For father and daughter sexy story

For father and daughter sexy story
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FROM THE AUTHOR: This is a fictional taboo story of two siblings, Ed & Holly Landon. After the death of both of their parents from an auto accident(the same one where Holly sustained life-altering injuries)and Ed's divorce, Ed and Holly find a way to cope- and to comfort each other. They soon realize their relationship grows ever so strong. So just give it a look & tell me what you think.


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Speedinator72 ------------------------------ Things have been rather hectic for me for about the majority of five months, nor has it been easy for me & my 21 year-old youngest sister Holly. For openers, Holly, along with my mom & dad were involved in cristi ann sucking and fucking multi-car accident on a busy stretch of expressway just outside of Omaha on their way back from visiting family in Denver.

My mom & dad were killed instantly, but Holly survived with life-altering injuries. According to the initial police report, a trucker lost control of a huge load as it spilled all across the four lane mommyblowsbest milf teaches step son a hard lesson. There were two other fatalities and another dozen injured. At that point, the accident investigation was still ongoing. Therefore, it would take months before the whole thing was wrapped up.

So since I don't know where my other estranged sister Donna is(who bailed out on us growing up), I had to not only bury my parents, but to aid & tend to my sister Holly as well. To make matters worse, my bitchy kinky lesbos fill up their huge butts with whipped cream and squirt it out asslicking threesome Corissa decided to leave me after seven years of marriage for some snotty stock broker.

She decided she still wants to party instead of being a housewife. Corissa thought she could be slick by bleeding me dry of my finances, especially everything that I've work for in the last ten years. Instead, she got nothing, because I had undercover people telling me that she'd been fucking around behind my back. That evidence held up in court. So I ended up getting everything. But the stress was still a little too overwhelming to bare, but now I still had to figure out what to do about Holly.

Most of my family had been helping me out through the double tragedy of my parents' death, as well as helping me cope after my divorce. So after about a few months, I knew I was gonna have a hard time selling my house instead of my parents'. But the real issue in question is how am I gonna help my youngest sister out? Holly is gonna need assistance getting around the house and going back & forth to rehab three days a week. So for the time being, I decided to move back in with her.

This'll be convenient for both of us. Not only for her, but for me as well. The reason is because it would be closer to & from my work. Also since the house and estate skinny teen fucks the handsome dad of her boyfriend to be in my name, I would have power of attorney. So my sister and I would go over things and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. As far as finances went, we would split everything 50/50 after all of the outstanding bills, mortages, misc expenses., etc.

we're all paid off. But since I've been making decent money, I'd figure I'd help with Holly until she is fully recuperated. But it would take at least a few years.

But things slowly somewhat started to get back to mormal. But still, my biggest concern was Holly. Then she asked me an interesting question, "Ed, what's gonna happen to me after you move back out?" "To be honest," I said to her, "I think I might just stay here and live with you for the time being.

I'll just rent out my house and make a little extra cash." "Can't you put it on the market and sell it?" she asked. Then I said, "To be honest if I sell it now, I'd still be about $35,000 in the hole. The other thing is it needs some work done just to even rent it out- let alone trying to sell it." "Wow, that bitchy ex-wife left you in the dust, didn't she?" Holly said.

Then I said to her, "Not quite, she ended up not getting anything." "Not that it's any of my business," she said, "but how'd you manage that?" Then I said to her, "It's called a prenuptial agreement sis. And since she thought she could play me for some dumb schmuck by fucking around behind my back, she loses and gets nothing." "Sucks to be her then, I guess," she said.

But then Holly asks me a rather interesting question, "Here's a thught, what if our older, half-witted sister decides to come back?" "Simple," I said, "I'll just have her turn around and leave., simple as that. Donna made some really bad decisions in her life, leaving all of us in the dust." "Mom & dad said that she never offered to help out whenever you, me or anyone else needed her," she said.

"She basically just turned her back on all of us." "Well you're right about that," I said. "Last I heard was that she had a couple of kids until CPS came and took them away because she was unfit." "But you're the real deal Ed," she said. "You were always around when anyone needed you, like I need you right now." At this point, I was very emotional when she said that.

Now I've got to admit, I've remember my sister when she was a baby. She's about nine years younger than me, so I've watched her blossom a lot as she was maturing and coming of age.

Prior to the accident, she stood about 5' 8" tall, slender built kind of gal. Holly has always been the athletic type who always worked out and is nicely tanned. Along with her nice, long, silky blond hair, she has 34B cup breasts that are nicely firm and round. I could see them when she wears her tank top or her bikini bra. Just because she's temporarily disabled, doesn't mean that I'd be able to take advantage of her.

But then early one night, all of that would change. After we had a late supper on a hot summer evening in August of 2001, my sister asked me to assist her to the bathroom in the master bedroom where she now sleeps. She wanted me to help her in the bathtub so she could take a hot bath and just soak. So I filled up the tub with water & bubble bath.

She still had a hard time dressing and undressing, so she asked for my help. "Ed," she said, "could you help me into the bathtub after you help me undress?" "Sure thing sis," I responded. So I helped assist her. As I began to undo her top, she started staring at my cock- which was beginning to get hard in my shorts. After I undid her bra, I noticed that her tits were also getting hard as well. So as I stood her up, she asked me to lower her panties. When I was able to see her front, she exposed a nicely trimmed patch on her pussy.

Speaking of which, I noticed that her pussy was getting wet. Although it didn't matter anyway.

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Because after she was stripped naked, I helped her into the spacious tub and slowly lowered her in. "Oh, this feels so good," she said as she lets out a gentle moan. "Thanks, big brother." "No problem sis," I said. Then I offered, "By the way, is there anything else you either need or want before I give you some privacy?" "As far as shower gel & shampoo goes, I'm all set," she replied.

Then she asked, "Hey Ed, could you bring me something cold to drink please??" "Sure Holly, I'll be right back," I said. And so I left her in the tub while she sits and relaxes. I then went into the kitchen, poured her a glass of chilled wine and then came back into the bathroom to serve to her. "Thanks bro," she said. Then she added, "Could you stay here with me please?" "Okay," I said, "if you wish. We'll chat a little." So we sat and talked for a little.

But then, I couldn't believe what kind of favor she asked fetching babe is sharing her hot twat hardcore and cumshots next. "Ed," she said, "could you unzip your pshorts and drop your boxers please?" Whoa, she wants to see my big cock. So how could I even say no? My ex-wife Corissa would've never given me the time of day now, so it both amazed and surprised me that my sister Holly wanted to see my big cock(which was by now bulging through the fabric of my shorts & boxers.

So immediately after I undid my drawers and lowered them to the bathroom tile floor, Holly's face just lit up. "Holy shit Ed, you're fuckin' HUGE!!" "You like what you see there swetheart?" I asked. She responded with a grin, "Hell yeah! You gotta be at least ten inches long and very thick." "And I'm very pretty brunette ex girlfriend cece capella getting banged thick," I said to her.

But then she said something I'd never even thought would ever come out her mouth. "I guess your cock is bigger than dad's." Bigger than dad's cock? Then I asked her, "And how would you even know that?" Did you see it by accident?" "No," she said, "but intentionally." Then I asked her, "What do you mean, intentionally?" "Well," she said with a devilish grin, "both mom and I sucked his cock a couple of times before." "WHAT!?" I asked in shock.

"You've actually gave dad a blowjob twice with mom before?" "Yeah," she said, "and both times I've swollawed too." "You're full of shit Holly," I said to her. Then she suggested, "If you don't believe how good I am, why don't you let me blow you right here." "Okay," I said, "if you insist sweetheart." And so I asked her to move a little so I could join her.

I took off my shirt, then my socks since my shorts were already down. So after I stripped butt-naked, I was able to get in the tub with her on my kness. I was able to get up close enough to her so she could bob her head. So at first, she stretched her lips and gently put her lips around the head of my thick shaft. Then she slowly began to go down on me. I could hear her gag and choke, like she really wanted to deep-throat me. My thick cock wasn't even all the way in her throat yet and she wanted to come up and take a breather.

At that moment, I said, "Big, aren't I?" "Bigger than I thought,"she said. "But now I want to take it ALL the way in down my throat." "Are you sure?" I asked her.

Then she said, "Absolutely Ed." So she opens wide again and takes my cock all the way in. "Holy shit!" I said in astonishment. So after she get used to my cock by gently bobbing up & down, she began to pick up the pace a little. But then she takes my cock back out and begins to tease my balls a little. This way, she could make me have an orgasm quicker.

After a few minutes of ball-licking, she puts my entire cock back into her mouth. "That's right sis," I said, "go faster like a squirrel." Then before too long, my balls begin to churn and tingle a little. I knew I was getting close to erupting in her mouth. "Ohhhh., I'm., gonna., cum!" I said as my already hard cock begins to stiffen in her mouth.

After about a minute, I began to fire rope after rope of thick cum into her throat like missles. "OHHHHH., SHHIIITTTT!!!" I said as i continued to cum. She was able to swallow the whole thing.

"Damn sis," I said, "you're better than I thought. Corissa never even swallowed. I would always cum all overy her face." "Really?" Holly asked me.

"I was that good?" "Hell yeah!" I said. "Considering you've only sucked cock twice before. You've handled my cock like a real woman. Did you take lessons from mom giving dad head?" "Actually, I did," she said.

"I would watch as they would teach me how to please a man whenever we were intimate." "Well," I said, "you definitly made a huge impression on me tonight." "My pleasure big brother," she said. "But I'm not through with you yet." Then I asked, "What do you mean?

What do you wanna do now?" "My pussy is aching," she replied as if she was begging. "I want you to stick your cock inside of my wet pussy. Please??" At this point, I was beside myself. First she gave me the best blowjob I've ever gotten so far, now she wants me to fuck her too. But the way I see it, I guess this is a way that we can both comfort each other- especially after all the heartache, stress and the chaos that both of us have been going through.

But then I asked her, "Do you want me to turn you over so you can be on all fours?" "Yes," she said, "I want you to not only fuck me from behind, but also to cum inside of my hot & wet pussy. Could you please?" "Are you sure you want me to breed you too?" I asked her. Then she replied, "Yes. And one more thing, I'm a virgin, so please go slow." "Okay Holly," I said, "I'll go really, really slow at first.

But you're not the only girl who's cherry I popped." "Did Corissa cry & scream at first?" she asked. Then I answered, " Yes, she did. I had to go nice & slow when I entered her at first.

But after while, she really got used to it. So will you when I first enter with caution." "Then please go slow & easy on me first, okay?" she suggested politly. So I said, "Okay, are you ready for me to take away your innocence?" "Yes," she said. And so I was able to carefully help turn her over so she could get on all fours. But first, I put a couple of folded wet towels down on the hard tub so her knees wouldn't be sore.

Then after I did that, I ass and vagina both holes her over really slow until she was positioned just right. Then I was able to help spread her legs open, but not all the way becuase her leg injuries weren't completly healed yet. And she wants me to fuck her doggystyle. And so now, I was ready, and so was she. So before I proceeded, I asked her one last time, "You sure you really want me to do this?" "I'm dead-fuckin' serious!" she responded like she meant business.

So I said, "It's gonna hurt at first, so I'm gonna be as gentle as possible." "Okay," she said. And so I positioned my cock at the virgin opening of her nicely trimmed pussy. Then I teased her fuzzy slit and her clit to get her aroused before I slowly entered her.

So after a little teasing of her slit, I slowly began to push the thick head and some of my cock partially inside of her tight, virgin pussy. "Ohhhhhh., god.," she said in a whimpering moan. I could see from the tears running down her face that she's never had a cock.

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Therefore, I was convinced. So after about a minute of resting part of my cock in her, I slowly pulled back out of her. She then breathed a sigh of relief. "Does that hurt a little?" I asked her. Then she responded, "A little, but your cock hasn't reached my hymen yet though." "But this time," I said, "I'm really gonna go all the way in. You might wanna take a deep breath." "Okay, give it all to me," she said.

And so I slowly put the head of my cock in her pussy. But I was able to push most of my cock all way in. Since she was tight, I wanted to slowly stretch her pussy lips without splitting her in half.

Then after I got part way in, that's when my shaft came upon her maidenhead. So I pulled back halfway when I told her, "Your cherry's about to be popped." "Fuckin' do it!" she commanded.

So with one big push, I thrusted forward- quickly shredding her hymen. Then she screamed, "OOOOWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE FUUUCCCCKKKKKI!!" I could now see tears just draining down her eyes as she continues to cry and squeal.

So after I went all the way in her tight twat for a minute without puncturing her cervix, I slowly pulled back out so Holly could take a breather after taking a huge cock in her for the first time.

After I pulled out, there was a lot of blood on my cock from busting her hymen. So I got a sponge and rinsed all the blood off before I was ready to put it take a look at wild sex with fake cop in.

"Do you think you can handle me now if I slide it back in?" I asked. "Yes," she replied. "When you put it back in, don't stop.

I want to get use to you pounding me." So I said to her, "Alright, here goes nothing." So after we took a mini-breather, I was ready to put my cock back inside of my sister. So first, I put it in nice & slow until I was all the way in and not poking her cervix. Then I pulled part way back and want foward again. So before long, I was fucking my sister Holly in the big bathtub nice & slow with easy strokes. She then let's out gentle moans, this was an indication that she was beginning to get use to me pumping my cock deep in her tight cunt.

So after a few minutes of nice & easy strokes, I picked up the pace a little and began to pump her a little harder. "Ohhhh., FUUCCKK., " she said as she begins to moan louder. "You., feel., so., fucking., good., inside., of., me." I could tell by now she's enjoying this as much as I am.

So as I fucking her fsster, I could feel her pussy getting hotter. Then she said, "Fuck., I'm gonna cum!" I didn't think she was that serious, until she began to shudder and clamper all around my cock. Sure enough, she let's out ine bopig loud moan, "YES., YES., YES!!!!!" Her pussy squirts out her love juices all around my cock, because I could not only feel it, but I cold see her jizz oozing out of her pussy as I still continue to pound her.

But once again, my balls were churning and boiling again as they slap against her ass.

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"OHHHHHH., FUCCKKKK. I'M.,, GONNA., CUM!" I said with one loud grunt. And so with one giant thrust, I shot more thick ropes of cum inside of her womb. "Ohhh., shitttt., that,, never felt so much better in my life." I said after I drained my balls through my cock and into my sister Holly's young pussy. "You feel so warm inside if me." She said with a smile as I'm still spent in her. "We're gonna have to do this again., soon," Holly said.

"Anytime you want me to fuck you, just speak up," I said. Then I made a suggestion, "But first, you're gonna have to get on the pill. The last thing we need is you getting pregnant." "Actually, I'm already on the pill," she said. "As long as I'm not taking any pharmaceutical grade narcotics while I'm recuperating, I'll be okay." "Are you sure sis?" I asked. Then she replied, "I just got a new script for a refill when aunt Doris took me to my follow-up appt.

last month. So not to worry." "As long as your on the pill, we'll be cool," I said. After we had our little sexual encounter in the bathtub, we finished drinking the wine that I've brought in from the kitchen. Then we both washed up. After that, I helped my sister out of the tub very slowly to help dry her off.

"Do you want to put your panties back on or what?" I asked.

Then she replied, "I have my nightgown on the bed there. I'm not gonna were anything else tonight." "Okay, we'll do that then," I said.

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So after I helped dry her off, I assisted her back to the bedroom. She was able to,put the gown on without any trouble. After I got her situated, I asked her, "Do you want to watch a film, or are you tired?" "We could watch a DVD if you'd like.

It's not that late." "Okay let's do that." I said. Then she makes another request, "Ed, could you sleep in here with me tonight?" "I was hoping you'd ask," I replied. So it wasn't even that late, only nine in the evening. So after I got dressed only in my boxers, I went and picked out a couple of films for us to watch. After that, I cued up the DVD player, turned in the TV, then crawled into bed with Holly.

Something tells me this could be a new beginning for both of us. TO BE CONTINUED. Please leave feedback. Thank you.