Stranded russian teen gets her tits cumshot

Stranded russian teen gets her tits cumshot
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Same for this this one. I didn't double check my work in the first story and I don't know why but after I posted my last story it changed all the quotations to question marks, hopefully it doesn't do that again.

Enjoy!!! "Hey Snake and Pit it has been a while. Got the five grand?" "Yes we got it. Sorry to hear about your family trouble, we know you have been living the straight and narrow since she got pregnant, and we can't blame you for that since there are kids involved.

It's too bad about the boy, your response suites your old ways nicely." They all laugh at that part. "Well let's start packing up all our slaves stuff to get him out of your hair. So what are you doing with the wife then?" "She is my slave since she's willing, and since she doesn't want to lose me." With that they all head to his son's room and start loading all of his belongings into the moving truck.

In the middle of the moving his daughter returns home looking shocked and ask what is going on. He is thankful his daughter and his minds are so much alike and proceeds to tell her that his son has betrayed him and is no longer part of the family, and how he caught him on top of her mom. Then asks her brunette fucked on the couch pornstar hardcore sit with her mother and hold her so she feels some love right now and doesn't drop into a complete despair while he is getting rid of the worthless trash.

She laughs and saying O.K. to her father then heads to her mother. She just holds her with her head in her lap telling her she was a stupid bitch and daddy has every right to what he is doing. Fifteen minutes later they are done and all that's left is the slave. Entering his room he smiles at while your mommy turned away suck my dick! daughter and thanks her then asks "Want to say bye to your brother?" "Sure." She gets up and walks over to him then grabs his dick and balls squeezing hard telling him he should have thought with his big head instead of this, then returns to her mom and proceeds to hold her in the same position again.

Watching the big bikers take their new slave, and disappear. He walks over to his wife and proceeds to pet her cheek telling her how good she is being and that she is now his slave, since she wanted to stay with him and now has no choice. She just nods weakly and tries to smile for him. He cuts her loose and orders her to take a shower and douche well since he wants her all cleaned inside and out.

He then tells his daughter to go clean up or do whatever she needs to for about thirty minutes then come back because they all need to talk. She kiss's her daddy on the cheek telling him how sorry she is for what happened, then left. About thirty minutes on the dot they both come back, daughter smiling, and his wife with her head hung low.

She just walks in from the bathroom not concerned about her daughter and just drops to her knees and lays her head on her husband's lap. He strokes her hair and just tells her how sorry he is that it has come to this, but that it is her fault.

"O.K. ladies, tomorrow we are going to the mall I will get you both new outfits from Victoria Secrets. Then I need to get my slave some extra stuff from Kiss'N Tell.

Slave you will call me master at home from now on, you are to discontinue any contact with the outside world including your family, call your work tomorrow to quit. They can mail your check to you. Honey your room is getting expanded since there is an empty one next to it. Sound like a good plan?" "Yes daddy!!! Thanks for the new lingerie, and at the other store can I get a dildo I always wanted one?" She watches him nod yes and she smiles gleefully. "Well at least some good comes from all this." "Yes master, thank you for the new lingerie and toys to use on tasting oriental chicks sexy tits stockings and japanese. What should I expect to do every day?" "You will where a tiny maid uniform and keep the house spotless.

When I get home you will rush to the door and take my coat, and shoes off for me then do anything else I need you to do. You will get up every morning and have a nice breakfast fixed for your daughter and I, and wake me every morning with a blow job. Now it's time for us all to get some sleep tomorrow is a big day." With that his daughter heads off to bed smiling and his wife just sits there waiting till he pats the bed for her to get up on it and tells her to prostrate herself for him.

"I know you always hated it in the ass so tonight you will take it in the ass, then suck my cock clean and hard again so I can put my seed in your cunt. I need to be at peace knowing I was the last one in your fuck holes tonight. I hope you will come to grips with your knew life, because if you hadn't fucked up it wouldn't be like this." He climbs on the bed and pushes his dry cock to her ass and spits on his head not wanting her to have enough lube so that it hurts her.

Grabbing her hips he pulls her back till his cock is buried deep in her ass, then sits there savoring the feeling of her tight ass. Slowly pumping in and out of her not wanting to hurry to much he reaches down and grabs her nipples hard, twisting, and pulling them till she feels like they are going to rip off. "God baby you feel so good.

Do you like what your master is doing, do you think you deserve your punishment and pain?" He asks as he hears her sobs and sees her tears falling from her scrunched up face.

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"Yes master, I deserve my pain, and love it when you hurt me. I am such a dirty whore, thank you for keeping me, and I promise I will make you proud of me from now on." She chokes out her words as best as possible wanting to sound believable but knowing she can't. "Good response bitch" With that he grabs her entire tits and squeezes till his fingers almost touch listening to her scream in pain and pounding her ass as hard as he can wanting to cum in her.

"Yes master give me your cum, fill my ass with your seed." She sobs as her tits and ass are on fire as he cums deep in her bowels. Then spinning around when he is done and takes his limp dick in her mouth sucking his sperm and her shit from it till it is nice and clean and hard.

She pushes him on his back and grabs a pillow placing it under his head and climbing up on him. Placing her lips above his cock she slowly lowers herself down on him till her hips are smashed against his. "Bruised tits look so good on you slut, now ride me like good slave, and make it feel like you mean it." With that he lovely black girl with bush getting down and dirty one breast then the other multiple times leaving bright red hand prints across her tenderized tits.

Watching her cry from the pain of her tits, and moan with the pleasure of her pussy, as he continues to smack and caress her battered breasts. "Master I love you, your cock feels so good in my cunt. Thank you for keeping me as your slave. Yes smack my tits make them hurt, remind me who I belong to, that I am your whore of a slave." "That is right, take my cock. Ohhhh god I am cuuuuummmmmingggg." He groans, and then smacks her off of himself. "Go to too bed horny, don't play with yourself.

Maybe in the morning you will be able to get off, if you're lucky." Morning time roles around and he wakes mia khalifa pron 2019 2020 a wonderful blowjob from his wife under the sheets, as she has him almost ready to blow his load.

He reaches out and grabs the back of her head forcing it down her throat a few times till he gives her his seed. After that she scurries off to the kitchen to get breakfast and he heads to the bathroom for a shower.

When he makes it to the dining room he sees his wife in nothing but an apron serving over easy eggs to his daughter, and his plate. "Good breakfast and I like your attire. No shame in front of your daughter, very good. You haven't served anita bellini take turns fucking big cocks into her ass striptease and pornstars yet?

You need too, I won't have you starving on me. Sandy did you sleep will?" "Yes daddy I slept great. You really did a number on mom's tits, I like it. Those bruises look like the will be good for a couple of weeks.

Guess she shouldn't have acted like a whore." "If I'm not home and you need to get off you can use her, but only you. If you bring any one over and let them use her to you will end up as my slave as well. I know you are smarter than that though so I won't need to worry.

Now let us hurry up and get ready to leave. Stores open in just a few and I don't want to be there when they are busy." "Yes daddy I promise I won't let anyone else use her." One hour later they are at the store getting sexy lingerie. His daughter picks out a couple of teddies, and some sexy matching panties and bras.

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For his wife he gets her a few matching bras and panties, and some nice clothes before they head to Kiss'N Tell. At the adult store Sandy gets a dildo that is shaped like a real cock. For his wife he gets 5 maid uniforms, a collar, a butt plug, and a six inch dildo that she is to where until she is to be used. He also gets her a ball gag for when he doesn't want to hear her, and a riding crop to use on her.