Attractive czech babe barbara bieber wants rickys fat schlong

Attractive czech babe barbara bieber wants rickys fat schlong
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For the people that belive me then fuck off lol.

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Well Since i was 12 i always to stay with my aunt christine and my little baby nephew, my uncle was always in jail so i always was with her. My aunt christine is 24 has great body nice and thick not fat but thick she has big ass and she kind of has tits she has that nice latina color .well we are mexican lol.

well yeah during when i was 11 thru 15 i stayed with my aunt during that time she has taken care of me.

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when i was 15 my aunt told me if i can take care of my little nephew because she had go work in the hospital for her late shift nursing so i said of course and she left and ours passed by my nephew was asleep then i went in my aunts room to go and try to find my psp that she put away and i was looking thru her cabinets the i openeded one next to her bed and i seen a Big pink dildo in there i was shocked cuase i never seen one before then i got it and press a button then it started vibrating and then i heard my aunt outside then i just threw the dildo back in and ran to the couch.

and she seen me thru the window running and she asked me why "isaid cuase i went to go check up on jr and she said ok and then i remebered i forgot to close her cabinet next to her bed were the dildo was at my heart felt like it just sank like a mini heart attack .then i made a excuse and told my aunt i was going to go take a shower in her restroom inside her room but then she said "ohh i was going to take a shower and saod use the sex student penny pax fucked in ass hole by dean one i was like okay thenn i quicky ran to the restroom and closed the dooor i was freaked about not closing the cabinet and i came out the shower and she was in the couch already in her tshirt and some underwear she didnt mind wearing that in the house then she asked me if i was in her room today my heart was pounding i was like no why ?

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she said ohh justthen i told her i was going to bed the she said awhh why come watch a movie with me i was like fine i sat next to her the she put her head on my chest i was feeling awckward and then i could her fresh body out the shower it smelled good that i didnt even notice i was getting a hard on itry to put a pillow but my aunt pushed it out the way cuase she couldnt see the tv then i chilled for a liittle then i noticed she was wearing a thong or something like that then my dick even got harder.

then i was freaking outtta no where my aunt pushed her hand down on my hard on and felt it i was like dammm then she said ohh somebodys hard and i was like omg im sorry its cuase you smell good and i just cant help it at looking at your asss then she just left to her room i thought she was going to call my mom and then she comes out naked i was shocked her body loooks soo goood her nipples were nice and dark around them like a big circle and she eva roberts aka brandy smith a like a little stip,of hair in her pussy the i got hard again and she said you like what you see i just stutterd out yes then she looked at my cock and said You really have grown then she pulled down my shorts and boxers off and sexy teen threesome and reality blowjob race my dad has always told me that keeping said Wow.

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your big. im only like 6 inches i thought to myself then outta nowwhere she starts kissing it and licking it so fellt so good like if i was in heaven and then i seen my precum on her lips then she took my whole 6 inch cock in her mouth to get hard it felt so goood .she started sucking me off then i felt something then i shoot a big ass load of thick cum into her mouth it felll awsome then i felt disey for a little cuase i never had nobody suck my cock or anything, then she said now its my turn i didnt get wat she said so she told me to start licking her pussy and i did .So then i started it tasted sooo goood that just started licking and sucking up her juices upmlike nothing i did that for like 30 mins then i couldnt belive my cock was hard again then she started moaning lound that she was going to cum and then i felt something hit my face like water in her pussy but sunny leone lund leti hui was pussy juice she said so then my dick was hard and she started givivng me a handjob then outta nowhere she just hops on my dick and starts jumping up in down it felt good after a feww minutes i felt like was going to cum then i pulled out and shot my cum on her belly.

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then she said that was good i was all thinking the same then she took my hand and said lets go clean up, we both took a shower together then after that i felll asleep with my aunt in her bed l l ?