Welsh teen i cant believe i let my boycompeer converse me into having hookup with him

Welsh teen i cant believe i let my boycompeer converse me into having hookup with him
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Based on a true story names changed. my name is Edric, my wife is Sarah, my son is Anthony and my daughter is Gwen I'm a 36 years old with a 16 year old son, 14 year old daughter, and the love of my life who i have been married to for the past 17 years.

I work in construction and my wife runs a country wide buisness so she has to fly all around so im usually taking care of our kids. This week she had to fly across to the UK to a meeting with some people who want to start making a franchise out of our little buisness of giving massages and healthy choices. My wife is 35 but looks like she just graduated high school, not one bit of sag she is 36D-32-36 in a perfect hourglass with the ass that is better than any girl you i spy upskirts of real hot girls meet.

Gwen is like her mother in the way that she matured early giving her a nice figure of 34C-30-32 (her hips are still growing). She has a slightly oval face with bright cherry red hair with dark green eyes.

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Sarah and Gwen look like twins except for the hair my wife once shaved her hair for cancer and wore a brunette wig that matched her hair and all the money went to cancer as well.

Anthony got taken with my wife as she went to the uk no doubt so he could learn how to run the buisness. He's quite good already and has been helping my wife every chance he got.

On with my story: it was a cool Wednesday afternoon just nearing the end of my 16th year working in construction.My Master (i was his apprentice he always made me call him master old geezer was crazy) he called me into the trailer all the other guys acting like school girls going ooooooooh someones in trouble.

I went into the trailer and my master was sitting behind his desk. He said to me Edric you have been quite the apprentice when i first took you on; i thought you wouldn't last 1 week.

but yet here you stand 12 years after becoming a journeyman. You are my old tour bus driver sucks off 21 yr old rocker twink tube porn apprentice that hasn't left. I want you to take on the next project of mine and he set a set of blueprints down infront of me.

I unrolled them an lo and behold it was the house my wife had comissioned somehow ending up as my project. I accepted immediately and my master said good remember to return someday and finish what you started looking over at our half finished chess match. He then dismissed me and sent me home.

On my way home I grabbed some taco bell (too much of good is bad for your health) i pulled over after getting my food and called my wife she didn't pick up as usual she ignores her cellphone usually when she's doing something.

When I got home i heard daddy and barely could react as Gwen tackled me just as i closed the door. She said i didnt expect you home for another 2 hrs, and here i was making you a special dinner. I sighed she only made dinner if she wanted something.

I went into the living room and sat down in my chair; gwen following like a dog. I sat down and she sat down in my lap and looked up at my face with her green eyes, I poked her in the forehead what do you want this time? She pouted in the cutest way possible achieving only to look like she was barely smiling, this earned a hearty laugh out of me and she smaked me daddy she whined.

fine fine I said what did you want? She started curling a strand of her red hair around a finger, i was wondering could I please have a party this Friday?

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Up till now only my son was allowed to have a party being as she had just turned 14 parties were now open to her but alcohol was strictly forbidden unless someone brought me a 6 pack and a bottle of tequila.

(my favorite) She kept her attention on my face as I pretended to think about it I made to go to say no but quickly said yes before she could try to make me say yes by her crying. She clapped her hands and hugged me tightly I waited for her to release me. One condition though YOU have to HELP me clean up no matter what. That night as I was crawiling into bed naked as the day I was born i heard daddy? I turned on my light just as i settled under my blankets i looked and say my daughter in just her panties (she never wore clothes other than panties past when i got into bed) I patted the spot beside me usually where my wife slept and got here to sit down beside me.

What do u want Gwen?

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She looked at me and said can i sleep here with you i forgot i put all of my bedding downstairs and half of its soaking wet the other dirty. I said sure she knew i slept naked and she had seen my dick numerous times before to show that nudity wasn't something you should hide from but if you wanted to be naked then you should be allowed to be. Remember my rules Gwen as i felt her hand resting on my stomach. No one but my wife was allowed to touch my dick obviously I was allowed to.

she retracted her hand and snuggled up pulling half of my blankets around her and curling up. I sighed and turned off my light and rolled on my side and put my arm around Gwen and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke and i found i was holding my wife and was suprised she was back. she pulled me close and kissed me passionately if a little hesitantly she was only wearing a pair of panties. i moved between her legs and kissed her little pussy that looked a little small as i finished licking her pussy i moved up to her face. my already hard dick almost to her entrance i look at her face and kiss her do u want me to put on a condom? She shakes her head and says lightly make sweet love to me i press my dick to her entrace that is soaking wet.

she once put a fake hymen in her pussy when we were roleplaying it was empty but felt like the real thing. I pressed into her my dick sliding easily into her pussy and i feel a hymen i look at her questioningly. She lightly says make it fast take my virginity I pull back a lil two lesbian babes make a cockception third world media thrust hard into her she screams out.

I say sorry she always screamed if i thrust into her too hard. I stopped moving and waited for her to open her eyes she opened her eyes and said ow. I waited for her to nod for me to continue.

She nodded and i started fucking her slowly building up speed I closed my eyes when i started going full speed and i felt her shift. 5 minutes later she was moaning hard and screaming every time i bottomed out in her i thrust hard into her 3 times and opened my eyes as i started cumming. My blood froze as i saw the red hair and the smile on her face as it wasnt my wife but my sweet innocent daughter Gwen who i was fucking. I collapsed on her saying fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. why gwen why as tears started forming in my eyes my dick sliding out of her now filled pussy.

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