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It had only been a few weeks since my dad and I had sex. Luckily, my mom didn't know a thing about it. She never suspected it for a second because their sex life was still as fulfilling as it was before. My dad made sure not to make her suspicious by giving her extra attention and practically ignoring me. It upset me, but I didn't really let it bother me since I knew why he had to do it. Fortunately for me, he would give me little winks everytime my mom wasn't looking.

What was hard about it all, was that I still had to hear them have sex, knowing I wanted to be in my mom's position.

One very faithful Friday night, my mom called to let me know she had to work overtime. My dad wasn't home from work yet, but I knew he'd be home soon. I decided to take up an opportunity and hit the liquor store. I figured getting both my dad and I tipsy, would be a lot more fun than us having sex while sober. At the liquor store, I managed to purchase two bottles of my favorite wine, Arbor Mist.

As soon as I got home, I saw my dad's car in the driveway and knew the fun was about to begin. I walked in and headed into the living room, where my dad was sitting on the couch in the dark, watching porn.

"Well hey there beautiful, what have you got there?" my dad asked, not bothering to cover his cock that was very much erect. I put the two bottles on the coffee table and sat next to him. "Mmmm good idea baby." he said. I got up, went to the kitchen and grabbed two wine glasses, came back and poured us both a glass. "Cheers." my dad winked, clanging his glass to mine.

"So, what's the plan for tonight baby girl?" my dad asked, drinking the entire glass of wine in one gulp. My dad wasn't a lightweight, not in the least bit, but I knew he was feeling naughty, despite the alcohol. "I was thinking I could help you with this, first." I said.

I wrapped my hand around his cock and slowly began stroking him. He leaned back and sighed, saying "Now, that's a good way to help daddy relax after a hard day." I giggled at the pun. I downed two glasses of wine, continuing to masturbate him. Even though wine was good, it wasn't at all as tasty as my daddy's cock. With that thought, I leaned over and took him in my mouth. I ran my tongue over the head of his cock, which caused him to moan. I wanted so badly to deepthroat him, but 10 inches was just too much for me to stick down my throat without gagging.

I managed to go down 7 inches and I was aware he loved it, by his constant moaning. "Baby, I'm going to teach you how to take down all of it one day!" he said, pouring another glass of wine and yet two lesbians have fun at the pool, chugging the whole glass.

I would learn, because I would've done anything to please my daddy.

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"Enough pleasuring daddy. I think it's time we go upstairs and try out something new." my dad said. "Will you carry me like old times sake, daddy?" I batted my eyelashes at him. He picked me up and carried me, as if we had just gotten married, up the stairs and carefully placed me on the bed.

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He shed his shirt, pants, and boxers.leaving him completely naked in front of me. I never realized how sexy my daddy was, until now. My pussy ached to have him inside of me again and judging by his lustful look, I could tell he wanted the same thing. "I want you to get on your hands and knees, Angie.

I wanna fuck you like a bitch." he said, pulling my panties off, but leaving my skirt on. I got on my hands and knees, just as my daddy ordered, and could feel the cum dripping down my legs. He slipped his hand onto my pussy, feeling how wet it was. "It looks like my baby girl is ready for daddy." he laughed. "Yes daddy, I am." I moaned. I was like a bitch in heat, the way I couldn't wait to feel my daddy's cock inside of me.

I began pushing my ass back onto his hard cock. "Okay baby, I'm going to give you what you've been waiting for." He put his cock inside of my aching pussy and began going slow at first.

It wasn't enough, not for either of us. "Mmmm baby I'm going to punish you for teasing me the past few weeks, knowing daddy needed you and couldn't have you." my daddy growled. He began fucking me harder and next thing I know, his hand slapped hard against my ass. It burned my ass cheeks, but burned so well. Hearing me moan encouraged him to spank me again, so he did and kept spanking me until my ass was as red as a fire engine.

"Mmmm did you like daddy's punishment?" he asked, rubbing my ass. Somehow, despite how much my skin was burning, I did enjoy it.

"Ughh yes daddy, it makes me want to cum. I love you daddy, thank you for punishing me like the bad girl I am." I said, pushing harder against his cock, trying to fill myself up.

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In his mind, I wasn't punished hard enough. He picked up the pace, fucking me harder and faster until I thought I was going to faint from both the pain and the pleasure. "Oh yeah Angie, I know you love daddy fucking you so hard. I want you to cum all over my it for daddy!" my dad yelled, spanking my ass again. I couldn't take it anymore. "Ughhhh daddyyyyyyy!" That was the biggest orgasm of my life.

"Oh yes baby, cum on daddy's cock.oh I love you, Angie!" Despite my own orgasm, my daddy kept going and I could feel him about to cum.

"Daddy's favorite girl.mmmmm, I'm about to cum in that beautiful little pussy of yours!" my sweet daddy moaned. Suddenly, a gush of cum shot into me, splashing against the walls of my pussy.

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"Yessssssss!" we both moaned at the same time. He pulled his cock out and I stood up, just to hear the front door open. "Oh shit, your mom's home." my dad said, throwing me my clothes. I rushed to put them back on and opened the door, turning around to blow a kiss to my dad.

He smiled, winked and said, "Remember baby, you're daddy's favorite."