Close up pussy masturbates for horny latin milf

Close up pussy masturbates for horny latin milf
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I'm leaving the gym and I get a call on my cell phone. It's Mary on the other end and she asks if I could come over this evening and highlight her hair and hang out.

Secure in my manhood and sexuality I agreed to it. I enjoy the artwork involved in transforming someones hair from ordinary to unique. I arrived at Mary's house at 5 o'clock. She introduced me to Jan and Cathy. They were wearing bikini tops and shorts which stirred my cock because their bodies were voluptuous and should have been on a cover of a magazine.

Mary was wearing a loose fit summer dress and as she moved and bent over while getting the hair dye I could see part of her tits. Eagerly awaiting to see her nipples without being obvious my cock started to twitch. It was so erotic because I have never been more than friends with Mary. Mary sat on her chair still talking to her girl friends like I wasn't there.

I was applying the dye in her hair right above her ear and my cock started to throb. She was wearing a new perfume two babes work up a sweat fucking cock completely captured my senses. She was moving her hands describing something and I saw her nipples going in and out of view. I started to feel hot all over and my cock started to grow at an alarming rate. I moved quickly behind Mary to hide the bulge in my shorts.

Jan and Cathy started to giggle and whisper to each other. Which brought my attention to them and losing focus on what I was doing. I dropped my applicator best gloryhole blowjob bailey brookes home alone it bounced under the table. As I retrieved it I noticed them sitting with their legs apart and the loose shorts revealed their wet pussies. Jan had a dark tan with shapely legs and her pussy was neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart right about her pink folds that looked wet and lusty I grabbed the applicator and saw Cathy's pussy was completely shaven, wet and aroused.

I could see her swollen clit. My cock was hard and throbbing as my blood pressure increased. I got out from under the kitchen table after what seemed liked forever to find Mary naked and reaching for my cock, and she passionately started to kiss me. I felt hands removing my clothes and kissing me in places that aroused me even more, until I felt a mouth sucking on my hard cock. I was completely confused and surprised but replied with eager anticipation and passion.

It was Cathy that was sucking my throbbing cock, her tongue was playing with my head, and saying how good I tasted while pumping my shaft with her hands. I lifted Jan and sat her on the table and pulled aside her shorts and kissed her trimmed heart before moving down to her pussy. I licked ever inch of her pussy before I focused on her swollen clit. I was so horny and so hungry for her sweetness I was licking away with fierce desire.

Mary sat next to Cathy and I started to slap her pussy with my fingers before I started to explore this forbidden tropical island full of beautiful women is a dream vacation with my fingers. Cathy engulfed my cock and began to play with my balls. This sent a tingling charge throughout my body causing my cock to erupt in Cathy's mouth.

I ran my fingers into Mary's pussy to lube up my fingers and I started to rub with fast stroked. Jan starts to buck wildly and I grab her hips with both hands. I won't give up licking her clit faster and faster and faster.

I feel her legs clamp around my head with incredible pressure. After Jan releases my head I look up and Cathy is sitting on Mary's face. Jan starts to suck on Mary's nipples.

Mary moans muffled by Cathy's pussy. Mar starts to finer Jan's moist pussy. They were like cats in heat. My cock did not go limp to my surprise it was harder and throbbing more than before. I see three women intertwined in sexual Ecstasy. I though that only happened in the movies.

With Mary's pussy right in my face I had to have a lick of something I had secretly desired to do. I had to quickly to just bend her over and fuck the the shit out of her and feast on her pussy. I dove my face into her pussy. a taste of the fantasy I have always had. I licked long and hard savoring every inch enjoying the sweet scent and taste. I wanted to take my time and enjoy this forever. I slipped my tongue into her pussy and my tongue entered her with no Resistance as I pushed my tongue reaching her inner depths she started to buck and move her hips wildly.

I didn't want her to cum just yet.

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I withdrew my tongue and placed my cock over her clit and started to slide my cock over her clit again and again. As she cried out with an orgasm I slipped my cock past the velvet lips that guarded her treasure.

I could no longer refrain myself and started to pump faster and faster redhead teen with awesome pussy grip fucked by a bbc my balls slapping against her ass. One final push and I came with an ungodly amount of force which triggered her electric orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my ass and she pulled my face to hers and parted my lips with her tongue.

Mary brought Cathy to a mad woman thrashing about until she collapsed and rolled over out of breath. Jan strapped on a rubber cock and eased into Cathy's pussy pumping her hips hard. Cathy hasn't stopped screaming yet. Mary whispered into my eat, I got up and as Jan bottomed out I placed my cock into her pussy.

Mary reached around and played with my balls. The harder Jan fucked Cathy's pussy the harder I fucked hers. Between the screams and moans, Jan had collapsed on Cathy while I pumped some more.

Jan exploded into bliss. I withdrew my cock and turned pushing it into Mary's mouth. I was fucking her face as she she was playing with my balls.

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I could no longer hold back, my legs could no longer hold me up. I fell back onto the floor, Cathy and Jan saw my cum leaking out of Mary's mouth and started to kiss her sharing my cum between wild kisses. After I regained my strength, Mary told me Jan, Cathy and herself started a new FUCK CLUB and I was the newest member. They laughed together.

I asked with excitement in my voice "when is the next meeting"? There was no reply. I took it upon myself and said, steaming hot orgy with luscious sex bombs know how to pick the next meeting". They gave me a curious look. I felt like the stallion of a herd of wild horses. "Bend over who ever I cum in, it will be at their house". They over and wiggled their ass in excitement. I rammed my cock into the closest pussygrabbed her hair and pumped hard until she screamed into an orgasm.

I moved on to the next sweet ass and drove my rock hard cock into her pussy slapping her ass as my balls slapped her clit going faster and faster. I came before her unleashing the last of my cum into her wet moist depths and using up the last of my strength I continued to ram my cock into her until she exploded with words I've never heard before.

I slapped her ass on last time and said your house next Thursday at 5. Mary whimpered saying she didn't get fucked. I pulled my cock out and put it into Marys mouth for her to clean and ordered the first one to dine on her pussy.

I pulled my cock out of Mary's mouth and started to walk towards the shower. I turned around to see all three were in a triangle feasting on each others pussy's. I yelled, "Highlights at Jan's next Thursday at 5", with a boyish grin I entered the bathroom.