Amateur wife shared and used by two guys and gets a double creampie

Amateur wife shared and used by two guys and gets a double creampie
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Jeff and I were great friends. We had grown up together, both were athletic, he was the star quarterback and I wrestled. We always hung out together, dated the same girls, screwed the same girls and pretty much went everywhere together. The one thing we both liked to do, especially growing up in Wyoming, was to go backpacking and camping.

We would usually go with a bunch of our friends but as we neared graduation, decided we would head up together for a week trip before he went to the Air Force Academy and I went into the Marines.

We had planned this trip for months and as it grew nearer, it was hard to want to do anything else. On the four hour trip into the mountains, we were talking about our Senior year and what our futures were. The thought of us not being able to spend time hottie gets fucked on a soft bed brought us down but we soon perked up when Jeff pulled out a Penthouse and started checking out the pics.

It was hard to hide a woody in cotton gym shorts and I thought I had noticed him checking out my package. Now, I had never thought of Jeff in a way other than a great friend, never sexually, but I do admit that he was a handsome guy at 6'1" and 185lbs, blond hair and blue eyes.

So I was surprised to feel myself get a little turned on when I noticed his boner.

He casually placed his hand in his lap and seemed to be lightly rubbing his cock through his shorts. After the pics, he started to read the Forum articles and he seemed to linger on the bi-sexual articles a little longer than normal. I was getting really turned on listening to him read about two guys and a girl getting it on.

By the second story, I noticed his hand was in his pants, slowly rubbing his cock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I couldn't stop staring.

I was staring a little too long because I almost ran off the road. He looked at me and just gave me a sly grin. I was ready for a little escalation in the hijinks, but we arrived at the trailhead. As we started hiking, with him in the lead, I couldn't help but thinking about our car ride and I couldn't help but watching his lithe body hiking in front of me.

By the time we got to our camp it was mid afternoon and we were being threatened by storm clouds. We got soaked setting up our tent and were freezing when we jumped inside. We quickly stripped and tried to get into our bags with out tripping over each other, but the tent was small to save weight and we couldn't help touching naked thighs and shoulders together trying to get warm.

I also saw his cock and was amazed to see how hung he really was. While we were waiting to ride out the storm we pulled out the fuck mags and and a flask on JB's finest to pass the time. After we dried off, it was hard to stay totally in the bag since it was summer and ended up only having the bag covereing our mid sections. I noticed one of his hands disappeared underneath the covers and was work his tool. I was hard as hell and was leaking pre-cum all over my stomach when he slid his leg over and rested it ginger teen what a mess you made against mine.

He was reading the bi-sexual story again and seemed to be stroking it harded each minute.

I was just lying back and had my eyes closed thinking about the two of us in that story banging that chink and each other when I looked over and he was completely uncovered, dick in hand, and his balls slapping his ass working up a sweat. At this point he had stopped reading and was looking at me while his hips were rising into each thrust.

I was somewhat shicked to see him staring at me but I was really turned on as I watched him stroke his cock. It looked a little longer than mine and about the same width and it was glistening with pre-cum. He noticed I coultdn't take my eyes off hottie gets her pussy pleasured by colleague it and he teen pussy fucked beautiful vagina linda joven cogida hermosa vagina my head with his free hand and pulled my face into his lap.

I eagerly came forward and got about 2 inches away, admiring his handywork. He tilted his cock in my direction and pushed my head to where my lips were touching the tip. It was really slippery and slid easily between my awaiting lips.

It was softer than I thought it would be and filled up my mouth quickly. I replaced his hand with mine and grabbed his balls with the other. I was surprised how much I was enjoying it and how well it tasted. It was already pretty slick and while in my mouth got even more so that my hand was gliding up and down the whole shaft.

After a minute or so he started meeting my bobbing with ever increasing thrusts. My other hand continued massaging his balls and I moved my index finger to his hole. As i did so, he spread his legs and made way for me. By now I was practically deapthroating his cock and when I slid my finger in, he damn near gagged me.

I could tell he was going to blow as his balls slowly moved up in his stomach. So I increased my handjob/sucking of his cock and slid two knuckles in his tight ass. He started to moan and I knew I was going to get a mouth full of his man juice. The first spurt hit my throat unexpectedly and made me gag but I eagerly drained his balls of all their juice.

I kept his cum in my mouth as he continued to fuck my face when he grabbed my head and told me to swallow it, which I did. I got up with a big smile and looked him in the eye as he recovered from his blow job. He immediately pushed me over on my back and proceeded to swallow my cock in an even more eager fashion than I did his.

It felt wonderful. His mouth felt so warm wrapped around my cock and he immediately pushed a finger into my asshole. It was a little painful, but once he was in we got a rythym of thrusting into his mouth and then into my ass.

I wasn't able to wait very long since I was so worked up from giving him head and I felt my load coming to the top.

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Just as I was about to blow my load I pushed his head onto my shaft and felt my jism coat the back of his throat. He eagerly swallowed every drop. He pulled his finger out and we rolled over next to each other completely satisfied or so i thought.

It wasn't a 3 minutes before he was rolling me onto my stomach and pulling my ass in the air. He poured some of the JB onto my ass and dove his tongue into my ass. I was in bliss. He shoved his tongue as far as it would go into my ass and I saw him stroking his cock getting ready for what was next. Once he got my ass lubed up he got ion his knees and pushed the tip of his dick onto my hole. I slowly backed into him and after the initial pain, I was riding his cock like I'd been doing it for years.

He felt so good thrusting into my ass with his hands on my hips.

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I knew he was getting close as his tempo increased. Just as he blew his load he buried his cock all the way into my ass and coated me in another cum bath. He wasted no time in getting me in his ass by turning me around and positioning his ass for me. i immediately complied with his wish and rubbed my pre-cum on his asshole and slowly slipped my cock into his tight bung hole. I couldn't believe how tight his ass was and was cumming in no time. We fucked for the rest of the week and filled each other up over and over.