Candice dares asshole plow by step bros large rod

Candice dares asshole plow by step bros large rod
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Just thought I would update you on last Sunday afternoons mutual pleasuring.

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Absolutely cracking day for some outdoor sexual activity It is a while since we had friends round for a Sunday afternoon pleasuring. The weather last year meant that we were not able to use the garden but had to stay in the house. I always feel that it is better to be outdoors when naked as it is much more natural Anyway this year we had our first of what we hope will be several sessions. Most of them are well established friends and both Julie & I have, on different occasions, had sexual encounters with all of them.

We had 2 new friends this year to join in our times, Andrea & Brian and neither Julie not I have had the pleasure of these before but we met them through a social networking site, had an evening with them, explained what we were about and they seemed keen to join in the fun It was a very pleasant afternoon and quite sunny and warm so we were able to be outdoors and naked as well.

Our garden is well sheltered from the winds and because of the arrangement of the shrubs is well sheltered from the neighbours Andrea & Brian arrived first girl takes a ride on the bus helped Julie with the preparations for the food etc and getting the garden set out Mike & Pam came over next.

They are the couple who have been our most prolific sex partners. We usually manage 2-3 weekends away with them normally on full swap so Mike sleeps with Julie & I sleep with Pam Sally & Ben came.

Sally and Ben have only recently got married, well 10 years ago and Sally just wasn't getting orgasms. We have know Sally for a number of years and I have often pleasured myself with her panties over my face smelling her virginal pussy. Any way she married this black guy called Ben, He has a huge dick but it isn't giving Sally the orgasms she needs and so I have had to supplement her with some good old oral sex to get there to feel the big "O" It is a labour of love and someone had to do it !!!!

Phil & Penny are long standing friends and Penny is gorgeous, slim and with very long legs Emma was there, she is our mutual fuck buddy.

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When I am away she comes and sleeps with Julie and when Julie is away she comes and sleeps with me Our new friend Ann Morgan was there, Ann is recently widowed and I have been servicing Ann for a number of months now - very hairy pussy but a wonderful lover With Andrea & Brian here and the food all out in the shade I was able to strip off and start enjoying the sun Emma arrived and shortly followed by Ann Emma stripped off and went and laid on a blanket on the lawn.

face up and legs slightly apart so everybody could see her Brazilian. Anne helped Julie set the final bit of the food out from the cooker up and carried the food out onto the table. she really did look a picture walking about in her panties.

Julie had her bikini on, well "on" is a slightly choice word as she was popping out of it most of the time. Brian & Andrea were sat onto the settee just sizing up the situation and seeing where it was all going Mike & Pam stripped off and went and sat on the swing. Mike was obviously getting an eyeful of Emma. Ann went off for a walk down the garden and Brian followed her. They seemed to be down there a while and eventually they came back.

Brian sporting a good hard on but Anne still had her panties on so I don't think they had had any sexual contact. Phil & Penny had arrived and Phil was sat next to Pam on the swing and was stroking the inside of her leg when Brian & Ann came back. Mike was sat next to Emma on the rug and they were deep in conversation, Brian went and joined in with them and was stroking Emma's legs I told Ann that she needed to take her panties off and she went into the house and came out without them on.

the hairy bush was well on show Andrea went for a walk down the garden and i followed her just to make sure everything was OK. we stopped at the jasmine tree about 3/4 of the way down and she remarked how lovely it smelled. we stayed down there and had a kiss and a cuddle which resulted in a massive erection for me.

I took hold of her hand and she lifted it to her breast and I started to stroke her. This had the result of me having a hard on. We walked back up the path and Sally & Ben were milling around.

Sally was wearing her knickers and I just whispered to her that she needed to take them off. Ben went to sit on the outdoor settee with Julie She slipped them off and I said I will take them in the house. I said to Julie that I was talking Andrea upstairs to bed and Sally looked at me and said don't be too long I dropped Sally's panties over my cock and went into the house. As I got in there i took them off my cock and lifted them to my face and smelled them.

Andrea asked me if I liked her smell and I said it was wonderful and I had enjoyed pleasuring myself with Sally's knickers for many years I dropped Sally's panties in the Dining room where all the other guess had stripped off and onto the pile of clothes that were hers We went up to the bedroom and I sat on the bed and Andrea sat between my legs.

her back to me. I reached into the drawer and got Julies new vibrator out the Emotional Bliss Womolia, and lubricated it and slipped it between Andrea's legs, stroking her tits as the shesnew rachel raven squeezes jizz out of her pussy time and kissing her neck She loved the vibrating pulsating sensations and very soon she was moving into orgasm.

She turned her face to me and I kissed her passionately on the lips as she burst into orgasm.

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"Make love to me" she said I moved from behind her and she laid on the bed and opened her legs Gosh she was tight but I just loved fucking her hairy cunt and soon shot my load into her. We went downstairs and Ben, who is a black guy was sat on the swing with Julie. He was kissing her and stroking her tits and she had hold of his cock. Brian had his fingers well up Emma and Emma was writhing in ecstasy Sally just said to Julie if you continue like that you will make him cum.He cant control himself.

Bit of an attitude there I thought but if your husband isn't satisfying you then the sight of him with his fingers on another woman and her stroking his cock might just have tipped the balance Julie and Ben went off to the bedroom.

Ben has a hug cock about 9.5 inches so Julie was in for a real treat. Mike took over stroking Emma and Brian went and knelt at the side of Emma who immediately took his cock in hand and started to stroke it Pam & Phil were nowhere to be seen so I guessed they had gone to the other bedroom Andrea went to see Anne and started stroking Anne and kissing her while Brian was with Mike & Emma.

I was glad that they were getting into the swing of things I nodded to Sally and asked her if she wanted some time in the bedroom and she got up straight away and off we went back to bed just watching her gorgeous ass as she walked up stairs was amazing She got into the bedroom and laid on the bed and opened her legs and said suck me before you do anything else I have to do that with Sally as I seem to be the only person who can bring her to orgasm.

She tastes wonderful down there with her slightly hairy pussy and once she had come we moved into sex with her on her back and her feet on my shoulders. Just dumped my second load of the day of jism into her We went back to the garden and Emma was getting seen to by both Mike & Brian, Mike was in her giving her sex and Sexy blonde vixen gives nice long blowjob was kneeling at the side of her having his cock sucked Andrea & Anne had moved onto the swing and were well engrossed between each others legs.

Phil & Pam eventually returned and I asked Pam if she wanted to go back for another session. She said she would have a drink and then go back with me.

I got her a glass of wine and we took it upstairs to bed. I realised she had not long since had sex and as we sat on the bed I noticed that her pussy was very wet. I knelt in front of her and opened her legs and there was still Phil's spunk inside of her. I started to kiss her at the top of the legs and soon was tasting Phil's spunk as I put my tongue into her. I got Julies vibrator out of the drawer and started to masturbate Pam with it when suddenly the door opened and Emma stood there.

Oh Julie sent me up for the vibrator but you look to be using it she said and just stood there watching me vibrating Pam. Pam never flinched and Emma said to Pam do you want something to suck while you are having that vibrated. Pam said Yes and Emma mounted Pam over the face and Pam started to suck Emma. This was too much for me and I stood up and inserted my cock into Pam's cum filled cunt and fucked her while she sucked Emma.

Once Emma had cum I gave her the vibrator and she left the room. Pam & I lay on the bed and as I kissed Pam I could taste Emma all over her face Julie told me later that when Emma had come back with the vibrator she had used it on Emma. The sun started go down and we cleared up and went into the lounge, The couples had undressed in the dining room and Julie & i took some of the cups from the rub your hard cock on my soft yoga pants joi masturbation and jerking off back in there.

As we opened the door the one think that hit us both was the smell of pussy. As you will realise when the ladies got undressed the last thing they took off were their knickers. On the top of each pile of clothes were their Knickers.

I could not resist the temptation to go to each pile and have a sniff at each crotch. Julie was following me round asking who I thought each belonged and that gave us an idea for a final game.

Just to add, smelling all those dirty knickers is one hell of a sure way to get a hard on. We went back into the lounge and suggested that someone brought one of the sun loungers in as we had a game to play before everyone went home.

Here it was The guy would lay on the sun lounger naked and blindfolded and one by one he would be presented with a pair of knickers to his nose. If he could correctly identify his wife's knickers then she had to give him a blow job in front of everybody.

If her jennifer stone vs lex steele then he had to do oral sex on his wife so he would remember what she smelled and tasted like and had to do this in front of everybody until she had an orgasm. The ultimate humiliation of not being able to remember your wife's smell and having to give her an orgasm in front of everybody I bet when he got home he xxx sex stories hind house storys school some more treatment after humiliating himself like that as well Mike was the first one on the bed.

He was blindfolded and Pam came and straddled him inserting his cock into her cunt. We had not put that into the game but as Pam started it everybody else followed suite Mike was them presented with a series of knickers including those of Anne and Emma and he had to identify Pam's knickers just from the smell.

Fortunately he managed to get her right and Pam slid off the bed and with Mike still blindfolded she got to work in front of everybody giving him a blow job. Anne & Emma held him down by the arms while Pam sucked the juice out of him and in amongst all the screaming he did for her to stop when she had got his sperm in her mouth she went to him and kissed him on the mouth spitting his white cream into his mouth.

Then she lowered herself over his face and he spat the juice back into her cunt. Pam set the bar for the rest of the evening! Brian was next and he was blindfolded and Andrea sat on his cock.

He was presented with knickers and he failed to identify. Andrea slapped him across the face and got up.and went and sat in the middle section of the settee.

She slid to the edge of the settee and Ann & Emma lifted her legs onto Brian's shoulders and he got to work on her cunt.

It seemed a shame that there were a pair if very nice tits there that no-one was paying attention to and so Mike and I sat next to Andrea and started to suck her tits as Brian got to work on Andreas pussy. Andrea took a cock in each hand and stroked us as she was being sucked off I think he needed a refresher in what his wife smelled like.

I was next to the bed Julie lowered her cunt over my cock and you got it, I got it right, there is no-one who smells like Julie and I got my cock seriously sucked and spunk deposited into my mouth.

Ben was next onto the bed and Sally had told me that she had never given a blow job so this was going to be interesting if he got her right. Fortunately for Sally He got her wrong and Sally was led to black african girl takes white cock interracial and teenager couch where Ben was knelt down in front of her and made to suck her cunt. I got the privilege of sucking Sally's tits with Phil while Ben did the work on her cunt.

As I sucked on her tits I kissed her on the mouth and then whispered in her ear that I thought I ought to have my head between her legs. As I kissed her back on the mouth she whispered to me that she didn't want me to stop seeing her. Phil was next and Penny's knickers were the second pair to be presented to him and had got it right. Penny gobbled him up and she drank every last drop and she just said - I swallowed the lot.

As the evening wore on people started to dress and drift off Julie & I remained in the nude till everyone had gone As Sally & Ben left Ben gave Julie a kiss as they left his hand straying between her legs to her hairy cunt and I kissed Sally and her hand strayed to touch my cock and she whispered don't make it too long before I see you again.

Sally I have to see you again my darling With Ben's interest in Julie and MY relationship with Sally it might be that they become a couple of good fuck buddies for a w When Julie & I were in bed we recounted what a great time we had had. I had had most of the women and Julie had had her fair share of men and women so Yes a very good afternoon.

Must do it again, and again and again.

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we did discuss whether Ben & Sally could be our new fuck buddies. Julie certainly enjoyed Ben and any opportunity I can get to get between Sally's legs either with my head, fingers or cock will be more than welcome. Must explore that one perhaps with a weekend away, Sleeping with Sally ALL NIGHT would be absolutely Wonderful.mmmmm heaven UPDATE Phoned Sally during the week and asked her how she enjoyed the afternoon She said Ben had really enjoyed Julie and I suggested that it might be an opportunity for us to get some time together if we did a full night partner swap It does mean I could have sally ALL night and just take her to heights of pleasure without the restrictions of being caught with her.

Looking a distinct possibility mmmmm heavenly Sally's hairy pussy for a whole (HOLE) night Steve Ps if you want to comment then please send your comments to [email protected] so we can correspond on it Steve