Loud and lusty oriental mother i d like to fuck

Loud and lusty oriental mother i d like to fuck
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It was the end of school, end of a life time, end of an era. The interim time when the little school girl was changing into the woman she wanted to be Randy and I had been playing around for months and I was deeply in love, but at the same time worried that I had fallen too hard for him.

Randy was more than a few years older than me, I had just turned seventeen .He had everything the other little boys didn't have carsbikesmoneycredit cards and a gorgeous seven and half inch cut cock that I loved&hellip.we were perfect fit together.

Randy didn't want me to go to the end of school parties; he wanted to do other special things in lieu of me going and partying drinking falling down, and maybe even "ruining" my life. And at first I agreed, mainly cause I didn't have any close friends that would be going. But that all changed. All of a sudden I was hit by a throng old man devoured by a young beautiful creature old friends from middle school on bookface .

They said they had a place in the heart of the party precinct and they wanted me to come party with them. So without telling Randy I went while he worked, I knew I was being naughty but if I got there and could show him that I was all grown up and responsible and I had also promised myself I wouldn't do anything dumb as I had a University married boss cheating with fat ebony secretary and a career in law to consider ,And Randy was correct in keeping me on the straight and narrow.

This was great… seeing people I hadn't seen in years… catching up with old friends Sitting in the spa bubbles all around me, I have to admit I was having fun… and with no booze and no drugs either… dead straight.Being a good girl, I was so proud of myself.

Then Randy text me to see how I was …and feeling guilty and wanting to be straight with my love &hellip.I told him where I was. He went off; he was ticked off at me. Accused me of going behind his back and told me to get home and wake up to my self.

After about 50 texts, he was pissing me off, who was he to tell me what to do! I promised that I would be good and promised him everything would be fine and told him even though he was behaving like a douche, that I still loved him and not to worry.

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He was fuming but let me do what I wanted to do because he trusted me, and understood that this was a right of passage for all young school leavers. After much peer pressure and what just happened on the phone, I finally relented and I had a few drinks… one shot after another after another &hellip. All was good sitting there in the spa getting totally buzzed. It was like a tonne of bricks hit me, because I don't drink The girls suggested that I go lusty asian vixen fucked by a ebony guy down, thinking that was a good idea, on wobbly legs I did.

I must have been laying there on the top of the bed for 20 minutes or so dozing on and off and giggling to myself as the room spun around me. When all of a sudden my ex boyfriend from a couple of years before was standing there before me .I said hello and all of a sudden he was on top of me kissing me, I tried pushing him off and said no but I couldn't move his pudgy frame off my smaller body .He kept mashing his lips into mine and started rubbing my large sensitive tits.

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I still to this day don't know what came over me but I kissed him back and wrapped my legs around him .I don't know how long we had been in this embrace for, but all of a sudden thru my blurry smoll boy and mom story, I see my underwear leaving the end of my long legs and over my toes and thrown to the side.

I tried to protest, but it was too late ,before I knew it his pants were down exposing his pudgy body and a little six inch uncut penis .As I made to leave, wanting no part of this he has rolled on a condom on and pushed my knees up to chest and slide the little member inside of me.

It was weird &hellip.

It didn't excite me at all .Randys was seven and half and cut, It looked and felt better than this and he knew how to use it properly. This ex boyfriend taking advantage of my drunken brain and body had nothing going on at all.

He started off slow (maybe he thought I was still a virgin lol) sliding the little member in and out slowly …there was nothing I could do; I was pinned under his weight.

Then he sped up slamming into me but still nothing .My thoughts drifted back to my love Randy and what was happening to me, he had warned me to be careful, I started to cry at the same time as fatty was cumming in the condom. He crashed down on top of me, panting after his 3 minutes of hard labour, releasing my legs and I was able to push him off .I rolled over away from him sobbing at what had just happened.

He came up behind me and hugged me .WHAT this guy wanted to get back together?? NO I had to get out of there. The whole time I was trying to get myself back in order and get my boots on I was thinking &hellip.

OMG how am I going to tell Randy … I love him so much and we had big plans to go away on a trip togetherA special trip away from everything ,just the two of us &hellip.I was numb