Xxx college girl first chance story

Xxx college girl first chance story
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My name is Mark and my girlfriend is Clare. I am 6ft 2 and 14 stone. I am a fireman and I love pussy. Clare is 5ft 8 and a size 8. She is a nurse and she loves cock. We both have busy lives but we make time for each other and have a very active and varied sex life. We had been together 2 years when we decided to expand and explore the limit of our sexual boundaries.

The following event was the kickstart for us to begin our journey. We moved into our first house when I was 25 and Clare was 23. It was a quiet street in a village outside of town. Everyone knew everyone and it was very friendly. A few doors down lived a family with two children, they were Simon and Jenny and their kids were Steven and his younger sister Sophie.

We got on well with the whole family and I used to kick a ball about with the kids in the park at the end of the street. A couple of years passed, Steven got too old for kickabouts but Sophie would be in and around our house all the time chatting with me or Clare. She would be round most evenings and her cute face and constant smile was always a nice sight. This went on for some time and I could see that Sophie was developing into a beautiful young girl.

She had shoulder length brown hair, big brown sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 jor jabasti and perfect lips. She was very petite but her body was developing quickly and she was probably a 'C' cup already with more to come.

She always wore very flimsy dresses or tight leggings so you could see her figure and would breeze into our house like it was her second home. I mentioned to Clare that she was always around here and that I thought she looked at her as an older sister type. Clare started laughing saying it wasn't her she was interested in as she could tell Sophie had a crush on me. I could tell this myself but didn't want Clare to know I knew. What I did know was that this young girl was getting curious and she was also wearing skimpier clothes.

She was also getting sexier by the day and was getting very flirty with me, tomoka sakurai watch her squirt small tits pov me at every opportunity, even when Clare was around. Things carried on like this for some time with Sophie spending more time at our house. She even spent the night after we all watched a film that finished late. Her parents knew where she was and were very happy to let us keep her occupied. She slept in the spare room which is next to our bedroom and as I fucked Clare that night I knew that Sophie's head was barely a foot away, just a thin wall between us.

Just after Sophie's birthday, she came to ours with a film and asked if she could watch it here and stay the night again. We were always happy to see her so we watched the movie then went to our beds. As usual Clare and I fucked that night and I was driven on by the thought of Sophie listening to us in the next room. In the morning Clare left for work early and I fell back asleep.

I was woken with a jump when I felt someone climb angry lady boss strapon guy to the bed beside me. Looking across I could see Sophie, wearing a tiny nightdress and looking at me with her big brown eyes.

She was leaning forward and I could see her breasts and could feel my arousal growing. I was shocked but she looked so sexy I couldn't take my eyes off her near naked body. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was cold and could she snuggle up to me to get warm? I wasn't sure what to say. I wanted her to get in but she was german beautiful school girls hard fucing story neighbours daughter and I knew it could lead to all sorts of trouble.

She looked sad and said please, almost begging me and before I knew it I had said ok and she was under the covers.

I didn't want her to get too close to me as I had a huge erection but she squeezed up right next to me and spent some time getting comfy and ended up with an arm and a leg across me. I instinctively put my arm around her shoulder to pull her in, all the while trying not to let her leg touch my hard cock. I could feel her breath on my chest and gorgeous big breasted brunette fucked on webcam the warmth of her body and her smell I was now being driven wild.

Here was a beautiful young girl pushing the boundaries and I was doing everything I could not to take her there and then. We lay this way for a while and Sophie fell asleep sprawled across me before I moved her and got up. I was in the kitchen wondering what had nearly happened when Sophie, who had got dressed came down.

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She flashed a big smile at me and kissed my cheek. Hidden cam indian delhi based college girlundressing lips lingered for a second and I almost moved to kiss her lips.

Before I could she pulled away, said she would see me soon and bounced out of the house. The sight of her ass stayed in my memory and I had a great wank in the shower. I used the memory again that night and had probably the best sex ever with Clare. All the time I was picturing Sophie and wondering if we would share a bed again. It didn't take long before she was at our door and spending the night again.

We watched our movie and went to bed. This time when I was fucking Clare I could almost touch Sophie. She was barely a metre away with only a thin wall stopping me getting to her. I fell asleep and waited for the morning with anticipation. As I had hoped, the same thing happened.

Clare left for work early and less than 10 minutes later Sophie was on the move. I pretended to be sleeping but I could hear her heading for our door. It opened and closed and I felt the mattress move as Sophie climbed into my bed again. This time she didn't ask for permission as she quickly found her old position and settled in. I could tell that she had done away with the nightdress and could feel her warm skin against mine. I pretended to wake and as I moved she looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back and she hugged me tighter. I said good morning and she giggled back a reply before burying her head in my chest. I asked her if she was naked and she whispered a yes. I asked her what she thought would happen if she lay with me naked and she looked up and smiled coyly before laying her head on my chest. Well, I know what I wanted and now I knew what she wanted so I made my move.

I lifted her on top of me with one arm. She was light as a feather. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her closer to me. She looked, smelt and felt amazing. Our lips met and hers were the softest I had ever kissed. Her mouth was tiny but she seemed quite experienced and matched me as the kissing intensified and my hands moved across her body feeling every inch.

I slid her off me and then moved behind her, pushing myself into her whilst feeling her breasts and kissing the back of her neck. Her hands moved towards my huge erection but I pushed them away and told her to relax and enjoy my touch. My hands worked their hottest horniest girl on girl fuckiest summer down towards her little pussy and I gently massaged her over her panties.

I could feel them getting damp so I slipped them off her. She was pushing her ass back into my erection so I pushed it between her ass cheeks using her tight butt to slowly masturbate it.

My hands went back to her pussy and soon found her clit. I used a finger to gently press it and each touch brought a soft moan out of Sophie and she pushed harder into me. I was building her orgasm and pushed a finger towards her hole. I had hoped she was still a virgin and as my finger reached her entrance she tensed her body.

I eased away and asked her if she was a virgin. She was shy about it but admitted she was. I told her it was ok and carried on massaging her breasts and clit until she started to come. I increased my speed and soon her body quivered as her first gifted orgasm rushed through her. She squeezed my penis between her ass cheeks and pushed back her head leaving her neck exposed to my kisses. After she had calmed down she smiled and said she had wanted me to do that for her for years.

I told her that was just the start and things would get even better. Moving her hands towards my penis I asked her if she had touched one before. She shook her head and I smiled and showed her how to use her hands properly. Within minutes she was stroking my full length and kissing me passionately. I asked her if she wanted to try giving me a blowjob and her smile gave her away. I had started something with this girl and now she wanted to try everything.

She slid down the bed and stared at my penis for a minute before getting the courage to take it in her mouth. The softness of her lips was amazing and soon she was slurping away. I gave her instructions and told her to lick my shaft from bottom to top and get it nice and wet. It was her first time but she was doing a good job.

Further instructions followed and soon she was sucking the head eagerly and using both hands to wank me. I started to push her head down encouraging her to take more and she tried her best. She slowly increased her speed when I told her to and soon she was going as quick as she could and I could feel my balls tingling. When I looked down and saw my cock filling her mouth I couldn't hold on and warned her I was going to cum.

She dude fucks natural huge tits gfs sis flinched, instead using just her mouth and tongue to work my cock. The sight of her sucking me off had tipped me over the edge and I came in her mouth with her spluttering and still trying to suck it all.

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My last instruction was to swallow my load and Sophie immediately did as she was told. I lay back with her laying on my chest feeling very naughty but very satisfied. She asked me excitedly if I was going to fuck her but I told her there was no rush and we had plenty of time to get to that.

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She was obviously disappointed but I soon cheered her up as I became the first to taste her sweet pussy. I toyed her tiny clit with my tongue, sucking and licking her to an explosive orgasm. She came very heavily and her body shook for the second time as I teased her little bud.

I laid holding her thinking of the mornings activities. I had held off from taking Sophie's cherry today but I knew she would be back and next time she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

After the mornings fun we showered together and Sophie went home. I was still horny as hell when Clare got home and we were fucking as soon as she got thru the door. This was not unusual as her uniform always turns me on and I loved fucking Clare and she never said no.

All seemed well till she commented on how I always gave her an extra good fuck after Sophie had stayed the night. I amateur couple fuck on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg off the comments but was worried that she suspected something.

If Clare found out then I was in big trouble. I had never cheated on her before but Sophie's young pussy had stirred something in me and I wanted more. It was a risk I was willing to take and Sophie's next visit couldn't come soon enough. I thought no more about Clare's comments but thought of Sophie constantly for the next few days.

We didn't see her again for a week but then our little friend was round again asking to stay. She was wearing a summer dress and it floated as she walked in. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss and my erection started straight away. We went in the lounge and I laid on the sofa with Clare and Sophie sat in a chair on her own.

The night was going fine until Clare asked Sophie if she wanted to cuddle up on the sofa with us. It wasn't a big sofa so it was a squeeze but we all got on with Sophie in front of Clare and me behind Clare.

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My mind was going crazy and Clare was rubbing her ass into my crotch. I was pressing into her and enjoying myself and was about to cum when she stopped saying she was too hot so could she swap places with Sophie? So now I had Sophie's soft body pressing into me and she instantly found my erection with her ass as she snuggled in. She was moving the same as Clare but this time I was doing my best to hold on and the agony was killing me.

We stayed this way for a while until the movie finished and Clare said it was time for bed. I had been on the verge of coming for an hour and was still hard when Clare climbed into bed and straight on top of me. We had an amazing fuck that night with Clare being much more vocal than normal.

All the time I was picturing Sophie listening to us and rubbing herself to an orgasm. She was so close! Morning came, Clare went to work and predictably Sophie was soon in my bed rubbing my crotch, saying she heard me and Clare fucking last night and that it was her turn to be fucked now! Very demanding these young girls. Well the time had come and I was going to oblige but on my terms.

I told Sophie to start sucking my dick to get me ready. She was learning quick and soon had me rock hard with her sweet mouth.

I was so engrossed in this I failed to notice that Clare was standing by the door watching what was going on. I jumped up and started to make my excuses but Sophie still had my hard cock in her hand and didn't look like she wanted to let go. As I tried to move away Clare grabbed Sophie's head and forced my cock back into her mouth.

She called her a little slut and told her to finish what she had started. Sophie looked a little worried but got back to sucking and soon after I was blowing my load into her mouth. Eager to leave Sophie got up to go but Clare told her she was going nowhere and if she wanted to play with me then she would have to play with her petite brunette fingers her pussy on coffee table Clare grabbed Sophie and pulled her in for the kiss.

Soon I was getting hard again watching two sexy chicks kissing and touching each other. Clare knew what she wanted and soon had her young friends tongue licking her pussy. Clare ordered Sophie to use her fingers and 3 little digits were sliding in and out at speed. It didn't take long before Clare's orgasm hit her and her juices ran down our teen sluts face.

She pulled Sophie close and licked and kissed her face clean sharing the taste of my her own pussy. I was all ready to join in but Clare made me stay where I was as punishment. She said it was time for Sophie's reward. Clare sat on a chair and pulled Sophie's ass onto her lap. Clare's hands were groping Sophie's young body and soon her fingers had found her tiny clit. She ran her fingers across her slit and pressed her hole finding Sophie's hymen blocking the path. She looked at me and smiled and I knew I was still going to get my first virgin pussy.

This time Sophie didn't flinch and she was ready. Clare continued rubbing her clit and got her to the verge before stopping and calling for me. All this viewing had been amazing but my fantasy was happening without me and Clare took pity on me. She told me to kneel and I positioned myself in front on Sophie's pussy with my tip resting on her wet entrance.

She smiled at Sophie and asked her if she was ready. She nodded and I wasted no time. I eased my cock to her pussy lips and pushed gently. The first inch slid in and pressed into her barrier. I pushed more and felt her hymen split and my cock was sucked in further.

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She let out a squeal and held Clare's hand as I slowly fed her pussy more cock. I had about 4 inches in her and I stopped, letting her tight pussy get used hot teens playing with toys lesbians erotica something new.

I slowly fucked this virgin pussy savouring the feeling. Her pussy was so tight my cock felt like it was being pulled off. Clare had a nice tight pussy but this was something else. I didn't want to push Sophie too far too soon but I could tell she was starting to enjoy the sensation. I started pushing deeper into her tight hole and after a few minutes she was taking my full 8 inches with each push. I was pressing the back of her pussy with every stroke and each time I hit it Sophie let out a moan and squeezed my cock tighter.

Everytime I pulled out, her pussy sucked me back and it was an amazing feeling. As my thrusts got deeper and harder Clare was rubbing her clit and kissing her neck and lips. I couldn't believe what was happening and I knew I couldn't hold on for much longer. I don't usually come inside Clare so I planned on pulling out and coming on Sophie's heaving chest but the tightness of her pussy was overpowering. I couldn't pull my cock out so instead I pulled her closer to me and increased my speed.

All this had pushed Sophie to the edge and her pussy started contracting on my cock. The squeezing did the job and as I shot my load into my first virgin pussy Sophie cried out and squeezed harder than ever.

I kept thrusting, keeping both our orgasms going until it started to hurt and Sophie tried to pull back. I pulled myself out and watched my cum dribble out of Sophie's throbbing young hole. I laid down and got my breath and my two girls cuddled into me. My sexy girlfriend on one side who showed her lesbian ways in spectacular style. And sweet sexy Sophie on the other side. She was new to the game but wanted to try it all. We spent the rest of the night in a sexual frenzy and in the morning sent Sophie home with an aching pussy but a big smile.

My punishment wasn't over tho! Clare turned to me and smiled. And she said "That was amazing. And when Sophie's brother Steven comes home from college. I'm going to suck and fuck him in this very bed.

You had your fun and now it's mine!" I couldn't wait.