Horny teen kassie kensington spreads her tasty shaved pussy young old and smalltits

Horny teen kassie kensington spreads her tasty shaved pussy young old and smalltits
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Daddy, I want a boyfriend &hellip.We lived on a farm. I had watched my daughter Brenda grow up. She now had nice tits, a slim figure with long reddish brown hair. She had developed better than her mother.

Beautiful skin and sexy eyes that always smiled at me. It was that time in life when she felt horny and started asking me a lot of questions. She like to hang on me and put her arm around me all the time. &hellip.It was also the time in life when I fought the urges to feel that body of hers. I had to be on alert as she could give me an erection in minutes with her hugs and her hands rubbing on me. She was definitely a daddy's girl. Her mother and I never married and went our separate ways this year.

She stayed with me and helped me run the farm. &hellip.One late evening she came in my bedroom and laid in bed with me. This was a tent alert as she only had on a long nightgown and nothing else.

I was under the covers and had been reading. She smiled an extra sexy smile she had and took my book and set it aside. I raised one knee up to hide my rising erection. She was in a sexy mood and snuggled close to me. &hellip.She had never had a boyfriend as we lived way away from even other farms.

Her mom home schooled her and did a great job. I tried not to look at her sexy body and nice dude assists with hymen examination and penetrating of virgin teen tits, but I wasn't doing a very good job of it.

She couldn't see my eyes so I let them feast on her body. She was just plain horny and pushed her pussy up against my hip. She talked in a low voice about how she like the feel of a mans body on her fingers. Her hand slowly felt my chest. &hellip.It was the most temptation I had ever felt for her and I tried not to react as her hand kept going further and further around my upper body.

I tried changing the subject.

She ignored me. I said: "Let's go watch some T.V."&hellip.she wasn't interested. She wanted kisses from me and began with my neck and then cheek. Her warm breath and little panting noises were pure torture&hellip.well…'pleasant torture' .I have to admit. She took my arm and pulled me, rolling me towards her. I kept my eyes closed and my knee out to block my now full erection.

She quickly slipped her knee under mine and now rested it on my cock. I had to take action to stop this&hellip.but I was in kind of a shock as her hand kept going further.

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Now she started kissing all around my lips, but not on them. I felt my arm move by itself it seemed around her waist. She was hot stunners get fucked in a foursome warm and I felt the shape of her body slightly squirming.

&hellip."Daddy"&hellip.she whispered, "I want a boyfriend." &hellip.I thought I better do something or I'm going to cross the line and be her boyfriend myself&hellip.which the mere thought of, gave me a hot flash. &hellip."Daddy, will you be my boyfriend?" she whispered. I said: "I will always be your boyfriend, but you want a boyfriend of your own, so I'll work on it…OK?" She didn't pay any attention to me as she was kissing my face.

"I want a boyfriend I can have sex with, that I can sleep with all night and we can play with each other all we want. Someone like&hellip.you …daddy." Brenda was thinking&hellip. &hellip.Doesn't he get it…I want him to be my boyfriend. No one will know and we can have a great private time together. He's perfect for me, he has just the things I like.

Maybe if I let my hand go lower and feel around his…Oh my god&hellip.his erection is huge. I just felt it on the back of my hand…I've peeked and seen it before but it was not big like this. I hope he doesn't stop me, I want to touch it all over now.

Oh daddy…let me play please, don't stop me. I bet he likes it, and he not moving me away from him&hellip.ok here goes&hellip.oooooo&hellip.daddy&hellip.your erection is so warm. I have to stroke it a little. I bet he likes it, now just don't stop me daddy, let me play a little please…… Dad…… &hellip.My heart was not ready for this and felt like it was going to explode.

&hellip.I got out of bed and grabbed my robe. Damn she made me dizzy. "One boyfriend coming up" I said. I tried not to dressed hotty sucks well hardcore and blowjob at her.

She lay on her back playing with her hair, and legs spread apart. I couldn't help but see the little dark patch of pubic hire. She just smiled like here it is daddy, come and get it… I left the room but it was like swimming against a tidal wave desire pulling back on me to go have sex with her. &hellip. I had to act fast. I started making arrangements for a boyfriend for her. In the mean time while waiting for him to arrive, she continued to molest me.

I diverted her by having a talk about masturbation. Her mother never talked about sex with her. That night I had her get in bed with me and I showed her how to rub herself and make herself aroused. I had her feel her own tits. She was loving this and squirmed with delight as I coached her.

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I got bold and had her get naked. .My heart again felt like a big drum beating in my chest. She lay beside me smiling big and playing with that long beautiful reddish brown hair. I had her open her legs and feel all the things down there. I had her put a finger in her pussy and feel inside all around. She liked that and made little moaning sounds. I had her feel for her G spot and showed her where to feel.

She found it and now put in another finger in her pussy. I had her take her other hand and feel all around her clit. She jumped with just the right finger rubbing it. &hellip.What a turn on for me. I had a huge tent in my robe it tried to hide and ignore. The was making me tremble is was so hot watching her. I had her continue as her first orgasm began to develop.

I had her close her eyes and think of having sex with the person she wanted to most. That was a mistake as she began to whisper&hellip."oh daddy"…over and over. I watched her squirm and her hips move around as her fingers got the movement going. Her legs opened wide and her little moans got louder…"Oh daddy yes" she kept saying. &hellip.I yong hotty was screwed out side striptease hardcore to leave the room and take a shower.

About 10 strokes and I splattered the shower wall with a mega cum that buckled my knees. It was the best wank of my life as I sank to sit on the shower floor in euphoria.

&hellip. A week went by and her new boyfriend arrived. Of course she was all excited when 'Ken' got here. I introduced them and left them alone on the living room couch. I decided to let nature take it's course. My daddy feelings banging a delicious black ass! like the thought of another guy touching my hot little girl, but I somehow got use to it. I went outside to the shop and tried not to think about what was going on, on that couch.

Later I saw my Brenda's bedroom light go on. .I slowly went to the front door and looked through the glass. The couch was empty. The little bastard works fast I thought. I quietly went in the house and just listened. I could hear Brenda talking to Ken, telling him how handsome he was and all that shit. I was feeling anger that I couldn't be him messing with Brenda. The thought of his hand on her tits was madding.

I wanted to go punch him out and take over getting ready to have sex with her&hellip.but&hellip.I calmed down and felt happy for her. I heard her first moan. . Shit, here came the anger back again. If he hurts her in any way, he'll end up in my fucking hamburger grinder! Damn this was hard to take&hellip.relax…I told myself over and over. Don't listen I said&hellip.fuck…no way &hellip.I had to hear her first sex ever and wish it was me.

&hellip.I laid on the couch and little noises from Brenda's bedroom. Fuck this!&hellip. I went to her bedroom door to listen. I heard her talking so sweet to him and telling how his body felt so good.

Why am I torturing myself I thought, I want to go in there and be him. I heard her say: "Do you want to undress me Ken?" If he says no, he's gay and I'm throwing him out! More moaning a she told him he had nice hands. "Here, let me help you Black guy sex the girl story download I knew just what was happening as I had watched her undress before.

.When she undid her bra, her tits kind of popped out forward, a very sexy movement to watch. I could hear the bed squeak a little as I heard her say.

"Ohhh Ken, you have an erection, I love feeling it." (Probably 2" I thought.) "Ken &hellip.oh Ken…your erection feel good when it rubs on my pussy&hellip.oh god yes&hellip.more more Ken…keep that up baby&hellip.let me guide you Ken…oh…there. Ken you making so hot. I love feeling you in me." &hellip.I heard groaning and grunting sounds as they must be getting it on.

I wanted to leave and not hear this but I couldn't move away. Brenda was a moaner and groaner as the bed began to make noises also. I felt rage against Ken as he was fucking MY daughter……and not me. &hellip.I had to leave and go outside and cool off. That bastard, and I went and got him for her&hellip.but it was just me being an over protective dad. He treated her good. He didn't hurt her and she liked him, so just twboy one gril bad sex use to it, I thought.

&hellip. I had to admit, he was a quiet guy, always respectful, no smart ass talk or dumb brooklyn kinda love playboy tv, but I think he knew I would punch him out at the slightest mistake with my daughter.

&hellip.The next night there he was again. There they were on the couch arm and arm. I went in the den and ignored them. I guess Brenda's giggling was a good sign of happiness. &hellip.Friday was Brenda's birthday. (she would be of legal age) My mind was going around and around with ways to have sex just once, with my daughter. She had Ken now and I let the thoughts slide and went on with life. Friday we did some special celebrating between the three of us&hellip.but damn…she looked do damn hot, my mind wouldn't let go of wanting to have sex with her.

At midnight it wouldn't be incest, just two people wanting sex?&hellip.I pondered. &hellip.At midnight her light was still on and I just knew her and Ken would be fucking. I went for it. .I had on my robe and opened her bedroom door and burst in. There they were. Her naked and Ken in a T-shirt and shorts. She had her arm around him reading him a story from a fuck book.

…… I went crazy. I grabbed Ken around the neck and got him in a head lock. I went to pull him out of her bed and his arm was hooked around the bed post. Brenda yelled: "NO Daddy!" I jerked it out and wrestled him over to the open window. I kicked his ass right out of the fucking window. I dusted off my hands and went over and laid on top of Brenda. She had her hands up to her mouth in shock.

I smiled.

"Ken will be OK, this was all pre-planned sweet Brenda." She slowly began to smile. I said: "It's now our turn to have what we've wanted for so long. Shall I take my robe off?&hellip.or did you want to?" &hellip.A smiling Brenda slowly began to remove my robe. She turned out gunda ceatnap a girl porn story light and I felt her beautiful legs part.

Her moans were for real now. It was a wonderful night. all night&hellip. Brenda&hellip. &hellip.My daddy is so cool, buying me that lifelike doll, 'Ken'. Just wait until the doll I ordered gets here. She's so hot looking, big tits, foam filled and quite fuckable.

I named her: 'Brenda 2'. I pictured a 4 some. We'll just let 'Ken' and 'Brenda 2' fuck all they want while daddy and I&hellip.well…you know&hellip.like on my birthday.