Busty honey enjoys spreading her hairy pussy

Busty honey enjoys spreading her hairy pussy
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This is my first story that I've written and i will try not to make many spelling mistakes, but there will probably be many. Hi my name is Ann and I'm 15 years old, have long light brown hairand I have 34B cup. I look a lot like my mom who's name is Julie, she looks just like me, but with bigger boobs.

My mom is 37 years old. My dad left when me and my brother were little kids, my brother's name is John. John is a year older than me and is for the most part nice to me, but thats because he mostly ignores me.

Lately he has been a little nicer.and its a little weird. He is tall, has almost black hair, and looks extremely athletic. Now that i have introduced everyone, I will get to the actual story. Well it all started one day when i was in the shower, I thought everyone was away for the day, I mean my mom was at work and my brother was at his friends house. When i got into the shower i didnt lock the door.

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I was just washing like normal and i was really horny and i wanted to borrow my moms vibrator. I got out of the shower and walked down the stairs, as i was walking down the hall my brother was walking up his way to the room. " Oh fuck!," I screamed as I darted for my moms room and locked the door. " Holy shit, Ann, what the fuck are you doing running naked through the house?" He was knocking on mom's door and asking me all these questions and all I could think was oh my god my brother saw me naked.

That is so wrong in so many ways. " Hey, John can you grab me a towel." " Not unless you tell me why you were naked in the first place, if you dont you'll just have to come out naked." " C'mon Please," I begged him.

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" Nope. So spill." " Fine i was taking a shower and nobody was supposed to be home." " Then why were you out of the shower?" " I already told you why i was naked now get me my towel please." " I dont think so, I want to get to the bottom of this," I could picture the evil grin on his face and knew he wasn't going to give up until i told him everything." " Promise you wont tell mom?" " I promise," he said on a sigh.

" Fine i was really horny and i wanted to use one of mom's vibrators." " Holy shit Ann i didnt know you liked stuff like that. I was almost positive you didnt even masturbate." " No i do, but not that often, I have to be in the mood to, Can you please just get me the Goddamn towel?" He went upstairs and brought down a towel, I told him to close his eyes and hand me it through the door, " I've already seen you naked what does it matter anymore?" " Just close your eyes you pervert," i snapped at him, I couldnt hold back a smile thought at the thought that he liked what he saw, I mean even though i bicker with him a lot, I'm not blind, John is really attractive and i have defianately noticed.

He handed me a towel, even though he tried to peek he couldnt see anything. Ever since then he has looked at me differently and i often find him staring. It is a little weird but flattering two lusty sluts pleasure their orgasmic twats the same time.

About 2 weeks later I was really horny again, but didnt want to chance John catching me again.

Although he is really attractive, it still felt wrong, I mean he was my brother. So i decided to go masturbate in my room. I walk in my room strip off my clothes and lay on my bed. I start running my hands over my tits, playing with the nipples, tracing my hand all the way down my stomach to my shaven pussy.

I have one hand on my boobs and the other playing, teasing my clit, when I realize I'm fantasizing it was John's hands not mine. I think well it is just a fantasy right? So I continue playing with my self and slip my finger in my wet pussy, after a few strokes I add a second finger and begin really playing with my nipples, while pumping my fingers in and out of my hot cunt. My whole body shakes from my intense orgasm. Now after the events that happened, you must know that I do hang out with my brother sometimes, we play video games sometimes at night.

The next night I cant sleep so I walk down the hall to see if John wants to play video games, I open his door without knocking and freeze. He is laying on his bed naked furiously pumping his dick. His eyes lovely 69 action on day bed closed and he is unaware I even opened the door, I can hear him moan quietly, and without even thinking about it my fingers found there way to my snatch, rubbing my clit frantically.

He moans rather loudly and the next thing I see is his cum flying up and landing on his chest, then slows down and just starts slowly leaking out. At the moment he started cumming I could feel my orgasm shake my body and I had to lean on the doorway to keep myself from falling over, and as I put my weight on the door it made a loud noise, causing him to look up seeing my hand still down my pants. "What the fuck are you doing in my room?"asked John with an edge to his voice. "Uhmm, I came to see if you wanted to play video games", Ann said looking down.

I had a very good idea what the answer would be, but to my surprise he said let me get some shorts on. "You better not tell mom what you saw me doing or I'll tell her about you the other week." said Johm coldly.

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"Dont worry I wont" Ann said immediately. I walked in my brother's room and sat down on the bed, never taking my eyes off of him. He stopped and asked if we could just watch a movie, I agreed and he popped in Transformers, we have both seen this movie so many times we can mouth the words to it. About half way through the movie I looked over at John (Like i had been doing all night) and saw a bulge and his shorts.

I took in a deep breath and he looked over at me and saw where my gaze was. There was no way out of this, I was too curious and turned on, plus he already caught me looking at his cock, again! "Uhmm, John, could I see it, I haven't seen one before and I only got a glimpse because ur hand was on it?" Ann said nervously.

I could see the look of shock on his face, but I realized I lusted after my brother and I might as well do soemthing about it! He just stared at me for a while before fully acknowleding my request.

He stood up and took off his shorts and layed back on the bed. I just stared at his dick, it was huge to me. It must've been 7 or 8 inches. I was still a virgin and that was extremely big to me! Without permission I reach out and grab it, curiousity and lust taking over completely.

His dick twitches and his sexmom with son family comsex close, I start doing what I saw him doing, Stroking his cock slowly at first and pumping it faster as I had seen him do.

Then I had remembered something my friend told me about, I put my head close to the top of his dick and stuck my tongue out to taste him, as I did this he froze.

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" Is that ok? Did I do something wrong?" asked Ann with worry in her voice. "God no, Ann that feels so good, where did you learn to do that?" John asked amazed. I started to suck soccer hotties gets fucked by a man in their playground his dick head and swirl my tongue around it.

Taking more of his cock into my mouth and sucking while bobbing my head up and down on his shaft. After a few minutes he started moaning a lot, "Ann Im.Gunna.Cum!" moaned John as he came in my mouth, loads of sperm shooting down my mouth, It was kinda salty but I like the taste. I can't wait to do that again.

"One of the girls at school was talking about it the other week," Ann casually said. "Ann you have no clue how long I've wanted that. Ever since you were 12 I have been having fantasies about you, and seeing you naked the other week, that just made them more real, and now.this.

All of them are starting to come true, but you know what I've really wanted to do, lay back on the bed and spread your legs." I laid back on his bed and spread my legs just as he had asked. i lifted my hips off the bed so he could pull down my shorts and thong in one motion. He dipped his head between my legs and i gasped. He started licking my inner thighs and then he swirled his tongue around my clit, causing me to buck my hips at his face.

"So you like it when I do naughty things to you do you?"Jonh grinned into her pussy. "God yes, do that again!" pleaded Ann. He went back to eating me out and it was oh so good, he was tongue fucking me and I was sooooo wet. he then came up slightly to suck hard on my clit again causing me to buck and my orgasm shook my body and he drank my pussy juices.

" Wow, John that was awesome." said Ann breathlessly. "I could do that all day and all night, Ann you are so beautiful" John told his sister. "John i want you to take my virginity now, Ann said sounding a little nervous. " You sure you cant go back once its done?" John was saying sweetly.

"I know i want you John." Ann said the art of seduction part one tube porn a loving voice John got between my legs and positioned his hard cock between my legs. "Now just relax, this will hurt" I relaxed my body and he pushed the head in i gasped at the new sensation. He leaned down and kissed me hard, not like a brother should be kissing his sister, but how lovers do. He then pushed his entire shaft into me, breaking my hymen break in the process.

i screamed quite loudly at the pain and he stopped any further progress to let me adjust. "Ok you can continue" He backed out a little and pushed all the way in again.

He kept backing out until only the head was in and pushed his dick all the way back in me. making me moan with pleasure.

" Faster John please i am so close". He obeyed my order almost immediately and began pounding my pussy so hard!! I was already so close and this set me over the edge and my pussy contracted around his cock. gripping him tight. He kept on going and a few strokes later he came in me and I could feel the warm sperm shooting up inside me and it gave me another orgasm from the new feeling! After we lay there in each others arms telling each other how much we love them, and knew this wasnt the last time we would have sex.

Let me know if you want a sequel <3