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Sexy virgin amazing gal does a oral job
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Before I start this story I would like to warn you that this is going to be a pretty dark story. It was the only way that I could get everything I want In the next story to happen. So now that that's out of the way if you want to talk about the story or just "talk" kik me at Gunter1996. Enjoy ;) It was the night after the party and Ross was getting ready for bed. He checked his phone and saw he had several missed texts from Shaun. He tossed his phone on the ground and got into bed. He was just getting comfortable when he heard something hit his window.

He disregarded it thinking he was just hearing things until he heard another one.

He went to go and check it out and saw Derek standing outside his window. "What do you want." Derek called down. "Come on out lets go and have some fun." "Are you kidding me," Ross said checking his clock. "Its almost three in the morning." "So what? what are you, chicken?" "Ok fine let me get dressed really quick." After sneaking out he want around to the back of the house only to find Derek was gone. Ross call his name but got no answer. as he turned to go back in a heavy figure tackled him to the ground causing him to yell.

as he turned around ready to fend off his attacker he only saw Derek sitting there with a grin on his face. "Are you kidding me my parents are asleep right above us!

They would kill me if they knew I snuck out." Ross said angrily. "Don't worry they won't suspect a thing." Derek said walking turning around. "now come with me there is something I have to show you." Derek lead him through the woods, farther than Ross had ever been before. He was starting to get nervous and was about petite asian chic paula shy loves position and doggystyle say something when he started to make out a little wooden shack.

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It was very small and looked like the big bad wolf could blow it sweet babe alica hairy vagina dildo sexy pleasures so Ross assumed that Derek built it. "Welcome to my little corner of paradise." Derek said and led Ross inside. The first thing Ross noticed was the smell, It smelled like sex, drugs, and junk food. He noticed three guys in the room, all of them looked to be at least three of four years older than Ross.

He looked around the room and noticed a few bongs, both straight and gay porno mags, and a couple dildos. "Ross, I would like to introduce you to my friends. There names are Daddy, Big Daddy, and Master.

You will not call them anything else. I have told them about how good of a cock sucker you are and insisted that I bring you here." Ross turned to run out the door only to find Big daddy standing right behind him. "You're not going anywhere until we say you can." And with that Ross was knocked to the ground.

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He tried to get back up but was stopped by someones knee. His arms were forced back so that his hands could be tied behind his back. Tears were running down his face at this point and the one who was introduced as master grabbed his face and licked the tears off.

Ross spit in his face and master took a couple steps back. He got a real mad look on his face and slapped Ross hard across his face leaving the slapping sound echoing around the room. "In case you haven't realized by now this whole thing can go two ways. option one, we all have fun and everyone goes home happy.

Or there is option two, We have a lot of fun and go home happy and you, well hot and naughty british mom fooling around wont have such a good time." Ross at this point has a river coming out of his eyes.

he looked over to Derek and started pleading with him. Derek only looked at him with lust and pulled down his pants revealing his dick. Ross looked around the room and noticed everyone else had done the same. "Get him ready for us Derek." Daddy said. Derek walked up to Ross and keeled down.

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"Please don't do this." Ross pleaded, Only to be slapped across the face by Derek. Ross had never been in so much pain in his life, he didn't even notice as Derek ripped off of his clothing off of him, leaving nothing but rags in the corner." "Prepare me whore." Master said putting his dick right up to Ross's mouth.

Ross was to scared to open his mouth so master grabbed it and forced his whole cock in. It must have been as thick as a fist because Ross's mouth could barely fit that monster in. As he was getting Sex college girls barking seil Dick rammed into his mouth he didn't notice as Derek got behind him and lined his dick up with Ross's hole.

Derek didn't even lube up his dick or give warning as he shoved his whole dick up to the hilt into Ross.

Ross's Screams could have been heard three towns over if masters dick hadn't muffled it. Ross could barely breath from the huge cock in his mouth and the snot and tears running down his. The last thing he could remember was the pain from getting rammed on both sides. Ross woke up laying on the floor naked.

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His hands were untied and everyone had left. Everything that happened the night before hit Ross all at once and he curled up into a ball and cried.

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He sat there for several minutes just crying. Then it hit him that he had no idea what time it was, his parents could be home from work. he knew he had was already missing school but there was no way he was going back looking like this.

He got up and looked for his cloths only to find them all ripped up. He took a few steps towards the door and fell. His legs where extremely weak. He reached between his legs and felt something mushy coming out of his but. He brought his fingers back up to his eyes to find a mixture of cum and blood. It seems all of them had used him as their own personal sex toy while he was out cold.

He got up and headed out into the woods naked. He knew the general direction in which he had to go. But besides that he was just wandering through the forest hoping he found home. he walked for over an hour stumbling over things. he was about to give up and rest for a while when he was a clearing up ahead. as he walked through all the light hit him at once and he got light headed again. He heard someone yell his name but was two tired to recognize or even care who it oral pleasure and vaginal fucking pornstar and hardcore. He fell to the ground as a blurry figure ran up to him.

Just as he was about to pass out again he recognized the voice. The last thing he remembered was being lifted up into the air by the man he once thought he loved. Part seven coming soon.