Vlaamse sunshine wordt in haar mondje geschoten

Vlaamse sunshine wordt in haar mondje geschoten
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I saw this really hot sexy looking young woman at a party for single parents last week. We both locked eyeballs unable to take our eyes off each other.

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She was clear across the room leaning casually against the back of a huge armchair My eyes finally tore away from hers because I detected her legs beginning to open and she coyly started hiking her catholic pleated schoolgirl dress up little by little provocatively revealing her incredibly arousing legs. I felt my cock swelling my heart racing -my breathing intensifying until - I leaped to my feet and rapidly approached her.

My face was now within inches from hers and I smelled her breath. It was sweet like she just brushed. "I like your breath," I began "I like your face", she responded "I'm a lot older than you" I dared "Good I'm glad you are" she's quick I thought.

"Ok here it is I'm 52 and I find you irresistible" "Ditto Me and I'm 26 half your age.

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Am I to young for sex fat mom and san xxx sax movies faree "Certainly not in fact you're absolutely perfect for me" "What's your name sweetheart? "Matilda" "And yours? you handsome devil you" she added "Louis and I want take you out for dinner -right away.

"Right now soon enough" "Only if you kiss me now- I don't like waiting" "So I noticed" she quipped then began smothering my eager mouth with the most delicious and sexually stimulating wet kisses I ever received. "You're making me hard and I love it' "Quick ram your hand up my dress right here now. I don't care if anyone see's us I want you to feel how incredibly wet you're making me now show me how you're going to be groping and feeling my super horny cunt up when you get all mega wild horny for a cunt to touch.

I know you're a cunt hound aren't you?- "Ya and I'm an alpha male" "Oh by the way "I have three kids" "Good - any girls?" "Ya-9&5" "Fuck dinner I' m taking you to a motel can you feel the fantastic power of our sexual energy?" "Oh yes darling I do feel it go ahead keep sweeping me off my feet and out of my panties -take me my precious new lover.

We're in a motel room .Make me yours lover reach down -grab my dress- yank it up hard and tear it up and over my outstretched arms toss it away and don't bother pulling my panties down -just rip and tear them off my hot little body I love rough sex when I'm this fuckin horny don't you?" "Oooooooh ya yr my kinda girl" "Ok we're here now Matilda do exactly what I tell you first walk away 10 feet turn and run full speed straight at me- good girl now jump up and wrap your sweet legs around me now slide you cunt around find my cock and press your sexy cunt lips on my hard on.

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- I want you to hump and fuck my cock until we both can't stand it. Now let go and drop on your feet. I want to start ripping your dress and panties off; then hold still while I tear your blouse open in a sexual frenzy and seize your tits, I want to have both your full perky little 34a cups completely covered by my greedy deprived hands- I attractive teenie is riding up pounder hardcore massage to feel, fondle and suck them.

Give them to me sweetheart." After fucking each other successfully Cuming together in perfect harmony we now lay together face to face. It's time. I'm certain I want her "Now darling" she quivers every time I call her that special name and I can feel her heart pounding -she's pressing against me.

She knows. Something's up "First I want to disclose certain truths about me before I ask you be my new and very special girlfriend and lover".

"Louis I'm starting to fall in love with you" "Oh my god me too sweetheart fuck it lets do it but first the truth about me -before you respond to my proposal". "I'm a girl lover" "You mean like a pedophile?" "No a pedophile can't love or fuck adult women" "But I have a pedophilic part of my personality which will motivate me to sexually approach your daughters". "Tell me what you want to do with them because you are in for a pleasant surprise when I disclose our truths" "Well ok I will always be looking up their dresses because I'm a panty freak and I want to see their crotches.

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As a new 6yr old first grader I spent my entire childhood confined inside our big old house -forced to endure the madness of my over controlling mother. I had never even seen a girl until the day I started school. "I was consumed with sexual curiosity about these strange new creatures who all wore big wide tents instead of short pants like all us boys.

I accidently saw under one girls tent as she climbed the stairs and a huge gust of wind suddenly blew her dress up so high it covered her head. But hehhhhhh us boys sure had a thrill - staring at her weird underpants and all those other secret white tent things they were hiding from us. "I want them to play any sex games I might want them to, and agree to engage all kinda sexually exciting things like delibritly exposing ourselves sexual touching and feeling each other up.-everything I was forbidden to do" "And eventually I want to fuck one" "A lot of this is child hood unfinished business still haunting me with the same intensity " "Wait Louis sweetheart you need to here this" "Our truths will turn you on-big time" "Both my girls are totally obsessed with the prospect of having sex with a trustworthy truthful wise older man horny just like you.

A man- who would both desire them and easily accept their special precocious sexualities. in fact .you seem so compatible because you both crave the same things." "They used to badger me constantly after my last failed attempt at choosing "the right man for all of us" caused serious sexual and possibly psychological damage to their psyches.

"My looser ex was in the bathroom naked one hand wrapped tightly around the base gangbang rape tarlac 2019 july tagalog his fully erect hard on, when Ambrose- my nine yr old walked in unnoticed and immediately became consumed with curiosity about his cock.

So she just walked over and put her hand around it-saying " Gee I sure like how your dinky feels I wish I had one -do you play with it lots?" Chapter 2 coming soon "I am going to start building the first and most important part of our brand new relationship.