Gambler teen vinna pays sex to a stranger sex for a ride home

Gambler teen vinna pays sex to a stranger sex for a ride home
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Please view my profile for Chapter 1, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Laura is still in Paris with her boyfriend and his family.

I want her so badly right now, everything is set-up and all that is left is to execute my plan. For that, I need her here, NOW! I'm currently in my one bedroom apartment, flicking through channels until I see something I like. I really should be studying for my Biology Exam tomorrow but I already know I'm going to Ace it. My brains been really strong ever since I was born.

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I could memorize names of all my classmates in one day, I can solve Sudoku in a couple of minutes, and when I look in my textbook, the words and pictures seemed to come from the textbook and jump into my brain.

That's why I want to become a doctor, it's easy, lots of money, guaranteed a job in today's asian slut has a sloppy face fucking economy, but most importantly; nobody would suspect me for anything.

Nobody will know or suspect me to have done all the things I've done to woman over the past few years. I guess I should continue telling you about my rape stories and about my Dark Passenger.

Viewer Discretion is advised. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been almost a week now since I had sex with Kelly. (Read my first story). She never actually called the police or anything about the rape or consensual sex we had. She probably found the letter I left in her cabinet listing her best friends names and address, scaring her from getting anyone else involved. Or maybe she actually enjoyed the rape. Or maybe she knows the police won't be able to find me, leaving her full of shame.

I watched her movements for a week as she threw out all her husbands clothes from her home, she started visiting a office to talk to a lawyer everyday, and hasn't been seen with her husband since I told her about him cheating on her. I took a deep breath as I saw Kelly drive home. She wasn't going to come look after me. If she did, she would have called the police right away.

I had a new victim in sight for tonight. Her name is Emily Leggat. Last week, as I was driving to school when I saw her walking to school and my Dark Passenger whispered to me that she should be my next victim. Whenever I thought of her, my penis would become tingly and I knew I had to get her soon.

For a week, I would leave my home early and watch Emily walk from home to school and watch as she would walk from school to home. She was a shy girl and always kept her head down, rarely talking to anyone, and never noticing amazing babe tempted into threesome sex smalltits hardcore following her. She lived with her parents and two older sisters. Nobody paid attention to her leaving her the perfect victim.

It was Saturday night right now, one week after my first rape. I was in my car outside the Leggat home. At 12:30am, I saw the final light inside the Leggat home go out. I looked at my watch again, it was finally 2:30am. I took a look around, all dark, nobody around. I took out my cell phone, wallet, and put it in my car compartment.

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I grabbed my school bag which contained everything I needed. I took a deep breath. I opened the driver side door and exited my car. I started walking to the Leggat family house. As I was walking, I took out my leather gloves and put on my black mask. I then turned on the night vision on my goggles. I was ready, just like my first rape, everything was going according to plan.

I knew if I entered through the front door, the alarm would sound. I had to climb in through an opened window. I went to the living room window where I expected it to be open a little, it WAS supposed to be open a little just like Mr. Leggat keeps it. But it was closed and locked. "Fuck." I whispered to myself. I had to find another way in. I walked around the house in the dark. The lawn was mowed and very clean. All the first floor windows were not only closed but locked. If I broke in through there, the alarm would definately sound and it would be over for me.

I looked up and I saw something which brought back my hopes. Emily usually kept her bedroom window closed and locked, but today it mom amp sister busting you jacking off taboo joi completely opened.

The weather was beautiful today, with no wind in sight. PERFECT. I started to climb the home from outside, using my legs and hands to lift my body up to the second floor. I had to put my feet on the ledges and I had to pull myself up, but because I was a strong fit boy, it was easy.

(For fat people, this is why you should lose fat and stay strong.) I managed to climb on the ledge outside Emily's window. I took a deep breath and peeked in. It was dark but because of my night vision goggles, I could see Emily fast asleep with her big blanket covering her whole body except for her face. I quietly entered her bedroom window from the outside ledge. I didn't make a noise as I entered. Her room was small, well organized, and very clean. I walked to the side of Emily's bed.

Then I took out my needle which contained M99 Etorphine Hydrochoride. Just like with Kelly, I covered Emily's mouth with my left hand and with a quick swift move, injected her on the neck knocking her out cold with my right hand. My penis started tingling, like a spidey sense. My Dark Passenger wanted me to fuck her now. But I controlled myself and took a deep breath. I walked to Emily's bedroom door, closed and locked it.

I went over to her bedroom window and almost closed it, leaving it open a little. I closed her curtains next. Now to deal with her body. I went over to her body and started removing her clothing.

First her shirt, then her pajamas, and then her panties. I opened my back-pack and took out my rope. I tied Emily's hands to the top bedposts, and her feet to the bottom bedposts spreading her body out completely just like with Kelly. I took out duck tape and placed it over her cute lips. I took out her blanket from her bed and threw it on the floor.

There she was. Emily Leggat, naked and tied up on her bed. Her pale skin seemed to make her invisible when on her white bedsheets. She was really cute and skinny. Her short light brown hair reached up to her shoulders. Her hair was straight but curled up at the end. She didn't have big boobs but she did have little ones which were starting to grow.

Her aerolas caught my attention, they were pink and hard. Her pussy was shaved and I can see her pussy was unopened, untouched. Unlike Kelly, Emily didn't have pussy lips. She was 14 years old, but her body made her look much more younger. My penis wanted her so badly. I took out ammonia capsules and shook it beside her nose to wake her up. Just like Kelly, she looked around and when she saw me, she started violently shaking her body trying to rip out of the ropes.

I waited for Emily to calm down. When she did, she started crying and stared at me. I walked over to her bed and stood beside her. "Listen, I'm going to give you a choice okay?" Emily was crying so much but she managed to look at me and nodded her head. "I'm going to fuck you, whether you like it or not is not your choice." Emily began to try to break free but she was unsuccessful; again. "Listen to the choices. Firstly, your family is okay, don't worry.

I can either rape you in your pussy and ass hole right now if you'd like. OR you can choose choice number two, which is you allow me to have sex with you, you don't fight back, and in return I will untie your legs and I will wear a condom. Okay?" Emily nodded as she understood her options. I opened my penis pocket which unleashed my penis into the world. I took out my uncircumcised now 6 -inch penis and watched as Emily stared at it.

I didn't ask Emily what choice she wanted, because I knew just by looking at her. I climbed on her bed and got in between her legs. There I was, face to face with her pussy. I started untying Emily's legs from the bedpost. Once both her feet were free, she didn't attack me or move them remembering our agreement.

I took out my condom and rolled it over my penis. Then I climbed over Emily's body and used my penis to search for her hole.I had to open her pussy to find it, and when I did, I pushed my penis into that tight cunt while the bbc romemajor fucks petite tattooed yr teen pussy lubricated the way. Emily screamed in pain as I began entering her pussy with my erect penis. I used my hands to hold her stomach, controlling the pace of sex we were about to have.

Her pussy was really tight like this was the first time she was having sexual intercourse. My thoughts were right, as I was pushing my penis further in her pussy, I hit a wall in her pussy known as the Hymen. I knew what I had to do. Emily shook her head as she looked at me, but I was so excited to be taking her virginity. I pulled my penis out a little and with one final push. I shoved my penis all the way in breaking her hymen and pushing my cock all the way inside her body until our pubic bones touched.

I thought I could feel her blood touch my penis but I forgot I was wearing a condom. It felt so tight I let out a moan as pleasure started filling my body up starting from my pecker. I began pulling and pushing my penis in and out, slowly at first, getting faster and faster as time progressed. "Uh, oh ya, oh," was what I was moaning aloud. I loved the feeling inside this girls cunt. It felt so warm and everything felt so wonderful.

My Dark Passenger, my penis, and even myself have gotten what we came for. Emily was crying and most likely in pain. However, With one final push and groan, I pushed my cock all the way inside her pussy and started cumming in her pussy. Emily also groaned under her tape at the same time and I thought I felt her cum as well on my penis which felt so good. I kept my sweet virgin dealing with a massive cock inside of Emily until my orgasm evaporated.

Time felt like it had stopped. It felt so different now then it did when I fucked Kelly. When our orgasms concluded, I began to pull my penis out of her vagina and I saw a sight which I would never forget. The condom had broke. I felt my cum all over my penis, and dripping out of Emily's tight pussy. There was some blood on my penis as I looked so shocked and some wet sticky juices on it as well. I froze and stared at the sight, and do did Emily. We both didn't move. I quickly grabbed my back-pack and took out a mini vacuum from it.

I turned it on and put it inside Emily's vagina, hoping it would help take out all my sperm. Emily began moaning and crying realizing what had occurred.

I pushed the vacuum all around Emily's cunt hoping everything would come out. After 5 minutes, I realized that what happened, happened. I couldn't stop it, or change it. I got off of Emily's bed. "I'm sorry." I said aloud to her. "This wasn't supposed to happen." I opened my back-pack and opened the emergency pocket.

I took out a small plastic bag which had a pill inside. "This is a Plan B Pill" I told Emily as I put the pill under her pillow. "Take it tomorrow morning to avoid pregnancy." Emily's face was all sweaty and tears were everywhere on her face and torso.

I wanted to be with her, maybe stay with her but she'll call the cops. I couldn't go to jail now, not after all this time. I've plans and my future to continue. I took hot girlfriend upskirts her butt tube porn a needle again containing horse tranquilizer and injected Emily with it again.

I prayed she wouldn't become pregnant as I took off the rope holding her hands and removed the tape from her mouth. I started putting her clothes on her body, I cleaned up the mess and I covered Emily with her blanket.

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I took a picture of her as a trophy. Hopefully she'll take the pill tomorrow morning to avoid pregnancy. I opened her bedroom door, I opened her window like how I entered, I took out an envelope which I also put under her pillow and I left the Leggat home the same way I came in from.