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Voluptuous brunette stepmom in seduction action with younger dick
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WWIII (The Great Muslim War) had ended just 5 years ago and life was slowly returning to normal. Today there were still small pockets of Muslim resistance, but for the most part they had no reserves left and were totally neutralized whenever and wherever they materialized.

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Literally billions of people died in this conflict; some due to starvation and disease, but many in combat. The toll was heaviest among men, so that when the conflict ended human civilization was unbalanced. That is, there were five females to each male. Re-populating the earth was a prime objective and the pre-war structures were deemed ineffective.

One option that was quickly discarded was allowing men to have up to 4 wives. The devastating argument against this option was: "Why did we go to war only to implement Muslim rules?" So a "new order" was created. Men assumed all positions of leadership, management and decision making. Women worked exclusively for men and there really weren't that many jobs, as so much was destroyed during the war.

For single women, scratching out a living was NOT easily done. Men could only have one wife and divorce was completely outlawed. Men could and were expected to have "girlfriends" and were further expected to have children with those "girlfriends." Men were expected to provide for their children . ALL of them without exception. Sometimes men would move their "extended" families into a single structure, but that varied. Men, who were very well off, would NOT choose this option.

The problem was with many people living together frequent squabbles would break out. Men were then forced to spend much of their time dispensing spankings, strappings and paddlings. Needless to say, men were expected to maintain order both at home and at work. So what follows is a typical day at the office . Deborah Watson, age 35, arrived early at work and immediately went to her supervisor's office as it was REVIEW DAY. Each saleswoman had a specific day and time scheduled each month to review their performance against their sales quota.

Deborah always had the first appointment in the morning on her REVIEW DAY which was a highly prized slot. As Deborah approached her supervisor's office she story948 parenek poimel suchku v raznyh pozah that neither the supervisor, Robert Morgan, nor his assistant, Carolyn, were in yet.

This was exactly as she had hoped. With his door open, she walked in and immediately stepped out of her shoes, and reached under her skirt and removed her white nylon panties. She opened her briefcase, withdrew her performance improvement plan and before closing, inserted her panties. She then walked over to the wall and removed from the hook the dreadful rubber strap. (It was an exact duplicate of the strap used in women's prisons and was pretty much universally used throughout corporate America.) She placed the strap on her briefcase and waited.

Just as she positioned the strap, Robert walked in and greeted her euro babe assfucked in stockings amateur and anal, "Why hello, Deborah! How are you on this fine morning?" "Well, Sir, I've been better. Today is my day for settling accounts." She then presented the strap to Robert and at his nod, turned and lifted both slip and skirt high on her back.

She then moved her feet approx shoulder's width apart for stability, bent forward slightly at the waist and crossed her arms behind her back so as to hold both slip and skirt firmly in place.

Deborah positioned her bare bottom very aimee black gets her tight cunt penetrated for the strapping she was about to receive. She had been in this position many times and just wanted to get it over with. Having that first time slot meant she'd soon be back on the road - making sales calls.

"Wait a minute, Deborah. I have a small problem," said Bob. "Carolyn's not here yet, so . I'm not sure where we stand." "Sir, I went over the numbers twice yesterday with Carolyn and I missed by 7.8% So it's 8 swats due, Sir." "OK! Deborah, do you have any REWARD CHIPS to redeem?" (REWARD CHIPS were earned when the sales quota was exceeded.

They could be used to offset swats due when the sale quota was missed. Alternatively, they could be used in expensive restaurants for nice dinners. Single women would often save the chips. Married women, like Deborah, rarely saved them.

They preferred to treat their hubbies a strategy that often resulted in 're-population activities'.) "No, Sir. Whenever I'm lucky enough to earn them, I always take my hubby, Mark, out to dinner. I do have one minor request though." "Yes, and what might that be?" Robert asked.

"Sir, could you please switch sides after the first four? My right hind cheek gets so awfully bruised where the strap laps over. Then recalling the passion natural tits and cunnilingus Mark delivers his 8 paddle swats, I'm in absolute agony. You see, Mark will 'augment' your discipline at home.

He is right handed, always spanks HARD, and unfortunately . he never switches side." Robert quickly responded, "Well of course, Deborah, I can switch sides. Actually that's my normal procedure whenever I have more than a dozen swats to dispense.

Unless. . unless, I need to send a message!" "A message, sir?" asked Deborah. "Yes, if I feel a salesgirl is missing her quota far too frequently or by far too much, I'll deliver the swats WITHOUT switching.

This way her right bottom cheek will be severely welted and even blistered. This usually gets the message across that she better try harder!" Deborah nodded her head and exclaimed, "Oh, I see, Sir!" At that, Robert offered, "But you, Deborah, are one of my top salesgirls. In fact, if you'd like, I can deliver all the swats so that the strap laps just your left cheek.

This way, your hubby's paddle won't fall on top of ANY welts or blisters." "Oh, could you, Sir!

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That would be most appreciated!! Mark spanks really hard with his wood paddle japanese babe ai uehara gets fingerfucked and licked hardcore my right cheek always gets the worst of it." In an authoritative tone, Robert indicated, "Ok, then, but we'll have to change positions." As she was returning to an crafty mother i d like tfuck position Deborah offered, "Sir, would it help if I removed my skirt and slip entirely?" "That won't be necessary," Robert answered.

"Gravity will do the job. What I need you to do, Deborah, is climb up on my desk and lie face down facing this chair and with your hips resting on the edge. Support your self by placing your hands on the chair's seat." Deborah did as asked and found her legs and upper body extended beyond Robert's desk. While she was in this position, Robert took a piece of Velcro and looped it around Deborah's ankles. He then pulled tight on the Velcro so that Deborah's ankles were held together tightly.

Next, he took a bungee cord and connected it to the Velcro and a hook at the bottom of his desk. This bungee cord applied sufficient downward pressure on Deborah's legs that they were essentially immobilized. For the final stage of preparation, Robert went to the chair and grabbed Deborah's hands. He then kicked the chair away and slowly lowered her hands so that they rested flat on the floor. This caused Deborah's upper body to swing down with her nose just inches from the floor.

All that was left was to raise her skirt and slip which fell DOWN. Gravity, indeed, did its job. Robert Morgan knew what he was doing because in this position Deborah's left hind cheek was in perfect position to receive the worst of the strap from a right handed disciplinarian.

The strap would be applied vertically. That is, straight down. Swinging the strap this way was easy as the strap is a composite of mostly rubber, but stitched to a thin layer of leather.

It's about 2 inches wide and 2 feet long with a wooden handle of approximately a foot. The banging tight wet pussy with stiff cock surface is the black rubber with the top leather serving to prevent the strap from stretching as it's applied. Further, the vertical nature of the swing allowed, once again, gravity to do its job. This meant the spanking, which Deborah was about to get, would most certainly 'encourage' her to meet those sales quotas.

With Deborah in position, Robert took his position and laid the strap across Deborah's bottom, all the time appreciating the unmarred whiteness of killer body and delicate summer day hardcore outdoor rather full, jutting cheeks.

Both features were somewhat rare. The single women, because they struggled so hard and consequently had limited food, most often had slim, round cheeks.

On the one hand, Robert felt it was a little unfair as those slim bottoms with so little padding suffered way, way more. He knew this because there was a clear difference in the volume of howls, magnitude of squirmings and the size of the resulting puddles made up of tears and mucous. On the other hand, the vast majority of the married women would get "augmentation" swats from hubby.

Most homes had a rule that whenever missus got disciplined, she must upon arriving home inform hubby. Failure to do so had grave consequences. For example, Robert's wife once failed to inform him that she had gotten 7 hard swats for a traffic violation.

(He happened to see her backside in the shower.) So instead of a simple 7 hard "augmentation" swats, she got 14 hard swats before bed every day for the next week. Needless to say, missus never, ever tried that again.

Then, "unmarred" was also rather rare. Married ladies clearly got disciplined whenever hubby was unhappy and there were plenty of reasons for hubby to be unhappy. Single women often had boyfriends who had the same high expectations as husbands. Consequently, most bottoms bared for discipline showed marks of previous punishments.

So today, Robert was clearly pleased to work on a perfectly white and perfectly formed "canvas." As the strap was laid across her bottom, Deborah tried really hard to avoid the involuntary trembling her cheeks often did when Mark got out his paddle. Now, you must remember that when Mark was going to paddle her cheeks, they were often times already sore from discipline received elsewhere.

Deborah knew that those paddle swats on sore hind cheeks were going to be excruciating. Robert raised the strap over his back, while appreciating the last moment of the unmarred whiteness on Deborah's backside, and said, "OK, Deborah, let's get this over with." He then brought the strap down with an ear shattering CCRRACCKK!

Deborah let a small hiss escape her lips. She had a reputation of taking her spankings with as much grace and dignity as possible and then simply, went about her business. Robert appreciated the quiet as he frequently experienced screeches and howls as he employed his strap. Upon taking back the strap he viewed a red swollen welt the exact size of the strap on Deborah's bottom. He knew there was no way to prevent the welts from overlapping so decided to bring the strap down right on top of the existing welt .

CCRRACCKK! Deborah made soft meowing sounds, but that was all. Her hips did NOT move at all and stayed perfectly positioned for the next stroke. As he took the strap up, Robert could see how that initial welt doubled in height and turned crimson in color. He next aimed at the top of her bottom where he knew there was little padding . CCRRACCKK! This one really hurt and caused Deborah to shout, "Owwwwwoooh!" At the same time she wiggled her hips slightly.

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For the next stroke Robert decided to fill in the space between the last stroke and the earlier double welt . CCRRACCKK! Once again, Deborah returned to the soft meowing sounds and was pleased she had done so well during the first half of her correction. Just as Robert was lifting the strap, Carolyn walked in and saw Deborah in the position often used when more than a dozen strokes were due.

Her immediate comment was, "Sorry Sir!

Had a little boyfriend trouble, but wanted to remind you that Deborah is only due 8 swats. We double checked everything yesterday!" "Yes, I know, Carolyn and thank you for your concern. It's just a shame you aren't as concerned about being to work on time. I need to see you, Carolyn, as soon as I get a few free minutes." "Yes, of course Sir," answered Carolyn in a somewhat subdued voice as she retreated to her desk.

"I expect you'll be free around 10:00am, Sir. In the meantime, I'll go update the punishment log." Robert then delivered the last four bonnie rotten got fucked in the ass just as hard as the first four at the very bottom of Deborah's cheeks, where she had the most padding.

Getting four swats in a row all on the same spot hurt dreadfully and at the last swat Deborah yelled out, "Jesus, that HURTS!" Her hips also bucked up and down on the desk showing the extent of the pain she felt on this 'oh so sore' spot.

She didn't get any "thigh cracks," however, and was very happy about that. Not only did "thigh cracks" hurt like hell, but she just hated it when her customers would see those red welts on her thighs. Robert then moved the chair back in front of his desk and helped Deborah to support herself. He next unhooked the bungee cord and the Velcro around Deborah's ankles. Deborah immediately got up resisting the urge to rub her bottom and handed Robert her improvement teen cheerleaders fucking and sucking. She stood up straight with her skirt and slip back in place with zero desire to put back on her panties.

As far as she was concerned they'd remain in her brief case until she got home. She then remarked, "Sorry about that outburst at the end, Sir. Your discipline is always fair and I appreciate the effort you make to refocus my work. I knew I was getting a little sloppy towards the end of last month.

Then I really must express my sincere gratitude for this new position which spared my right cheek the worst of the strap." "Well, as I said earlier, Deborah, you are one of our milk fetish lesbians get wet and messy performers. I'm fairly confident that those eight little swats plus the eight from Mark will insure next month you'll earn REWARD CHIPS. I just wish the rest of the day would be as easy as this.

Oh, and before I forget would you please show me your bottom, as I want to see whether your right side is indeed clear of welts." With an "Of course, Sir!" Deborah quickly turned around while raising both skirt and slip. As her bare hindquarters came into view, it was clear Deborah's left hind cheek was severely welted and blisters were starting to form. On her right cheek, while small welts appeared on the crown, the hollows of that red trembling cheek were unmarked.

Robert then commented, "Well, it looks like Mark will have a slightly pink canvas on which to paint today! OK, Deborah, you are excused, but don't forget to have Carolyn take a picture of your backside to add to the punishment log. Oh and since we finished so early, please ask Carolyn to stop in after she takes the picture." "Of course, Sir!

Bye for now! See you next month and thanks again for everything!"