Astounded hottie in undies is geeting pissed on and fucked

Astounded hottie in undies is geeting pissed on and fucked
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I just experienced the most amazing week of my life! My best friend, Eric, came to visit me for four days. He looks very similar to me, and was mistaken as my brother by those who didn't know.

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My wife, the one who has bore two of her father's children, has always been reserved about sex with anyone else outside the family, but this past week was a major step away from that trend.

Eric wasn't used to all the walking and exercise I put him through as we explored parts of the local wilderness. When we returned from the jaunt, Eric and Nicole broke into the beer he bought.

I was satisfied with my whiskey and cola. After the kids were in bed, Eric asked if he could go into the spa and relax. Nicole and I joined him and put on some great CDs from the 80s and early 90s rock. It made for a very comfortable atmosphere. Nicole sat in between Eric and me in the spa. She put her feet up and we each started to massage her feet. Unknown to me, Eric had been moving up her leg rapidly while I was still rubbing her sole and heel.

She put her head back with her eyes closed as his hands were up to her thigh. That got my attention and I figured it was time to help me introduce him to my wife more intimately. I grabbed his hand and guided it over her swimsuit-covered pussy.

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I moved the spandex fabric aside and inserted my finger between her labia and over her clit. I looked over to my friend who was smiling ear to ear. Although he is married, his wife is not as sexual as Nicole; not even close.

I went in the house to grab a round of beers for them and make another drink for myself. When I came back out, it was clear that he had gotten better acquainted with my wife. She had removed her swimsuit and was sitting naked beside my best friend. Nicole said she wanted to be unrestrained, and sat in the spa water while Eric had his hands rubbing her legs and ass. He was in heaven, having a nude woman beside him.

It was only with the help of alcohol that he was able to maintain any staying power. I told him to join me as we each suckled at her breasts. My lovely wife reached down and removed my swim trunks and tossed them out of the spa, leaving only Eric with any clothing. She told him to get free, so he did. It was an absolutely erotic scene that was consented to by all of us.

Nicole was thoroughly enjoying being loved on by two men, I enjoyed seeing my best friend appreciate mio komori sexy japanese milf gets position and hard banging wife sexually, and he was enjoying have a female who desired his touch and attention. After I guided his hand back into the depths of her labia to stroke her clit, he realized he wouldn't be able to last much longer and told Nicole he was getting close. She decided it would be best to take the party up to our bedroom.

As she lay on the bed, Eric and I followed and gave her oral attention between sips of our drinks. She told Eric to put on a condom that we have in the drawer. Reluctantly, but obediently, he did as she asked.

He and I have had vasectomies, but I think she wanted to still be protective. Well, it wasn't a minute later that his rubber-coated cock was entering my wife. It was the first time she had allowed another man inside her. He complained that he couldn't feel anything, but I knew that was a lie. Nicole was giving me a handjob as I watched Eric thrust into Nicole.

She asked me how I felt having my best friend fucking her. I told her it was hot. Eric and Extreme cum play poor tiny jade jantzen she just desired to have a fun vacation with her high-fived one another as he continued his assault on her pussy. Sadly for Nicole, it was almost over too soon as Eric emptied his semen into the tip of the condom as he held himself inside my slut wife.

We switched places and I plowed into her pussy as she removed his condom and sucked his dribbling cock. What a horny sight it was to look at her lips locked around the head of his cock, knowing her tongue was lapping up Eric's cum. I realized she was probably not going to remember what she was doing, so I got up just long enough to grab the camcorder and began recording our actions. As it turned out, Eric didn't remember much, either. After about ten minutes of hardcore fucking, I blasted my load into the back wall of her vagina.

Nicole swung over and got on her hands and knees, telling Eric to get behind her, but she told him to put on a new condom. He started whining again, but she insisted. I laid on the bed and she sucked my dick as he tried to ram his semi-erect penis back into the abused hole of my spouse.

His attempts at getting back inside were getting weak as it was late, everyone was tired and drunk, and Nicole has a high ass due to her long legs, so Eric would only be able to penetrate her if he was on a booster seat.

I told him to flip on his back and she could lower her cunt onto his face. He did as I instructed. Of course, he didn't realize that my cum would be leaking out as he licked her clit and sucked her pussy lips.

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The combination of our sex juices were getting swallowed by my best friend. Nicole recognized the naughty act being committed and leaned up to kiss me hard on my lips as she got even wetter, dripping her cum-filled snatch into Eric's mouth. After reaching yet another orgasm induced by the tongue lashing given by her new lover, Nicole flipped back onto her back.

Immediately, Eric jumped back between her legs and penetrated her pussy, but the condom he had come off, so he was doing her bareback without her approval. She was so exhausted that she didn't notice as his naked prick popped inside her vaginal canal. I continued to record the action as his hairy balls slapped against her anus. Nicole asked Eric, "Am I bad?" "No," he replied.

"You're good." "No, am I a bad girl for letting you fuck me?" I jumped in and said, "Yes, you're a bad girl. You need to be spanked." She was in total ecstasy as I smacked her buttock that was exposed as Eric was holding her ankles up by his neck. She repeated over and over, "I'm a bad girl.

I'm so bad. I'm a little slutty whore." Just hearing those things turned Eric on and he warned that he was going to blow again. She said, "Go ahead. Do it. Do it in me." Eric responded, "I don't have a rubber on." "I know. It feels way better this way. Do it. Blow your load in me. Knock me up.

Get your friend's wife pregnant!" Of course, she knew he was fixed like I was, but she was in the middle of a fantasy. "I can't. I won't." Eric pulled out and spewed a massive amount of semen onto the crotch and belly of Nicole.

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She rubbed her hand through it and jammed it into her cunt. "Look, Jack, I'm getting pregnant by Eric." Playing along, knowing how kinky pregnancy is to me, I said, "Eric, did you put your cum inside my wife? Did you just put your baby in her?" He wasn't used to role playing and got all defensive. "No, I don't think I did." "He did, Jack. He flooded me with his sperm. Eric is going to be a daddy again." I jumped back in between her legs and imagined that I was helping to push his cum deeper inside.

His cum was smeared on her belly and shaved pussy as I slammed hard into her, trying to inseminate her myself. Within a few minutes, I did as Eric filmed the climax. It was nearly 5 AM before we finally crashed. The next morning would be very interesting.

I got up and made breakfast. Eric was very quiet around me, possibly ashamed that he took advantage of the situation. I re-assured him that it was something we all wanted, we are all adults, and I wouldn't ever tell his wife.

That eased his mind. He thought I would be mad at him, but once he discovered that he had helped fulfill one of my fantasies and made Nicole feel good, he was more relaxed. The next night was without incident as we all still tired and hung over from the night before, but the following night, he wanted to go back into the spa to relax his leg muscles from the hike he and I took earlier that day.

He wasn't used to getting that level of exercise, and he figured the spa would provide comfort to his body. He got more than expected when Nicole joined us, this time none of us wore swimsuits as we entered the water. As the alcohol ran low, I went back in to refill our drinks. It came as no shock, though, to see my wife mounted on Eric in the spa as I returned with my hands full of more refreshing adult beverages.

She was grinding her pussy onto his stiff, bare cock. She leaned into him allowing him to suck her nipples as she braced herself on the spa. As I jumped back into the warm swirling water, I grabbed her tit and sat down beside them as they fucked. Within seconds, he was blasting his cum into her pussy, this time without any attempt to pull out.

Nicole was nearly yelling, "He's coming in me! He's so hot inside me. He just blew his sperm in me." Eric, getting into the mood, looked over at me and proudly proclaimed, "I just nutted in your wife, Dude. She's got my cum in her pussy." I was happy to see them both so ecstatic as they had a proper fuck.

I was looking forward to feeling my cock enter her pussy and feel the warmth of his cum coating the passage of her vagina.

Nicole was absolutely loving being a cum slut. I knew this was something she never would have done with someone else. I laughed at Eric, realizing how quickly he shoots his wad. Nicole called him "Easy". I called him "Minute Man". That night, the three of us moved from the spa back upstairs to the bedroom where we continued to have unprotected and unrestricted sex.

It was very big aas fuk story redwap incredible than I think any of us would have ever dreamed, but it happened and I think we were all glad it did. One of the funniest moments was when Eric had smothered Nicole's ass and pussy with cherry-tasting lube. They were in a 69 while I filmed them. Nicole mumbled how fat he felt in her mouth.

I moved the camera down and asked Eric how she was. From his muff-filled mouth came what I heard to be "Chewy". I replied, "Chewy?" He busted up when I said that. After trying to gain his composure, he said, "No, CHERRY." Nicole thought he had said, "Furry." We all laughed so hard that I turned off the camera and called it a night knowing any tension or anxiety in the room was certainly gone now.

As a gorgeous big breasted brunette fucked on webcam of fact, I congratulated Eric on another first for him.

He unknowingly was also partaking in his first experience with "period sex" the second night together. He had earned his Red Wings, but didn't realize it due to the cherry lube, the drunken state he was in, and in the heat of the moment. When we dropped him off at the airport, it was rather awkward because Nicole didn't know whether to just give him a hug or a loving kiss.

My best friend and I have shared many things together over the past 23 years, and I think it doesn't get much more "sharing" than to share a wife. He was not looking forward to returning to his own wife who neglects and uses him, which is why Nicole said she wanted to treat him to a little fun. He's anxiously waiting for his next visit.

In fact, he said if he wasn't married, he'd be moving here. I told him I didn't think we could share her forever. Nicole and I have been having a greater sex life since he left. Nicole reminds me that she's now a slut and that she felt total bliss as her womb was filled with another man's cum. It doesn't take long after that sexy talk that I blast my own fluid in, on, or all over her tight little body.

She thinks about him and wanting him to give her the double penetration I promised her a long time ago. When we tried to DP her the second night together, Eric wasn't able to get hard enough to arab school and french teen first time art imitating life inside her ass. He never has been able to have anal sex, so Nicole was nice enough to allow him access inside her anus, but he was so worried about lube that he never got hard enough to get inside her.

Maybe next time.