Enlivening beautys taut beaver hardcore and blowjob

Enlivening beautys taut beaver hardcore and blowjob
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Amy and Vivian had not intended to enter the ultimate nightmare of despair that would end in their complete sexual degradation. Their trip had started off with only carefree optimism. The two had decided to visit the far-flung Republic of Argenistan because they wanted to get away and because they assumed that, although corrupt and crime-ridden, that their parents' money would bribe them or buy them whatever they wanted.

Besides, this trip was the final grand adventure between high school and college, and both pampered 18-year-old girls yearned to make the most of it, in no small measure by going to a place that was edgy and exotic.

Cancun? They both scoffed at such a conventional notion. Argenistan seemed to promise genuine thrills, not to emily addison sophia knight tube porn enough of a rugged experience to help keep the parents from wanting to tag along!

So it was that Amy and Vivian began what they thought would be the adventure of their lives. Amy was tall at 5'7, slender yet somehow impressively curved, her blonde hair cut just above her shapely shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled like the open ocean when she saw something she lusted after - which was often. Her soft-spoken manner and shyness only lasted until she got to know you, and then she became the demanding, typically spoiled rich girl.

Her friend Vivian was in some ways the polar opposite. Vivian's body was shorter and stockier at 5'3, her breasts fuller yet just as perky. Vivian's dark hair was the color of a priceless dark wood veneer, and her chestnut eyes glinted with mischief whenever she grew bored, which was often.

She was outspoken and aggressive, even with people she hardly knew. Both girls would soon learn that not all young women could afford to act as they did - and that haughtiness could be a person's undoing.

After arriving on a beautiful spring day, Amy and Vivian rented a car at the Argenistan National Airport and began their drive along the decrepit main highway. The potholes reminded Amy of craters made by meteorites, and there wasn't another soul on the road. They had started feeling uncomfortable at the outset, with the lingering looks the security guards had given them before letting them depart from the airport parking garage. Argenistan might have been a relatively stable country, but it was still ruled by a dictator, and the quietly foreboding atmosphere was not something that the two young women had counted on when they had fantasized about the country's isolated tourist resorts.

Corrupt capitalism was one thing, free speech and real progress quite another. About an hour from the airport the engine in their ancient-looking car abruptly sputtered to a stand-still, and the two girls exchanged nervous glances. "Don't worry, babe. I got this." Vivian whipped out her prepaid cell, and promptly got no signal whatsoever.

She tapped her fingers nervously on the fabric of her short skirt and swore. Soon afterward an army jeep pulled up and two handsome officers hopped out. "Can we help you ladies?" the older man with the neatly trimmed goatee offered, his dark eyes caressing each girl's curves.

Amy nodded, about to say something when Vivian snorted. "Can you? I don't know, CAN you? Are your cars all built as crappy as your roads? What kind of country is this? We are here on vacation, not to suffer in the middle ravishing latina honey has her pussy rammed some shithole!

You get me? Take us to our hotel. We want the White Isle Resort. Do you know where that is or do you even know what GPS is in this godforsaken country?" The officer exchanged a look with his comrade before suddenly pulling out a gun loaded with tranq darts. He quickly shot each woman in the leg. Before they knew what had hit them, both girls slumped to the earth, consciousness dissolving like a dream eaten away by acidic nightmares.

********** Amy awoke first, aware of the kiss of a breeze on her naked skin. Naked? Wait, she WAS naked, completely unclothed. Her wrists and ankles were bound spread-eagled, and she was on a picnic table under the hot sun. A soldier lounged beside her, his handsome face perking up as he saw that she was awake. "Good morning, beauty. You were out for longer than expected, didn't mean to put so much juice in those darts. Now you're awake though, so the fun can begin.

I need to ask you some very important questions, and you best be very, very honest because in my country we do ALL KINDS of nasty things to lying bitches.

Understand?" The sexy blonde felt her heartbeat skyrocket, thundering like a frantic mare inside her chest. She tested out her bonds, wriggling her wrists and ankles, but they were expertly tied, holding her fast. "Please let me go. Why am I naked? Y-you can't do this. Please…What, what questions?" she wailed. "Oh, sorry. Amy, right?" The soldier looked at her driver's license before flinging it to the earth.

"You not be needing that anymore. My name is Karzec. My companion Anatoli is interrogating your friend. Now, I need to ask you some questions. We found traces of illicit drugs smuggled in your luggage when they went through airport security. You want to tell us who you're wild ride by a marvelous ebon hardcore and blowjob the drugs for? Hmm? Speak up, girl. I'm listening carefully." Amy sputtered. She couldn't believe what this idiot was saying.

Drugs? Of course they hadn't brought any drugs in. The naïve girl didn't yet realize that this was all just part of the game, that Karzec had no genuine belief in the words he was saying, that this was all a nightmarish pretext for what was to come.

"I.We didn't bring in ANY drugs. There must be some mistake. You must have gotten someone else's luggage mixed up with ours. When we got our luggage back no one said there was any problem. There weren't any drugs in our bags!" The handsome army officer with the goatee gave her a long look, his eyebrows arching. "Oh really? Then how you explain this, sexy girl?" He hefted her duffel bag, unzipped it and revealed huge sealed bags filled with some kind of white powder.

"We tested it, all positive for drugs, girl. Here I give you the chance to come clean and you lie to me. This is not a good start, sweetie. You know what we soldiers do to haughty young sluts who lie to us and break our country's laws? Hmm?" As the man began to strip Amy's eyes grew bigger and bigger. "What-what the hell do you think you're doing? Let me go!" Amy gaped as the man stripped first to the waist, then out of his boots and pants, and finally discarding even his socks and underwear.

His long, thick, vein-webbed shaft hung like an obscene spear of flesh, and it pointed directly at her prone, naked form.

"What does it look like American cute czech babe gets slammed outdoors for some money I am continuing your interrogation. Upping the ante, as an American gambler would say." The handsome soldier lit a cigarette and took a long pull on it, then dangled the end of the burning cigarette just above the beautiful blonde's exposed pussy.

"You tell me what I want to know now? Who gave you the drugs to smuggle? Yes?" Amy shook her head, her beautiful face contorting with fear. "No! Please stop this. I told you the truth. We didn't smuggle anything!" The middle-aged soldier shook his head. "Too bad, slut. This is what lying gets you." He stabbed the burning end of the cigarette into the sensitive skin just above her pussy.

Amy screamed, writhing on the table as the butt of the cigarette scorched her once-pristine skin. She was still writhing in pain as Karzec flicked the cigarette out of the way and leapt onto the table, inserting his cock between her exposed pussy lips and thrusting in one deep, brutal push while his hands clenched onto her shoulders.

He filled her pussy with difficulty, thrusting his straining shaft into her dry snatch. The girl groaned at the pain of the fullness and friction, whimpering as he slid both hands to her vulnerable breasts, squeezing and groping them with impunity.

"Uh!!! Uh! UH!! Now maybe we get somewhere. With my cock raping your slut American pussy, maybe you talk now, hmm? What's wrong, cunt? Not wet for me yet? We get you plenty wet and dripping soon enough.

For now just lie back and enjoy this. It's paradise compared to what Anatoli and I have in store for you and your friend!" Tears gathered on Amy's face. "No! Stop it! Take it out!" she wailed, her body protesting at this brutal violation. But Karzec ignored the pleas of his alluring captive, thrusting his cock viciously into her snatch again and again and dude bangs hairy pussy busty milf neighbour, reaching down with one hand to tease her clit between fucks just enough to get the tiniest bit of moistness creaming up inside her violated cunt.

After maybe twenty minutes of this rough fucking and tantalizing clit-teasing, the sexy blonde's pussy ached from the vicious coupling, but it was a dull ache rather than a throbbing pain.

Slowly, between Karzec's slimy pre-cum and Amy's primal reaction, an understanding was reached between the invading cock and the pussy it was raping so fervently. Amy looked up at the burning sun, squinting hard before Karzec blotted out her view from above, his face leering down at her as his cock slid once more to the hilt, his entire thickness encased in her helpless sex.

"You getting' a bit slick down there, cunt. Mmm…your pussy likes getting fucked by a real man, not one of those tiny American pricks. Tell me, bitch…you ready to talk yet?" Amy shouted. "NO!" She whimpered then as Karzec covered her cute mouth with one massive hand, shutting her up as he pulverized her loins with thrust after potent thrust, the slapping sound of his testicles joining the cadence of his grunts.

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"Uhhh…you milking my balls like a good little slut. Mmm. You ever wanted to get pregnant, bitch? Maybe soon you get your chance!" Amy shook her head, tears spilling down her cheeks to wet her captor's hand. "Awww, don't cry bitch.

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Vivian, right? Ohh, sweet girl…you think I'm bad, you should see what Anatoli likes to do to women and sexy young girls like you. Your girlfriend will be lucky to survive the night, oh yeah." Amy's slender body squirmed and writhed as the soldier continued to savagely fuck her, pounding her pussy without mercy as her grunts and his mingled in a brutal symphony. ********** Vivian's young, naked body squirmed as she looked down at the hard, sharp edge of the rail that lay just tantalizing inches below her exposed pussy.

Her wrists were chained above her head, and only slits of light filtered through the basement windows. Between her legs sat a "horse" which was nothing more than several blocks of wood lashed together to form a primitive seat with four legs, except this horse was fashioned from sadistic intent, with a sharp metal rail attached to the horizontal board which formed the "saddle," and in the center of the saddle stood a tall, ribbed bright red dildo.

A strong, muscle-bound brute walked in slow, predatory circles around his teenage captive. His grizzled face matched his deadened eyes, shot through with the gray hue of a lifeless winter. "Well bitch," Anatoli said. "Do you feel like talking now or should I lower that pussy onto Big Red and let you feel a huge cock in your pussy?" Vivian turned to Anatoli, her young face mingling with conflicting emotions, fear but also outrage.

"Let me go! You can't keep me here! Where is Amy? What have you done with her?" The Argenistani officer chuckled. Walking up to the pretty brunette, he idly palmed her breasts, squeezing her nipples and admiring the way she squirmed as the buds beaded up, relishing her plaintive moan.

"You had your chance to come clean, bitch. I'll give you one more opportunity to save yourself. The drugs, who gave them to you?" Vivian spat in his face. "I don't know, and you know this is WRONG.

Let us go. Uhhh. Stop!" Vivian groaned as the man clasped her underneath her hips and slowly positioned her pussy above the giant red phallus. "No!" Vivian squealed as Anatoli swiftly lowered her exposed pussy onto the gargantuan shaft.

Her cunt hugged every inch of the invading cock as she groaned with the sense of complete fullness, her pussy assaulted by sensations as she was brutally penetrated by the artificial prick. Anatoli walked over to his "work" table of toys now, grabbing a long, black crop, which he proceeded to swat against her breasts.

"AHhh! OW!" Vivian cried, her body forced to wiggle on the huge red dildo each time Anatoli created a new wave of awful sensations, smacking her chest with the crop as the loud slaps resounded throughout the room with every hit. Pain and tantalizing stimulation akin almost to pleasure shot through her supple cones and throughout the rest of her torso, something strange settling in her pussy, and her sex continued to heat up the longer it engulfed the crimson cock.

Soon the constant cadence of smacks and groans filled the room, and Anatoli watched with a critical eye as the brunette's constant squirms only served to further grind her pussy atop the obscenely long prick. "How does it feel, little American cunt, having a nice, huge cock filling your tight snatch? Does it make you HOT? Hmm?" Anatoli came up behind Vivian, dropping the crop and now cupping her breasts, squeezing them hard like kneaded dough as she groaned.

"Let me go, bastard! You'll pay for this," Vivian huffed. But the foreign army officer smiled, a glacial smile, and his hand dipped down to her pubic muff, yanking at her pubic hair as she cried out.

"AAHHH!" "I have been patient with you, slut, but your verbal antics grow tiresome. You will learn that to obey and meekly submit is your only hope of surviving. We do not treat foreign sluts who try to smuggle drugs into our country with anything approaching mercy. So beware!" After saying this, the hulking brute of a man slipped a finger across Vivian's clit, slowly rubbing back and forth old granny interracial threesome she was unusually comfy with disrobe search protocol and he ordered her to move her hips and grind on top of the big red cock.

Vivian stiffened at the command. "What? No! You can't make me!" vixenx russian cutie gets her ass destroyed hardcore anal sex said.

"Want to bet?" Anatoli hissed. He grasped a wicked-looking knife from the table of toys and came back to her, pressing the flat of the cold, sharp blade against the teenage girl's left breast. Then he lowered the knife, resting the fine point of it against her tiny clitoris. "You want me to cut off your clit, bitch? Or are you going to start humping this cock like a good little slut?" Vivian whimpered, finally seeming to surrender, and moments later her slender nakedness was gyrating, her pussy swiftly pumping up and down the ribbed dildo.

Anatoli gently rubbed her clit with his free hand, watching her snatch writhe on the dildo even as he readjusted his grip on the knife in his other hand.

"Yes, that's a good bitch. Wiggle that ass and impale yourself. Fuck yourself like the worthless fuck-toy you are." He looked into the girl's tormented eyes, relishing the pain in their depths. She was forced to participate in her own rape, sliding her young pussy up and down that demented shaft, and he sensed now that she was well on the way to breaking.

This was what he loved most, breaking in newly captured slave girls. There was nothing else remotely as satisfying. Anatoli leaned over, giving the startled brunette a passionate kiss, filling her mouth with his tongue even as the red dildo ricocheted along the insides of her teenage cunt. Vivian used the leverage of the chains above her head to lift up her slender body and re-impale her intimate sex again and again on the ribbed shaft, moaning as Anatoli deepened the kiss, the invasion of his tongue coinciding perfectly with the invasion of the shaft inside her depths.

Finally, Vivian sighed with relief as Anatoli withdrew, but the man's cruel fingers still rubbed insistently across her clit, stoking her libido like a merciless slave-master as she plunged herself down on it again and again and again, pumping her cunt roughly to swallow up its huge girth and impressive length as her chained wrists chafed against the metal.

Her pussy slowly began to respond to Anatoli's constant attentions, his deft, insistent fingers brushing softly now up and down her clitoris as the stimulation-enhancing surface of the shaft awoke new sensations deep inside her twat -- the ultimate two-pronged attack. The young brunette moaned then, her jaw going slack as she felt shame burn in her cheeks, her nipples hardening as the unexpected arousal surged, unwanted yet instinctual.

"No…Please stop!" Vivian whimpered, but the sound of slickness as her pussy clung to the ribbed shaft, bottoming out with small, squelchy echoes, could no longer be mistaken for anything else. Anatoli watched her intently, his one hand fidgeting with the knife even as his free hand continued to press his advantage, driving her quivering cunt to the brink. He carefully watched the rapid rising and falling of her breasts, the trembling of her slender nakedness as she rode the horse, humping it faster and harder, her body pent-up with need and energy like a taut string.

"Good girl. Keep going…make yourself CUM on that nasty fuck-stick. Let me see you flood it with your juices. You're a real whore, aren't you, just like all the other American cunts we've captured over the years." The army officer's reference to other captured girls made Vivian's chest flutter with a fresh spike of fear even as the arousal in her loins raced toward an explosive finish.

Suddenly it was upon her, like an assassin ambushing someone and cutting a person's throat from behind. Her pussy creamed up furiously, its trickle of juices becoming a torrent down that huge, red shaft.

She squealed as Anatoli dropped the knife, grasping her by the neck in his big fist even as his free hand savagely stroked her exquisitely sensitive nub. "UUUuuuhhhh! Ohhhhh! AHHHH!!! Nooo!" The orgasm tore through her, blossoming through her cunt and the rest of her supple body, erasing all sense of awareness for a cluster of mind-bending seconds. Her snatch spurted so much cum, the girl's fragrant scent filling the room as she shuddered violently on the gigantic crimson cock.

Anatoli watched the beautiful girl's eyelids flutter as her crotch bottomed out on the cruel shaft, her spasms slowly ebbing as her head hung in defeat. The Argenistani officer let the girl catch her breath, rubbing her shapely shoulders from behind as he laid soft kisses along the nape of her neck.

"There, not so bad, was it little cunt? You have a true whore's instinct inside of you. A true slut." His hands slid down to cup the undersides of her young breasts as she stiffened. "Please stop. You've…you've already shamed me. Let me go now. I-I won't tell anyone if you just let me go," the girl wailed.

Anatoli chuckled, squeezing the girl's breasts as she cried out, and then smacked her hard on the ass with an open palm. "Stupid cunt. You should be GRATEFUL for the orgasm I just allowed you to have. Most of my little fuck slaves go weeks between orgasms and recognize such rare generosities for the gifts they are! I see you are still a disobedient slut in denial." He bent over, whispering in her ear.

"That's not a problem though. I have the perfect antidote for uppity young bitches." He abruptly drew away from Vivian and strode up the stairs.

There was the sound of rummaging which Vivian could barely make out, eclipsed only by the thundering of her heartbeat and the strange pulsing in her sore, violated core as she sat impaled on the horse.

'What's he doing now?' she wondered, her fear mounting as the need to pee also began to press in on her. She needed to get off of this cruel horse.

A few minutes later Anatoli came back down into the basement, only now he was completely naked. Vivian gaped at his elongated prick. It was so huge, so rigid with so many veins pulsating on the surface like a cluster of muscular parasites. He opened his palm, revealing two sets of glinting metal trinkets. In his other hand he held a sharp needle and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. "Wh-what are you doing?" Vivian gasped.

Anatoli hefted the two sets of nipple adornments in his hand, letting the dim light glint off their surface. "A stuck-up bitch often needs a permanent 'enhancement' as a reminder that her body is owned and no longer hers.

But, my little slave girl, you cannot say that I am not merciful. I will let you pick. Which one would you like? I think your big tits would look especially seductive with these silver nipple ring hoops. Or would you prefer the gold studs?" Vivian nearly fainted.

The slender brunette began trembling all over again, her naked body suddenly seized by panic. "No! Please, you can't be serious!

Don't pierce my nipples. This is insane! It's…it's torture! You can't do this!" Anatoli put the rings and studs on his work bench nearby and then walked back over to Vivian, giving the girl a soft kiss as she moaned and closed her eyes.

"SSSHHHH, little cunt. It is best you surrender to me now. It will save you much, much pain. Would you resist and ask for worse punishments? Perhaps you would prefer that I pierce your itty-bitty clit too?" Vivian shuddered, quickly shaking her head and sobbing.

"No! Please not that.

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Anything but that." "Then beg for me to pierce your nipples. I want to hear you say it." Anatoli cupped the girl's chin, forcing her to meet his diamond-hard gaze. Vivian's will crumbled, her breasts wiggling as she sobbed and then slowly nodded. "Okay, okay. Just please, not my clitoris.

Don't torture me there. I…Please Sir, pierce my nipples." Anatoli nodded. "Good, good. This is progress. Which kind would you like, slave?" The gorgeous brunette's gaze slid to the two pairs of items, and with a renewed shudder she replied.

"The silver hoops please." Anatoli reached down, indian girl rani fucked by her hubby by the teenage girl's clit. "You will call me Master.

Try again." "P-Please pierce my nipples with the silver hoops M-master." Vivian's rigid body sat atop the enormous cock filling her young pussy, totally helpless and gripped by fear and foreboding at what might come next. Her eyes widened as Anatoli prepped the needle and readied to pierce her left nipple. Not long after the sounds of the beautiful girl's screams clawed through the air.

They could be heard even outside, where they reached the ears of Vivian's fellow captive, Amy. ********** A sexy young blonde grunted each time her rapist thrust his cock balls deep, joining their bodies as one. Amy's breasts jiggled back and forth as Karzec fucked her, pulverizing her pussy with deep, brutal strokes. His hand had stayed clamped over her mouth, stifling her grunts, groans, and pleas for him to stop.

But suddenly a new sound carried to distract both captor and victim from their furious coupling. Amy was aware of what had to be loud, feminine screams coming from the house which sat atop the nearby ridge. Her eyes widened as she realized that despite the high-pitched shrieks, she recognized that voice. No, it couldn't be. It was too awful to consider. That was Vivian! "Uhhh! Uhhh! UHHHH! Your sweet pussy welcomes my shaft, bitch.

And do you hear that? Oh yes, you do! That is the sound of Anatoli's sweet attentions on your girlfriend." Karzec pulled out of Amy temporarily, admiring his long, glistening cock and the pre-cum painting the girl's cunt lips. "Look at you, a filthy American whore about to be filled by some proper, very virile seed.

Enjoy while you can! It will be far better than what awaits you and your girlfriend tonight once we introduce you to our friends from the battalion." Amy's crystal-blue eyes snapped to her captor.

He temporarily had taken his hand off of her mouth, and she took advantage of the opportunity. "Wait! Please Sir, what do you mean?" Karzec's cold grin was filled with malice. "We're going to have fifteen of our comrades come over tonight for a nice, festive rape party. And guess who the two main guests of honor will be? That's right, 'Amy Swift' and 'Vivian Gomez,' two clueless and sexy American tourists who will never be seen from or heard from again." The goateed army officer's gaze smoldered with the promise of sexual degradations to come.

Amy shivered and squirmed as Karzec re-inserted his shaft between her legs, plunging all the way into her damp sex and maintaining a punishing rhythm. As he pounded her, grasping her by the shoulders, Amy tried to blink away the new tears forming in her eyes. "Please Sir, don't give us to those men. Ughhh…" The alluring blonde groaned as Karzec drew almost all the way out of her pussy, then plunged back to the hilt with one savage stroke.

His mouth found hers, kissing her with brutal passion as one of his hands fisted in her now-frazzled hair. He rolled his hips, giving her a burst of short, stabbing fucks. "Mmmmm…You taste so delicious, girl. I bet your pussy juice tastes even sweeter though," he angela sunshine 1818 club porr as he pulled away, looking into her haunted eyes.

"I bet you are wanting to tell me who hired you to smuggle the drugs now, yes? It's on the tip of your tongue isn't it?" Amy moaned, her bound hands clenching into fists as her toes curled. The awful monster of a man was now reaching down and rolling her clitoris between two fingers, squeezing gently and awakening shameful sensations. "Please Sir…Uuuhhh! Don't give us to your men." She shuddered as Karzec sucked on her ear lobe and then continued pumping with swift, sure strokes deep inside her pussy.

"Uh! Uh! You want to be spared the rape party? Ok, bitch, then tell me what I want to know. Who gave you the drugs?" The slender blonde babbled desperately.

"P-Please…oh god, look Sir, Oh god…Uhhh, stop touching me there! Oooohhh!!! Please Sir, just fuck me and rape me and then let me go. I…I won't say a word to anyone. Neither will Viv. I swear!! We don't know anything about the spider caught himself a sexy latin sweetheart hardcore and blowjob drugs. Someone must have planted them. Please believe me!" The muscle-ripped army officer grunted, extending his arms with his palms flat, fingers splayed on the picnic table as he continued to fuck the girl with a constant barrage of thrusts.

His buttocks muscles clenched impressively as the biceps in his arms snapped equally taut. He looked down at the helpless girl spread-eagled underneath him, her golden mop of hair in complete disarray as it framed her finely chiseled nose and flawless face.

He watched those innocent-looking blue eyes go wide with dismay as he groaned a deep, primal surrender, spewing the fruits of his loins deep inside her thoroughly-fucked cunt. Amy's eyes squeezed shut as she felt the man's scalding cum, the pulsating snake of his cock twitching so deep inside her, violating her very core. She had never felt so degraded or alone.

"Please…Uhhhh!" She accompanied her defeated sigh by unclenching her hands, letting her whole body sag lifeless on the table as her rapist looked down at her.

"I have thought about your offer, bitch." Karzec relished this position for a few more seconds, his cock snug in the velvety embrace of the teenage girl's sex.

Then he gingerly pulled out his softening prick, watching as cum oozed from the girl's badly defiled snatch. He gathered up some of the spunk with his fingers and began to spread the gooey substance across her belly and breasts.

"Please say yes. Please let us go," she wailed. Karzec shook his head in mock reluctance. "No, silly little cunt.

I'm afraid we can't let you go. However, I am not an unreasonable man. I can be persuaded to compromise." As the athletic army officer moved with a panther's grace, leaping off the table, Amy swiveled her head to look at him. "What…what do you mean, Sir?" Karzec shrugged. "If you beg me, bitch, if you beg to be my exclusive sex slave and pleasure me from sunset 'til dawn, then I might consider keeping you in my bed instead of handing you out to the men at the party tonight.

How does that sound?" It sounded revolting. It sounded awful. Yet as thoughts swirled in Amy's mind of what worse things could await her at the hands of a dozen or so other rapist thugs just like Karzec -- and, judging from Vivian's screams, possibly worse -- that was enough to put Amy over the edge. The naked blonde swallowed her pride and prepared to say words she had never expected to utter in her entire life.

"Please Sir, let me be your sex police officer gets her pussy screwed by nasty pawn guy tonight.

I will suck your cock and fuck you, whatever you want! I promise to be good to you, Sir." Karzec grunted, his eyes roving over her lushly curved nakedness. He slid a hand across her breasts, which were now sticky and glistening with his pungent seed. One hand slid up to her face, and he cupped her cheek as he stared into her defeated eyes.

"Call me 'Master' from now on. I have one more question. What about your ass, bitch? Will you happily have me rape you anally? Hmm?" A twinge of self-loathing speared through her heart, and through gritted teeth Amy replied, "Yes, S- I mean Master.

Yes, fuck me in my ass too. I will be very obedient to you, Master. A good sex slave in every…every way." Her words softened into oblivion, trailing away as the enormity of what she'd just said hit home.

Her desperate eyes glistened, pregnant with tears as Karzec smiled. "Very good, bitch. I think I really like you. We may keep you and your girlfriend as our sex toys for quite a while. You'll be fun to play with until we tire of you and then, who knows, maybe we'll sell you to the Kazakh tribesmen." Amy's mind swirled with a thousand questions and new fears at Karzec's latest comment.

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'Oh god,' she thought, 'how many helpless young girls has this psycho and his cronies kidnapped, raped, and sold?' Would she soon be nothing more than a statistic, another victim of a sex trafficking ring with no hope of seeing her family again? Doubt gnawed at her as Karzec stroked her despoiled sex, a gleam in his eyes. He put a finger to his mouth, sucking off the cocktail of her fluids tainted by his own cum.

"That's enough talk for now, sweetie. Let's go see how Anatoli is doing with your cute girlfriend, shall we?" Even after Karzec untied her bonds, Amy was too weak and in shock to struggle. Her legs and arms were too stiff to move with the slightest semblance of cohesion anyway.

Karzec proceeded to re-tie her wrists behind her back and attach a black leather collar around her neck, its chain leash dangling between her supple cones. "There, you look like one fine piece of ass with my new collar on. Now come." He yanked her off the table and began leading her toward the decrepit-looking house perched on the nearby ridge. The slender girl stumbled after him, barely keeping her feet as he rushed her along.

She sometimes winced as her bare toes grazed the sharper angles of loose stones. As the naked girl lurched along she could still feel Karzec's nasty jism inside her pussy, its viscous remnants making her feel unclean on a level that touched her very soul. She kept her eyes downward as they moved closer to the house. Vivian's screams grew louder. 'Oh god Viv, what is he doing to you?' Amy thought. As the beautiful young blonde tried to focus on one excruciating step after the next, her captor turned back for a moment, his goateed face transformed by a savage grin.

"You like the cozy little cottage we have set up just for you and your girlfriend, eh? Welcome to hell, bitch. We have so many special games to play with you." Amy felt a surge of despair that seemed to perfectly match her cum-soaked pussy and the feeling of being violated beyond words. Her sex throbbed as she allowed herself to be led by her captor's leash, wondering what new horrors lay ahead. ********** Karzec led Amy into the dilapidated house and down the basement steps, most of the sunlight receding as they entered a gray world of washed-out color.

Vivian's screams had abruptly ended, and yet the silence carried a heavy weight that seemed kin to Amy's deepening sense of dread. The naked young blonde felt her leash tugged roughly as they came to the bottom of the basement stairs, and Karzec swiveled her around to face the two occupants of the dimly lit chamber.

Amy's eyes went wide as she saw her best friend Vivian. The sexy young brunette had her wrists tied above her head to a chain dangling from the basement ceiling. A muscular brute of a man fucked her ass from behind, his hands firmly holding her by the hips as he slammed his cock forward with a savage thrust.

Vivian's breasts glinted with two silver nipple rings which jostled back and forth in tandem with her breasts as they jiggled and swayed with the force of Anatoli's fucks. Amy could see that Vivian sagged, lifeless as a doll, her lithesome nakedness just putty in her rapist's hands. "Vivian! No!" Amy screamed. Lovely harlots have a fun hot sex smalltits and homemade she.dead?

Anatoli grinned at Karzec, his hands groping at the unconscious brunette's perky breasts. "What did you do to her?" Karzec grunted. "The cunt couldn't handle a gentle ass fucking while I tugged on her brand new nipple rings. Bitch passed out on me." Anatoli resumed fucking his lifeless teenage captive, spearing his cock between her shapely butt cheeks with a cadence of loud smacks to signal each time his shaft bottomed out in her tight, puckered hole.

"You monster!" Amy cried. "Leave her alone!" Seeing her friend degraded so completely had set off a surprising burst of outrage and courage in the slender blonde girl. It didn't last long though, and she whimpered when Karzec yanked her leash sharply and barked at her to kneel.

She obeyed and found herself face-to-face with the cock that had so recently raped her pussy. It smelled of salty spunk and the sticky remnants of her sex. "No more talking, bitch. Put your mouth to better use and suck my cock clean." Karzec's glare told her that to disobey would invite punishment on par with Anatoli's treatment of Vivian, so the raped girl readily obeyed. She leaned forward, tracing her tongue around the tip of the man's prodigious cock before taking it in her mouth.

She marveled at the steely-silky texture of the shaft as she cradled the underside of it with her tongue, slurping loudly on the army officer's manhood, smothering it dutifully with her mouth. Her lips pressed in a tight O-shaped seal around his tall shaft, her mouth pumping furiously back and forth as she felt him harden like a slab of granite.

He groaned appreciatively, his hands fisting in her golden hair and holding her head still while he began prodding his penis between her lips, forcing her to take even more of him in, deeper and deeper toward the back of her throat. Soon the naked blonde teenager began to almost gag, Karzec's shaft thrust so far into her mouth that her nose pressed against his pubic hair, his male scent encompassing her as she sputtered and gurgled with that slimy cock half-way down her throat.

"All the way, cunt. Don't you dare pull back," Karzec growled. The cold-hearted captor sighed as he spewed hot flecks of cum into the back of Amy's throat, more spurts of seed gushing into her mouth as he withdrew and spurted a few more generous streams across her face. Warm dollops of jism oozed down her nose and cheeks, even covering one of her closed eyelids as she begged. "Please, no more Master!

Have mercy… Uggghhhh!" Karzec looked at her in disgust. "What a worthless whore. You're a brainless pussy with a pair of tits, aren't you?

Hot slut gets fucked on the boat

Did you not think your Master would want you to try to swallow as much of his cum as possible? Instead you let it go to waste! Bad girl. Slaves who disappoint their Masters deserve to be punished." Amy shivered, goosebumps prickling across her arms and even her breasts.

"No, Master, please! I didn't know." But it was too late. Karzec untied the girl's wrists, but the gesture was only done so that he could now lead Amy on all fours with practiced jerks of the leash, propelling Amy toward her stricken, unconscious friend. She was dragged over to Vivian just in time petite redhead latin teen gets her wet shaved vagina fucked by horny lover see Anatoli plunge his cock into her star-shaped hole.

"Uhhhhh FUCK! Gonna cum deep in your girlfriend's ass! Aaaaaahhhh!!! Ugghhh!!! Anatoli roared, his hands cupping Vivian's mounds as his cock twitched and pulsed. A moment later he growled and shoved his cock balls-deep into her ass once more, erupting with a geyser of seed that flooded her bowels.

Amy watched in disbelief as Anatoli's hips twitched in the throes of his orgasm, the man's head snapping backward as his eyes rolled up in the moment of ecstasy. After a few heartbeats he came back down to earth, his cock sliding free of the girl's ruined ass, a mixture of blood and slimy cum painting the man's shaft, glistening horrifically as he turned to Amy and patted the unconscious brunette's butt cheeks.

"Damn, that was one of the best fucks I've ever had." Karzec nodded. "Glad to hear it, brother. I brought Amy over to be part of the fun.

Her punishment is to clean out her girlfriend's ass." At first Amy could not be sure whether she'd heard correctly. It took a moment for Karzec's sadistic words to sink in.

Did this twisted psycho really expect her to lick another girl's anus or anyone's anus for that matter? Amy began to balk, but as Anatoli lowered the unconscious Vivian facedown to the concrete floor and took her wrists out of the chains, Karzec pushed Amy's face toward Vivian's upturned bottom. "You heard me, bitch. Start licking out that spunk." Amy gaped at Vivian's exposed anus.

The red-rimmed hole looked puckered and sore, wide and distended from her brutal rape. Cum seeped from the girl's ass, tinged slightly with the crimson tint of blood. 'Oh god,' Amy thought. This couldn't be real. She froze up, too revolted to move, but Karzec overrode her reluctance by putting the point of a sharp knife near Vivian's exposed pussy. "You want me to shove this into your girlfriend's snatch?" Amy shook her head violently.

"No, Master! Please don't!" "Then start licking out that ass!" Amy nodded, closing her eyes and shuddering as she leaned forward and tentatively began to flick her tongue inside Vivian's anal opening. The distinctive tang of male cum and something less savory met her palate.

She licked carefully, probing Vivian's opening and trying to imagine that she was merely comforting her friend. Immersing herself in the sanity-saving fantasy, she imagined that each soft stroke of her tongue inside Vivian's raped anus was like a healing balm, erasing the oldnanny granny with pretty girl masturbating pussy with dildo of the trauma. Amy had heard that rape victims sometimes ended up blotting out the worst of their experiences, and she yearned for Vivian to be so lucky.

As she continued licking, tenderly laving Vivian's anal crevice, the alluring blonde felt someone gently nudge a thick, straining cock between her legs from behind.

She had time to gasp before she realized that Anatoli's shaft had already re-energized itself and was even now pushing between her labia. The girl moaned as Anatoli established a rhythm, plunging into the blonde's velvety-tight snatch with the same manhood that had so recently raped her girlfriend's anus.

Amy tried to ignore the assault of stimuli in her teenage cunt, vacuuming up the last vestiges of cum from Vivian's ass. Meanwhile Karzec stood back. The senior officer with the goatee merely stroked his chin and watched the action, his cock slowly climbing back to attention, its veins pulsing until that rigid slab of meat pointed straight up. "Damn…I think she's waking up." The meaning of Karzec's comment soon became more apparent.

Vivian groaned, her eyes fluttering open. Amy didn't want to think about what Vivian was feeling or thinking right now, but she felt her friend stiffen underneath her as the brunette realized that someone's tongue was in her ass.

"Wh-what? Uggghhh!" Vivian said groggily. She turned back and saw Amy's beautiful face pressed against her ass, her tongue dutifully flicking inside her tightest channel.

Understanding dawned on Vivian's face and she moaned as the comforting flicks of the blonde girl's tongue continued to do their tender work. "No, Amy. Ohhhhhhh! What are you doing?" Vivian cried. Between tender licks Amy sighed. "I'm sorry Viv. I had to or they were going to hurt you even worse." Amy jerked as Anatoli's hand slapped her shapely bottom.

"Shut up, bitch. This isn't supposed to be quality chat time between you two cunts. Start shoving those hips back and ramming that sexy cunt back to meet my thrusts. Fuck yourself, bitch." Amy groaned, obeying, roughly throwing her hips back so that Anatoli's cock slammed even deeper into her core.

The slender blonde continued to slam her hips back even as she slurped frantically and tongued the rim of Vivian's ass. Vivan's moans joined Amy's coos as Anatoli's thick cock plowed her womanhood like a jackhammer, plunging savagely into her sore sex again and again and again.

Karzec came over and knelt beside Vivian, looking down at the traumatized girl as he cupped her chin and forced her gaze to lock with his. "You should see this, bitch. It's so hot and fucking sexy, watching your blonde girlfriend frantically licking out your ass while my buddy stretches her pussy with his cock!

Mmmm&hellip. Oh yeah, this is good stuff." Karzec looked over at Amy now, whose moans were gathering steam as she kept throwing her hips back, tossing her pussy back to engulf Anatoli's cock. She surrendered herself to instinct now, deciding that only in simply surrendering would there be any chance of survival, both physically and mentally. Her mind couldn't take any more, so she just let it melt into nothingness and focused on the hedonistic sensations.

The rough, magnificent thrusts of a huge, hard cock raping her young pussy had slowly awakened so many primal shy nerdy girl masturbates under the sheets in pajamas masturbation and masturbating, so many potential sensations. The feminine need to be filled, to be fucked hard by hot coed masturbates her huge pussy lips raging cock, seemed to finally override Amy's sense of decency and even reason.

The teenage captive moaned louder as her captor's penis lanced her young snatch, driving to the hilt as his testicles slapped against the backs of her thighs.

Soon her dripping cunt was welcoming each brutal fuck, clenching up around the girth of Anatoli's shaft. She moaned hungrily now, her head coming up as her jaw went slack, her nipples pebbled with arousal as Anatoli's rigid pole stuffed her full for yet another pulverizing fuck. "Uhhh! Uhhh! UHH!! Damn, this sexy little whore is starting to get off on this.

What the fuck?" Anatoli bellowed. He reached over, cupping Amy's supple breasts, using them for leverage as he began to catapult himself even more savagely into her sex, fucking her with a loud cadence of slaps as their bodies collided again and again and again. "OOoohhhh god…Fuck me, Sir. Fuck my pussy!" Amy wailed. Her body felt a raging inferno inside, everywhere, teeming in her loins, in her breasts, in every last vein.

Her lithe nakedness began to gyrate with uncontrollable energy, her ass wiggling as she took in her rapist's cock, clenching around it tightly with her cunt muscles, cooing more loudly still as she felt her breasts ache with need.

The sexy blonde's slender body seemed to become moldable clay in her captor's hands. Anatoli looked down and saw his huge shaft vanish inside Amy's willing sex, her fragrance coating every inch of his cock in her arousal as her pussy finally gushed. The orgasm was deep and intense as it rocked through the girl's loins, sending her into a sweet abyss as her nipples hardened like pink diamonds, her breasts swaying violently to match the upped tempo of Anatoli's fucks.

"Uuuuhhhhhh&hellip. Ohhhhh…MMmmmm!!!" Amy moaned, her cunt convulsing greedily around the army officer's rigid manhood. The girl's heady orgasm sent Anatoli over the edge not long afterward. The army officer's well-chiseled abs seized up, his biceps rippling as he clenched both hands around Amy's neck, cutting off her air as his testicles emptied their baby-making batter in one giant eruption.

Cum spewed into the girl's already raped pussy, filling it with more spunk than Amy had ever known. She groaned as she felt her insides filled with the hot, sticky fluid. Anatoli's vice-like grip on her neck made her temporarily black out as she fought for breath, but a few seconds later her vision cleared as the darkened smudges slowly receded, that light-headed feeling dissipating as she sighed with relief.

The gorgeous blonde hardcore fucking with lovely adorable chick massage and blowjob realized that Anatoli had pulled out of her and drawn back. She glanced back and saw a long, thick stream of cum oozing from her pussy to form a puddle on the concrete floor.

'Oh god,' she marveled. 'I can't believe all that cum was inside me.' Suddenly Amy had a feeling of being watched, of being judged. She looked forward again and saw the disbelieving stare of her friend Vivian.

Vivian's widened, fearful eyes practically screamed of distrust and betrayal. Vivian had just experienced her girlfriend licking out her ass, doing their rapists' bidding, and now…now THIS. Now she had seen her girlfriend reach a climax while being fucked by one of their captors. Shame blossomed on Amy's face and she opened her mouth, about to try to explain herself, to at least counter the accusation in Vivian's eyes.

But the sense of shame infiltrated everywhere in Amy's mind. The total despair swallowed her up, resignation and defeat embracing her from all sides. 'We do what we have to in order to survive, Viv. I'm sorry, but this is who I have to be. This is what I have to do if we're going to get through this, whether you understand it or agree with it or not.' Those were the words that Amy yearned to telepathically make poor Vivian understand.

As My sister hot friends x story stared sorrowfully at her friend, Karzec picked up the leash and yanked on it. "Turn around, bitch. We have a puddle of cum for you to clean up now.

Spunk makes a good meal, so consider yourself lucky." When would the degradation end? Amy didn't know, but she was smart enough to know that she had to obey, to make the most of it.

To survive. The naked blonde put her mouth to the floor, lapping at the pool of cum that had just recently seeped from her raped pussy. The soft sounds of her licks and swallows filled the momentary quiet as Karzec looked on.

Anatoli knelt beside her, fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples to add to her torment. "Good girl. You're learning, bitch. Maybe I'll put some nipple rings on you next, hmm?" Amy tried to disguise her shudder of panic and fear, licking dutifully at her rapist's cum even as he gently probed her ravaged cunt with two fingers, pumping them inside her, plunging them inside a pussy she could no longer even call her own.

Anatoli looked up as Karzec distracted him from his entertainment. The naked senior officer knelt down beside the beautiful, quivering brunette and grabbed her by the hair, yanking her onto her back. "Watching you fuck the blonde has me hard all over again, brother." Karzec looked over, his eyes fastening on Amy.

Amy's blood turned ice-cold, and she wondered what sadistic thing the goateed man had dreamed up now. "Come over here and hold your girlfriend's wrists down. I want to fill her young pussy with a proper dick." Anatoli meanwhile whispered in the sexy blonde girl's ear. "Do exactly what he says or I'll pierce your girlfriend's clit with another ring." Nodding and crawling over to the now-struggling Vivian, Amy quickly helped the men hold her down, pinning her wrists firmly even as her supple cones loomed above her best friend's face.

"No! Amy, stop! Don't help them, this is wrong!" Vivian groaned. But the gorgeous blonde teenager didn't think she had any real choice. She held Vivian's wrists fast and tried to look away as her best friend's naked body squirmed underneath her with such futility.

Meanwhile Karzec had pushed Vivian's thighs wide open with his knees and settled between her legs as she lay on the floor, his cock-head poised between her delicate labia. From the male perspective that downy, peach-fuzz mound around Vivian's jewel box of a slit seemed to beckon any potential cock with the silent plea 'Fuck me!

Fuck me!' Anatoli stood back and took over the role of spectator as Karzec's muscular figure flew into action, his cock hammering into Vivian's exposed snatch with a mighty thrust.

The girl cried out as her pussy received its first rape. She groaned and squeezed her eyes shut as Karzec set a punishing pace, his shaft pumping hard into the girl's tight passage, fucking her with deep, soul-rending strokes. "Uuhhhh…fuck yes. This little cunt has a real cock-hugging pussy on her. She's the perfect sheath for a man's sword. Oooohhh…yes little bitch. Karzec is gonna get you pregnant in no time, at this rate.

OOoohhhh! My shaft loves your perfect-fit fuck-hole. Mmmm…" Amy watched in humiliating silence, her eyes glued to the awful scene like a scientist horrified yet fascinated by some new mutation. Each time Karzec pulled out of Vivian's sex Amy saw the long, slimy shaft for just a split-second before the cruel army officer slammed it back in with such force that a loud SMACK resounded throughout the basement, his cock vanishing deep inside Vivian's cunt like a missile.

The constant barrage of fucks took their toll on the slender brunette. After several minutes of rough fucking, the teenage girl went limp and simply spread her thighs wider, no longer struggling, just letting the muscular officer have his way with her.

Vivian opened her eyes as Karzec slapped her in the face and ordered her to look at him. "Look at me, bitch. Look into my eyes as I rape your sweet, sweet pussy. I like to look at my bitches and soak up their surrender. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I want to see yours in full submission. So, keep them open and on me!" Vivian groaned, her pussy aching from the constant assault of the cock swiftly plunging into her core.

She looked up and felt fully humiliated when she realized what a front-row seat Amy had to watching her get raped. Vivian's breasts shook, the nipple rings jostling as each of Karzec's impressive thrusts pushed the naked girl's body forward along the floor.

The brunette's cute face was now contorted with accusation as she glanced up at her best friend, the same friend who was holding her wrists fast and helping this man fuck her like an animal. But Viv quickly returned her gaze to Karzec, fearful of the man's possible displeasure. He continued to grunt and growl like a lust-crazed lion as he fucked her without mercy, pumping between her legs with a tireless series of penetrations. He leaned down all of a sudden, kissing her hard on the mouth, nipping at her lower lip as she moaned and simply let him savor her taste.

There was one thing more horrific and unbelievable than anything else though, at least in Amy's eyes as she watched the scene unfold. Vivian's throbbing pussy gradually began to succumb to the continuous assault of sensation, of that thick, long penis ricocheting along the inner walls of her pussy.

Soon there came a dull ache in her loins that slowly gave way to a faint heat, and then that faint heat slowly gave way to the first glimmers of pleasure. Despite the awful circumstances, an ember of Vivian's primal feminine instinct had flared to life.

A slow dawning seemed to fill the girl's consciousness, Amy could see it as Vivian's heart-shaped face slackened, her jaw going limp as her eyes took on a vacant quality the more Karzec's cock made a squelchy-wet noise each time it vanished inside her moistening slit. After another twenty minutes or so Vivian was gritting her teeth, stifling moans as Karzec continued to pummel her tight, fully aroused cunt.

The Argenistani officer had gripped her by the neck with both hands now and was slamming into her snatch at full speed, the obscenely loud smacks of their bodies joining echoing off the walls. Amy watched as Vivian's slender nakedness seemed to tremble and vibrate each time Karzec's cock vanished into her damp heat, impaling her like a spear.

Vivian's hands clenched as she swung her head back and forth with lilting moans spilling from her lips, naughty threesome outdoor with bella and gina so hot to acknowledge the mounting sensations that definitely heralded the unwilling victim's first orgasm while being raped. "Nooo…Stop! You sick bastard, stop it. You're raping me!" Vivian wailed, as if to remind herself of why she needed to resist. But Karzec simply chuckled, fucking her just as roughly, his testicles slapping against the girl's inner thighs as he stroked the undersides of her cheekbones with the pads of his thumbs, grunting extra loud for her benefit.

"Yes…I AM raping you, sweet girl. And your teenage cunt is excited to be fucked by such a worthy cock, is it not?

Do you not feel your insides dripping with the need to CUM on my hard shaft, eh bitch? Surrender to it. Let your body surrender to the hard fucking it secretly wants…and needs!" Karzec kept plowing Vivian's sore cunt for a few more minutes, watching the girl's pierced nipples pucker into hardened little buds as Amy felt an inexplicable heat in her own loins watching her friend get so brutally fucked and aroused at the same time!

'What's wrong with me?!' Amy wondered, new shame compounding the shame she already felt earlier from licking out Vivian's anus and then having an orgasm when Anatoli had fucked her.

There was a sense of triumphant smugness that surged in Amy's heart just now though, bizarre as that seemed. Seeing Vivian's gorgeous body slowly succumb to their rapist's barrage of penetrations made Amy somehow feel less wretched herself.

Amy's own surrender was made less shameful somehow, all because the realization hit her that Vivian was as human and as weak as she was… A man's whisper interrupted Amy's thoughts. Anatoli's scratchy voice, like iron scraping over concrete, tickled her ears.

"Put your pussy on your girlfriend's face. I want your brunette bitch friend to lick out your pussy while Karzec fucks her." Amy shivered at the hideous suggestion, but she also noticed that Anatoli had retrieved a knife and now knelt beside Vivian, putting the blade just below the girl's exposed left breast. "Are you going to listen to me and start riding this young slut's face or am I going to start carving out one of her nipples?" The terrible threat spurred Amy into action, and the slender blonde slowly mounted her friend's face.

"Now tell her to lick your pussy and suck your clit!" Anatoli growled. He also proceeded to shift over, holding Vivian's wrists before she could use them to try to struggle free.

"NO! Amy, what're you doing! Mmppph!!" Brunette girl with anal foxtail protests died in her throat as Amy mounted her face. With shame painting her cheeks a deep, blushing crimson, the beautiful blonde began grinding her hips a little and spoke.

"Lick my pussy, Vivian. Suck my clit. Do it or he's going to hurt you bad! Please do it, sweetie." Vivian squirmed beneath Amy and shouted muffled defiance. When it became clear that the sexy brunette wasn't cooperating, Anatoli grazed Vivian's right breast with his knife, nicking the skin. Vivian immediately flinched, and her tongue began lapping hungrily at Amy's sex. The blonde beauty moaned at the sudden tongue-battering, her moaning intensifying as Vivian's cunt-licking efforts grew even more dedicated.

Soon the blonde was riding her friend's face like a lesbian fuck-slave, her breasts aching with a desire to match the surging arousal deep inside her sex.

"Oh Viv…Oh god!" Amy sighed. She couldn't believe something like this could ever happen, such an intersection of sadism, horror, pain, and pleasure all coming, building to some obscene apex.

Amy's sex soon melted with lust, trickling pungent fluids onto her friend's tongue as Vivian kept slurping loudly at her pussy. Meanwhile Karzec pounded Vivian's tight, silken snatch with more force than ever.

His cadence of grunts had reached a plateau now, and his cock was a straining blur as it slid between the girl's thighs, plunging into her well-lubricated cunt again and again and again.

Each time Karzec's cock slammed into Vivian's sex that loud, wet suctioning sound ensued as Karzec drew his shaft out with an audible POP in preparation for the next savage thrust.

Finally it was too much for the cute brunette. Her young body had had enough, the cock raping her also giving her so much in the way of blessed sensations straight to her acutely sensitive, intimate depths. Her loins burst with pleasure, ecstasy gripping her as tightly as Karzec's grip around the girl's slender neck. Karzec couldn't see the girl's eyes dart wildly as her body shuddered, but the rapist could feel her convulsions as her feminine nectar spewed onto his still-pumping manhood. Vivian's pussy hugged the raping cock with a series of spasms as her muffled cry of ecstasy got swallowed up in the folds of Amy's pussy.

Karzec sighed, groaning loudly as he looked into Amy's eyes and saw her joining him at the pinnacle of orgasm. "OOoooohhhh god! Vivian!!" It was all the sexy blonde teenager could do, cry out her best friend's name as she spurted into Vivian's mouth, drenching her face with so much cum. Amy's breasts flopped up and down as her hips continued to grind at the tail-end of her orgasm, as she rode out the pleasure for as long as she humanly could.

For a few heartbeats she forgot that her friend was lying naked underneath her, being raped, and instead thought only of the delirious sensations consuming her body, taking her to another world. At almost the same time as Amy achieved her rapture, Karzec's eyes snapped shut, every muscle in his torso bunching up, bound tightly as barbed wire as his loins shot forth copious blasts of jism. Karzec's cock twitched and jerked, spewing surge after surge of cum into Vivian's thoroughly raped snatch, filling her up until the excess cum seeped from the seal of her cunt lips hugging his shaft, trickling all the way down to coat his testicles in a mixture of male and feminine fluids.

He looked down, pulling out his semi-flaccid member, and stared at the cream pie he'd created -- Vivian's pussy and cunt lips glistening with his seed. "Get in there and lick that pussy CLEAN, bitch." Amy yelped as Anatoli grasped her by the neck and thrust her to her knees between the thighs of a dazed Vivian. 'Oh god Vivian please forgive me,' Amy begged inwardly as she saw the glistening cum slowly ooze from the inner recesses of Vivian's womanhood, now clinging to her cunt lips in bright, glistening globs.

With a deep tremor of disgust Amy flicked her tongue along one expanse of slimy cum, stroking her tongue along the girl's labia and then swirling it inside her sex to lap up even more of the warm seed. To Amy's shock she found the taste to be not so unpleasant, tinged as it was with Vivian's creamy flavor.

She dutifully licked and slurped audibly on her best friend's sore, raw-fucked pussy, trying to provide comfort in each tender lick as she purged her friend's despoiled slit. After what seemed an eternity Vivian's cunt was 'cleansed,' at least as much as it could be, of Karzec's spunk, and now glistened with Amy's saliva even as Amy continued to lick and kiss, slurp and lave along her girlfriend's soft folds.

The two men sat back, watching their two slave girls. Vivian just laid so still, moaning softly as the naked blonde continued to lovingly eat out her sex. The scar-faced Anatoli turned to his goateed senior officer, and Karzec returned his gaze.

They moved over and sat down along the far wall of the basement, just out of earshot of the two captured girls. "Well, what do you think?" Karzec asked.

Anatoli grunted. "These two bitches are going to be fun to play with. Let's let them rest for the rest of the evening. I was going to suggest we torture their girls shag studs anal with big belt dicks and squirt cum tomorrow. Clit rings in both of them? Some wax torture on their pussies, perhaps in their asses too?" Karzec nodded.

"I like the direction of your thinking. Absolutely. We can decide later whether to use them for snuff videos or sell their cute asses to some high-brow buyers, I suppose.

We'll postpone the rape party until tomorrow night." Anatoli and Karzec gripped hands to seal their agreement, then turned back to watch their frightened slave girls, one giving pleasure to the other. Vivian was staring at her parted legs, her eyes snapping shut as her moan deepened, and the loud slurping-sucking sound of Amy's mouth on her pussy intensified as the blonde gripped her girlfriend by the hips, pulling the brunette's cunt flush against her mouth to better feast on the tiny nerve bundle.

Amy alternated her clit-sucking assault by suddenly spearing her tongue deep between the brunette's lush, swollen lips. Soon Vivian's bottom was pushing forward in fevered bursts as she started to grind her crotch into Amy's face, her own face contorted in a perfect mixture of shame and traitorous libido. "Oh Amy…Uuuughhhh!" Vivian groaned, her nipples beading hard, like tiny thumb tacks, and before she knew what she was doing the young brunette was cupping her own tits, squeezing them as they ached with the same libido that was surging through her loins.

For a moment she even forgot about the nipple rings dangling from her breasts. "Look at these two cunts. They really do love each other," Karzec chuckled. Anatoli's dark smile was his only reply, and Karzec stood up, his shaft erect once more. His growl filled the room like a bear's as he said, "Good work, blonde slut. Keep feasting on your girlfriend's pussy. I want to see your face and chin glistening with her cunt cream. Come on, hurry up!" The man picked up a crop to provide that extra dose of motivation.

As he smacked the end of the riding crop against Amy's perfectly sculpted ass cheeks he saw Vivian's body tremble and squirm, meanwhile relishing Amy's startled 'Mmmpph!' as the studded end bit into her skin.

Amy's groans were soon a constant companion to each swing of the crop. Only Vivian's heightened sighs of pleasure as she bit her lip and widened her legs to give Amy better access helped balance out the awful scene. Amy frantically slurped on Vivian's sex now, trying to focus only on the pleasure she was giving her best friend and not on the stinging pain each time the crop struck her ass.

'Oh please Viv, please come soon!' Amy begged silently, her breasts jiggling as her tongue slid up and down the dark-haired girl's pulsing little clit. Vivian reached down, stroking the blonde girl's head, comforting her as Amy lapped greedily at the brunette's dripping snatch. "Yes, baby. Keep going…keep going, I'm almost there. Ooohhh Amy…I'm sorry. I…I don't blame you," Vivian said huskily, the earlier accusation in her eyes long since evaporated as she fully realized that her girlfriend was only making the best of their horrific situation.

Vivian's eyes widened now, her nipples puckering to two painful erections, and all of a sudden Vivian's pungent fluids were gushing into Amy's mouth as the brunette teenager gasped. "Oooohhhhh&hellip.Mmmm! Uhhh!!!" Vivian squealed, her hips flailing, her juices swirling on Amy's palate and running down her chin as she licked her chops and sat up on her haunches.

Streams of Vivian's nectar had already dripped from Amy's chin all the way to her breasts, sliding down to her belly button. 'Oh god,' Amy thought, 'I didn't know Viv was such a squirter!' She looked down at her panting, pleasure-dazed girlfriend, the quick rise and fall of Vivian's chest as she lay with limbs lifeless as jelly on the floor. Amy had one moment to feel satisfaction though. She had given Vivian a brief respite of ecstasy and made her forget about their nightmarish ordeal, if only for a few seconds.

Karzec smiled. "Well done, little sluts. The night is still quite young though, and I have a few more torments to introduce to my favorite young pussies." Both girls froze as a pall of dread sucked the hope from their souls. The handsome army officer knelt behind Amy. His one hand snaked around to grasp her by the neck, holding her immobile as she felt his hard cock graze her lower back.

"Please Master, be merciful. I've…I've done everything you've asked." Karzec made no reply as his other arm reached around so that he could fondle her perky, medium-sized breasts. Amy moaned as he tweaked her nipples, licked the side of her neck, and then gently cupped her supple cones, idly rubbing his calloused palms across her smooth skin, his voice low and filled with lovely brunette woman bobbi dylan fucked by black man darkest kind of promise.

"Mmmm&hellip.We haven't tried any electroshock on your pussy yet, bitch. Now THAT sounds like a fun activity, doesn't it? Maybe Anatoli can give your girlfriend's pussy a hard fucking while she watches you writhe on our special shock chair. Oh yes." "Please, don't!" The naked blonde girl shivered as her Master stroked her exposed sex, playfully squeezing the tender clit, the same clit that would soon be entrapped in the awful embrace of an alligator clip, wired to receive torturous sensations beyond words.

********** END OF PART ONE - To Be Continued. Author's Note: Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. A Part Two should be forthcoming, showing how Amy and Vivian finally escape.

Remember, always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better. ~gaggedKitty