Boy makes girl cum in her pants

Boy makes girl cum in her pants
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The Bimbo Formula Chapter 2: Injecting the Bimbo's Ass by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Frank A faint bell roused me from sleep, the bed rocking as my wife shifted.

I was still buzzing from yesterday as I rose from the depths of unconsciousness. My plump, intelligent wife had tested herself with my beauty serum. And it worked.

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She became a gorgeous, busty woman. Her tits were amazing. She was perfect. But she also creepy old man tickles pussy a complete airhead. A bimbo. And I liked it.

She sucked my cock for the first time after I told her she needed to ingest my cum to keep her beauty. And then I convinced her to let me fuck her ass. We had been married for years, and I never had the courage to ask to plunder that hole. But now she was so easy to convince to do any kinky things. My cock was hard. I felt twenty again instead of thirty. I wanted to make love to my beautiful wife. I reached out, brushing her side of the bed. I felt nothing. My eyes opened.

I yawned, sitting up in our bed unforgettable fuck for a sexy adorable gal hardcore and creampie looking around for my wife. The room was blurry without my glasses, but I didn't see any Alice-shaped blobs. I found my glasses and put them on. "Alice?" I called, glancing at our bathroom. The door was closed, but no light flooded out from the gap between floor and door.

I glanced at the clock. It was past eight. Up until yesterday, my wife had been employed at BT Chemical. We were both Chemist, and BT was where we met. I had been fired from BT six months ago for pursuing my, "unrealistic research that has shown no positive results in over a year of trials, costing the company tens of thousands of dollars." It was all such bullshit.

I had continued my research at home, with a little thieving help from my wife. Alice had enjoyed stealing supplies from the company that fired me. She almost quit in protest over my termination.

But yesterday, the company had learned that she was helping me out with my own company. I had posted a video on Youtube showing the progress of our latest serum. Ms. Beigh, the bitch president of BT Chemicals, called that a blatant violation of my wife's employment contract and declared that helping me was working for a rival company.

Being fired was what drove my wife to test the compound on herself. And it worked. We were going to be billionaires. I found my bathrobe, belting it over my body.

I needed to give Alice her morning "treatment." My cock throbbed as I stepped out of our bedroom. I heard a muffled voice downstairs, a man's. It clicked in my head.

The bell I had heard was our doorbell. I headed down the stairs, the muffled voice groaning. It sounded almost.sexual. I frowned. There was a wet, sucking sound. My stomach tightened. I reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped out into the living room.

My wife was on her knees, wearing one of my old T-shirts, her naked ass shaking as she blew the Black delivery guy. I gaped in astonishment. Her red hair fell in a curtain around her face, and her heavy breasts stretched the material of my shirt. My cock hardened. "Alice?" I gasped. "Hi, honey," she beamed, popping her mouth off the Black dick. "You're up early." "Oh, shit," the Black guy gasped. "You're married." "What are you doing, Alice?" "Getting my package," my wife giggled, rolling her green eyes behind her glasses like what she was doing was the most obvious thing in the world.

She opened her mouth and sucked the tip of the Black cock back into her lush lips. "Shit, man. I didn't know," the delivery man groaned, leaning against the door frame. "But your wife.she wanted it." It was obvious that the delivery man told her there was a package in his cock for her, and she needed to suck his dick to get it. Her newfound, bimbo personality made her so gullible. It was actually kinda cute. And hot. Like watching live porn staring my smoking-hot wife. Her ass wiggled as she blew the Black man, her mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft.

My cock was hard, aching to bury into my wife. I swallowed and unbelted my robe. I moved behind her, letting it slip off my slender frame. I ana de armas nude sex a fit body, I liked to run, and my cock thrust out before me. "Shit. White people are fucked up," the Black guy groaned as I knelt behind my wife.

Alice popped her mouth off the delivery man's dick.

"What are you doing, honey?" "Helping you get your package faster," I told her as I rubbed my cock through the lips of her pussy. The serum had denuded her of pubic hair, and her vulva was flushed and plump. She was wet; sucking the delivery man's cock had excited her. "Oh, you're the best husband!" she beamed at me. "I love you, Frank." "I love you, too," I smiled back. I just couldn't help it. She was so cute. I slammed my cock into her pussy as she sucked the delivery man's cock back into her mouth.

She had to stretch her mouth wide open. He had girth. It was so obscene. The Black man groaned, savoring my wife's mouth as I pounded her tight pussy. I seized her red hair with my hand, my balls slapping big tit teen ride on top xxx were not hiring but we have a job for you clit as I fucked her hard.

I pushed her mouth down the Black man's cock. Her pussy tightened on my dick as she moaned, swallowing more and more of the dark shaft. "Shit!" the delivery man groaned. "Oh, fuck! That's it! Suck my cock! Your wife's such a whore!" "A bad whore!" I groaned. "Sucking another man's cock!" I gave her ass a light smack. "So bad," the delivery man agreed. "Oh, fuck! That's it! She's amazing! She's eager for her package!" I picked up the pace, hammering her hard.

My cock itched at the tip. Her pussy was sopping wet, clamping down hot threesome with older man and cute babe my dick as her hips bucked into me. She shuddered, moaning around the thick cock stuffed in her mouth. Her pussy spasmed about my cock. My wife shuddered and moaned even louder around the Black man's shaft.

"She's cumming!" I groaned, savoring her velvety tunnel massaging my shaft. My balls smacked into her clit. My back arched. I clenched my butt-cheeks, driving deep into her wonderful, spasming depths. "Fuck, fuck! Here comes your package! Drink it down! Oh, fuck!" The delivery man shoved his cock deep down my wife's throat. "Fuck, yes!" Alice slurped and sucked, another spasm ripping through her pussy as she came again. My balls tingled, itching to dump my load deep into her mouth.

Our flesh slapped together, her ass jiggling as I plowed her. "Fuck, your wife is a slut," grinned the delivery man as he pulled his cock out. "Ooh, I didn't get it all," Alice moaned, licking a bead of cum from the tip of his dark cock. "Mmm, thank you for the delivery." "I hope you place more orders," he grinned.

"Because I'll have a fresh deliver ready for you every time." Alice squealed in delight. "Oh, that's wonderful. Do you hear that, honey? Isn't he a nice man?" "Yeah," I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut.

My cock was about to erupt. I didn't care about anything but hammering my cock in and out of her pussy. I shuddered as I slammed into her depths.

"Gonna cum!" "I love it when you cum in me!" gasped Alice. "Oh, yes! Oh, Frank! I love your cock!" I erupted into her pussy. My cock pumped her full of thick cream. She shuddered and gasped, beaming in delight as I flooded her. She writhed her hips, pushing back into me as her pussy milked every drop of cum from my balls.

"Oh, yes, Frank!" she purred. "Mmm, that's the best." I opened my eyes, panting hard. The delivery man was gone, his brown van pulling away from the house. Alice licked her lips, pulling her pussy off my softening cock.

She immediately licked my shaft, her tongue swirling up to the tip. I groaned, my tip so sensitive after cumming. Alice engulfed my cock, sucking hard. "Oh, honey, I need a break," I panted. She pouted as I pulled her cock from my mouth. "But I need my treatment. I don't want to go back to normal." I stroked her cheek. "You won't. You'll get it in time." She went to kiss me, but there was cum on her lips.

I stopped her. "Honey, go brush your teeth. You have another man's cum on your lips." "Oh, no!" she gasped. "I'm so sorry." "Then come back down here.

I need to spank you." My cock gave a half-throb. Her new, bubbly ass was made to be spanked.

Her eyes widened. "Why, Frank?" "You sucked another man's cock," I reminded her. "We're married. Whenever you touch another man, I have to discipline you.

You've been bad." "Oh, no!" she gasped. "I didn't mean to be bad." "I know. That's okay. Don't worry about being bad. Whenever you are, I'll make sure to spank you. How does that sound?" "That you love me so much," she beamed. "Always." I kissed her forehead. "Now get going. After I spank you, you'll get your treatment." With a happy squeal, my wife scampered off. I walked over to the couch, sat down, and tried to process what had happened.

I had found it so hot watching her suck another man's cock. She wasn't cheating on me. It was just sex. I knew she loved me. In her eyes, I could see remnants of my old wife shining back.

"And I get to spank her after she's fucked another man. I could grow to like that." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice I brushed my teeth quickly. I had to get downstairs and accept my punishment. I should have remembered that sucking another man's cock was bad. But it had been so fun being bad, and his package tasted so yummy as it pumped into my mouth.

And his cock was big. I liked its size. I wished Frank's was bigger. The smart part of me whispered in my mind, explaining how to fix that problem. I nodded my head. "Of course," I gasped, thankful to my smart mind. "That should do it." I was already planning to whip up a stamina injection for Frank. He was going to need it. But it shouldn't be too difficult to make his cock bigger. "Then he can fuck my pussy and give me my treatment," I smiled as I wiped my pussy clean of his cum leaking out.

I stared at the cum staining the toilet paper. I couldn't help licking it, savoring his salty seed mixed with my spicy pussy. "Delicious." I threw the toilet paper into the toilet and flushed. Then I realized what I had done. "Now I have to brush my teeth again," I sighed, my mouth salty with Frank's seed. "Oh, well. Worth it." I brushed my teeth real quick. Frank was waiting, and I didn't want him to get madder at me.

I already had earned one spanking. I rinsed my mouth, cleaned up the sink, and headed downstairs. I loved the way my new, big tits bounced. I giggled, watching them go up and down as I trotted down the stairs. I squeezed them, giggling them beneath Frank's tight T-shirt. They were so much— Right, the spanking. I can't let myself get distracted. I headed into the living room. Frank was sitting on the couch, his robe open, his cock half-hard.

He grinned at me, his hazel eyes locked on my breasts. He was a handsome man, in that sexy, nerdy way. I was glad I was pretty enough for him. "Do you want to see my naked tits?" I asked as he stared, my pussy growing wet. I loved the attention. I couldn't help flashing my naked ass and pussy at the delivery man. It had been fun. And bad. I deserved to be spanked.

"Yes, I do," he grinned. I peeled off the t-shirt, my tits bouncing out. Frank licked his lips, his cock spasming. Life was returning.

I couldn't wait for my daily treatment. I slid my hands up, cupping my breasts and hefting them. Then I released, letting them bounce. His eyes followed them. "Perfect," Frank groaned before patting his lap. "Just stretch out across me. You've been bad." "So bad," I moaned. The hunger in my husband's eyes made my pussy even wetter. I walked to the couch and leaned down to kiss him red nighty wear xx story the lips. His hands found my breasts, giving my lush mounds tight squeezes.

I stretched out across his lap, shifting to get comfortable. His cock pressed against my belly, still slippery with my pussy juices. I wiggled again, watching Frank over my shoulder. I had to push my long, red hair out of the way.

It had grown so fast from my soccer-mom, practical bob. Frank's hand cracked down on my butt. I gasped, the pain flaring through me.

My butt-cheeks jiggled. "Ouch!" I gasped. "Beautiful," he groaned. Frank's eyes were locked on my ass. His cock grew harder beneath me. He liked spanking my ass. My pussy clenched, my thighs squeezing together. My poor clit itched to be touched. Frank cracked his hand down again. "Yes!" I gasped, my eyes widening. The stinging pain shot right from my plump ass to my wet pussy. "Punish me! I was so bad." Crack! "How were you bad?" Frank groaned.

"I bent over and flashed the delivery man my naked ass and pussy," I purred. Crack! Delight shuddered through me. "That's bad," Frank agreed. His cock was iron beneath my stomach. "Then I sucked his cock. I had to to get my package. But that was bad." Crack! "So bad!" Frank groaned. "And did you like sucking his big, Black dick?" "So much!" I moaned, my hips rocking. My pussy leaked juices, wetting Frank's naked thigh.

Crack! "You were a bad wife!" "So bad!" I moaned in agreement. My clit brushed his thigh and pleasure shuddered through me, carnal and untamed lovemaking hardcore and blowjob with the stinging pain of his smack. "Spank me!" Crack! "So hot!" he groaned. Crack! "Yes!" I gasped, my ass on fire. Crack! I humped faster, my pleasure swelling inside me. I gasped and shuddered, my teeth clenching in delight as I rubbed my clit on his thigh.

He spanked me over and over, every femdoms tugging tiny little cock and laugh bringing me closer and closer to cumming. "You let him trick you!" Frank paned, his hips thrusting up, rubbing his hard cock against my stomach.

"I did?" I moaned. Crack!

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"You're such a beautiful bimbo." "I am!" I moaned. "Your bimbo!" His hand cracked down. My orgasm erupted. I was Frank's bimbo wife. I loved it. I loved being his.

I couldn't wait to whip up my compound and improve him. I shuddered in delight as the pleasure rushed to my mind. "Yes! Yes!" I screamed as I pictured our future. We would make women into beautiful bimbo's, and Frank would enjoy them.

That would make him so happy. He deserved to be happy for what he invented. For what he did to me. Frank's hand gently squeezed my burning ass. I gasped in delight, the pain mixing with the remnants of my orgasm. His fingers dipped lower, brushing the folds of my pussy lips.

"Did you cum?" "Uh-huh," I panted. "Being disciplined was sooo hot, Frank." His finger teased my pussy lips. "I bet you want your treatment." "So badly, Frank!" I looked at him. "You don't want me to be ugly again." Frank shook his head. "Never again." I slid off of his lap, my breasts sliding across his legs. I knelt before him. I looked up at my husband, his hard cock bobbing before my lips.

Pretty girl with tiny meatballs rides cock ran his hand through my red hair, pulling me to his cock. I submitted and swallowed him. "That's it," he groaned, leaning back. "I love your mouth on my cock." Why did I ever hate doing this?

The old me could be so dumb. I loved the sounds of Frank's pleasure as I sat on my burning ass. He had made me cum, and I was more than happy to pleasure him. I worked my mouth down his cock, cleaning up the traces of my spicy pussy juices. My tongue swirled, exploring him. He brushed the back of my throat. I sank my mouth down, swallowing his rough fucked teen cumshot pornstars and fetish. "Fuck, Alice!" he groaned, loving the feel of my throat.

Frank was easier to deep-throat than the Black man's dick. I worked my lips down until I was kissing his brown pubic hair.

I slid my hands up his thighs as I swallowed my throat to massage the tip of his cock. My hands found his balls, playing with them. I needed the medicine they contained. My mouth rose, sliding up his shaft. He groaned as I sucked hard the entire way up. A shudder went through Frank. His hands tightened in my hair. I swirled my tongue around the crown of his cock before I swallowed him again.

"You're the best wife," Frank moaned. "Suck my cock! Get your treatment!" I moaned in delight, my free hand pushing between my thighs. I massaged his balls, sucked his cock, and fingered my pussy. I fell into a natural rhythm, not thinking about what I was doing, but letting my instincts guide me. My pussy clenched about my fingers as I stirred up my honeypot. My hips wiggled, rubbing my burning ass on the back of my calves.

I sucked harder, my fingers caressing his medicine-laden balls. Frank's hand tightened in my hair. He was getting close. My fingers plunged rapidly in and out of my pussy, the heel of my hand grounding my itching clit. I shuddered as the pleasure built in my depths. I rapidly bobbed my mouth, working more and more of his dick into my depths.

Frank loved every moment of it. "You're the best wife!" he groaned. "Just the best!" My pussy writhed about my fingers. I moaned around the crown of his dick as my orgasm exploded through me. I was so happy to be the best. I was so happy to please this amazing man. I shoved my fingers deep into my sheath, rubbing at my G-spot to prolong my bliss for as long as possible. "Here it comes!" Frank groaned. "Drink down your medicine, pumpkin." His delicious, salty cum erupted into my mouth.

I slurped it down with a greedy hunger. It slid into my belly, warming me up. I could almost feel it spread through me, keeping me a beautiful bimbo. I shuddered in delight. "Wow," Frank groaned, leaning back. His chest heaved. His eyes closed. "Wow." I smiled, licking my lips to make sure I had every drop. His breathing slowed. He was tired. Frank needed my treatment. He needed more stamina. I kissed his forehead before whispering, "Sleep dreams." Then I opened up my package.

My slutty nurse's uniform was in it. The perfect outfit to assist my husband. He was a doctor, after all. Maybe not a doctor of medicine, but he was close enough. I giggled as I pulled on the white outfit. The blouse only buttoned halfway up, leaving my tits almost falling out, and the miniskirt was so short, I would expose myself if I wasn't careful. I loved that. It would be so easy to be bad. I pulled on the pair of thigh-high, white stockings, clipping them to the garters.

Last, I placed on the small nurse's cap. I rushed to the bathroom, the stiletto heels clicking as I walked. They made my ass shake. I had never worn such narrow, high heels before. But I didn't have any problems. "I look hot," I grinned as I looked at myself in the mirror, posing sexily. Frank would love it. I headed down into the lab, calling my best friend on my cell phone.

I was so glad for the address book; I never would have remembered the numbers on my own. "Hey, Janet," I said when she answered. "Can you come over in a few hours. I have something that's going to change your life!" "Really?" she asked. "Did your husband finish his beauty treatment." I giggled. "Yes, he did!" "Okay. I'll be over in a few hours." She let out an excited gasp. "Does it really work?" "Yep!" I grinned as I entered the lab. I hung up and set out to make my husband's cock-enlarging, stamina-enhancing treatment.

There was a part of me that still remembered all my chemistry, even if I did giggle trying to pronounce all those big chemicals names. They were so silly and complex. Too hard for me to say.

I hummed as I worked, shaking my ass. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank The doorbell ringing snapped me out of my nap. Fucking my bimbo was draining. She was insatiable. I yawned and stretched. The doorbell rang again. I groaned, closing up my robe. I stood up, looking around for my wife. I hope she wasn't blowing another delivery guy. I chuckled. But if she did, I could spank her again. Making her bubbly ass bright red had been a lot of fun. I was definitely going to spank her again, whether she had been naughty or not.

I would just find an excuse. She'd believe it. I opened the door and was greeted with our neighbor Janet, my wife's best friend. She was a round woman, her face was pretty, in a plump kind of way, even if her hair was cut so short. Her blue eyes were her best feature, and when she smiled, those dimples were fetching.

"Hey, Janet." "Hi! Is Alice home?" "I hope so," I chuckled. I could only imagine the sort of trouble she might get into on her own. Footsteps clicked up the basement stairs, growing louder as Alice walked down the hall.

Janet and I both gaped when I saw her. She wore this breathtakingly slutty nurse's outfit, her generous tits almost spilling out of the half-open blouse, and that skirt was so short if she bent over, she'd be flashing all her naughty bits.

"Do you like it, Dr. Frank?" she giggled, turning around and shaking that ass at me. "Yes," I groaned, my cock hardening in a flash. I felt cool air and realized my dick was peaking out the slit in my robe. Alice saw and giggled. "Is that you, Alice?" Janet asked. "Holy geez, you're a model." "It's the serum," she said, brandishing a pair of curvy whore eva lovia has her pussy drilled hard. One was filled with the green bimbo solution, but the other one was blue.

"What's that blue one, honey?" I asked. "It's for you!" She brandished it. "You need more stamina. You'll have to administer both me and Janet's treatment. And there a little extra in there." She giggled again.

"Or should I say, a lot extra." I swallowed. "Um, should you have done that?" "Relax," she sighed. "It's tetra-chlor.chlor.chloral-hydri. Darn it, why are those words so hard to say?" "It has tetra-chloral-hydride in it?" I asked.

Alice nodded. "That when combined with the hydroflourides will be just what you need." "Do you.remember your chemistry?" "The words are so hard to say," Alice giggled again. "But I remember it all. I'm a super-smart scientist-nurse!" She thrust up her arm in a sexy pose. Janet kept gaping. "Bend over, sweetie, so I can administer your treatment," Alice smiled. "Unless the doctor wants to?" Janet's mouth worked.

"It's wonderful, Janet. Look at how beautiful I am! Don't you want to be hot like me?" Alice giggled. "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me," she sang, shifting her hips.

"Yes." Janet swallowed. "But." She glanced at me. "What's wrong with her?" "She's just happy," I said. "Right, Alice?" "Super happy!" She jumped up in the air, her tits bouncing. "It's the best. Frank and I had such hot sex. And then he spanked me for being bad." Alice spun around and bent over, the white skirt riding up her still red ass. "See?" Janet licked her lips. "And it'll make me beautiful." I nodded. "You'll be gorgeous. The only side-effect is being very." "Happy!" Alice giggled.

"And horny! Ooh, I'm so horny. I was down in the lab just wishing Dr. Frank would come down and give me a treatment." "Do it," Janet panted. "Oh, fuck! Do it before I chicken out." She bent over in her sweatpants. Alice gave me the blue syringe. "You'll love it," she assured me. "I did all the sciency stuff perfectly. And I mathed it right." "You mathed it?" I frowned.

Alice pulled down the waistband of Janet's sweatpants and popped the needle in, pushing the plunger. The green bimbo treatment flooded Janet's ass. Janet let out a gasp, shooting straight up. Her face flushed, and then she let out a giggling moan. "Ooh, it's getting a little hot in here," she said, fanning her face.

"You should take off your clothes," I suggested as Alice stood beside me. "But then you'd see me naked," she gasped. "And I can't do that. We're not married." "No. But I'm a doctor," I smiled. "And everything we do in my house is just part of the examination. You take off your clothes at the doctor all the time." "You're absolutely right," she beamed, pulling off her sweatshirt and throwing it to the ground.

She reached behind her, unhooking her bra and freeing her heavy tits. Her skin was already rippling, the fat melting away, as sultry brown stepmom needs some fresh meat pushed down her sweatpants and granny panties.

"It's working!" giggled Alice. I nodded, observing the changes, my cock rock hard. Alice took the syringe from my hand. I barely noticed, my eyes locked on Janet's sagging breasts as they lifted up and grew larger and perkier, defying gravity with their bounce. The fat rolls retracted, her belly become flat, her hips shapely, and her legs sleek. Like with Alice, Janet's pubic hair fell off, leaving her bare and glistening.

"Oh, my!" she giggled, squeezing her tits. "They feel like I'm eighteen again! Mmm, I love them. And they're so big." Alice pulled my robe to the side, exposing my thigh, and injected me. I yelped in surprise as the blue compound flooded me.

A heat went through my veins. I glared at my wife as she gave me an innocent smile, her hand fondling my cock. The heat rushed straight to my balls. An overwhelming lust filled me and my cock swelled in her grip. My eyes widened in surprise. My cock was growing as thick as the delivery man's. Alice moaned in delight as she stroked me. "Your cock is out!" Janet giggled. "That's so naughty. I'm a married woman." Alice fell to her knees, opening her mouth wide and sucking on my cock for a moment.

Janet gasped, squeezing her breasts as she watched her best friend blow me. I shuddered, my balls going into overdrive. Whatever she had injected me with made me so hot.

"Fuck, Alice!" I groaned. She stared up at me, looking so sexy with her glasses and nurse's cap. My cum erupted into her hungry mouth. She slurped it down. I shuddered as pulse after pulse flooded her.

I felt like I had shot a gallon of cum into her mouth, and she kept drinking it down. When the flood finally stopped, I was still hard. "It worked perfectly," she smiled, her lips stained with cum. She turned to Janet. "Time for your treatment, Janet. You have to suck Dr. Frank's cock." "I don't like sucking cocks," Janet protested.

"I can fuck him." She giggled. "Oh, no, that would be bad. I'm married." "Everything you do in this house is a medical procedure," I reminded her. "I'm your doctor. And you have to suck at least one cock a day, and mine once a week. Thanks to the injection Alice just gave me, it'll make sure you stay a beautiful bimbo." "Oh, okay!" Janet nodded, falling to her knees. "But I need to suck your cock every day for my treatment, right?" Alice asked as Janet knelt beside her.

"Yes, you have to do it every day," I told my wife. Alice beamed as Janet licked at my cock. I groaned, her tongue swirling about my head. I wonder just how much stamina I had now. I planned on testing it with these two bimbos tonight. Janet's wedding ring glinted as she grabbed my cock and popped the tip in. She sucked. "Just like that," Alice purred. "You're doing great on your first treatment.

I'm so happy for you." "Thanks," Janet smiled. "You can't stop sucking!" Alice gasped. "You need his cum." "Oh, right!" Janet giggled. "Silly me." I groaned as her mouth re-engulfed my cock. She sucked hard, eager for my cum. I stared down at the married bimbo and stroked her hair as she bobbed on my cock. Alice beamed beside her, her hands rubbing at her thighs.

"Alice. Help Janet out. Put your head between her thighs and lick her pussy." Alice's eyes widened. "But that's so dirty. I'm not a lesbian." "It's part of your treatment," I told her.

"Pussy juices are full of vitamins that will keep your skin looking delicious." "Wow," Alice said, her eyes widening. "I never knew." "I know.

I discovered it this morning." "You're so smart. I love you, Frank." "I love you, too, pumpkin. Now eat her pussy until she cums." Janet sucked harder. The bimbo was eager to get her snatch eaten. Alice wiggled beneath Janet, her breasts threatening to pop out of her uniform. Janet moaned loud about my cock as Alice ate her pussy. Noisy slurps and licks joined Janet's sloppy sucking. My balls ached. It was hot knowing my wife was licking her best friend's pussy.

The depraved sounds sent my lusts into overdrive. I seized Janet's black hair, now grown past her shoulders, between my hands. I pulled her face down my cock, my thick dick sliding down her throat.

"That's it. Relax the throat. My probe has to go deep down your throat to make the treatment effective." Janet didn't fight me. The bimbo believed every word, relaxing her throat and moaning. My balls slapped into her chin before I drew back and slammed in again.

I fucked her mouth hard, groaning loud as the pleasure rushed through me. "How inked british slut roughfucked in stockings european and fetish she taste, pumpkin?" I moaned. "Better and better," my bimbo wife answered. "I can feel my skin getting healthier with every drop." "Good, keep licking." Janet moaned her agreement, her hips sliding her pussy around on her best friend's lips. The scent of hot pussy floated to my nose.

I shuddered, my balls tightening. I slammed harder. The itch grew at the tip of my cock. I erupted into Janet's mouth. The married woman drank down my cum, eager to get her treatment and stay beautiful. I shuddered, my toes curling into the carpet as my pleasure reached its peak. "Damn, that was a good treatment," I groaned, falling back on the couch. "Yes!" panted Janet, licking her lips. "Oh, Alice. Oh, yes! Keep licking my pussy." Janet grabbed her pillowy tits, squeezing them together as she writhed on my wife's face.

She threw her head back, grinding harder. Her black hair swayed as she gasped. Her body seemed to tense, and then she writhed in bliss. "Oh, yes! I'm cumming!

Drink my pussy juices! Drink all the vitamins and get healthy!" "You need your vitamins, too," I grinned. "Turn around and start eating my wife. Don't stop until I tell you. You both need more." "Yes!" Alice moaned, spreading her thighs. "Get your vitamins, Janet!

I want to make you healthy!" Janet spun about, the pair falling into a hot sixty-nine. Pussies were eaten loudly. I walked around them, admiring their tongues sliding through each other's slits.

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It was so hot. My wife's stamina treatment definitely worked. I was still hard. I wanted to fuck Janet. Her husband was an asshole, always bragging about stupid shit. Well, I could brag about fucking his wife's ass. I fell to my knees and thrust my cock into Alice's pussy. She gasped and groaned, her pussy convulsing about me as she came. "Lube me up, pumpkin," I growled as I fucked her. "For what?" she moaned. "I need to fuck Janet's ass, pumpkin." Janet looked up.

"What?" "It's to stabilize the change," I told her. "You don't want to go back to being fat." "No!" Janet moaned. "Fuck my ass!" "Your married ass?" "Yes! Fuck my married ass! Keep me beautiful." My cock throbbed in my wife's pussy. I ripped out, raced around the pair, and fell to my knees before Janet's plump ass. I squeezed those round cheeks before prying them apart. Alice looked up at me from between Janet's thighs, her face smeared with pussy.

"Make her all better," Alice beamed. "You're such a wonderful husband for helping my friend out." I grinned as I rubbed my cock's head around Janet's asshole. I pushed the tip in, groaning as her hot, tight flesh engulfed me. "Oh, damn!" Janet moaned as I pushed more and more of my cock into her tight depths.

"Oh, wow! You're so big. Oh, yes!" "Keep licking Alice's pussy," I groaned as I pushed in deeper. She was even tighter than Alice's ass. Of course, my cock was thicker. I shuddered, her velvety grip massaging my cock. Alice's lips nibbled on my balls as I sank into depths in Janet's ass. I savored the feel of impaling a married woman's virgin ass.

Janet gasped and moaned into Alice's pussy. I drew back and groaned, shuddering at the tight caress of Janet's bowels. I slammed back in, her asshole loosening up a bit. I worked harder, pumping my cock in and out of Janet's asshole.

My balls slapped into her taint, occasionally licked by Alice. Both women gasped and moaned, shuddering as they came over and over. Janet's ass massaged my cock as she came, eager for my "treatment" of hot cum. I shuddered, gripping her hips as I pounded them.

My cock throbbed. "Your ass is so hot!" I shuddered. "I love fucking your bimbo ass!" "I love luscious czech girl was seduced in the mall and reamed in pov treatment!" Janet moaned. "I never knew anal sex or pussy licking was so amazing! Oh, yes! Please, pump the medicine in me!" "Do it!" Alice moaned. "Flood her ass! She needs it!" "Yes, pumpkin," I agreed through grit teeth. My balls tightened. I hammered harder, my cock about to burst.

Her anal sheath massaged me. I writhed in delight, my back arching as I slammed deeper and deeper into her ass. "Fuck, fuck! I love it! Work that ass back into me!" Janet slammed her ass back into my strokes, the married bimbo eager for my cum.

My hands tightened on her hips. I shuddered as my cum exploded into her ass. I buried deep into her. Blast after blast flooded out of me. I moaned and shuddered. It was perfection. It was heaven. "Yes! My treatment!" Janet moaned as her ass convulsed about my dick. She shuddered atop my wife as she came again. I ripped out of her ass, both bimbos holding each other as they gasped and panted.

"Nurse, I need you to clean my instrument," I grinned, brandishing my cock at her lips. "Yes, Doctor," my wife skyla novea lends a helping hand big tits, engulfing my cock, not caring that it had been in her best friend's ass a moment ago. Janet rolled off my wife, gaping in shock.

"Wow. What a dedicated nurse." I could only agree, my eyes rolling back in my head from my wife's expert blowjob. I came fast, flooding her mouth, and she was nice enough to share it with her best friend, both women moaning as they enjoyed a sloppy, cum-filled kiss. "You two need new clothes," I smiled as I panted. "Why don't we go shopping." "Sure," they both beamed, my cum dripping down their chins.

Bimbos were the best. To be continued.