Beauteous babe bends over for rear fuck hardcore and russian

Beauteous babe bends over for rear fuck hardcore and russian
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The neighbors Chapter One A little bit about myself my name is Anthony , I'm single age 30 I'm slender 6'4" brown hair hazel eyes.

I work at a classic car shop my job is restoration on old cars. It was a spring day in April I have known the Rogers Family for at least 12 years April their daughter just turned eighteen last week. Mary 32 and john 39and April 18 are my friends , and neighbors next door to me on the right side of my home. This particular spring day I was out mowing the lawn. I saw a police car and ambulance pull up to their home.

last night I went over for dinnerJohn said he was not feeling well after dinner so we went to lay down. Mary and April and my self naked girl fuck video with oral in the bathroom a while then I went home. John had cancer but did not tell anyone except for me. He passed away in his sleep during the nightMary called me on the phone crying.

I immediately went right over to see what was wrong. She told me John passed away in his sleep. I told Mary and April if there is anything at all I could do I am there for them. They had a private wake funeral service's. I attended and a few of their family membersI helped with The outside chores as best as I could. April will be done with school in a monthMary she worked in a local Department store in our small town. I was reading the evening paper one night when I heard a Knock at my door.

It was Mary she was CryingHello Mary please come in and sit down. What seems to be the trouble Mary?, well Tony scene my husband passing things have not been the same. Tony do you remember we use to go camping on weekendsat the lake with our trailer. Ye I do well this weekend is was going to be our annual horny brunette licks and sucks a dick to get camp set up for the summer months.

April is so depressed she can't go with her girlfriends up there. Her grades are not good in one classI'm afraid she will not graduate. I need her someone her dad would talk to her and things would get better. Tony would you Could you Please, for me talk to her.

I would be glad to Mary what would you like me to say. Tony please try to explain why we can't go camping any more. Mary is this all that's troubling you YesI would be honored taking you and April camping. Tony What about your work on weekends ? no more over time. The boss stated to all of us recently nine to five weekdays and some Fridays off. That's not good tony my home is paid for no mortgage. Well if you feels you want to, yes Mary I do. Alright Tony Ill send April over after school fairy tail erza with lucy hentai lesbian will be thrilled.

Thursday afternoon rolled aroundI was home working on my computer it broke down. I never really looked at the time I lost track really a knock at the door distracted me.

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I got up and answered it hello April come in please. She was a chunky girl of eighteen not fatshe was a cheerleader. She wore glasses black framedshort skirt plaid and white shirt. She always sporting a ponytail or pigtails, Her breast size I guess a 36c legs shaved.

Hi Tony mom told me that I could come over and talk to you about my problem. Sure April hone com on inyou can honey anytime. Tony my trouble is this I wanted to go camping the girls this weekend. you know themmy cheerleader friends from school.

They always went camping with mom and dad and myself. I would say at least once or twice during the summer. Yes I am familiar the thee girls your referringJanice Beth and Susie yes that's them. Did your mom tell you what I told herno she went to work. she will not be returning home till after ten pm this evening.

I told your mom I would be glad to take you and your girlfriends camping. That's awesome Tony thank you , April jumps up and crosses her legs on my lower back and places her hands behind my neck and locks them together. and kissed me right on the lipsI was shocked. My eyes widened as she tried grinding her hips on me.

we broke the kiss then I said " April ! what the fudge ? " in the world are you doing ?. I'm showing my Appreciation to you don't you like it ?

yes but we I could my gosh. Young lady I am surprised cute brunette fucks for a facial big tits cumshot youTony I have the hots for you and you know it.

she hops down and sits on the couch and we begin talking about her troubles. Tony I have been so horny for you ever scene last year , I have never been with a guy . I'm a virgin I been saving myself for youI try to change the subject.

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April your mom was telling me you need homework help. Yes I do but Tony I have to tell you something firstI want you to be my boyfriend. I am to old for you April sweetieI know but I am old enough too.

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She starts crying and pouting and shouts. "I am eighteen ! " I do not want another guy ! I want you. Look at theseshe flashes me her tits and what about this?. She lifts her plaid skirt then drops her pantiesshowing me her hairless pussy.

Her folds are wicked tight Now do you think I am a woman ?. I got a hard on and she noticed itNever Mind telling me Tony I can see your already thinking with your other head. April I have tomorrow off we'll pack up my truck. your mom you myself included will go open the trailer at the camp. What about my girlfriends ?well my extended cab can hold three. Invite them all alright I will call them when I get home.

We can do an opening and a good cleaning we'll get it ready for the summer. Alright that sounds alright I guess.

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April smiles now wiping the tears away it's near the ocean Tony the camp ground is so cool. Thank you Tony how can I ever repay you ? it's not necessary honey. Would you consider ever being my dad ?. Maybe but I can never replace your dadyour dad was a kind man and loved by everyone. I hear my mom at night crying she gets very lonely.

She breaks downI don't like to see my mom sad , Neither do I April. Does your mom have to work Friday yes but she has sat off. I will speak with her before she goes to workTony that sounds good to me.

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What school girls and boy fack you doing for supper ?I'm not sure sweetie just staying home I guess. Would it be alright if I eat with you ?, my moms working until ten or eleven this evening I think. Yes it will be fine do you have any home work no I don't. would you like pizza OK yes that's finewhat are you doing over there?. I am fixing my computer the hard drive let goyou know how to fix computers ?.

Yes can I leave mine with you some day so you can fix it for me?. Yes I would be glad to I was thinkingwhy don't you go home and get it and I'll order us up some pizza. April walks out the doorI began to thinking to myself if she is that horny what does her PC contain ?. I called up pj's pizza and ordered her favorite ham and bacon a large one. About a half hour later I hear my front door openhello Tony I'm Back I'm up stairs.

I'm in the shower I will be down shortly I said to her. I know my stairs creek and the house is not haunted. I figured it must be April coming up xxx be story peli pela stairs, just then a knock on the door. Dam it all she says I'll get it , I call down there's money on the table alright.

She pays the pizza guy he then leaves, she continues back up the stairs. I hear her talking to herself now maybe I can get lucky with Anthony. I heard her because shes just outside the bathroom door, I am out of the resident evil sex pov helena harper best fucking anal play free totally naked.

I try to hurry but it is too lateshe opens the door and shes naked as well. April "Put your cloths on !!! " Why? don't you like seeing me naked?. I just wanted to show you that I'm really a virginsee tony, get a good close look. I keeled down it looked so tightI figured I'd go for it. she wants me any way besides I am so horny, April honey spread it a little wider. I then placed my tongue on her tight foldsI parted them with my tongue I reached her sensitive clit.

Ooh she cooed as Her eyes rolled back in her head. " oh Tony ! fuck me with your tongue please !! ". To Be Continued