A deep fucking for naughty girl shione cooper

A deep fucking for naughty girl shione cooper
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We were having great sex and I wanted this night to entered in the record books. "Come on Ray, we haven't had sex in months now, show me how much you love me and really fuck me hard," I said. Then he put a little space between us big black cock filled slim bikini babe began thrusting his cock a little quicker.

That really hit the spot as I began moaning louder. "Yes Ray, that's good, jam that cock up into me deep, I mean deep, show me no mercy," I said. He really began thrusting fast and my pussy already started to get a little sore, but I knew it would be worth it. The best part of sex to us was anal sex when he could just pound me like mad. It would hurt a little in the process and a little more later, but it was gonna be the best sex we ever had though.

With his cock inside me for the first time in months, I wanted it to be the best sex we ever had, and he was more than willing to at least attempt that. He put his face right in between my boobs and motor boated them a bit. It tickled a bit, so then as I laughed and then he laughed too. "You know it's not fair when you make me laugh too you know," Ray said just before he kissed me.

As he kissed me I realized something. "You know how I can tell you are so in love with me?" I asked. "You mean other than me having my cock inside you?" Ray asked. "Yes, it's the way you kiss me. You don't kiss me like a sister at all, you really kiss me like a wife, and I love that," I replied.

"Just from the way I kiss you?" Ray asked. "Yes, kiss me again if you don't believe me," I replied. Then he kissed me once again, and we both wrapped our arms around each other really tightly.

"Yeah, I'm in love with you," Ray said. Then we both laughed for a minute. "And you are just figuring that out now?" I asked. "Well I wouldn't say that, I had to love you at least a little to make love to you," Ray replied. "Exactly," I said. "What do you mean?" Ray asked. Truth be told, I had this ready, but I threw in some additional stuff as well. "You made love to me because you loved me Ray and you probably always have.

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I don't mean like a sister, I mean like a lover. You have taken care of me since I was born. Now it shows more than ever that you truly feel that way about me. I mean sex isn't everything, you can have sex with someone and not love them, you truly make love to me, and the way you kiss me proves you love me. You kiss me as if you want it to be the best kiss every time. I tell you I wanna have a kid with you, and you just do it for me. I mean if that doesn't prove love, then nothing does. You could get me pregnant 4 more times and have sex with me 20,000 more times, and you'd prove that much more.

But I know I'll always be able to tell how much you love me just by the way you kiss me big brother. I love you," I replied.

"I love you too, and did you have that little speech locked and loaded?" Ray asked. "Maybe, but it's true," I replied. He leaned down and rubbed his forehead on mine for a minute, that was a brother/sister thing.

"When I used to give other guys head, I don't think they appreciated it honestly, but when I give you head, you encourage me and make sure you respect me when we have anal sex and try not to hurt me or make me uncomfortable," I replied.

"Well I guess I just take extra special care of my sister," Ray said. "No kidding," I replied. We both had our eyes closed for about 5 minutes straight and just made out very passionately that whole time. We kept our arms around each other and stayed really close. I never thought anyone could hold me so tight in my life truth loud and lusty oriental mother i d like to fuck told, but Ray held me that the whole time and refused to let go even after I eventually broke the kiss.

"Are you afraid I'm gonna fly away?" I asked. "No, I just love being really close to my sister, she is a whole lot of woman," Ray replied.

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Then I laughed a little and we both just looked into each others eyes for about 5 minutes straight. "Well I'll say this: you were right, much better late than never," Ray said. "And you are just figuring that out now?" I asked. "No, but I can tell you one thing," Ray replied. "What?" I asked. "I'm gonna love you forever," Ray replied. I smiled and even shed a tear.

We gave each other another really huge hug and then he began thrusting his cock once again. "I thought we were having a moment?" I asked. "Oh Hot eighteen gorgeous gal hardcore and massage sorry sis," Ray replied. So he stopped and starred at me some more as if I was mad. "Ray, I'm kidding," I said.

"You are funny sis, you should do stand up," Ray replied. "And you are so damn sweet to me, even before we hooked up. You've been amazing in every way possible honestly," I said. "Well I'm glad to hear that, I always welcome compliments for my work. Most jobs suck, but this job is one I will never wanna quit. It doesn't pay any money, but it pays something much better.

Nothing else could possibly compare," Ray replied. "I know, you get free blow jobs," I said. Then we both laughed out loud for a minute.

"The chemistry never fails either sis," Ray replied. "That's why we'll love each other forever," I said. We kissed again and we switched to cowgirl position. Intense banging session after a hot massage rode my own brother like I never rode anyone else before.

He loved every second of it just like I did and my boobs were already flopping around a bit, so he had to eyeball them like a true boobs man. "If you weren't my brother and husband I think I'd might slap you," I said. Then he laughed a little and leaned up to kiss me. "You know you love that about me. I love these boobs sis," Ray replied. "Just make sure you love me too, and not just my boobs," I said. "I love you too sis," Ray replied. Then we kissed again and he laid back down. He put his hands onto my boobs and gave them a very firm squeeze as if he was trying to squeeze the milk out, that just made me smile once again.

"What are you smiling about?" Ray asked. "We're brother and sister, we're married we have a beautiful girl and we're having sex. I never dreamed that would happen, because this is way off the dream chart honestly.

I never ever thought this would happen between us, but with your dick inside me right now, it's happening. And no, I'm not just figuring this out now smart ass," I replied. "I wasn't gonna ask Jennifer," Ray said. "Jennifer? What happened to sis? You always call me sis, even during sex," I replied. "I know, but I like to call you by your name sometimes too," Ray said. "Just don't forget I'm your sis too," I replied. "Never," Ray said. Then he made us switch back to missionary once again and he had a little space between us, but he did lean down for a kiss.

He got down as close as he could once again and we both wrapped our arms around each other again. We made out for about 10 minutes straight and he broke the kiss. He looked at me, smiled and brushed a little hair out of my eyes. I just looked right back at him as he smiled, then he kissed me on the forehead.

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"Well if I didn't know any better I'd say you had a kissing quota to meet," I said. "No, I just love kissing my sister truth be told," Ray replied. "Well, save some for me our daughter," I said. Then he laughed a little. "I'll always have kisses for you sabhi heroin ka sex jabardasti her, that's how much I love you both," Ray replied.

I kissed him very passionately, that tug at my heart strings. We made out for about 5 minutes and it was a great 5 minutes. "I gotta say I love that we talk during sex, you really listen to me, even during our most intimate moments," I said. "Well I like talking to you sis, I can talk to you about literally anything. I could talk to you about sex of course or maybe making a movie and what I'd do to make Hostel look like Dora the explorer," Ray replied.

"You wanna make a movie like that?" I asked. "No, but still I can talk to you about that, because you'll listen to me about anything too real mom son porn mp4 Ray replied. "OK then, well I'm glad to hear that," I said.

He was thrusting his cock for about 5 minutes straight rather quickly, and then we both started moaning a little loudly all of the sudden. "Shit sis, I can't hold it," Ray said. "Me too," I replied as he got off me.

I ripped off the condom and watched him cum like a huge sprinkler, then a few seconds later, I came as well as he rubbed my pussy. "Now that was amazing Ray, I'm so glad that dad fucked mom and got her pregnant," I said. "I know, otherwise we'd have a problem here," Ray replied. "Smart ass," I said just before I kissed him. Then we just cuddled in each others arms for about a hour and didn't say anything to each other.

We just stayed in silence, until the phone rang. "Who the fuck is calling now?" I asked as I picked up my phone. "Who is it?" Ray asked. "Just mom," I replied. Then I answered, I wouldn't think she'd call then unless it was an emergency. "Hello mother, what's up?" I asked.

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"Well we're just checking on you two, that's all, everything going alright over there?" Maria asked. Then I covered the speaking part of the phone as I was relived. "She just wants to know if everything is OK," I said. "But you told her what we'd be doing tonight though," Ray replied. "I know, she must think we need a break," I said. "Bullshit we do, I can go all night long sis," Ray replied.

"Damn right bro," I said. Then I uncovered that part of the phone.

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"Yeah everything is good over here, is Jessica OK?" I asked. "Yes of course, she's sleeping, we were wondering if we could keep her overnight though?" Maria asked. "Yes mom, that's fine," I replied. "OK good, I'm sorry, now you can get back to having your brother stick it to you," Maria said. "You should write that one down mom, we're stitches over here," I replied. "I love you sweetheart," Maria said.

"We love you too mom, we'll talk to you tomorrow and be sure to give Jessica a kiss from us. And for the record, we're not just having sex, we're talking too. Like a good couple does, we communicate," I replied. "I wasn't saying that at all, but you seem like you are in a hurry, so we can debate it tomorrow, I promise, fair enough?" Maria asked.

"Yes mom, talk to you tomorrow," I replied. "Bye sweetie," Maria said. Then we hung up the phone. "She said we can go back to you sticking it to me," I said. "Oh mom is weird," Ray replied. We just looked at each other for a minute.

"You said you could go all night, so let's make love again," I said. Then he got on top of me, but didn't put his cock back inside me just yet, well he didn't have a condom on. "What?" I asked. "How much do you love being a mother?" Ray asked. "I love it a lot, almost as much as I love you and Jessica," I replied. "Let's have another baby," Ray said. I loved and hated that idea honestly. On one hand I did want more kids, but on the other, Jessica was still very young I thought it would be better if we waited.

"Well can fat mature gets by young wait at least a little while before we have another kid?" I asked. He just thought about that for a minute, I think he was truly more than ready to get me pregnant again that night, right then and there. "Sure, but you agree we wanna have another kid sometime?" Ray asked. "Of course, but let's make sure we can handle this one first," I replied. "OK sweetheart, then I better get a condom so I can make love to my angel," Ray said.

He got out a condom and put it on. Then he put his cock into me as deep as he could go right away. "You know sis, your pussy still is a little tight," Ray said.

"Well you gotta remember we've haven't had sex in awhile now bro, but maybe you can help me with that," I replied. Then he kissed me once and we both wrapped our arms around each other tightly. We both got onto our sides and he began thrusting in and out a little slowly. "But it really does make me happy you wanna put another bun in the oven.

You already put one in there for me, so it means everything to me that you are already more than willing to do it again," I said.

"I know sis, because I really want another one with you, no one else in the world," Ray replied. Then I shed a couple tears and I started making out with him. We both had our arms wrapped around each other and held each other really tightly. I felt my boobs leaning up against him, and we both were loving every second of it.

I never ever felt closer to anyone in my life. Ray and I had a grade 'A' relationship even before we hooked up. Then once we did, it wasn't at all weird, we just got along together and had sex with each other, not so much as brother and sister, but as lovers.

He was more than willing to get me pregnant when I said I wanted a baby, but at the end of the day, the most important thing out of all of it was we loved each other very much. and knew that love would never die. Nothing could compare to that love, nothing. Then he stopped thrusting for a minute and looked at me if a very big smile. "What Ray, you are smiling at me so much, I think, I don't know," I said.

"I'm just fucking you, and I get to for beautiful gal plays with knob girlfriend homemade rest of our lives I guess," Ray replied. "You are seriously happy to just get to fuck me for the rest of your life? Not some hotter version of me?" I asked. "Who wants a hotter version of their sister when they can fuck their sister?" Ray asked.

"I don't know, but it means the world to me that you feel that way about me," I replied. Then he felt it coming, so he started moaning really loudly and pulled out of me. He ripped off the condom and he came on my stomach. "Thank you Ray, I love fresh cum," I said trying not to laugh. Then he laughed a bit too and laid down with me. We cuddled for a few more minutes in silence. Then I asked him something. "So what were thinking when I blew you that first time?" I asked.

"That obviously you really had some feelings for me, I mean to come to me and pour your heart out like that. If you just asked to have great hardcore sex with you, I would have done it.

But I had no idea how far the feelings went though. I wasn't sure it if was lust or what exactly, I certainly didn't think we'd get married and have a baby together," Ray replied. "This maybe a stupid question, but do you have any regrets?" I asked. "Correction: it is a stupid question. How the hell could I regret this, I'm in love with and married to the best woman I ever dated, we have a child together and we have phenomenal sex. What more could I nice ass perfect tits brunette rides long cock anna morna small tits blowjob for?" Ray asked.

"I don't know, but my only regret is not telling you how I felt sooner," I replied. "I agree, I should have pulled it out of you sooner," Ray said. "With what, your hands?" I asked. "Well you have a big mouth, I think they would have fit in there," Ray replied. Then we kissed passionately yet again. We had great sex, a perfect relationship and a wonderful baby girl too.

Neither one of us would trade that for the world, so I'd call that a giant win in my book. Eventually we did have that second child, it was a few years later though.

He wanted our second baby girl sooner, but as we both said, better late than never. We stayed in that house though and our parents and Bill and Wendy made sure to visit as well. The cold hard truth is, I loved Ray for a few years before I caught Bill and Wendy, why I couldn't just tell him how I felt is beyond me, but the three things I do know. One: we're gonna let our kids know we're incestuous, two: if they want to be incestuous too, we're gonna support it, and three: love really can be in plain sight, it worked for us, our parents and Wendy and Bill.

So better late than never.