Milf slut double penetration and hot tickled illegal street racers get more than they

Milf slut double penetration and hot tickled illegal street racers get more than they
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It had been a few weeks since the tiny cameras I hid in Riley's apartment had given me the opportunity to watch her during her secret escapades. And I had seen beautiful things already. That first time, the morning after she came back from her vacation, had only been the beginning.

No one in their right mind would have suspected the seemingly shy girl to be the vixen she was. For starters, she sabhi heroin ka sex jabardasti to be naked. She walked around the house wearing nothing but socks, or not even those. She watched tv naked, she studied naked, and she had lunch naked.

Sometimes she even left the apartment that way, quickly grabbing something from the kitchen. I could have easily walked out of my place to not-so-accidentally run into her, but I was too afraid she would get startled and stop doing it. So I just watched her through the cameras, one hidden in her bedroom, the other in the living room, or through the one I had pointed at her shower months earlier.

Riley wasn't a nudist as such, for she only undressed for one reason in particular: the strong urge to play. Every nude session was only a build-up to something bigger.

Night after night, she would sit on the couch, either naked or wearing nothing but underwear. Watching tv or fooling around on her phone or laptop, she played. Not all the time, and definitely not as ferociously as someone who was trying to have an orgasm would, but playing it was. Every now and then, she would squeeze her breasts, or run her fingers in between her legs.

She could do that for hours on end, before finally taking out the toy box from under her bed to finish things off. Riley's orgasms were intense, and the massive build-ups she forced herself to have were the main reason. Just when I thought I had seen the true Riley, she surprised me once more.

It was a dreadful autumn Friday, and I coincidentally ran into her when I got home from work. I held the door for her, closed it after her and walked slutty blonde has her wet pussy drilled the stairs behind her.

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The contours of her thong were clearly visible through her white jeans. I wished her a good weekend, entered my apartment and fired up my computer. When the live feed started to come through, Riley was already naked. I had expected nothing less, but this time, she wasn't just sitting around.

She was restless. I watched her walking towards the dinner table, pushing her body into one of the chairs. She humped it, leaning on the table, rocking her hips back and forth.

The following hour, she alternated between sitting lazily on the couch and rubbing herself against the chair, the table, the desk, the corner of her bed, her pillow, and even the wardrobe door.

It was the strangest thing to see, but I couldn't stop watching. After she had stayed put on the couch for a while, she did one of her naked kitchen runs. Returning with two cans of beer, she walked straight into her bedroom. She reached for the box under her bed and got out the pink toy she had used on the day after she came back from her trip.

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When I had found the box, weeks ago, there had been an empty weed bag lying around; apparently, she had replaced it with a full one somewhere in between that day and this. She got it out and started crunching the stuff on an empty pizza box she grabbed from under the bed.

She seemed to suddenly remember the toy lying next to her, because she grabbed it, quickly put it under her and lowered her body over it. There she sat, slowly moving her hips up and down, as her hands started to roll a happy cigarette. She was skilled, even though I had never seen her do it she clearly knew what she was doing. When she was done, she opened one of the beer cans and downed it in an instance.

She started sipping from the next one and walked back to the living room, leaving the toy, the pizza box and the empty can on the bed. I watched her grab a chair and put it away, before walking back to her bedroom, picking up her laptop and placing it on the table.

I couldn't see what she was doing, and it took her a few minutes to find what she wanted, but when she did, I didn't have to see the screen to know she had put up a porn video. She didn't start playing rightaway.

She just sat there, staring at the screen, occasionally running her hand over her body. She sat there until she had finished the beer, then stood up and paused the video. I had never been more tempted to run to the hallway and stumble upon her, but I couldn't risk jeopardizing whatever was about to happen.

Instead, I just watched her enter the bathroom, do her thing, and disappear into the kitchen - the only place I hadn't bugged yet. She returned with a full sixpack of beer and a bottle of white wine, placing them all in arms' reach from her favorite spot on the couch. She made sure everything she needed was right there with her: the drinks, the joint, a glass that had to do duty as an ashtray, her phone, and all festa particular acaba em orgia portugues gostosas of her toys.

Then she resumed the video and sat down on the couch.

She didn't rush things. On the contrary, it took her a good while to even properly touch herself for the first time. I knew it would be hours before she would be fully satisfied, but there was beer in my fridge, cigarettes in my pocket, and tissues on my desk. I was ready for the best show in the world - one that no one was ever supposed to see. When Riley started rubbing herself for the first time in quite a while, I realized she wasn't going to hold back. Perhaps she thought I wasn't home, or maybe she didn't care.

She didn't surpress her moans, she hadn't even locked the door. Instead, she sat back, spread her legs wide and rubbed herself, while her free hand reached for the pot cigarette and, after she had placed it carefully between her lips, for the lighter.

She sucked the smoke into her lungs and held it there for a few seconds, before blowing it towards the ceiling. After every puff, she took a big sip of beer.

She lively and provoking trio sex momsandteens and threesome have done with an extra hand, juggling the cigarette and the can, thus leaving few possibilities to touch herself.

On multiple occasions, I thought I'd go in there and provide that third hand for her - but this entire thing was too perfect to ruin.

When she had finished the cigarette and emptied two more cans, Riley stood up. She didn't seem to stand too steady on her feet (who could blame her?), but she managed to stay upright. For a moment, it looked like she was dancing, but in fact, she had taken hold of the bottle of wine and used her free hand to rub herself.

She walked around the apartment, striper with big boobs porn her living room to her bedroom and back; all the while sipping from the bottle and hiding her hand between her legs. She sat down for brief moments before getting back up again, but never stopped playing as she did. So far, it had just been her hand she had been using, but a short trip to the bedroom later, she had help.

The silver toy wasn't as big as the pink one, but I knew it had rugged edges, perfect for tickling the inside of her body. She pushed it in and out for a while, then left it there as she kept walking. All of a sudden, she sat down on her knees. She placed the wine bottle in front of her and started to suck it, as if it were a long, thick shaft.

She moaned into the bottle as she took the toy out, brought it around her back and gently stroked it between her butt cheeks. Then, with a loud moan I could swear I heard through the wall a second before it came through my speakers, she pushed it inside.

It disappeared all the way into her ass. She didn't move it, she just left it there. As she got back to strolling through her room again, she had to push it deeper inside her every now and then to brunette a gift for her boyfriend amateur it stop slipping out.

She leaned over the table and played another video. From the bedroom cam, I could see her jumping on the bed, grabbing the other two toys and getting back into the living room. She laid down on the couch, her feet kicked up against the wall, her head hanging back and her hair touching the floor. Half of the wine she tried to drink ran over her face and dripped onto the carpet.

Leonie 18 mein erstes mal in den popo tube porn grabbed the pink toy, flicked her nipples with it a few times and slid it inside her. She must have been extremely wet, for it didn't seem there was any resistance whatsoever. She didn't even moan until the very last inch went in. As both her holes were fully filled, she took the third toy - a vibrating one - and turned it on.

I could hear the gentle buzz through the noise of screaming girls coming from her laptop speakers. She licked the tip and put it against the most heavenly spot she could imagine. Now there was moaning, although it can best be described as squeaking. She quickly took another sip of wine before she used her free hand to fuck herself with the pink toy. As she turned, her legs crashed onto the couch. She kept changing positions every few seconds. The toy in her ass fell out on more than one occasion, but she managed to put it back in just as quickly every single time.

After minutes of milling about, Riley let herself slip off the couch. She did the same thing she had been doing on the floor for a while, but then, she stood up. Still filled with two toys and a third vibrating against her pussy, she leaned against the door and rocked her body up and down against it. Suddenly, she threw away the vibrator. I could clearly hear her whisper "no, no, not yet" as she sat down with her back against the door.

She had almost ruined her perfect orgasm, but it looked like she had managed to hang in there. After she had calmed down a bit, she reached for the door lever and opened it.

She leaned in to look whether there was anyone there, and then decided to go for it. On hands and knees, she crawled through the hallway towards her bathroom. She left the door wide open - if I'd have stepped outside, I could have seen the porn video playing, the vibrator - still in working mode - lying on the floor, and the empty beer cans all over the couch. In the bathroom, she pulled out the pink toy and pretended to give it a blowjob until she was done peeing.

She walked back and wanted to go back inside her apartment, but she held still in front of my door. I could see her through her open door and begged every god I knew to make her knock, but she didn't.

She just seemed to listen whether I was home or not. I tried not to make a sound, and was sure I was successful when she re-entered her apartment - leaving the door wide open once again.

She put up a new video and took large sips of wine. As she sat back down on her couch - the normal way around, this time - she continued doing what she had stopped earlier. With her legs spread wide, she fucked her pussy with the pink toy, and fucked her ass with the silver one. The vibrator tickled her pussy lips. She didn't move around any longer, only her hands were moving.

But blonde amateurmom solo in stockings masturbation closeups were moving fast. She was fucking herself harder than many boys her age ever could. I heared her moaning, my door was the only thing that slightly held back the sound waves. Her body started to shake.

It was the sign I had seen many times, indicating she was finally going to let go. Just before she did, I turned off the sound on my computer and walked to the door.

I opened it as slowly as possible, without making any sound. For the first time, I saw Riley naked in real life. Just in time, as it turned out. Usually, when Riley has an orgasm, she chokes for a short while, before letting it all out in quite the explosive manner. This time, however, there was no holding back. The moaning turned into screaming, random curse words came out of her mouth by the hundreds.

She talked herself all the way to the edge and over it. She didn't choke. She didn't hold her breath. She just kept shouting as her body started to tremble. She slipped off the couch, screaming even louder as the toy in her butt got pushed in even deeper when she hit the floor. The orgasm lasted for at least a minute, and all that time she kept pushing the toy inside her and rubbing the vibrator over her lips. When she eventually eased down, her body was still shaking randomly.

She couldn't stand up, but she did manage to raise her body just enough for her hand to hit the space bar on her keyboard. The video stopped playing, and Riley crashed back down onto the floor. There she lied, the vibrator stlil buzzing next to her, the two toys still caught inside. Her chest was the only thing that was moving, everything else was compeltely tired out - or, better: asleep. I waited for fifteen minutes, but when I peeked through my door again, she still hadn't moved an inch.

I quickly grabbed my camera and stepped outside, and into her room. Fast asleep, she had no idea someone else had come in. I walked around the room - nothing happened. I snapped my fingers - nothing happened.

I pulled a hair off of her sweaty face - nothing happened. She had drunk, smoked, and masturbated herself into a deep sleep.

I turned on my camera and started to take photos. Aerial ones of her wet, naked body. Close-ups of her gorgeous, worn-out face, and of the toys inside her. I took shots from every angle, making sure I didn't miss anything. When I was done, I put my camera on the couch and kneeled down next to her. There was no reaction when I touched her belly, or when I ran my fingers over her breasts.

She was way too far gone to notice my hand sliding down her body. Her pussy was still wet, it was warmer than the rest of her. I put my finger against my lips, she tasted like she had just had the greatest orgasm of all time. The room smelled of beer, pot, and sex. That, combined with the view I had, the view of a near comatose girl lying naked in front of me, made me realize I had to do something. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and took out my dick - I was surprised to notice it was fully hard already.

I started stroking it, almost immediately feeling the need to cum. I rubbed it against Riley's legs, over her breasts, over her lips, and against her pussy. My free hand reached down again, gently touching her between the legs without applying too much pressure. Riley's soft sigh scared me to death for a brief moment, but nothing else happened. I had to hurry, though. Kneeling down, one knee next to her and the other between her legs, I started to stroke.

My dick had barely grown to full proportions again when it hit me.

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Wave after wave of cum shot through the air and onto Riley's body. Most of it ended up on her belly and breasts, the final shot dripped down onto her pussy and the toy that was still inside.

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I kept stroking until one last drop hang from the tip. I pushed myself up and held my now half-flaccid dick in front of her face, rubbing the drop of cum onto her lips.

Riley had now tasted me, even though she wouldn't even remotely remember it in the morning. After I was done, I quickly grabbed a towel out of the closet in my chubby mifl gets to taste some cum and wiped Riley's body clean, leaving the bits on her pussy and her lips. I grabbed my camera, took a few more shots just to be sure, and went back to my own apartment.

I left everything just as I had found it, the few drops of cum as silent witnesses of two incredibly strange, yet satisfying orgasms. The next morning, Riley's door was closed. I didn't hear her again until late in the afternoon, when she went to take a shower. I didn't watch, not wanting the previous night's memories to fade. In a way, we were both fully happy: Riley had had the best orgasm of her life - and I had been there to watch it happen.