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Busty mature and nasty ebony foursome sex on the desk interracial blowjob
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At the top of the hill, me and my mother sat quietly under the lone tree that stood there. "So. . ." my mum started, "Have you found your powers useful?" she asked slyly.

"Oh yeah. . yeah, they're pretty cool." I said dumbly. "Well, seeing as you've finally started to use your powers there are a few things I should explain." I looked at her silently.

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"First of all, there are the powers you already know. You can teleport, but only to places you can physically reach." I looked at her confused. "That means you can't just jump over the Atlantic Ocean, or onto the wing of a mid-flight plane." "Shame," I grinned. "Yes," she nodded, it is. Also you know you can turn undetectable." Before I could look confused she continued, "That means you can't be seen, heard, or felt, and that includes heat-scans, life-signs and any other means of finding you.

You might as well not be there." I nodded and she continued. "The powers you probably don't know about are these. First, you have a manipulative voice," I frowned, "Its a passive ability," she explained, "Any none mythical being that you talk to will be inclined to do what you ask them," I was still frowning. "That girl, earlier, she wouldn't have let you shag her so easily if you hadn't had such a manipulative voice, as it was, you did and so she did what you told her." "Oh," I said, the frown fading, "But what if I want to talk to someone without using the voice?" I asked.

"It's just like when you accessed your power to turn invisible," she said, "Just look a bit deeper and you'll find it. It's just like flicking a switch." I nodded again. Suddenly a though hit me, "Mum," she looked at me encouragingly, "Can you get familiars, you know like on films?" I asked feeling a bit foolish. She stopped to think for a moment, "Sort of. . ." she started, "Your familiar, is basically your jennifer stone vs lex steele given a physical form." I could see her thinking through the best way of explaining it.

"If you chose to have a familiar, you would still have all the power, but you would have to ask your familiar to do it," "What if it refused?" I interrupted. "Well, technically it can't, it's soulbinded so it has to do what you ask it, but it's still nice to have a familiar that likes you." She stopped suddenly. "Shit!" she yelled. "Dammit! Sorry Ryan I've really got to go, I'll tell you some more later." With that she disappeared, and a second later I found myself standing in my room.

I glanced at my clock and it said 4:00 so I assumed that we'd somehow skipped the last couple of hours in a few minutes. I would have continued to try and get my head round it but there was a sudden knock at the door masseur fuck hard sexy busty girl clip a tentative call.

"Ryan, Ryan you in there?" I managed to hear through the door. "Yeah I'm here," I replied, "Come in." I went to open the door but stopped, stunned as one of my old best friends walked through the door.

"J. . Je. . Jess?" I stammered. "Uh huh," she grinned at my reaction, "You look good," I tried to mumble a reply but it failed, miserably. I'd last seen Jess in my first year of primary school, between then and my third year my and her struck up an inseparable friendship, despite the whole 'Boy/Girl cooties/germs' that was around at our age.

Mid-way through our third year she'd left to go down to Cornwall with her aunt and uncle, and my god had she changed since then.

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Obviously changes were to be expected after a gap almost ten years, but truly she was astonishing. Standing around 5'6 with long shoulder length red hair, her hair was tied back in a classic ponytail.

Her eyes were hazel and gleamed whenever she smiled. She was quite fit as well, I didn't know it then but she had played in midfield for her old school's football team. Somehow I managed to regain my senses and have an almost normal conversation, well, I say normal. "Wow, what are you doin' up here?" I asked, "Aunt Jan won a competition for a round the world trip," she smiled faintly, "But it was only for two, so I've come back stepdad can not say no to latina teen angel del rey and her tight clam stoke for the next three or four months." "Wow," I said.

Jess's mum and dad were multi-millionaire business people and were constantly travelling all over the world. Jess obviously couldn't have an education like that so they left her with their relatives.

"So what are you doin' here?" I asked again, "Like here," I pointed at the floor to emphasize my point. "Oh, yeah, right." She said grinning, "Jan managed to get me a place in a hostel for teenagers for the next three months," she paused, still grinning, "It's here!" she yelled, flinging her arms around me, squeezing my ribs.

"I've the next room," she indicated to her left with her thumb. "No way!" I said, not believing her. "Yeah," she nodded emphatically, "You're kidding?" I asked, my disbelief fading slightly "Nope," she said simply and grabbed my hand, "C'mon," was all she said as she led me into her room. I was painted white like all the rooms, and was quite similar to mine in its lay out. With a bed against the back wall, a cupboard, a set of draws and desk along the opposite wall (the one with the doorway) and a crate which you could keep your really personal stuff in.

Letting go of my hand as we entered her room, she grabbed one of the three suitcases on the floor and flung it onto her bed, "Well come on then," she prompted, "You gonna help or what?" I nodded, "Yeah, sure. Where d'you want me to start?" I asked, moving towards the other suitcases, "Here," she pointed, "You do this one," I moved to the one already on the bed and jess heaved another one onto the bed next to the first.

Over the next half hour we caught up with the last seven years. She said it was mostly normal stuff, school and stuff, she'd said. She did tell me when she scored the winning penalty for her teams Cup Final, and when she'd broken her shin. One thing she neglected to mention however was if she'd had any relationships.

I decided to pick this up and have a few digs. "Sooo. . ." I asked slowly, "You had any friends?" "Not really," she started, "I mostly kept myself to myself," then, "Oooh, you mean. . oh," realisation dawned on her face, then worry. "Ryan," she said, "There's something you should know." "What?" I asked quickly, jess was like a sister to me, seeing as my other one now lived in Mt.

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Olympus. "Well.

. ." she said hesitantly, "Go, on," "Umm, I'm lesbian," she said, sighing. "Oh," I managed, "Listen, Ryan, I'm anal sex with a real flexi doll tube porn like weird or anything," she tried to explain herself as she began to break down.

"Jess. Jess it's okay," I said smiling, "What. . ?" she asked slowly, "It's fine, you are who you are," I smiled reassuringly, "Honestly, it's fine." "Oh," she managed, "I thought, well, I dunno, it's just," she stuttered, I interrupted her, "So how far have you gone?" I asked her, "What?" she said stunned, "Y'know, how far have you gone?" I said again, "Oh right," slowly, she lifted her hand to her lips, and extending only her index and middle finger to form a V shape, she placed her hand gently against her lips and stuck out her tongue.

"No way!" I said grinning, "No! Way!" I nearly yelled, still grinning, "Really?" I asked more seriously. She nodded. "Wow," I managed. After that revelation, we tried to keep ourselves focused on unpacking her but when I came across something in her second suitcase and pick up a pile of clothes and hummed loudly, to get attention.

"Well well well," I said to myself, but loud enough for jess, who was behind me, to hear. "What do we have here?" I asked. Jess looked over and gasped, "Hey! Give 'em here!" she yelled, Using my greater height, I lifted the offending clothing above her reach and read aloud the writing on the first pair. "If you're reading this, then your very lucky." I read first, stifling a laugh, "Hey, give em back!" Jess yelled again, but I could tell she wasn't actually worried.

I threw the first pair of black, folded panties through the air and Jess leapt after them. "Insert Tongue Here." I read off the second pair, and then added sarcastically, "I wonder what an earth that could mean." "Ryan," jess growled menacingly, "If you don't give them back," "What?" I asked grinning, throwing the second pair of white, laced panties behind me, "What are you gonna do eh?" I grinned, reading the third pair.

"I'm leaking, please block it with your tongue." I laughed again and threw the last pair behind me. "Now let's see what else. .

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umf!" mid-sentence Jess launched herself at me, growling as she pinned me to the bed, "I warned you!" she growled, half grinning. "Now I'm gonna make you soo sorry," she was grinning properly now, at least she was until I threw her off of me. Tucking my knees underneath me I flipped her off of me and rolled over so that now I was pinning her.

"You were saying?" I asked smiling, "Well," she said slowly, "I was saying how great you are," she said feebly. "I thought so," I said, still grinning like an idiot as I stood and let her up. "So? Do you where those all the time?" I asked, "No!" she replied simply, turning back to her suitcase. I was about to make another joke, but she turned around before I could, and in her hand was an ultra thin, plain white thong, "I usually wear these," she laughed, then, I snatched them out of her hand and she flung me onto the bed again, pinning me as I laughed.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day I walked with jess to school and told her about the teachers and students. I left her to pick up her schedule at the reception and we went to our separate lessons. History and German went fairly slowly, luckily with my new powers, I had told Mr. Maher, (German teacher,) to leave me alone.

He did and a spent both lessons thinking whether I should tell jess about my powers. At break, I heard something about a girl losing it and running out of class, but I didn't give it any thought, jess wasn't like that. French was a lot better than the previous two classes, Ms Cave (Early twenties, large breasts, thin, pale body,) thought we wouldn't notice her bra-less-ness.

Unfortunately, we did, and when I popped two of her buttons on her shirt we truly were given an eye-full. Her breasts seem to expand as the shirt parted, and we were treated to a fleeting glance of her erect nipples, April snow bend over her ass for a doggystyle pussy fuck took a second for her to notice but by then it was too late, every boy was trying to hide a hard-on and most of the girls were giggling, I sat at the back of the class and no-one noticed as I fingered an imaginary pussy under the table.

Suddenly Ms Cave lurched forward and put one hand on the table in front of her to steady herself. Her other hand flew to her nether-regions were the tingling sensations flooding through her were coming from.

At the back of the class I sat, and closed my eyes, the instant I did, I felt the vaginal walls of a tight pussy envelope my fingers and I felt the juices dribble down my fingers as they pumped in and out. I felt each throb as blood was pumped around her body. Ms. Cave let out a gasp as she felt ghostly fingers enter her leaking twat. She tried to stagger towards her chair as a mind-blowing orgasm rolled through her body.

"Oh god!" she yelled I felt juices rush around my fingers as the orgasm tightened her throbbing twat around my fingers. Moisture continued pawg mazzaratie monica takes huge cock deep in her ass flood through her as I eased my fingers free of her cunt's grasp. After two minutes of trying to recover her, with deep, rasping breaths, she stood and looked towards her class. "I'm sorry class I don't know happened then, I'm really terribly sorry," it was obvious by her face that she knew what happened, and by the reactions of the girls, and a few of the boys, they knew what had happened as well.

It was only when one brave lad spoke up and pointed to his own chest that Ms. Cave looked down and saw her half revealed cleavage gazing at the class. At that moment the bell rang and she screeched at us to get out. We complied with all haste, and, as I walked down the corridor and went to look for my friend. I'd been wandering around looking for Jess for around fifteen minutes when I overheard a group of girls talking, ". . and then the new girl just ran off crying." It was obvious that they weren't being mean but I couldn't help myself stomping over there and demanding to know where 'the new girl' was.

"God, moody!" the first of the girls replied, "last I heard she was up by the history block," she paused then added "You're too late if you're tryin' to get in with her," the confused looked on my face made her continue, "Apparently Tyler has already got there." groaned inwardly as I nearly ran towards the history block. Tyler was the captain of the schools Y9 football team. He thinks he's invincible because of his older cousin in Y10, no-one's ever had the guts to stand up to the prick, but if he'd japanese mom son saran wrap chalenge touched Jess, than that would end today.

I reached the back of the history block and heard a faint sobbing as I walked around the grassy area behind the single room buildings. I saw jess holding her face in her hands, tears falling onto the grass.

I walked up slowly and sat beside her on the brick wall. The history block was at the back of the school and was secluded by rows of trees. She paid no attention to me so stacy likes a session of hard banging sat in silence for several minutes before I spoke up, "Jess," I whispered I her ear, "Jess, what happened?" I asked, waiting silently for a response, "Jess, jess you can tell me," I thought for a moment, "You told me something yesterday," I said, recalling when she'd told me her sexual habits, "Jess if u can tell me that you can tell me anything." I sat silently waiting for her to respond, then, between sobs, I managed to get the story adorable nympho dolly little gets stucked and enjyos dudes big cock her.

Apparently, Tyler and his mates had been perving on her since the beginning of the day. During the second lesson Tyler had tried to feel her breast but instead of just grabbing her boob, he tried to force his hand through her buttons, causing several buttons to snap, he pulled his hand back and then her shirt fell from her shoulders.

Next, It seemed that the entire class had laughed at her and she'd run from the room with her shirt clutched around her waist. But, according to her that wasn't the reason she was in tears. "Ryan, my boobs are so. . sob. . .small!" she managed, "There.

. sob. . like cherry tomatoes compared to some!" she sobbed again and broke down in another fit of tears. When she'd calmed down I took her chin in my hand and looked into her eyes. "Jess, there is no way!

That your boobs are tiny," tentatively, I lifted my free hand to her breast, cupping it in my hand I gently pressed against it. "Look," I whispered, "I can't even fit it in my hand," (Baring in mind, I was quite tall, and muscled for my age, so my hands were quite big,) "I know some girls I could fit both boobs in my hand," I applied a tiny bit of pressure and she smiled, faintly, "Thanks Ryan," she smiled and I kissed her gently on the forehead, (Like I might have said, Jess was more like a sister in some ways.) I stood and took her by the hand, "There is no way anyone could find fault with your body," she smiled and wiped the last moisture from her eyes, "Thanks Ryan," she said, looking up towards me, "Hey, no problem, it's what friends do, right?" I asked reassuringly, "Yeah," she nodded, "Except for fondling my breast," she grinned and I laughed as I saw some of her old self return.

"Yeah, except that," I grinned, "Now come on, I need a word with someone," Walking beside me I went to the top yard where Tyler usually played football, and, sure enough, just as we reached the top yard, Tyler violently shoved someone out of the way and smashed the ball against the poor soul in goal. The ball struck the lad in the stomach as he miss-caught it, but Tyler still cheered as if he'd scored a goal, as he watched the boy topple to his knees. "Oi!" I yelled across the yard, "Tyler!" one of Tyler's flunkies waddled towards me, I say waddled because he was definitely wider than he was tall.

"You don't speak to Tyler like that," he grunted Deciding I wasn't gonna waste my time, I hooked my leg around the back of his knee and shoved, the giant oaf toppled, sending shockwaves across the planet (I'm kidding, but seriously, the kid was huge, like an oval on its side,) I stepped over him and jess skirted round his slowly spreading reserves of fat.

Tyler and another two of his cronies were next. "Well, if it isn't the slut," he mocked, "Ryan, I didn't expect you to join company with a slut like her." Her leaned to sneer at her as he continued, "Surely you've heard the stories." "Yeah," I nodded as I stepped closer to him, "It's sunny leone fuck hard danny d story shame I knew Jess before you did, otherwise I might have believed you," confusion flashed across his face, "Jess?

Oh, you mean slut, sorry mate we've renamed her." My brain was screaming to beat him to a pulp, and my power was screaming to fry him to hot eighteen gorgeous gal hardcore and massage crisp but I tried to regain control a bit longer.

"Tyler you really are a piece of shit y'know?" I managed before I head butted him. Now you might think this is an unusual course of action but you should never under estimate the power of a surprise head butt. And you shouldn't under estimate the power of word of mouth, especially after you've just knocked out the toughest kid in the year with your head. I decided to take Jess back to the hostel after dinner and I spent the rest of the day showing her around town.

That night I followed the same ritual as I had the other day, turning invisible, and flying out into the night-sky, this time I didn't go to school, this time, I went towards the house I knew was Hannah's, the slut who said she'd be good, suffice to say, she lied! I'm really sorry there wasn't as much sex in this one, I needed to join the story together somehow. Hopefully if all goes well the next one will involve Jess, Rebecca, Heather and Tyler, (you know who you are,) and will pretty much be all sex, as always comments welcome = ).

. .