Asian babe ayumi fucks her gf and her gfs stepmom

Asian babe ayumi fucks her gf and her gfs stepmom
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This is a re upload. Some of you might read this before. Please do comment and vote! :D Lily. Its been a year since I was married to Kyle. A nice guy who I dated since high school. My age now is 24 as his is 27. I just finished my studies when Kyle surprised me that we will move to New York as he got offer to work there thanks to his uncle. I was so happy because I never been to other country besides Malaysia.

I am firstly a Malay Muslim. If you imagined Middle Eastern or Indian girls in black robe with ninja mask hiding their face, you might have to scrap that out. I have that petite Asian looking, fair skinned, rounded dark brown eyes, small nose and soft red cherry lips.

Instead of always wearing robes, I prefer wearing shirts, gowns, and dress that still cover me up. For the hijab, I prefer wearing fashionable hijab with different styles too. My body? We will get there later. My sex life, I was never really been exposed to sex life until marriage actually. Yes of course I've seen porn once or twice but I never feel anything. My sex life with Kyle is good. Sunny leone bluray cute sex storys guess?

I did not know what I am supposed to expect since talking about sex is kind of taboo in my society. Kyle did not ask much from me apart from penetrates his penis in me until he ejaculates. His new company provides us a medium sized apartment fully furnished luckily. Since its only two of us, the space is enough for us.

We did not expect babies anytime soon as we agree to get our economy balance here first. One thing I actually did not like was the walls that separates our house with the next is thin.

It is not made of bricks and im not sure what kind of material it was made of. Luckily our house is at the end, so there is only one house that we have to bare listening. Every night we have the couple in the house fighting. My husband and I cannot actually make up what are they saying but they are shouting at each other with moans and groans. Kyle asked me to stay away from them but I started to feel worry.

At least for the woman. She might get abused and I did not anything to help her. So, after Kyle left for work, I prepared a homemade chicken pie and knock on my neighbor's door. I am wearing a loose long sleeved shirt with loose jeans. My simple gray hijab wraps my head showing to them I am a Muslim and Im proud. I was expecting a beaten up woman open the door, but instead, a very beautiful lady with her age around early 30 greet me with a smile.

"Oh heyy! Youre the new neighbor? Im Sara. You?" she offered her hand as Im still in awe looking at her beauty. "Oh sorry. Im. Im Lily" I replied as I greet her hands. We exchange kisses on the cheek as I can smell a very sweet soft fragrance on her neck. "So, I cooked this chicken pie for you and your husband" I said as I give her the chicken pie.

"Wow thanks! Matt really love chicken pie" "Did anyone mention chicken pie?" Matt appears from the kitchen. He also look like in his early 30 with his nice build up body. A bit muscular than Kyle but western people do bigger than us.

"Lily here, she brought us a chicken pie" she said as they kisses softly on the lips. Making my eyes widens. That did not look so abusive. And they look like a loving couple. Than what makes all the noises in the night?

"Why don't you invite Lily in?" Matt offers as he take the chicken pie to the kitchen. yoga biyam xnx sex hot yes. come on in!" Sara opens her door wider for me to come in. I however shake my head. "No, thank you, maybe later? I actually have something to attend to." I said in a regretful voice. "But, can I speak with you for a minute?" I said almost whispery. She nodded as her expressions changed.

"Yes sure." She close the door so his husband can't hear us and we walk towards my door. I bite my lips before asking. "Er. Actually, since I moved here, I always hear noises from your house every night.

I'm sorry if I'm being such a nuisance but, are you being abused?" I asked carefully. Trying not to make her insulted. But, she cracked into laughs as I finished talking.

"Baby. That was not abuse. That was pleasure! I am so sorry if our sex is too loud. But both of us are just loving it that way. Rough, hard and loud. Isn't your husband like that with you?" She asked. My desirable vixens get nailed at a party blushed hearing that. I shake my head off again. "Im afraid not. He. We. We didn't said a thing when we, have sex." I said awkwardly. She giggles as she put her hands on my shoulders.

"Aw, maybe we could show you how sex actually should makes you feel." She replied. My eyes widens hearing that as my cheek blushed. I am thinking what to say when I hear phone rang from my house. "Er, its must be my husband. I got to go now, catch you later." I said as I open the door.

"Sure honey, and thanks for the chicken pie and your care." She replied as she smile. I smiled back as I close the door and lock it. ***************************************** Sara That night I purposely asked Matt to fuck me on the walls where it connects with Lily's bedroom. "Ohh Fuckk Matt yesss." my arms around his neck as he pounds me deep and hard in my pussy. My back leans on the walls as my legs wrapped around his waist. We kissed furiously as we moans harder.

His cock thrusting in and out of my pussy so violently. As I like it. "Shit Sara Im coming!!" Matt groans in my ears as he keep pinning me on sunny leone new sexi story walls. "Yes Mattt cum in me!!

Fill me up with your cumm!!" I moans load as her pussy clenches on his thick cock. Giving no mercy to his cock as he groans into my neck. His cock pulsed and bursts into strings and strings of cum into me.

Filling my womb up with his seeds. After he cooled down, he carry me to the bed with his cock still in me. Laying me on the bed before pulls out his still hard cock and lie besides me. "Wow. That was fun." I said as both of us catching our breath.

"Yes it is." "So…what do you think about Lily?" I asked as I look at him. Matt makes that weird face as he look back at me. "what about her?" "She told me that, her sex life is quiet. Literally. It means her sex life is bored." I said as I turn my body facing him.

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I can feel his cum leaking and drooling on my thighs. "So…? I guess its must be how it goes with her, culture" Matt said as he look up at the ceiling.

I smile. Then I climb on him. My 38D breasts squeezed on her chest with our face meet each other. "Why don't we, teach her what sex is about?" I asked as I grinned naughtily. "You, want me to fuck her?" he asked a bit shocked.

"But isn't she is kinda. Conservative?" he asked reassuring. I smile as I brushes my thighs on his. "So.? You fucked a nun before. We, fucked a nun before." I said naughtily. He chuckles as he put his hands on my hips. Brushing them before landing on my perky ass. "So, what do you have in mind?" ******************************* Lily I kissed my husband goodbye as before he walked off from my door.

I see he climb down the stairs as he take another look at me. I feel loved and lucky at that time. I am about to close my door when Sara come out of her apartment and greet me. "Hi Lily!" "Hi Sara." I greet back. "Thanks again for the pie. It was so delicious" Sara said as she locked her door. Its like she about to go out somewhere. "Youre welcome. I will make another one later and give you guys too" I said as I smile.

"Oh Lily, one more thing. We are making dinner tonight, why don't you and Kyle come over?" "Wow. that. that one stiff dick pleases two kinky babes so kind. Well," I am thinking what to do since im new to this culture. "Don't worry, I will promise you we will not serve pork tonight" she said. I just nodded and smile, "well sure, why not. I will make something too then" "It is decided then. See you tonight!" she said before she leaves me.

I close the door and lock it. I take a deep breath as I take off my hijab. Letting my long dark wavy hair falls on my shoulders. I sit on the couch.

As I remembered the noises last night. How on earth sex could be that good it shane blairs tight pussy got railed so hard smalltits pornstars someone moans and groans that loud?

I shake my head off before I go to the kitchen to see what can be cook for tonight. ********************************** Lily I knock on their door as my other hand holds the hot chicken pie that just come out from the oven. I am wearing a hijab wrapped on my head, and covers my breasts. I am wearing a long sleeve tshirt that is not too tight but showing my body curves perfectly. I choose to wear my long skirt that hugs a bit on my ass. Showing my rounded juicy ass.

Sara opens the door and she let me in. We had a good dinner. They cooked a very delicious spaghetti meatballs with some side dishes I do not know the name. My chicken pie too becomes an attention on that table this night. We were just finished our dessert when we sits on their couch. Opposite of me is them, side by side as we chat more. Sara give me an orange juice while they have some wine. I take a sip after sip as we chat.

"So Lily… How was you and Kyle? I mean&hellip. Your sex life" Sara asked as I started to feels my head lighted a bit.

My face blushed hearing that. "Er. Sex life.? Fine… I guess" I replied as I look at them. As I did not really know what I supposed to feel. Though I had to admit that Anal teens andrea francis mira sunset valentina nappi henessy do feels something is missing. "Just fine?" Sara asked again as I noticed her hand rubbing on his husband's thigh. I nodded. "Well, to be honest, I don't know what Im supposed to. Experience…" "well, do you feels good?" Sara asked as her hand reach Matt's bulge.

Now I realized that Matt have a really huge bulge. My eyes widens seeing that. I noticed Matt's smirk, knowing I am impressed with his size. "I do… but… I don't know…" I replied to Sara.

"did you cum? You know, climax…" Matt asked as his eyes all over me now. I tried to pay my attention to Sara. But it didn't help much as she is rubbing his bulge. Did not even try to hide.

"I. did… sometimes? That is normal right?" I asked naively as I see Sara pulls down Matt's zipper. Sara chuckles as she slides her hand into Matt's pants and take out his cock. it is almost 10 inch long and thick. almost twice as Kyle's. "No, that is not normal, you are supposed to feel that every time you had sex." Sara replied as she strokes his cock infront of me. I blushed deep. My eyes cant look away from that massive thick veiny cock.

"urm. should I go now?" I asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable with this. "No, please, stay" Matt insist as his cock being stroked softly. Sara leans her head a bit before she licks his cock's head. I bit my lips, never do that to Kyle, he never asked, and I thought people just do that in porn.

"Have you done a blowjob, Lily?" Sara asked as she keep licking his shaft. I shake my head slowly. Mesmerized by this life action porn in front of me. "well you should, this keep your man happy…" Sara said as she keep licking his cock like a candy. I can feel my body started to warming up. And my pussy, she keep throbbing since I had that orange juice. Did they put something in it? "Why don't you teach her?" Matt giving the suggestion. My eyes widens hearing that. What? Sara grinned as she look at me.

"That is a very good idea, come here Lily." she called for me as her hand still around Matt's cock. "Me? No, thanks. Its. Its your husband." I replied. Though as a women I cant help but feeling a bit excited having cock that huge anywhere on or in my body. I shake off that thought away quickly. Lily! You're someone wife! Behave will you!I remind myself. But then Sara come and pulls my hand. Making me kneeling besides her in front of his husband's cock. "I…" I didn't have a chance much to say but then she takes my hand and put it at his cock.

I can see his face. "Damn Lily, you have such a soft hand." Matt said. And myself, feeling shocked with how thick and warm his cock is inside my hand.

I look up at him and then Sara. "Is. is this okey?" I asked, though myself already starting to slide into lust as my hand still on his cock even when Sara take off hers. Sara nodded.

"Enjoy yourself Lily…now, have you give a handjob before?" Sara asked. I shake my head. I never really touch Kyle's dick. He is the one who always do everything. Sara chuckles. "Well, for hot babe fucked from houston met her on realfuck24 com tube porn, you have to stroke it like I did it before…" Sara said as she look at me with interest.

I bite my lips before I moves my hand. Up and down the shaft. I can feels his cock's skin moved as I stroke it. I never thought that a cock is this hard, and warm. I bite my lips as I started to mesmerized by this sensation, I can see a wet thing came out from his tips. Like a leaking.

Is that semen? I thought to myself. "that is precum." Sara said, as she knows what im thinking. I nodded. "why don't you have a taste?" Sara suggest. Matt just look at me as his face clearly shows how in pleasure he is. "you mean… lick it?" I asked. She nodded. But isn't that dirty? I mean, it's the same hole where his pee come out right?

"come on, Lily… You will like it." Matt said. I feel my head so light and im so open to suggestions now. Usually at this time I just get up and run and never come back. But somehow, I leans my head a kinky juvenile beautiful gal enjoys old boner, and give a small lick on the tips.

I can feel his wet precum on my tongue, it doesn't taste much, a bit salty maybe. "Lick it more…" Sara said as she put her hand on my head.

She push me a bit as I take out my tongue and runs my wet tongue all over his cock's head. Matt moans as I did that. "Ummphh. wow Lily… I love how innocent you look with that hijab on with my cock on your mouth…" Sara smiled as she replied "maybe I should get one honey?

And be your slutty hijab girl for you too?" Matt nodded. "Now. lick his shaft too…" Sara said as I moves my head, licking his shaft. I can feel his warm veiny taste on my tongue. Sara guide my hand so that I keep stroking even when I'm licking his husband's cock. Then Sara leans her head a bit and lick the other side of his cock. "God… You girls really love to tease me ey…" Matt groans as his cock pulsing more.

Sara chuckles as she kiss my cheek. "Now watch…" she said. I pulls my head back as I see what she is about to do. Then she put her lips on his head, and take his cock into his mouth.

I bite my lips looking at that. I never thought that this kind of act is possible. My face blushed deeply as I see Sara started to move her head up and down. Her eyes on her husband as she suck his cock. I can hear wet sounds from her mouth. She give a few more suck before she pulls her head off and give a few licks. "Your turn…" She said. I bite my lips at first.

Wondering how it will taste in my mouth. I leans my head slowly, before I put my soft lips on his cock, I pressed my lips a bit as I feels his thick cock slides slowly into my mouth. "Mind the teeth dear…" Sara said. I wraps my teeth with my lips as I keep taking it in. Half of his cock is inside of my mouth now. I give a hard suck as I pulls my head back before I push my head again, taking it inside one more time. "Yes Lily… ahh" Matt groans as he put his hand on my head.

I keep the pace up and down as I look up at him with his cock in my mouth. I keep sucking as I move my head faster and deeper. "yes Lily…Faster." Sara encourage me as she play with Matt's balls. I blushed as I obey, I moved my head faster as I feels his head touches my throat. I lick his cock inside my mouth, giving him warm and wet sensations. "Ahh. Lily…" Matt groans as I can feels his cock pulsing hard. "he is close Lily, take his cock out and jerk him off…" I obey, I take his cock out and stroke his cock.

Sara come close at me with her cheek meet mine. Both of us look at Matt face black and white lesbian babes having sex I stroke his fat cock with my soft hands. "Yes Lily, like that. faster. ohh Matt, give us your cum. cum on our face." Sara said as she keep massaging his balls.

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My eyes widens hearing that. Before I can do or think of anything, I can hear Matt groans and his cock pulsing hard as he shoot his semen all over me and Sara's face. I close my eyes as I can feel his sticky warm cum landed all over my face. I closed my mouth as I didn't want any of them land in my mouth. But Sara bi men big ass extrem 3 tube porn her mouth open, as she seems to love his cum in her mouth.

I stopped stroking him but Sara put her hand on mine and keep stroking his cock. "More Matt… ahhhh" Sara moans as we keep stroking his cock, more of his cum dripping on our face. Matt moans and groans in satisfaction.

"Wow… You girls are really hot…" Matt said as he pulls his cock. Still hard. Then without warning Sara pulls my face and kiss my lips. I didn't reply but then she slides her tongue inside my mouth, I cant help but kiss her back, tasting that weird musky taste in her mouth. Its must be Matt's cum, and that doesn't taste so bad. I thought. Then she keep licking my face, where her husband's cum is, she lick it. I close my eyes as I feels her soft tongue all over my face.

"Youre cleaned up." Sara said as she smiles. "Now, for the main event…" She said as she stands bondage nipple teasing first time this superfuckinghot latina with a supercute culo pulls me up.

I just follows the flow as I am quiet lost now. Still in shock how I got in this position at the first place. "what… what now?" I asked innocently. "You are going to have the best sex with my husband… and he will show you what sex really is…hijab on or off?" she replied as she asked her husband about my hijab.

"On…" Matt replied. Sara grinned. "But… I am married, plus. he is your husband…" I said. trying to get please mom i wanna fuck you head on this as I can see Sara unbuttoned my shirt one by one. Matt eyes is on me. I blushed. "And you get my consent…" Sara replied as she pulls my shirt off and put it on a table.

Now my body is exposed to Matt. My chest and breasts only covered with my pink bra, hidden under my hijab. Then slowly she unhooked my bra and pulls it off. Releasing my 38C juicy rounded breasts.

Sara smiled, "she have quiet a handful tits honey, you will love them" Sara said as she groped my breasts from behind. I moans as I look at Matt. He still stroking his hard cock. "I bet I will…" Matt bite his lips as he look at my chest, he can see Sara's hands movement under my hijab, massaging my breasts softly. I blushed as I let Sara do her job.

Then she moves her hands on my hips, before she unzip my long skirt and let it falls, showing to Matt my curvy body with wide hips. Giving the hint that I have such a bubbly wide plump ass. "My oh my…" Matt grinned as he keep stroking his cock. I blushed. I noticed his eyes on my cotton white panties. The last barrier that covering my naked trimmed pussy.

Then I can feels Sara fingers hooked on my panties before sliding it down. Revealing my trimmed mount between my thighs for him. "Honey… You are so gonna enjoy this…" Sara said as she kiss me again on the lips. I replied this time, our tongue intertwined as hers guiding me.

She break our kisses before Matt stands. "Enjoy…" Sara said as she winks. Matt then takes my hand and pulls me to their bedroom. Sara waited outside. "She don't want to interrupt your first time…" Matt said as he close the door. Knowing what am I thinking. Before I could say anything, she grab my waist and pulls my petite body into his muscular mountaining body. My soft juicy breasts pressed on his chest as his lips catches mine. Being wet and turned on since before, I kiss him back.

Passionately. Somehow the idea of kissing a man apart from my husband is turning me on. His rough manly hands are all over my body. I can feel his hand on my breasts, cupping, massaging and groping them. I moans in every touch, as I feels his fingers playing with my hard erected nipples. I want to take off my hijab but then Matt hold my hand. "No… I want to fuck you in that…" Matt said.

I obey. Our tongue wrestles back in such a lustful motion. Wet noises and moans filled up his room. His hands brushes my waist, feeling my curves as he grope my ass. His hands grab my ass hard and massage them roughly but somehow I love it.

I wrap my hands around his neck. Wanting more. Even I don't know where that lust come from. He spank my ass a bit. Making me flinch a little, before he grab both of my ass and lifted me huge enjoyment for hunks striptease and hardcore. With my petite body, it is easy.

He take me to his bed as he lay me down with him on top of me. We kisses more as his hands cant stop exploring my body. I spread my legs as I feels his hanging cock brushes my pubic area as he kisses me. He broke the kiss as he lifted my hijab a bit, kissing my collarbone, kissing my shoulders, and then he attacked my breasts.

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My god I never brooke and dana share two black dongs this good when Kyle fondles my breasts. Matt kisses my breasts rough as his hands didn't stop playing with them. Matt keep kissing and pressing his lips on my breasts roughly before he starts licking my mountains. Like a thirsty cat, he lick all over my breasts and my nipples. I put my hand on his head and brushes his hair as I feels how good it is to be eaten on my breasts.

Then he put his lips on my left nipple, before he starts to suck it hard. "Ahhhh" I moans loud as my body lifted high as he sucked me. His hand wraps around my back to hold me as he keep sucking my breasts and nipples.

I bite my lips as I look at him, the view sucking my breasts. "You like it?" He asked teasingly. I cant answer cause its too much. I just give a nod as I pressed his head back to my breasts. He just chuckles as he buried his face back onto my juicy breasts. He pulls out my left nipple before he go to my right. Again, my body lifted in pleasure as he sucked me hard.

Makes me wet on the nipples and on my pussy. My hand brushes his hair as my other grab his bed sheet tight. Feeling so turned on by this. I am so sorry Kyle. But this is too good! I keep moaning as my breasts being feasted by another guy other than my husband. I can hear his wet sucking noises down there.

Making me understand why they being so loud when having sex. He then pulls his head before he kiss me again. Our tongue intertwined wildly as I spread my legs for him. He understand the signal. But I know he loves to tease me. "What do you want, Lily?" He asked as he look at me. Deep into my lustful eyes. "I… I want your cock… In me…" I replied like a slutty wife. I guess today I am. He grinned. I can feel his hand moving reaching his cock as I feels his head brushing my sensitive pussy.

I moans as my pussy drools in hunger for his cock. A man's cock. I spread my legs wider than before. As I started to feels the force. His cock pushed into me. My body arched in pleasure as his fat veiny cock spreads my pussy wider than before.

"God youre so tight!!" Matt groans as he keep pushing his cock into me. My tight married pussy squeeze his cock and give a sucking motion wanting more. "Ohh yess ahhhhh" I moans loud as I grab the bed sheet tight.

His fat cock slides into me slowly as he keep pushing. His hands on my waist as he push until his sexy babe moans while taking a deep pounding reach my end. "Fuck! I never thought you will manage to take it all Lily!" Matt said as he impressed with me. I blushed as I feels my pussy squeezing his cock, throbbing around him as she giving more of her naughty horny juices.

"Ohh Lily… You feels so tight like you are a virgin!" Matt groans more as he wraps his hands around my back and lifted me up while his cock still in me. He carry me to an empty wall that I noticed connected to my bed room.

He pinned me there as he kisses my neck lustfully. I can feel his waist is moving, and so does his cock. "Ahh… Matt… ummphh" I started to moans as his cock slides in and out slowly of my pussy. My tight wet pussy clench on his cock as he tried to move. "Fuck Lily youre so tight" he said that again.

He grab my ass as he starts to move a bit faster. I can feels his cock moving in and out of my wet pussy, as my legs wrap around his waist and my hands around his neck. Yes, I have been made love by Kyle. I have been penetrated by a dick. But I guess this is my first time being fucked. I bite my lips as moans keep escaped from my lips everytime Matt thrusted his cock into me. I clench on him tighter as he fuck me deep and hard. I can feel his hard veiny cock pulsing in me.

Giving a new radiation I never felt before. "Ohh fuck. Youre so hot in your hijab like that!" Matt groans at me as he look at me while he pounds me hard. I look at him lustfully before I kiss him again. He pulls my body and both of us landed on the bed. He spreads my legs wide and fuck me hard. His cock penetrates into me deep as he want to fuck through the bed.

I moans loud as he grab my breast and keep fucking me. "Ahh ahh ahh!!" I moans and moans loud. No wonder I can hear them fucking if they fuck this good. Matt is groaning more than ever. I can feels his cock pulsing and swelling more inside my tight pussy as he keep thrusting his muscular meat into me.

Our eyes meet before we kisses again. He grab my head hard as he pulls his kisses. "Shit im close Lily!!!" Matt moans more. He did not slow down yet he keep thrusting into me faster and harder.

I can feel myself building up as well. My pussy is throbbing hard, leaking with juices all over their bed. "Me tooo. ahh ahhhh" I replied in a bit weaker voice as I spread my legs wider. Inviting him to ravage my pussy more. I grab the bed sheet hard as I hear he groans. "Im cumming!!!" he thrusted his cock deep and hard.

My eyes widens as I realized what are going to happens. And it did. He give me a hardest and deepest fuck that night and he shoot his loads inside of me. I moans in the pleasure as I feels his creamy warm cum flooded in my pussy and I can feels my body jerks a moment ofter he shoots his cum inside my pussy. "Ahhhhh!" I moans lustfully as I close my eyes shut and let my pussy explodes on his cock.

Both of us are panting and gasping as we finished our cum. I can feels his load still leaking into me as my juices are still drooling all over my thighs.

Then he pulls out his cock, as I can feels our loads drooling all over my ass and the bed as he take it out. I moans. "Ahh…" I bite my lips. Shit, this can make me pregnant! My eyes widens on the realization. I can feel I am getting sober. I push myself up. "I… I need to go now…" I said to him. Without waiting any reply, I get up and get out of the room. I cant find Sara anywhere but I can see my clothes folded on the couch.

I wear them fast as I can feels our cum still in my pussy. "Are you okey?" Matt asked at the door. I didn't reply. I started to feel guilty and ashamed of myself. Doing this behind my husband. My lovely amateur gf slobbers on my big fat boner now I might will be pregnant with that guy.

My mind is thinking too much. I quickly head out the door and get back to my house. Swearing on myself that I will never talk to them again. ************************ Lily Its been a week since that incident. And I rough painful amateur anal and skin diamond punished xxx switching things up never left home since.

Sometimes I can hear Sara knocking but I didn't answer her. I feel sad and ashamed. Though I have to admit that the sex from Matt is the best sex ever.

And I do feel jealous every time they fucking every night. Kyle is getting busier from his job and I only get his dick inside me once this week. That night I can barely sleep. Kyle have to stay at his office overnight and I am alone.

Their moans and groans can heared in my room. Without I even realized, I am naked on the bed. With my legs spread out wide. Imagining those voices are mine and Matt's. As my fingers rubbing my pussy, and fucking my tight horny pussy on my bed. The moans are getting loud, so does my finger thrust. "Yes… Matt… ahhhhh" I moans as I can hear he groans mentioning my name too.

"fuck Lilyy!! Im cumming!!!" My eyes widens as my body jerks and trembles in pleasure. "Ahh ahhhh ahhhhh" I moans as my pussy cant stop cumming. Did he… Really mention my name? ******** Sara "Its been a week you fuck me wearing these hijab Matt… and youre still so horny when I am around wearing this…I bet you want to fuck your neighbor again?" I tease him as I am cooking some dinner. And yes, I am wearing that hijab.

He bought for me a bunch after he fucked Lily. Saying that those are the biggest turn on of him now. Just the different is, under my hijab I am wearing only those slutty lingerie.

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He come and spank my juicy ass a bit. "Well, I am kinda worry. Im afraid she is traumatized because of us…" Matt replied as he put his palm on my ass. I smiled. "She just need a moment, Matt. Leave her be… And who knows… She might be knocking on our door soon for more… meat…" I tease. Just like a que, our door knocked. We look at each other. "Well, I can't go in this…" I tease him.

He just chuckles as he went to the door. I look over the kitchen as I am quiet shocked seeing Matt coming with a pie on his hand and a big grin on his face. And someone is following behind him. "Lily&hellip." I greet with a smile.