My japanese girl friend who have big tits blowjob

My japanese girl friend who have big tits blowjob
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I had come to my grandma's arm many times before. Mostly in the summers to combat the lonelyness for both of us. Every morning we went out and had to feed the chickens and pigs, check on the cattle, and just eb sure that everything was in good general order.

On a hot Saterday in June the phone rang as I settled down to my Cheerios after my morning chores. Grandma answered, I could here the urgency in her voice, "Yes, of course.

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I'll be there as soon as I can." I continued on with my beakfest grabing a slice of bread when she came into the kitchen. "That was Mavis, your great aunt, her husbands in the hospitel and doesnt look like he's going to make it." I frowned in fake empathy, "so what does that mean for you?" i asked. "Well, she wants me to come out and stay with her, she is my only sister ya know, and she never askes 'fer much." I played with my cheerios, not wanting to look at Grandma.

"So you'll have to stay and look after the farm for a few days, you think you can do that?" I jumped at the idea, I had never been all alone on a farm.

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I could be the man of the house, the leader of the pack. however you see it, it was a nice proposition. "Of course! I'll stay here and take great care of everything." The next day she left, and I headed out to do my chores, I threw some feed at the chickens, and watered all the animals.

Then i decided to go out to the pasture and check on the cattle. The calfs were still being born and you never know when something might happen. i walked out with the dog, a big Aussie, and we survayed the area. The Milk cows were in one pen pipino scandal pinaysexscandalco pinay sex scandal collections the calving cows were in another. I saw what seemed to be a bull who didnt know what season it was. As I walked closed I realized it was a cow, or a bull with utters, who was mounting another cow as though it were attempting to breed with it.

As soon as i returned to the house I called Grandma, and asked her she had lesbian cows.

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"Their not Lesbians, and don't use that word, its just a cow in heat, they're fine." all right, a milk cow in heat? fair enough. Later, I went back out and found the same cow who had been mounting the other.

i harnessed her and led her back to the barn. As we walked her tail swated flys and i could see her budding pussy was big and pink, and nice mound calling me. With each step small amounts of liquid seeped out of it, drizziling down to her utters and falling onto the ground. We finally reached the Barn, I placed her in a medium sized pen, and examined her closely, sprayed her down and went to get the long gloves. We use these long gloves to see if the cows are pregnant, they go all the way up to your shoulder.

Then you place you hand in the cows anus and see if you can feel a lump. I slid on one of the gloves, her pussy shined in the light with the fresh water i had just sprayed onto it. With one finger I gently pushed on the outside of her opening. She quickly began to engulf me, I pushed a little harder and soon my whole hand was inside her pussy, I wiggled my fingers and pulled it out, the glove was covered with sticky juices.

Again I inserted my hand, this time going farther, the walls of her pussy were hard, slowly I continued my treck to the center of her cunt. I was at the elbow, it was here that I began to feel a tightening in my pants. Out I pulled and inch or two, then plunged back in six. Over and over I went, pushing my arm into the hole of my bovine lover. Finally I reached a point where I could natasha thomsen natasha k t push any farther, it wasnt her, it was me.

My arm just wasnt long enough. It was here that I xxxx story sex stories2019 first time out and slammed my arm back in, she jumped. As my arm slid in her anus released, covering me in smelly cow shit. However, this detured me little. I tried it again, pulling it out and forcing it to go as far at it would go. This time there was a loud "Mrrrooooo," as if she were freightened.

I slapped her ass and continued to pump my arm into her open cunt. I looked down and saw that my dick was fully erect. With my free hand I opened the zipper and began to give myself a hand job.

I fucked her until my arm got tired, then as i pulled it out I watched the gape slowly sink between two giant beef curtains. I pulled them apart and searched for a clit, I didnt really know what I wad looking for. With two fingers I pallapated around, until I found a sweet spot, she wiggled and moved in ways that I have never seen a cow move, grunting and grinding with my fingers.

I rubbed and rubbed and she swayed for nearly twenty minutes, the she let out what sounded like a sigh of relief. By this time an hour had past, and i led her back to her pen with the other cows. now, I walked over to the other pen, the one containing the calves and their mothers. Usually the mothers are very protective, so I looked for one that was by itself in a corner. As I walked the mothers gaurded their young. A little black calf lie all alone along the barb wire fence, i reached under and gave a yank to the tail.

It stood up and walked a few steps away, but no mothers claimed it. I quick scanned the area, but every side of the fence was covered by trees or our house, and the nearest neighbor was two miles away.

I harnessed the calf and tied it to the corner post. At first I just patted its head and rubbed its neck, then I began to rub its nose and give it more affection. I unzipped my pants, which contained my still erect cock, I slid my hand over it and placed it near the calf's nose.

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she sniffed it, and the a long tounge came out gave a lick. I took a step closer. In the distance cows were mooing and a horse was naying. When my cock was realitively wet, she took it in her mouth and began to suck. "Oh, my God!" the suction was amazing, she pulled and tugged with her course tounge. The tounge itself moved in ways i had never felt, she moved her jaw up and down.

Droping my cock and then picking it back up again. I soon began to buck and I shot my hot, creamy load on to her tounge, she didnt stop, and it was I who had to back up to stop the action.

Back at the farm I went down to see the pigs. My cock was a little sore from the best blow job I had ever had, but none the less.

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I checked on our little pigets, and noticed that the mothers cunts gaped like mad after they had had a litter, it turned me on. I crossed the building and found myself a two year old sow who had never been breed. She was in a pen all by herself, standing there, as if she had just waken up. I steped in the pen, and went right to her rear.

I took my bare finger and bagan to pallpate her porky pussy. The second I touched it I could feel my cock come to life. I unzipped and took off my pants and hung them on the rail of the pen, my cock was pounding in anticipation. Once more I went to her rear, and rubbed her opening. I held my cock to it and glided up and down her lips. Then I slowly leaned foward when my cock found the right spot. The head poped in and she tara and nina lesbian blondes strap on doggy style. I liked the sound, and forcefully pushed harder.

I began to fuck her like a woman, slow at first, but constantly changing speeds. I was half laying on her back to fuck her, her thrusts meeting mine. In and out I went, she was tighter that any girl i ever been with. In and Out, In and out. i buried my meat in her and I could fell her squirm. Her juices running around my cock. I ground it in, then I looked down and saw blood, but it didnt stop me, I was too far along.

I hit her cervix and kept going, a loud shrill sound came out of her, but I didnt stop. No, i couldnt stop, I pushed as hard as I could forcing my cock hard against her ending. Then I came, in big bursts, flooding her bloody pussy. "AHhhhhh," what a feeling. I let my limp cock fall out. As the blood and cum began to pool on the floor. I took a hose and washed it away, and strayed her cunt out. I have never been so satisfied*wink.*