Desirable zoey holloway loves to get smashed

Desirable zoey holloway loves to get smashed
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This happened in the late 80's when I was single and always looking to get laid! Miriam worked at a local bank and I would go there to cash my paychecks.

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I had a hot car and I was a little bit of a bad boy back in those days. Miriam at the time was in her early forties. Miriam was a very pretty woman and she had brown curly hair down below her ears and she was thin and always dressed very nicely. Fitting room shop and nerdy girls cumshots xxx one ring to rule them all would go to the window she always worked and we would innocently flirt and I never really expected someone of her social stature to be interested in a young rock and rolling party animal like me but she was very pretty and I sensed a vibe between us so I figured the next week I'd take a chance and see if she was really interested or it was just my imagination.

I did a little checking and was told by quite a few people that asa akira bound gang bang husband was a total asshole and treated her like shit. The next week when I went to cash my check, I put a note attached to my check and it simply said, "I think you're pretty hot, if you want to meet me I'll be at the crossroads at 6:15, meet me there." Anyone who was from the town I was knew that this road was a party and parking road.

Miriam read the note and looked around nervously and smiled. When I got the envelope back with my money she wrote on it, "Maybe." and she smiled as I drove away. My cock swelled and I thought, "Wow, this may be interesting." I pulled in to the spot along the road about 6pm and broke open a Beck's and I waited.

About 25 after 6:00 I figured she decided not to come. I fired up my car and started to pull away when I saw her sporty car coming towards me! I stopped and sat and she pulled up next to me, still dressed in her work clothes. "I'm here" she said with a wry smile. "Ya, me too." I replied. "So hop in." I told her.

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She looked around nervously and said, "You know I'm married right?" "Ya, so what you must be interested or you wouldn't be here." I replied quickly. Miriam smiled again with a look of disbelief and then she said, "I can't leave my car here, someone may see it. I'll meet you at the mall at 8:00, by Sears, ok?" "Sure, 8 o'clock sounds good." I told her. I went to the Mall and sure enough at 8pm sharp she pulled up next to my car. "Get in" I told her and she did! My cock was rock hard, I couldn't believe she actually showed up and was now climbing in to my car.

"I only have about 2 hours until I have to be home." Miriam announced. I drove to a spot and while on the way we talked and she told me how crazy this was, but she was unhappy at home and it had been a long time since she had been with her husband. She told me that she thought about me often and had fantasized about being with me.

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I slowly leaned over and kissed her lips and she quaked with nervousness as our lips touched. We began to kiss passionately and before I knew it her hand was on my cock and mine up her dress. Miriam moaned softly as we kissed and as she unzipped my pants exposing my big hard cock!

Miriam stroked my cock a little and I told her, "Suck my cock." and she smiled again and said, "This is crazy, do you know how long it's been since I've done that?" I just smiled and said, "Go ahead, try it." Miriam moved herself over towards me and sunny leone boob milk xxx my cock in to her warm mouth. She sucked slowly and I played with her small tits as she blew my cock.

It felt great, she may not have sucked a cock for a long time, but she knew how to do it! Soon Miriam's sucking sounds grew louder and I could tell she was enjoying the size of my cock and then she made the comment, "You have a big one, you know that?" as she slurped my hard cock. It was funny, she was shaking as she sucked cock from nervousness I guess, but I knew she was enjoying it to.

I reclined back in my seat as she sucked and gently sucked each of my balls and then returned her hot mouth right back to my cock! It felt great and I knew I was going to cum soon.

I told her that I was about to cum and she started sucking harder and more frantically, almost like she couldn't wait for my cum! I began to cum in Miriam's mouth and she moaned as she swallowed my big load. "You came a lot!" she said. I told her to get out and I met her at the hood of my car and I lifted her up and laid on down on the hood and lifted her dress.

I pulled her cute panties best gloryhole blowjob bailey brookes home alone and exposed her hairy pussy. It was soaked as were her panties! I began to lick and suck her pussy as she scooched around on the hood. Miriam began to cum almost immediately and her moans grew louder as I could feel her pussy pulsating. I unbuttoned her top and sucked her small tits and slide her closer to me. My cock was hard again by this time and I told her, "I'm going to fuck your brains out!" and she smiled nervously again and closed her eyes and kissed me.

I pulled her small hips towards me and rubbed my big cock around her pussy and slowly pushed in to her. Her pussy was incredibly tight and super wet.

My cock began to invade her deeper and she let out a loud moan as my cockhead popped in to her pussy, I grabbed her thin legs and pushed them back towards her chest and began to slowly fuck her with every inch of my cock, all the way in, all the way out! Miriam was moaning louder and louder, "Fuck me, fuck me!" is all she kept saying. I slide my cock all the way in to her and she tightened her pussy muscles and it felt like a virgin pussy!

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Miriam was cumming and nearly crying from the pleasure as my big cock kept pumping her tight pussy, "I'm cumming, I can't stop cumming!" Miriam screamed! I fucked her fast and then I fucked her slowly, her pussy was like a river at this point and I began to really pound her pussy and she screamed louder the harder I fucked her! As I'm fucking her pussy, she managed to say, "You can't cum in me, please don't cum in me!" It was too late, I'd been fucking her for about 10 or 15 minutes and I already decided I was going to cum in her pussy!

gina valentina in latina call for sex know, add some alcohol and you can fuck for along time) I started really pounding her pussy as she moaned in pleasure and I said, "I'm going to cum!" "No, not in me!" Miriam shouted! But I grabbed her hips as tight as I could and I began to shoot another huge load of cum in to her soaking wet pussy! Miriam tried in vain to pull her pussy off my cock, but she gave in and allowed me to fill her pussy and as I did, she kept cumming too!

My cock dumped what felt like a quart of splooge in to her pussy and then got soft as it slipped out of her. My cum dripped from her pussy and on to the hood of my car and Miriam just laid there, somewhere between ecstasy and fright that I had inseminated her pussy for her.

Then suddenly she said, "Your cum felt so good in me!" "You have the tightest pussy I've felt in a long time Miriam!" We got dressed and I drove her back to her car and she kissed me and crawled in to her car, sore pussy and all and drove away.

Miriam turned out to be a real freak as it were, we met many times in the next year or two and fucked, once at her house on the kitchen table! If you like this, I'll tell you some more stories about Miriam.