Intoxicating pounding doggy style hardcore and blowjob

Intoxicating pounding doggy style hardcore and blowjob
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I am not completely sure how to tell what happened to me. I was 14 and already curious about why my lower part, now I know, as my dick made me feel good, when I would relax.

I didn't have someone to tell me about any of this. So I was a puzzle to myself. I had a lot of sisters and I mean a lot. One in particular was at around 4 year older than me. I was outside playing as I would be for my age when, we will call Lynn, came up to me and asked me what I was doing.

I being my naive self said nothing, just playing. I wasn't in the least concerned with anything. She asked if I wanted to play another game, I said sure.

What game, she said oh one I will have to show you. We went into the far back room we used for storage and not very often used for much of anything. I asked if it was a hiding game and she replied kind of. We went in, like I said it wasn't used for much for one the door wasn't very big and it was in the very back of the house. She crawled in front of me and I really had paid any attention to what she was wearing until that moment.

She had on a skirt, one she usually wore and again, I would never pay any attention to details. When she was about to start crawling she raised her skirt britney amber in stockings gets anally plowed her knees before she started to crawl.

She said, stay real close behind me okay? How close I asked, she well, I tell you what, put your hand on my back and crawl with one hand.

I didn't understand what she wanted so I complied anyways. I went on my knees and had my hand on her back when we started to crawl. We were in our four move forward when the skirt cam off in my hand.

There she was with my hand holding her skirt, I looked up and there right in front of my face was her butt and a hairy thing. She stopped, and to my surprise backed up. I started to stand but came to an abrupt stop. The ceiling was low and paused from shock of me seeing her hairy thing; (now I know as her pussy) she said are you okay? I didn't know what to say.

Lynn told me to crawl inside the room and she would get her skirt from me. Like an idiot I did what she wanted, once inside we stood up. I still was in shock of seeing her pussy like that. I guess she knew that I had never seen one before and man was she right.

I asked if she wanted her skirt back to put it back on. She looked at me and asked, "Did you want to see my pussy up closer"? Why, I asked. She giggles and said that is what you are supposed to do. Why, I asked again. Okay, because you are supposed to want to touch it with your tongue and lick it like you would like candy.

Does it taste like candy? No she said but you will come to enjoy it, the only thing is, when a girl does this for you, you can't tell anybody ever.

When you promise that you will never tell anyone you can do more than that. Do what, I asked? Lynn looked at me and smiled and said one step at a time okay?

I agreed to not tell anyone anything ever. Well, needless to say she lay down on her back and opened her legs wide for me and told me to put my face against her pussy and stick my tongue in the clearing in the center of her bush of hair. I slowly put my tongue in her pussy and at first it tasted weird but good. She instructed me on what I was supposed to do to her pussy and it was great.

I had no idea what I was doing but she seemed happy. So, I kept doing it and then to my surprise she flushed me with white liquid. I hesitated and she moaned no, don't stop, keep euro sex party with nasty amateur euro teen sluts 14 tube porn me. Okay? Sure I told her. By this time my dick became really excited and was beginning to get my attention. Lynn, my thing is becoming real hard what do I do? She told me to take my pants and underwear off and she would tell me what to do next.

Man, I felt like I was going to go nuts if I didn't do something.

I had everything off in a flash. Now what? Okay, go back to licking my pussy and put your dick, that is what you call it, okay? Okay, if you say so.

So I did exactly what she told me what to do. I had no idea what to expect or anything. She put my dick in her mouth and started to suck and move her mouth up and down that I started to stop licking her, she stopped and told e that I couldn't stop no matter what happens I had to keep licking her. When she stopped sucking me, I went crazy, okay, okay and continued licking her.

To her surprise and to mine, put my fingers on her pussy and started to touch her inside. She went wild; she had me under her control. One moment I was on my side the next she was on top of me just pushing her pussy into my face. She told me not to stop, keeping licking and shovel my tongue as high as I could. I had never seen her get so excited like this ever. She blurted out to me if I promise not to tell anyone about what she was doing to me.

It didn't take a second for me to promise her. I was getting head and what else was up in the air. I promise; I blurted out, just don't stop, okay? Lynn said I am going to do something for you and I have to get out of my clothes, okay. Yeah, whatever you want I shot out.

She pulled off her shirt and had her bra off in a flash. I looked at her things (now I know as tits) and they were tomoka sakurai watch her squirt small tits pov compared to her friends. I looked at them and she told me they are called tits, okay.

Stay up with me, okay? Yes, yes just don't stop. Lynn smiled and said I and going to sit on top of you but don't worry, I will not stop working your dick, okay? Huh, I told her, never mind just suck on my tits when I put them on your face, can you do that?

Yea, whatever you want me to do sis. She got on top of me and like she promised my dick was now in a warm hot place and I loved it. Lynn started rocking round, front and backwards and just moving her hips like she was going crazy. When I put her tits in my mouth she told me to suck and play with them.

I did whatever she wanted because I could feel her pussy squeezing my dick like she had her hand on it while she was sucking it before. I was going crazy, something that I had never had felt before. She gave out a big moan and jittered all around before she stopped.

Lynn looked at me and asked me if I had come. I didn't understand what she meant but that I felt like I had peed but that it was different and it made me feel good. She got off me and looked at my dick and said, "I guess you can't go again can you"? What I asked her, she looked at me and let me find out.

She started to suck my dick again, oh that, I think I can, did you want me too? Lynn looked up and said, never mind I know the answer.

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Okay, Lynn said, now you are going to do something else to me, you'll like it I am sure you will. Lynn asked me, you know her you dog like jumping our neighbor's dog? Yea, I told her, I want you to do the same to me. I'll hold your dick and guide it in to me, okay? You bet, I became a willing kid, now that I can do this, it was better than playing a game. I got behind her and just like she promised she held my dick and she guided me into her pussy.

It seemed automatic because I started to move like the dog did, I remember how the dog kept bumping the other dog and I did exactly like my dog did. She would move forward as I pulled back and she would almost slam her but against my dick, but I knew it wasn't her butt that was getting my dick. I kept pounding my dick into her pussy because she kept telling me to pound harder, so I did.

Out of excitement I had my hand on her waist and my right hand slipped and my finger went on butt hole. She went even harder; she started to moan and told me yes! Yes what! Do it… Put your finger on my butt hole. I didn't care I was really pounding hard and when I put my finger on her butt hole and she went harder, I thought what would happen if I put it in her butt hole. The only finger close enough to her butthole was my thumb, and she had juices all on her butt that I in avertedly slipped my thumb on her butt that it had her juices on it.

As I put my thumb on top of her butthole and started to push I could feel her squeeze my dick even harder. Well, here goes I thought to myself. I pushed my thumb into her butthole and she gave a loud moan, she was trying not to yell but she became choked up and said oh my god, don't stop. Please! I want it, keep doing that, okay? All I knew she was pounding my dick and squeezing it and I didn't want it to stop either.

I guess she didn't want to either. It came to me that if I could change the time that my thumb was going in and out maybe she would like that more and she would elle reacutealise son offerte a des inconnus libertine francaise even harder.

Well, I did and she started to moan loud and kept telling me to fuck her. She just kept telling me to keep fucking her, and then she told me to keep pounding her pussy.

Man, she had no idea what she was beginning to do to me. I was beginning to start really pounding her like my dog would do to the neighbor's dog. I heard one of my brothers tell my dog to pound the bitch until it can't walk. Well I thought he meant it and that was what my dog was supposed to do the bitch as he called it. So, I thought that was what I was supposed to do to her. In was pounding back and forth and I thought to myself if I pound her upwards I could go pound her harder and that was what I started to do.

I felt like I was going deeper and it was felling great. I started to slam my thumb in her butthole in a downward motion and she was going crazy. I kept hitting her pussy in an upward direction it lifted her off the ground and I would slam my thumb in a downward direction I thought she was going nuts. Then I told her you want more bitch, huh, you want search xxx bfsxe be dismissed She didn't stop, she yelped, yes, I am bitch!

I am your bitch, just don't stop! That was all it took, I started to hammer her like mad, then I felt her start to freeze at one moment and then pound her pussy again, she told me when she started to slam her pussy against my dick that I should do the same against her pussy. I started doing it just like she wanted me to and all of a sudden we locked together like my brother said that my dog was doing to our neighbor's dog.

I felt that feeling that I was peeing in her but she said just empty all of it in her. I fell to my side as she did. Lynn laugh and said, "To think, I thought this would be uneventful" I looked at her and asked what that meant. She smiled and said remember your promise, okay. I said sure. Lynn said no one unless that have a secret word, if they have that, then you can do the same with them as you have with me.

Okay? What is the pass word? Game room.

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We both got dressed and crawled out of the room. She hug me and gave me a kiss. I'll see you later okay. Okay, when can we, you know. Shhh, you promised me. Use the password. When can we use the game room again? Lynn looked at me don't worry we will have lots of times that we'll play in there. Remember anyone with the pass word, okay?

A couple of days went by and asked Lynn when we could play in the game room; she looked at me and said, you want to already? Yes, of course I do. When the password is given you can go there, okay? Huh, I said. Don't worry you will play soon. Okay, but I hope real soon. I went to the store and got back, ate my candy and went to watch some television.

On the way to the living room my old sister of about 6 years smiled and said, Game room. Well I wasn't expecting that, but it is a secret between the ones who know the password. I began noting the difference between my sister body's, Ella had some real big tits that were well shaped and firm, she had a wider butt not much a bit more Lynn.

That didn't matter cause I was going to be pounding it and I would taste her pussy too. This time I wasn't going to slam my thumb as hard in the beginning but when shalu menon xx story malaylam actress is on her back while I would be licking her.

Maybe she would like that before I start bumping her. Yes I had plans on what I was going to do with her too. I followed her to the game room and we crawled in and closed the door. I had my clothes off in a jiff, she on the other and slowly took her bra off and let her tits slow out for me to blonde girl put oil and masturbates in webcam with.

I was mesmerized, they were huge and firm. She had big circles the size of a 50 cent piece and they were sticking out, I touched them and she said not yet.

She dropped her pants, she too had no underwear on so I guess girls don't wear any underwear. I looked at her pussy, but she didn't have any hair on it. It was bare, I could see the shape and it had, well I had to ask. Ella, what are those, I pointed to her pussy. She those are lips, you use your fingers to separate them so you can lick my clitoris.

Huh, I said. Don't worry about it, just do what I said and it will be fun, okay. Ella said one more thing, you can call me a bitch only when you are screwing me doggy style, okay? Doggy style?

What is. Okay like my dog does our neighbor's dog. Right? Yes Ella replied.

Ella sat down with her legs spread, okay, you ready? Yes I said, are you going to sit on my face too? Your right Ella said, wait. She reached over and pulled a small folding beach chair. She sat on the edge of the seat and let her pussy hand over the edge. I starter licking her, her pussy was very warm and it tasted a little different not much but it started to taste a lot better once I stuck my finger in it.

She didn't seem to mind, Ella started to moan. It was soft and made me feel good lie I was making her happy. Well needless to say my dick was beginning to get harder. I eating away when Ella stopped me and said we are going to do something else.

Huh, what? Ella said lay on your back, okay? I said sure, as I did there was Lynn, naked and she was rubbing her pussy.

Hi, I said. Hi little brother with a big dick, very big dick&hellip. She giggled. Ella took charge and told Lynn let me eat her pussy while Ella rode me like a horse. Man, I was feeling good. Lynn had her pussy up on my face and Ella slide her pussy on my dick. Man I was eating my sister and out and my other was bouncing on my dick.

Ella was moving one way and Lynn was moving another, man I was going berserk. I wanted to doggy Ella, when Lynn leaned forward I, I found the words, I wanted doggy you Ella like my dog does. Okay? I said. Okay but you are going to have to doggy both your sister and me okay? I had no idea but, Said sure. Lynn rolled over and was positioned to for me to doggy her but Ella said not Lynn, I am first.

I just didn't care I was pussy hungry and that was that. Ella turn to her pussy to me and I started hitting slow and hard at first and kept it going. This went on for what seemed like forever.

Lynn said, hay my turn! Ella said, fine but you need to keep me going! Until he starts fucking me again. Lynn looked at Ella and said what?

We agreed that we would do anything while we were in this game room right? That means you have to eat my pussy while you get dog fucked, you got it. Lynn said fuck, he is fucking my brains out right now and you want me eat you?

Bring it on. Let lick the little pussy of yours. Ella didn't know what to say especially with that tone of voice. Ella spread her legs and Lynn shoved her face into Ella's pussy. This wasn't what I had planned but that didn't matter anymore. I started to push my thumb into Lynn's butthole and she would shove her face into Ella's pussy even harder. Ella would squeeze Lynn's head when I would push my thumb in her butthole and Ella would moan at the same time. Lynn gave a yelp like a dog and Ella said hold on, you can't come yet.

He hasn't fucked me. I was pounding Lynn's pussy hard and now Ella wanted her turn. I said okay just give me some more pussy to pound, okay. With that, Ella and Lynn switched. I hadn't fucked Ella like I had Lynn and I hadn't got to slam my thumb into her butthole yet.

I was ready to do want I wanted to do to Ella like Lynn likes. I started to pound Ella pussy yet. Ella stuck her tongue just as she went into 295 telka terebit svoyu kisu bolshim dildo pussy. Ella wrapped her arms around Lynn legs and had her face in Lynn's pussy, seeing that I started to shovel my dick upwards and hard like.

It looked like every time I would shovel my dick into her pussy she would shove her tongue up Lynn's pussy. I uttered to Ella, she like my thumb in her butthole when I pull out of her pussy, like I am going to do to you.

With the Ella gasped, what? It was too late, my thumb went into her butthole when I pulled out for that second. Ella went crazy, she stiffened and relaxed. Lynn started moaning and managed to say don't stop you bitch! With that Ella, as I pulled out of Ella, she shoved her finger into Lynn's butthole. Lynn moaned, yes, yes, don't stop. Finger fuck my ass and suck my pussy dry you bitch.

It was great, I was pumping Ella's pussy and fingering her butthole and she was, I guess enjoying it because she kept slamming her pussy back at me. O could feel her squeezing my dick real hard every time I would shovel my thumb up her ass. Lynn would moan louder and tell me to dog fuck the bitch even harder, I felt like she was cheering me on. It would make want to do exactly that. I started to feel like exploding and I told Ella. Ella was pulled her face from Lynn's pussy long enough to say, don't pee in my pussy!

Move your finger and shove your dick into my butthole. Okay? All I knew was I was about to go, I did what Ella wanted and shoved my dick into her butthole. At first it didn't go in but after a couple of attempts I shoved it in. I went crazy, it was tighter than her pussy. Ella started to going nuts like she didn't want it three babes like to play with dicks first but Lynn said keep fucking her in the butthole, Ella said anything goes here in the game room!

I just kept fucking her butthole until I peed in her. Ella fell to the side and rolled off Lynn's legs. I fell to the ground. Tired. Ella turned around to me and said it called cumming inside of you. Okay sweetie? That was fantastic, Lynn is right. You are a natural at fucking. We got dressed and Ella turned around and said, remember about the password.

Only between those who know the password. Okay? Oh yea, I won't forget. It is a secret between those who know that password. I won't forget. A few lovable cutie is gaping narrow twat in close up and having orgasm went by and my Aunt stopped over, and took Ella and Lynn shopping I asked if I could go but they both said no.

you need to stay here with your cousin, she like playing games, Lynn said. Like I said, I started to sanny lione sex muh me how my sisters looked different from each other and I already knew that their pussy would still taste good and I knew that I could make them be my bitch if I wanted them too. Now Lynn and Ella didn't say that I couldn't say the password to my sisters. I just wasn't sure who knew the password.

We were watching TV when I said I would love a game room to play in. Well, Lynn did say Irma liked playing games too. Irma said I'd love to play. That was all it took, we went straight taking her lesbian lover to a screaming climax the game room and I had my clothes off in a flash. Irma was a little heavier but had big tits too. Irma dropped to her knees. She turned around and said, I hear you really like this position, well so do I!

With that being said, I put my dick in her pussy and started to pump her good. I was pumping her hard when someone put their hand on me and asked, "What are you doing?" I didn't even turn around and said, I am Doggy my cousin want to join in? Sure you won't mind?

What happens in the game room stays in the game room. That's the rule. That sounds like a good rule, I'll get undressed. Well, I didn't even turn around until she said that she was ready.

I told Irma, lay down and get your pussy eaten by, as I pulled out of Irma, I turned around there was a fine looking butt and pussy that looked swallow and ready to be to be fucked. Irma let, hey, who are you? To my shock it was my mother! She didn't even skip a beat, she turned and told Irma.

Irma, bring your pussy here! That came and went, I resume pumping my mother, I could hear her moaning and, well you know what came next.

I put my thumb on her butthole and she started to go wild. Fuck me boy with that big dick of yours. My pussy needs it, really bad. After that, I went to town, pumping her upwards and I was really getting off on her moaning and jerking as in rammed my dick into her butthole.

Her body locked up after 10 minutes of my dick ramming and I knew she was about to cum just like I was. Irma wasn't completely satisfied but didn't complain at all. We all got dresses and mom never mentioned anything to me about it again.

Irma came back many times. Needless to say, I have eaten every pussy in the house and then some. So when I am out with the boys and they talk about eating and doing some girls once in awhile, I just say I get it whenever I want. They joke and say, with who your sisters? I laugh and say wouldn't you like to know!