Twitter superhead swoonettexxx dick sucking lips and unlimited spit dslaf

Twitter superhead swoonettexxx dick sucking lips and unlimited spit dslaf
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Short Intro. My wife is a asian lady. 39 yrs and im 45. she is about 5'6 and a petite lady. 32b 29 33. long black hair and has a very sweet look. she has never had another man in her life as i was her first man and we got married for 8 years now. I've move to the US due to my work reasons and she is a housewife for time being. We are here about 2 years now.

we met a few of local friends and we have been hanging out. All of them are married and since i love playing golf. we end up hanging alot together. we had alot of gatherings like bbq and some nights out with our spouse and it has been good. However i have this secret in me that i would like a white guy to fuck my wife.

it was not an easy thing to express to my wife as we are a asian couple. swinging or sharing is not common at all in our culture. there is a guy in the group called Mark and he has been the closest to us. i knew he checks out my wife at times and i knew he may be the one.

since im travelling alot. i hope i would be able to get him to company my wife since we are relatively new in the country. it took me alot of planning and at times when he was hanging out with us, i find excuses to leave for russian beauty olli plays with a dildo in a pink nightie and leaving him alone with my wife.

However my wife is a person who only makes love and even not into rough fucking or love getting bang. If you have read my previous stories, how i get wet so horny for fingers would know how tough it was to get her to fuck him.

in a short throwback, Mark told me he has a crush on this lady but she is married.I had a hunch that he was referring to my wife. I encourage him to pursue and fuck her. Married ladies may love good sex with others. When i travel, i told my wife to get help from Mark on anything she needs. I make excuses for mark to fix some stuff in the house in order for him to be in my house when im travelling. it took me 9 months to finally got my wife fucking him. Karyn felt guilty and she confessed to me when it happen after a few rounds and cried.

it took me alot of courage for me to get her to continue and saying i am totally alright with you doing Mark. In fact i love the idea. For marks case, he kept it a secret till i told him i knew he is fucking Karyn when we were playing golf and told him i would love him to fuck my wife as long as he keep it between ourselves and not allowing the entire group of friends to know about it.

he was surely not convinced that i would allow and even felt that it could be a trap. I may beat him up or file for a divorce. he didnt want to break our marriage. In order to prove i meant it. I got them in my house once and i made my wife drank alot of wine. she was really drunk and she excuse herself and went back to the room.

she was totally knock out and i told mark that im hoping he would fuck her and let me watch. we went in to the room and i check her out. She was wearing a button blouse and a flair knee length skirt. she was totally knock out and i lift her skirt up and remove her panties. slowly remove her top and took her bra off.

she was naked on top and her skirt was up to her waist. Mark saw me doing it and I lick her for few mins before asking him to fuck her. I told him i will watch from the walkway as i dont want my wife to know i encouraging mark to fuck her.

he got on to her and started fucking. that was the first time i saw my wife fucked by another man and it is a white guy as i wanted. she was motionless and after a while she start to wake up and Mark told her that im drunk and slept in the living room.

told her to be quiet but Mark didnt stop fucking. It was a lovely sight to see my wife resisting him because im home till she let loose and wrap her legs around him. He even got her on four and bang her doggie style. but that was the old encounter. it went on for few sunny leone new xx story 2019sex stories ful times but they grew apart.

my wife feel bad since Mark is my friend. it took me ahwile before i told her that Mark told me about it and we are both ok about it. In a recent encounter, she fuck him right in front of me after both of us plan it to happen.

Mark was banging her from the back and told me to come over and my wife suck my cock. it was out first 3some. i was so happy and i said it out loud that it was out first 3some. but Mark told me that Brandon. another freind of ours have fucked my wife too and they had a 3some. so it was the second for my wife. I was so horny to kow my wife is wild!

According to Mark. He planned it with Brandon. They were fucking and he signal Brandon to walk into the room.

Mark kept the door open and told Karyn taht no one was home. she was sucking Mark and didnt know Brandon came in. Brandon just join the party and my wife of course was resisting but brandon somehow got his dick inside her from the back and mark keep telling her to continue sucking him.

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She was bit long but brandon was already inside her but struggling to keep his dick in as she was moving. Mark held her head to calm her and told her to continue to BJ him.

and he was slowly pressing her head down to his dick and when my wife bgin to submit. The minute she give in and continue to suck Mark. Both of them knew they had her in the bag. Brandon was quick to insert his dick back into her and start to fuck her in rhythm.Brandon was so excited and happy to know he is finally fucking my wife and he even signalled to Mark by asking him to look at Karyn.

He was still and Karyn as the one pushing herself back and forth to fuck. they knew they have all night from that moment on. she is a very conforming person and always submit filthy babe hels her stud to cum partners. she may not enjoy it but she will do it. He fucked her for quite a while and he stop to lick her from behind. He lick her pussy and even her anus.

she seems to be very stimulated. Mark move away to allow Brandon to fuck my wife. Brandon turn her over and start to fuck her missionary. My wife return with kisses and wrapping her legs around Brandon. it was achievement for them to be able to make my wife behave such a way.

she again apologise but i quickly told her im alright.

My wife is now bit different in bed. Mark is much longer. about 8' probably and im about 5'. he is thick too. I see that my mark is able to slide hot porn and sex storys page 8 dick into my wife all the way in after 2 -3 strokes and he makes sure he fucks her hard and deep.

my wife is a lady that dont moan much but when she was with mark even in missionary, her hands grips the sheets and she moan rather loud. Not painful moans but it sounds like she is finally really enjoying the cock alot.

there was a night where i fucked my wife and she did moan but very soft but she told me it was good. Mark text her shortly after we fucked and ask her if she is free in the morning. she was actually excited sfter talking to him and when i woke up about 9am. i found her not at her side of the bed. i waslk out and found Mark fucking her in the living room sofa. she moan out so differently and even when Mark was cumming, he pull it out but my wife took his cock and insert it back into her.

he continue to pump her and pump a full load into her. I quietly went back upstairs after watching from the stairway and pretending to be still sleeping. she is not a slut yet but she is enjoying real good sex. she came up and lay beside me. i knew what she had done and i turn to her and kiss her.

i began to roll over her and put my cock in. it was full with cum and she was just smiling and kissing me when i fucked her. she hardly moan but she was just going mmm. mmm and i cum in her. i lower myself and i lick her.

she press my head down and told me to lick her well. she was never so dorminant in bed. It feels weird when she held my head to make sure im licking her deep.she was really in a moment and she moan our Marks name! when im done. i ask her if she enjoy Marks cock. she told me taht she is very afraid nowadays as she is craving for marks cock. she told me that mark enjoy me watching them fucking and she ask me if i will do it for her.

she wants me to watch them again. i ask her about Brandon. if she wants to fuck him again. she said, she doesnt know herself but she is willing to do it if Mark wants.

she told me she has a request for Marks coming birthday. she was hesitating to express. i told her i love her and i will do it if she wants. whatever it is. she made me promised her that i will let her know my true feelings aboout her proposal and i mudt tell her NO if i dont want it to happen. I was excited and she was still hesitating. i told her i will tell her the truth bout how i feel of her proposal. she said.

mark wants the others to know he manage to fuck her. its a very difficult for a man to keep it to himself as the entire group do talk about how Karyn will be like in bed. since she is asian.They was talking about her and Mark told them he has fucked Karyn but no one believe him.

so i was curious. i said. go on. she told me that Mark wanted to hold a bbq in his place and invite the gang. mark wasnt to fuck me that day with the group knowing he is actually not kidding about able to get Karyn to spread for him but he wants me to be there and pretending im clueless about what is going on.

Mark plan to get the group to work together for it to happen. He wants the gang to keep me busy as Karyn and mark will go to the bed room and fuck. Mark wants to remove her dress she is wearin that day, he panty and bra and leave it outside the room for the gang to verify that Karyn is 100% naked inside and probably fucking. Mark is also considering putting a webcam angela sunshine 1818 club porr the room to show the everythingbutt james deen ashli orion and kristina rose that he was really fucking Karyn.

They did put a wage about whether he is lying or not. Mark wants to win big time. But it was bit difficult for them to watch them fucking with me around. someone will have to keep me busy. When all is done. karyn will come down and pretend that she dont realize the entire gang knows she is fucking mark.

i ask her how much she want that. she said. it is marks birthday and she wants to do it if i allow. i was bit concern about my reputation but i ask her how much she want to do it. from a scale of 1-10.

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she said 10. i kept quiet and i told her i agree. but i ask for some details. she told me that she could have done that without me around but it will not be so thrilling for Mark. To walk down with a proud face that everyone who doesnt believe he was fucking Karyn to lose the bet.

And to show the gang that my wife enjoys him so much that she will even fuck him even her husband which is me is actually in the house. That will be his Birthday present. she was looking at me with her so much worry i will say No. i saw her excitement and im worry i will lose her entirely. I decided to say yes. Hse smile brightly and kissed me. saying im the best husband.

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I ask her again with some worries about my reputation. what if you go alone to the party. you can still fuck and let mark win the bet. they can watch the webcam. she says. Mark told her that if she comes alone. it makes it very obvious that she is owned by Mark. no excitement for the gang.

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plus the gang may not watch the webcam. they may want to watch them fuck in front of them and probably taking turns to fuck her too. She ask me if i am ok with the gang fucking her? I hesitated. she wants it so bad as if she is brainwashed.

i cant believe how sex can change a person so much. Bit worry about losing her but i still love the idea of Mark fucking her.