs to be cleaned." I said smiling as I watched her cum covered ass leave the room. For most of the morning, we talked about our arrangements.

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Giving the fact, I live in the dorms in the dorms, and she out here. We decided that it was cheaper and better to move in with her than to live in the dorms.

"Hey, sis. I'm a day early but I'm here." A familiar voice said just before she rounded the corner into the room we were in. "What are you doing here mom?" I said beyond surprised.

"Hey son, when did you find out about your aunt?" My mom said questioningly. "WHAT? You're joking, right?" Miss Katherina said as if shit just hit the fan. "No. Can't you tell what your nephew looks like?" Mom said surprisingly. "No. The last picture I got was junior high school graduation." Katherina said annoyed. "Oh… oops. Must have forgotten to send the high school graduation photos." Mom said as if she remembered that she forgot something. "So you mean to tell me that this is my aunt that I never met not see a recent photo of and that I got her pregnant," I said dumbfounded.

"WHAT?" Mom said freaking out. "Apparently so, love," Katherina said as if she can not believe what is going on. "Shit!" I said.