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Trailer compilation part jane cane and wade cane shiny cock films
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Nikki woke on Christmas Eve to the sound of bacon hitting a skillet. Nikki had been sleeping on the couch ever since the family had left. She went to the kitchen and found Drake at the stove. "Morning." Drake said. "I thought we'd have a warm breakfast today." He looked Nikki up and down. "Do you have anything warmer?" Nikki shook her head. "Well," Drake said. "You can borrow something of mine after breakfast." They ate in silence and Drake took Nikki to his room.

He fished around for some pants. "You've never been to a party have you?" "No." Nikki said. "Want to come tonight?" Drake said. "We can get you a festive dress in town. It will be fun." "If you want me to go." "I do." "Okay then." Drake gave Nikki a pair of sweats and jeans and a long sleeve shirt. "I'll wait outside." Drake left and Nikki got dressed. They went to town in a cab. Drake took Nikki to a store full of beautiful outfits.

Drake led Nikki around pulling dresses off the racks and holding tem against Nikki. They soon had a dressing room full of dresses. Nikki began to try them on. She liked a red one that tied i am 12 but wants her neck. She stepped out of the dressing room and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Wow," Drake said from behind her. Nikki stood blushing. "Don't suppose you have any curvy ebony hottie lucy raquel gets doggystyled interracial pornstars bras do you?" Drake asked and Nikki shook her head.

"Do you know your size?" "36c." Nikki said blushing harder. "I'll be right back." Drake left and returned with a red lingerie bra/thong set. Nikki tried them on and was amazed to find they fit. She put the dress on again and opened the door for Drake to give his opinion. "Definitely that." He said "You change and bring those to the front." Nikki found Drake near the register.

He had two boxes there. He paid cash for the clothes and boxes. They returned to the house. Nikki took a shower after Drake and tied Juliette's bathrobe around herself. A woman was waiting. Nikki had never met her.

"Nikki," Drake said. "This is a stylist who used to work for Juliette, but she's agreed to do your hair and makeup. Her name is My exgf gives stripper head in hairsalon reality and blowjob. Lucy this is my date Nikki." "Pleasure." Lucy said.

She put Nikki's hair in a braid down her back. "Such natural beauty," Lucy said. "I think we'll just brighten the eyes and then glitter." Nikki nodded. When Lucy finished Nikki got dressed and Drake brought her red flats to wear with nylons. He was dressed in a green dress shirt and black slacks.

Lucy left and Drake called a taxi to take them to the party. It was fun. Nikki danced with Drake and he held her close. They got home around ten. Nikki changed into a large t-shirt of Drake's and he let her keep his sweats. Nikki fell asleep on the couch again as Drake went to his room. The next morning Drake woke Nikki and gave her the second box he had bout the day before.

Inside was a beautiful ring with a red gem on it. "It's a promise ring and it goes on your pinky." Drake said. "Do you like it?" Nikki nodded. "But I pia moran scandal xxx porn accept it." Nikki said as tears filled her eyes and thrust the box back at Drake.

She ran to the basement and hid under her blankets. Drake walked down after her. "Nikki," Drake said. "Why can't you accept it?" "I'm not Sheryl." Nikki said. "That's a good thing." "But in your journal you said you liked her." "Journal?" "In your desk. I didn't mean to look. The drawer was open and I took it out, I thought it was a school book.

I only read the one entry about you pleasuring yourself to her for the past year. I'm sorry." "Nikki, come with me." Drake led Nikki to the study and he took out the journal. "You should've read a little more." He said and opened it and read.

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"'I want her; I need her to be mine. She was hurt because of me.

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How could I be so stupid? Does she see how I feel? I doubt it. I want her body to mold with mine, but does she want me? How do I know? I cannot have her flesh so I will keep her name, Nikki sealed in my heart.' I want you Nikki, not Sheryl. The night I saw you with my dad I was going to ask you if you thought you might like me. When I saw him hurting you I wanted to kill him. I wanted you to stay mine and only mine, but I want you to want that too." "I do." Drake kissed Nikki as Richard or John had never done.

His lips were soft and tender. Their kiss broke. "Make love to me?" Nikki asked. "Be the first that I wanted." Drake took Nikki to his room and kissed her deeper. His hands removed her clothes and his own. His hands roamed her body. They reached her pussy and he began to finger her. Nikki moaned in pleasure. Drake positioned his hard dick at Nikki's hole. "Are you ready?" he asked. Nikki nodded and Drake fit himself slowly inside of her. He was gentle as he held Nikki and brought her several times to a climax.

"I'm cumming." Drake said. "Me too." Nikki said and they came together. Drake rolled off of Nikki and lay beside her. They smiled as their breaths were heavy. "I love you Nikki," Drake whispered. "I love you, too." Nikki said. They fell asleep in each other's arms.