Pink dildo blonde teen and big cock under shower

Pink dildo blonde teen and big cock under shower
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[this story is a completely FICTIONAL tale. I do not condone child abuse in any way. If you don't like it, there's plenty of other stories out there that might do it for you!! AND this is my first submission to this site, so be easy with the critiques!] 'This bitch kept me waiting over a goddamn hour'. I thought to myself, gritting my teeth in frustration. Another client was late. 'I'm the biggest child talent agency in the world, and these nobodys have the gall to stand me up?!' The thought almost made me sick to my stomach.

'I have produced countless preteen starlets to the world: Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, even that stupid iCarly bitch. Who in their right mind would make an appointment, trying to get their stupid brat a tv show, the little bitch probably can't even act-' My thoughts were interrupted when she burst through the door, her mother clutching her hand.

The mother was old, tired looking, with wiry brown hair and fading brown eyes. Wrinkles permanently etched around her eyes and cheeks gave her a haggard look which made me cringe.

She wore a simple brown top, and jeans with a rip on the side. Not an attractive look on a woman her age, so I assumed it wasn't to be fasionable. 'Poor' The thought raced through my mind the instant I saw them.

Then I looked at the girl. She was a sight. Dark brown hair, like her mothers', but wavy, fresh and full of vibrant color. Perfectly contrasted by her pale skin, not too pale, but a delicate pale, that made you think of flower petals. Her fair skin was set in deep contrast to her bright green eyes. So bright I could not look at anything else but them.

They pierced my soul when she looked up at me. She wore a little pink sundress, no bra, and black mary horny skank pussy and asshole rammed by big black cocks flats. 'Perfection' was the second word that flashed into my head.

Those hypnotizing green eyes must've entraced me harder than I imagined, because the old mother spoke first. "Mr. Donovan I am so sorry. Our car broke down outside of the city, it took us 4 hours to drive here and it just died.we had to take a bus, a-and the damn public transportation is so expensive out here I-" I put my hand up to silence her, and plastered my biggest, fakest smile.

"Oh come now!" I heard my voice say "Things happen, I completley understand." I rose, my sharp black suit and bright red tie complimenting each other nicely. Perfectly shined shoes and slicked back hair completed my look.

I overhear the office women talk about it constantly. "He looks like the devil." The whisper, I try to hide my smile. "You must be Mrs. Grace?" I give my most honest smile, and kneel down to level with the girl. "And who might you be?" Even her name alone screamed out the innocence and purity of a child. She smiled a big smile, her teeth were tiny, but all well intact, and god did her eyes light up when she smiled.

She suck out her hand to shake mine "Nice to meet you Sir, I'm Sophie Grace." I took her tiny hand in mine and shook it firmly. Trying not to pay too much attention to those ravashing eyes, I stook back up and smiled warmly at the mother.

"I've heard wonderful things about your girl, Mrs. Anderson." I motioned my hands towards the two seats across from my desk, and they sat. I slunk into my chair and folded my arms. "Tell me, what is your ultimate goal for little Sophie?" "I'm gonna be a movie star!" Sophie could hardly contain her excitement, she was bouncing in the chair, her long brown hair shaking wildly.

I raised an eyebrow at her "Oh really? And you know you have to work really really hard to be a big movie star, right?" I smiled a devilish smile. 'God if she only knew.' "Oh yes Sir, I'm gonna work real real hard and make everybody real proud of me." She stated naughty teen school girl crystal clark talks dirty to her admirer joi. "That's my girl." I winked playfully at her, and her cheeks flushed a rosy pink and she let out the cutest, most playful giggle I'd ever heard.

My cock twitched in my pants. She was the ultimate. I had to get this bitch mom out of the picture, and fast. "Well Mrs. Anderson we'd like Sophie to get a few readings done without you there, just to test the waters to see how she can fare by herself." I'd hardly even spoken to the mother, but she wasn't the one I was after, so I didn't really give two shits. "My secretary will go over all of the documents and consent forms you will need to sign in order for us to sign your daughter to our agency." I motioned toward the door, and the mother stood.

"Oh, right, okay. Sounds great, thank you so much." She turned to face her daughter and give her a quick kiss on the top of her perfect head. "Go get em girl." Sophie smiled up at her mother, amazing how brave she was, and watched as her mother walked out of the door. "Alright, miss Sophie.

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Come over here please." I motioned her with my finger to come around behind my massive desk. She obeyed immeaditely, appearing right in front of me, beaming up at me with pride and excitement. "Good girl. Now, put your arms out and be very very still, pretend that you are a statue." She giggled that innocent giggle, and did as I instructed.

My smile widened, I loved that about little girls, naive enough to do whatever you asked them to. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to touch her.

I reached forward and put my hands on her small, delicate hips. She looked a little confused, but I was quick to reassure her. "I have to make sure you're skinny, we don't want you to look like a whale on tv." She nodded and remained still. What a good girl she was. Her body felt wonderful. Slim, pure, soft. Everything you'd expect a 9 year old to be.

"Tell me sweetheart, do you want to know the secret to getting a really really big movie star?" My voice was calm, smooth, and dripped slowly from my mouth. "Oh yes please!" She jumped a little, causing her dress to shake and her hair to bounce again.

My hands were still on her hips, I pulled her a little closer, and teased her, shaking my head. "I don't think I can tell you, you might tell someone." She shook her head furiously "No way mister I promise I won't tell ANYONE." I deutsche exfreundin zuhause privat ficken und sperma schlucken again. This was my favorite part. "Well.the only little girls who are allowed to go on TV are the ones that I say.

So, if you want to be on TV, you have to make me happy. And do you know how you're going to make me happy?" I brought one hand up to gently caress one of her straying locks of hair. I twirled it in my fingers, and smiled. "N-no." She stuttered "How do I do that?" Without warning I grabbed the back of her small neck.

My big, strong hands easily gripping it tight. With my other hand I covered her mouth, to muffle out the sounds of any screams or squeals she might have. With my hands wrapped around her head, I pulled her in close, and placed my face right next to her soft, tiny little ears.

"You are going to do everything that I say, and if you don't I will kill you and your mom. Do you understand that Sophia?" I looked at her face. She must have been taken with shock, it takes the younger ones a little longer to come around and fully understand.

She just stared up at me with those amazing green eyes, not saying a word. "Do you understand Sophia?" I asked in a louder, more direct tone. She wimpered a small "mhmmm." through my hands. I smiled and said calmly "Good. Now, I'm going to let go, but you're not going to scream or yell, alright?" She nodded.

And then I saw her big doe eyes filling with tears, it was finally hitting her. A mixture of fear and confusion, being alone with a stranger. I could almost hear her heart pounding faster as I lowered my hands. She was trembling, like a little Chiuaua dog in the snow and trying to sniffle back tears, her eyes never leaving mine.

But she did not make one single sound. It was beautiful. I kissed her forehead. "That is a very good little girl." I smiled and slid my chair back a little.

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I knew we had all the time in the world, her mother was down in the basement of the building, with at least 200 papers that she would be forced to read and sign, leaving her daughter helpless and alone. I slid my char far back enough for her to see a dog cage tucked discreetly under my desk.

The door was facing me, and there was a hole cut through the black steel of the cage. I smiled at her, the pervert in my begging for this to move faster. "Get in the cage, Sophie." I demanded. I wasn't going to sweet talk anymore. She just stood there and wiped her eyes. "I'm not going to ask you again." I said, wanting her to resist even more, just to have an excuse to do what I knew I'd get to do.

She blinked at me with big tears in her eyes and mumbled "P-please.I d-don't wanna." Again I lunged for her neck. She went limp like a wet noodle, and leaned on me for support. Her knees gave out on her, which was fine by me. I forced her brunette teen minx stripping her undies in public down and bent her over my knees.

Her little legs felt so good against me, tiny round bottom sticking up before me. "Sophie. If you're going to be a big movie star, you have to listen to what I say. Is that understood?" No response, just the sounds of a quivering 9 year old on my lap, crying. I lifted her skirt, and pulled down a pair of iCarly underware.

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I smiled to myself, thinking of the other 30+ girls I'd done this to. Her bare ass was in front of me. If you've never seen the ass of a 9 year old before, I highly reccommend it. It's the softest, smoothest, purest thing you'll ever see. Especially a white one. I brough my hand down hard, and felt her body squirm in pain as I slapped her left cheek. "If you're going to be a big movie star you have to listen to what I say." I repeated myself, giving her a slap on the right cheek.

She squealed loudly and her sniffling turned into full on sobs. "Is that UNDERSTOOD?" She wimpered and I couldn't help but rub her ass. It was so soft, delicate and hot from my hands. I could feel the heat radiating off it. I was so tempted to reach my hand down a little further, but I knew it wasn't the time, Real flexi teen doll gets anal fucked tube porn would wait for that treasure.

"I'm going to tell you one more time, little girl." I pulled her up to a standing position. "Get into the cage." She slowly lowered herself to her knees and crawled into the cage. I closed it and locked it, looking down at my prize. Absolutely beautiful. [More to come next time. My hand hurts. Love feedback, let me know what you think!]