Mom blowjob cum in mouth xxx assslave yoga

Mom blowjob cum in mouth xxx assslave yoga
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Monica wakes up I wake up with a huge smile on my face thinking about yesterday, how much I've learned about sex and love, and how much more was to come that I didn't even know existed. My master will teach me everything he wants me to know.

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Anticipation has stirred a delicious wetness in my pussy. I hurry downstairs to fix coffee so it will be ready when he comes down. "Good morning little whore. How did you sleep?" "The best I have in ages, Sensei, thank you." I put a cup of coffee in front of him. "Have your coffee, we have things to do today." "Your bitch can't wait, Sensei." When we get to the living room he goes to the box he brought home yesterday and takes something out. It's a dildo about 8 inches long and fat. It looks just like a cock with veins and a large head.

It has a suction cup on the base. He spits in the cup and then pushes it down on the floor so that the dildo stands straight up. "Come over here slut. Now spit in your hand and lubricate the head.

Then squat down and slide it in your cunt until it's all the way in then stop." I kneel over the dildo, spit in my hand, rub it on the head like it's real, and lower myself down until it's buried deeply in my pussy. God, that feels good. Now I hold the position and wait. He reaches between my legs and turns it on!! This is even better it vibrates!! "Now cum whore do not move. You will need sexy italian milf has her asshole drilled permission to move and when you ask you must be explicit in why you want to move or cum.

Do you understand?" "Yes, Sensei." I mumble but I'm not sure I understand. He goes to his chair, sits down, and pays no more attention to me. The feeling is incredible so I just close my eyes and think about yesterday's punishment and everything else that happened. That was a mistake.

It's made the sensations of the vibrating cock even more delicious and all I want to do is rip it off the floor and ram it in and out of my cunt until I flood the floor with cum. Does he want me to surrender quickly or make him proud by holding out?

I don't know but I'm almost past thinking clearly.

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I can feel master's beautiful cock going in and out of me last night and that's all I can think of. That makes it worse still. Sweat is breaking out on my forehead and on my chest and starting to roll down. There's no such thing as time anymore and I have no idea how long this thing has been vibrating in me. I want to cum but not before I've had a chance to feel this thing banging between my swollen cunt lips a thousand times.

"Please, Sensei, may I fuck myself now and cum?" "Not explicit enough." Shit fuck piss and Goddamn!! "Sensei, please. I want to ram this poor excuse for a cock in and out of my cunt until it hurts. I want to fuck myself with it until I spray cunt juice all over the floor and then I want to lick it up while I cum again." "The dildo is not to move.

You must move up and down on it to fuck yourself and then you may cum." I didn't waste a second before I let my thighs lift me off of the vibrator until brazzers mother brazzer and panties almost fell out.

That was a mistake I wasn't gonna make. Then I slammed back down on it and rose as fast as I could to repeat the feeling. Everything was vibrating now; my tits, my asshole where I'd removed the plug last night, and my pussy.

I could feel it building but had no concept of how forceful it would be. I fucked myself with demon fury and let it build. It hit when the cock was as deep as it would go but not as deep as I wanted it. My whole body convulsed until I thought cum would shoot out of my nipples and asshole and I kept fucking myself. I couldn't help it; I couldn't stop. Neither did the orgasm.

I thought I would shake until my body fell in pieces but I kept ramming that devil's dick in and out. Finally the shaking stopped and I was nothing. My body could no longer support itself and I slumped to the floor. I heard the suction cup pop as it was pulled from the floor it was still in me but I couldn't move. I could feel the fake cock being pulled out of me master. Somehow I got turned back around and saw the puddle I'd left. I must have squirted because there was quite a lot. I've never squirted in my life.

I managed to stick hot threesome action with an inked hottie pornstars and big tits my tongue and lower my head enough to clean up my own cunt juice.

It smelled like sex and anything to do with sex I wanted. I inhaled it as I licked and started to cum again. I was moaning. Before I could finish I had another small orgasm. "Very nice my little sex slave. For brunette russian teen anal hard sex from russia are, almost now, a slave to sex.

Now when you're able to move, bring that big beautiful ass upstairs and let's get you cleaned up." When I finally was able to stand and move I went up to the bathroom. I was told to get in the bathtub and kneel.

When I did, master got in and faced me. I thought I was going to get to suck his cock again but then he started to piss on my chest and then aimed it at my pussy. This is disgusting, I thought. But then I thought, no, master is giving me more of his juice and it is to be savored. It was very warm and began to feel good. God, is there anything I won't do? No, there isn't.

"On my face, please Sensei." The stream hit my face and it was wonderful. I tasted it and that was wonderful. It was in my hair and I could feel the warmth on my scalp. I opened my eyes to watch the stream come and I followed it back with my mouth and engulfed the head of his cock. The stream has slacked but I swallowed all that was left.

I'm depraved and I love it! Master lies down, has me squat over him, and tells me to piss on his chest and groin. I squat but I'm afraid to piss. Piss of my master? I can't do it. "Smack that pussy 'til you piss bitch." I start to smack my pussy but other than it feeling good nothing happens. I keep spanking it while spreading the lips wide open and then I feel the first trickle. Then it becomes a stream and then a torrent.

I piss my way from his chest to his cock and balls and I love it. When the stream starts to lessen he nods at my clit. I start to rub it and damned if I don't cum again.

We get up and turn on the shower.

We soap each other and I pay particular attention to his cock and balls. His cock hardens in my hand as he grabs me by the shoulders and spins me around to face the other way. I bend over a little and put both hands against the shower wall. I feel the head of his big prick nudge my swollen pussy lips and push forward and I'm in heaven again. He slams it in to his balls but then withdraws.

I feel his hands on my ass cheeks as he spreads them apart and I can feel the big head poking at the little hole. I've never had a cock in my ass just the butt plug yesterday. He pushes the head in and stops. It burns but it's not unbearable. Soon the pain I've come to enjoy turns to pleasure but he still doesn't move. I'm dying to feel the entire length but I'm afraid to ask because he may have his own plan. Then it occurs to me that he's waiting for me to give him my final hole.

I push my hips back until I have some of the shaft in and the pain/pleasure only increases with the thickness of the shaft in me. I fuck myself on what I have and continue to push back further with every move until finally I feel his balls slap my cunt. I'm shaking all over. "Please, Sensei, fuck me now. Tear that ass up and make me scream. Fuck me hard, abuse me, make me cum." He withdraws until just the head is in me, slaps my ass hard, and plunges back in deep.

There will be no gentleness in this but I don't want any. I want my virgin ass ruined and I want the pain. "Slap that ass and fuck it hard!! I want to feel you spray my bowels with jets of your seed. Fuck me, fuck me, please just don't stop fucking me." The assault continues and the slaps rain down on both cheeks.

I start to shake and know it won't be long before I erupt again. I'm almost convulsing now but I feel his cock leave my ass. Then it slams straight back in until I feel it in my stomach and I feel myself squirt again. I'm cumming so hard I'm afraid I'm going to collapse and lose contact. I'm still squirting when I feel his meat deep in my bowel and aussie lesbian with hairy pussy licked and fingered jets of his cum shoot deep inside me.

He's still slapping my ass and I can't stop cumming and squirting. When he takes his cock out of me I fall to my knees because I can no longer stand up. "Clean me slut." "I am a slut.

I'm your slut, your whore, your skank, your fuck toy. And I'll do anything you ask." I turn around and greedily take his cock in my mouth.

The taste of my own asshole is slightly repugnant but the more I lick and suck the more I love it. I let his cock slide out of my mouth and lick his beautiful balls. When he steps out of the shower I fall to my hands and knees and try to catch my breath. "Clean yourself up now pig and then come back downstairs. Enemas also. Then dress but no panties or bra." I take a leisurely shower and make sure I'm thoroughly clean.

I give myself two enemas and cum during both of them. I wonder "how can he know exactly which of my buttons to push and exactly when?" The answer is, "who gives a fuck?" When I get downstairs he tells me we're going shopping so off we go in the car.

I don't know what we're shopping for or where we're going but when I need to know he'll tell me. He pulls in and parks at a little strip mall and takes me into a shop that sells women's clothes. All the clothes, however, look like they're made for hookers and strippers. He talks to the slutty little girl behind the counter but I can't hear what is said and she takes us to a rack at the back of the store.

What hangs there looks like tubes of elastic material. He asks me my size, I tell him, he hands me a black one, and tells me to try it on right there! The little girl slut smiles and I feel my face flush with embarrassment but I look defiantly in her whore face and strip.

She devours my big body with her eyes and licks her lips. Ok, bitch, you wanna play? I spread my legs slightly and rub my hand down my stomach and down between my legs as if I'm doing it unconsciously. I rub my hand over my pussy lips and see her shift her weight back and forth and rub her thighs together. Then I take the tube dress, put my feet through the bottom, and slide it up my legs slowly, making sure that I sweet loving alexis dean loves fucking juicy pussy my hips and ass suggestively.

Before I pull it up over my tits I give each of them a nice squeeze, look right at her and lick my lips. She let out a moan and turned and walked back to the counter. Fuck you, whore! I pulled it up over the tits and turned to look in the full length mirror. Holy Shit! I looked hot if I do say so myself. Every round curve I have was highlighted by the elastic. The hem fell about three inches below my pussy but if I pulled it down it would pop off my tits. Looking at master's smile I guess that was the point.

Now it was my turn to have some fun. "Excuse me miss, could you help me for a minute?" When she walked up she was visibly flustered and I could see the wet spot in the crotch of her shorts. I hope I interrupted her in the middle of spanking that little cunt. "Could you help me get out of this thing? I'm afraid I might rip it." "Uhhh, yeah I guess. What do you want me to do?" "Just help me slide it back down, OK?" "Umm ok." "Just grab it here on top of my breasts and pull down while I get it from the sides." She curled her fingers inside the top of the dress high on my chest and started to pull down.

I slowed her down by holding the sides up but she didn't realize it. When I was ready I let the side down slowly and made her anticipate every inch of my big round tits as they were revealed.

When we got it just above my nipples I slowed it down even more but didn't let it stop. This caused the backs of her fingers to rub my nipples as they went. When they finally popped out they were hard and looked like long pencil erasers.

She gasped, then moaned, and started rubbing her thighs together like she was trying to start a campfire. When we got to my hips I had her grab the material on my hips and I took the middle.

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She had never taken her eyes off of my body all the way down. She had to squat down a little to keep going so when the dress got just below my pussy, I thrust my hips forward slightly and I knew she could smell me. "Oh shit, oh God lady I gotta go." And she jumped up and ran into the back room.

My master was almost doubled over laughing and he just looked at me and said "Well played." As we walked out arm in arm I could hawt legal age teenager attractive girl keeps loud moaning coming from the back of the store.

Who's the slut now, slut? We went to a shoe store down the street and he bought me platform high heels that really showed off my hefty legs. When we got home I fixed us both a strong drink and master told me that he had an assignment for me that I was to carry out that night or successive nights if I wasn't able to european babe footworshiped and banged blowjob fetish the assignment tonight.

He told me that I wasn't to feel bad if I didn't succeed on the first try. Completing the assignment might be difficult on the first try but he knew that I would eventually be successful.

He then explained in great detail what the assignment was, how I was to carry it out, and what would probably happen when I got home. He told me to go take a short nap and get rested for my night's activities. When I woke up I showered again and got ready. I was very careful with the makeup because I wanted to enhance the slutty look but in a subtle way. I didn't want to look like a hooker or it would make the job so much harder. When I went downstairs master was smiling and gave me an appreciative whistle.

He had me turn slowly to show off everything and said he loved it and had less and less doubt about my success. He put my dog collar on to complete the outfit. He kissed me passionately, smacked me on the butt, and told me to go.

Monica's assignment My assignment was to attract another woman and then seduce her into coming home with me. I was to tell her who and what I was and that I lived with my master. I was not allowed to hire a prostitute or pick up some old skank off the street.

The woman must be high end and, if possible, pleasantly plump like me. That wasn't a requirement but he said that if the woman was attractive to me then she'd do.

I headed the car towards downtown but had no idea what kind of place to look in.

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A bar? No, not any street bar. Too many skanks. Then I thought, what about a hotel bar? A fairly upscale hotel that wasn't too high end but possibly had business women there for the night or longer. I decided to head out towards the airport and try the hotels around there. I pulled into a chain hotel and had the valet park the car. I gave him a good look at my thighs when I got out as sort of a pre-tip. I found the bar and sat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. I spent the next two hours refusing money for sex and the smoothies who just wanted to talk their way into my pants.

Strike one. I gave the valet a nice tip and a kiss on the cheek before I pulled out and headed to another hotel down and across the street. An hour later after a repeat of the many offers from the first place I finished my wine and was about to swing off the stool when I saw a woman approach out of the corner of my eye.

She was headed straight for me so I ignored her and had the bartender refill my glass. I couldn't get a good look at her body yet but she did seem attractive. She had on a navy pants suit and button up cream colored silk blouse. She sat on the stool next to me and ordered a drink but I still paid no attention to her. I wanted her to make the first move as master had instructed.

I sipped my wine and heard her clear her throat and turn toward me. "Hi, my name's Didi, what's yours?" "Oh hi, my name's Monica. Nice to meet you." We shook hands and I thought she held mine a little longer than necessary.

"I just came from a boring business meeting and decided I needed a drink. How 'bout you? "Oh, I was just out driving and thought a glass of wine would be nice so I stopped here." "Do you come here often?" "No, first time. I don't go to bars as a rule but I just wasn't ready to go home yet." "Ah yeah I get that way too sometimes.

Ummm could I ask you a kinda personal question?" "Well, ok, as long as I have the option not to answer if I think it's too personal." "Sure, absolutely. I was wondering about that thing around your neck. Is that what I think it is?" "It's a dog collar.

I'm a submissive." "I'm not sure I understand. Submissive to what?" "To my master of course. My Sensei." "Your Sensei??" "My teacher or master." "I'm still not quite getting this.

What do you submit to and what does he teach you?" "I submit to any and all wishes of my master and he teaches me how to be the best sub I can be." "What kind of wishes?" "Mostly sexual but I serve him in many ways." "Oh shit. I've heard about people like you but I never thought I'd meet one. I'm intrigued! Tell me more." "First tell me Didi, why did you come over to me tonight?" "Well, I just thought we could keep each other company and have a conversation." "That's not true, is it?" "I don't know what you mean." "Isn't it true that you are attracted to me and thought it might lead to something?" I put my hand on her arm and looked straight into her green eyes.

"I thought no such thing and I resent you saying that." "Well then. It was nice talking to you and I hope you have a great night. Goodbye." "No, wait. I admit I was a little attracted to you but I'm not really like that and wasn't exactly thinking about where it might lead." "Not like what, Didi. Have you ever been with a woman before?" "Well no but I've thought about it I guess.

Haven't you?" "Of course I have but have never been in that situation. Stand up and let me look at you, Didi." She stood and I swiveled my stool so we were facing each other and my knees were on her thighs.

I took her hands in mine and turned her slightly each way. She was heavy but carried it well on her tall frame. Her breasts were smaller than mine but still a handful and her hips were nicely rounded down to what hot big tits babe show shaved pussy on cam like sturdy legs that were hidden by her slacks.

She had red hair that set off those green eyes. I told her to turn around and she complied. Nice ass! The easy way she allowed me to manipulate her made me wonder if she had some of the same thoughts that led to my place as a submissive. If she did, she was fighting them.

I decided on a small test. "Sit, Didi." She did immediately and I leaned over and whispered in her ear&hellip. "Tell me what you want to do with me Didi." "Well I'm not exactly sure. I do have a strong desire to kiss you though." "Do it then." She looked around to see if anyone was paying any attention to us and then leaned forward and kissed me hesitantly but held it for a few seconds.

I had my hands on her thighs and was squeezing gently. Her breathing became deeper and heavier as she backed off. "Did you like that Didi?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes Monica.

I liked kissing you a lot." "Would you like to do other things with me, baby?" "I think so, Monica. I'm just not sure. I'm confused and I don't know what I want. I thought I was hetero but I was attracted federica tommasi dicks for one bitch directed by roby bianchi you so now I wonder if I'm bi. I don't know." "Would you like to come home with me and see where it goes?" "But what about your master?

I'm not sure I'm ready for a threesome and I'm really not sure I want to be a submissive." "Why don't we go home and talk with him and you just listen to san mom xxx sex story he has to say.

If you don't like our lifestyle then I promise you he'll leave us alone and I'll take you to my room and make love to you. You'd like that wouldn't you baby?" "Yes Monica. I want you to make love to me.

I don't understand it but I do." "I think we'll be able to answer all sunny leone fucking storys xxx questions and uncertainties Didi. Shall we go and see?" "Yes Monica.

Aside from being with you I'd like to get some answers about myself. Not knowing is killing me." "Of course it is precious. Now, kiss me again like you mean it Didi and don't look around first just do it." Holy shit!

This bitch can kiss. She tongue fucked my mouth and I let my hands slide further up her thighs. I could feel the heat in the crotch of her pants and I knew her panties were soaked. I took one of her hands and slid it up my thigh but stopped short of my pussy. She finally broke the kiss and I stroked her cheek. "Come with me little girl and I promise you'll never regret it." It was time to bring the prize home to meet the master. Next: Didi meets Sensei and has a decision to make.