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Super orgy college party alexia stone karlie simon lexa james miche tube porn
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SEX MURDER AND CRIME EPILOGE Everyone called her Kokanee. It was her nick name. Everyone had their own 'street names' all referred to them as. She was one of the oldest. 19 to be exact. For some one who lived on the streets for 11 years she was gorgeous.

She made sure to watch he body image and was in better shape then anyone else in the group. Her long blonde hair was never let down. Always kept back in a messy bun. She was 5'7, 5'8 at the most. She had long legs and a great body. Nice tight stomach. She made every guy in the warehouse want to fuck her brains out. Her eyes were a steely grey, almost un natural. Her clothing said a lot about her personality. They weren't torn or dirty like most street kid, in fact she made more money then most students who lived with their rich parents.

She wore khaki cargo pants and a grey tank top. Black fingerless gloves on each hand and a pair of stolen Ray Ban sunglasses on her head. You could say she was the leader but she didn't take control all on her own. Drax was like the alpha male if this was a wolf pack. That guy had a real temper. He and Kokanee seemed to have this brother sister relationship. The two of them together made anyone feel safe if they were watching over you. What made him more intimidating was the fact that he never parted with his 9mm that was always tucked into his jeans.

Every guy in the group was a little jealous of Drax's relationship with Kokanee but Drax also had all the ladies wanting him. It wasn't unusual to see him with a new girl japanese teen gets a rough tight fuck week. If he wasn't fucking one he was fucking two and on good days hot teens playing with toys lesbians erotica had 3 going all at once.

His best feature was his body or at least that was what the women he screwed said. His clothes, when they were on, were mostly just baggy t-shirts.

He wasn't as young as Kokanee, maybe around 21 but no one knew for sure however, he hadn't been on the streets as long. The two of them seemed to like the charity business.

They and a group of about 17 other street kids all occupied a worn down abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the grungy part of the city. No self respecting person wandered here and the cops never seemed to catch on. Those who lived here played their part. Some did the rounds on the corner blocks selling drugs, others, most of the girls sold themselves. It was Kokanee and Drax who brought in most of the cash. They would hit off several stores, be it liquor, convenience, or gas station.

Small roles that brought in enough cash to take care of those who lived here. Everyone did their part. There was the circle. Every group has their own little system of government. AT the top were of course Kokanee and Drax but they couldn't do it all alone. Loose, 17 was basically just the slut of the warehouse.

She did just about every guy and the odd girl here and there. She was fucking hot. Kokanee didn't like her much but the other guys liked having here around for obvious reasons. Blake, 20 seemed to be the sensible one of the group. Well educated but also a tough guy. He took part in the robberies as just another set of hands to carry a gun. Steel, 23 was the coldest guy you could ever meet. He was the kind of guy who would laugh at blood stains his bullets would make on the walls when he shot some one.

He claimed that one vigorous bawdy cleft pounding delights hardcore blowjob a bunny one time. Ryder, 21 was the last. He seemed to have it in for Drax. Not a member of the fan club. He was the get away driver for all things that went sour. The 6 of them seemed to take change in everything.

You had a problem, you took it up with them. You fucked with them, and you ended up either dead, in a coma or seriously messed up. A LITTLE TENSION It was a quite day. Nothing was on for the night and everyone was a feeling a little bitter due to the bad weather that had been lingering for the past week. Kokanee had been sitting on a crate in the corner going over their money counts and purchases. She hadn't been in a good mood for days no so everyone just avoided her as best they could.

She hadn't slept in over 22 hours and it was starting to take its toll. She glanced up from the papers in front of her to Loose who was already making her rounds flirting with all the guys.

It made Kokanee sick to see this girl throwing herself at the guys. She did get her name from some where. She looked back down to the papers and sighed. It seemed the amount they had was shrinking faster then they could boost it.

Give it a month and they would be fucked up. They had to start planning for something big. Big jobs meant more difficult to pull off. She had already been xnxx ist night blood sexy movie xnhmaster once when a gas station robbery went bad. She had no money and no weapon so cops couldn't prove she was directly involved but they did keep her on record.

Since she was over 18 they couldn't do much more about it. Steel was the only one who had done time. 2 years for assault on a man when he engaged in a bar fight.

Rumour had it the man who's ass he kicked didn't even land a hit. Kokanee looked back up when she saw Loose taking Steel by the hand and leading him into the back office that only had one purpose, to shelter those screwing around from being seen.

Sometimes Loose wouldn't even bother going to the office. Her and her partner for that hour would just go all at it hot tamale two hot girls tube porn the floor in clear view for all to watch. Kokanee rollwed her eyes. As much as she disliked Loose, she did bring in some good money here and there. Drax had been sleeping until Black gave him a firm kick in the ribs. It was a crude wake up but who ever slept in past 4 in the afternoon needed a good kick.

Drax retaliated with a harsh blow in Blake's thigh. The 2 of them began to shout the insults back at one another until Ryder stepped in. Things seemed to cool off but it was quite obvious being cramped up in the warehouse for this amount of time was getting everyone pissed off. Drax got up and noticed Kokanee in the corner almost right away.

He walked over and knelt down in front of her. "Hey babe. You don't look so hot. Give it a fucking rest and let some one else go through that crap" he muttered. Kokanee just glared at him. "I asked you to do this 3 days ago and you didn't. Just leave me the hell alone" she spat. Drax figured it was just PMS and walked back over to Blake and Ryder who were enjoying a joint.

A steady banging came from the office as Loose and Steel banged each other. Drax looked over his shoulder hearing the scream of pleasure that came from Loose. "He must be doing a pretty good job with her in there" he joked.

The other 2 just laughed as they each took a hot from the joint. The moaning got louder and louder. "FUCK ME DAMMIT! YOUR SO BIG! FUCK ME!

HARDER! FASTER OOOOOH &hellip." all came from the office. Pretty soon Blake stood up and crept to the window that looked into the office.

Ryder and Drax followed behind all wanting to get a good view of the action taking place inside. They looked in to see Loose on her knees taking it up the ass with Steel pounding her from behind. She had cum all over her mostly on her face. Both their clothes were ripped off and the 2 were going at it like animals.

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All 3 guys had their faced pressed against the glass of the office while they all watched. Each one feeling his member growing inside his pants. Things began to grow more intense as Steel felt a bulge in his cock. It wasn't long before he shot his hot cum all over Loose's gapping ass. Loose got up and slid her red slinky skirt back on and some black piece of fabric she claimed was a shirt over her chest.

When she saw the 3 guys watching through the glass she blew them a kiss and walked out. Their eyes followed her as she sat down to relax. Steel was struggling a bit with his pants but he came out not long after. The 3 guys sat down faking they hadn't seen a thing and were just enjoying their joint when Steel came out of the office doing up his fly.

Kokanee looked up at him and shook her head. He just gave her a happy grin and a wink and sat down to smoke with the guys. THE BAD SALE With the weather clearing the next day could be a successful one. Blake seemed to have the drug thing nailed. He wasn't a junkie himself. He just smoked pot here and there. Because he didn't do any crazy shit it meant more could be sister in law cum swap rather than consumed.

Drax and Kokanee made it clear that hard drugs were not allowed to be taken by anyone in the warehouse because it messed with profits. It was around 2 AM when people began to notice that Blake wasn't back yet. He wasn't ever this late so something was obviously wrong. Kokanee and Drax were the 1st pair to go out followed by Ryder and Steel. Loose stayed behind. She was attending to another boy in the back corner.

Blake had made many enemies, they all had. Living on the streets was hard but making friends with everyone was impossible. Drax and Kokanee had seen something like this before. One of theirs went missing and he turned up tied to a fence with his throat cut out. It wasn't hard to hide bodies from the cops. Most of these kids were over 18 and thus most were just un known to society's records. If some one died, no one was really looking for them in the first place thus these things were easy to cover up.

There are the few that get out to the news but nothing can be traced far. No one ever opens their mouth and goes to the cops. It was Steel and Ryder who found him. Beaten and left for dead under a bridge by the train tracks. His face had been cut with a knife and he was pretty bashed up. They took him back to the warehouse and layed him down on a mattress with a few blankets. Drax and Kokanee came in an hour later.

By then Blake seemed in worse shape then before. He was bleeding pretty bad and shaking. Ryder was like the doctor of the warehouse. He had had been a med student in university until he was kicked out for cheating on his exams. His family cut him off entirely from all financial support so he just came here. Steel and him went to high school together so Ryder got him in the group. All Ryder had to work with was a basic first aid kit and a few things they were able to pick up at the pharmacies.

His cuts didn't require stitches but needed to be cleaned. The rest would have to heal on its own. They gave Blake plenty of advil and let him rest up. Loose was giving him special treatment which he didn't seem to mind. She stayed with him under the blankets. Every so often you would see him shudder a bit and Loose's head wouldn't be sticking out. The guy got a blowjob while he healed. It seemed like pretty good treatment by Drax's standards.

Kokanee hadn't said much to anyone. She was eagerly waiting to hear from Blake about what happened when Loose was finished healing him. She sat in the dark corner under a blanket resting her eyes. Steel sat down beside her.

"Hey" he said with a warm and cheerly tone. His voice was very low which suited his appearance. 6'1 with really short brown hair. He was ripped and very well built. He to was a ladies man if not more so then Drax. He was very good looking and had the bad boy attitude all girls seemed to go for.

Kokanee looked up at him and mumbled a weak hello. He put his arm around her and faced her. "You know Kokanee, I don't think we have ever fooled around." he joked. Kokanee could tell he was just messing around. Steel liked to do that. She laughed and shook her head. "Your right.

Would you like me to drop on my knees and take you right now?" she asked in a blonde babe takes cocks in her mouth tone. Steel thought she was being serious. "What?! Here? Now?" He got all excited but that faded right away when Kokanee laughed again. "Don't fuck with me like that Kokanee.

You know how much I want you." he spat. Kokanee kissed him on the cheek and pushed him away. Taking the hint Steel got up and walked over to hang with Drax and Ryder. The next morning Blake was able to talk about his previous night. "This son of a bitch comes up to me while I am coming towards the warehouse demanding I give him all I had on me. There was no fucking way I was handing over $2000 worth of cocaine so he pulls a fucking knife on me.

Just as I am about to fight him off this other fucker comes up from behind me and kicks me in the back of the legs. The 2 of them start going at me. They took my shit and all the money I made and left me for dead by the train tracks under the bridge.

I swear to god once I find those assholes I will kill them." he spat angrily. Kokanee looked to Drax who seemed to have the same expression. They were already in financial troubles. This was a hard hit. Blake was left to rest while everyone went about their daily business.

Loose agreed to stay with him to comfort him. They waited until everyone was gone before going at each other. Loose favoured being in control as she undid Blake's fly and slid his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Blake just lay on his back with his arms behind his head enjoying the attention he was getting. Loose took his large erection blonde milf smoking solo the last pikahoe her mouth suckling lightly.

Her hands fondled his balls while her tongue caressed his shaft. He began to moan egging her on and not to stop. "You taste so good" she commented as she let his entire prick slide down her throat. She definitely knew what she was doing. As her head bobbed up and down his moaning grew louder. "That's it babe. You suck me. Make me forget all about the pain" he spoke. He closed his eyes and let her work on him. He could feel his cock grow as his seed sprayed into her mouth.

She swallowed every last drop that got into her mouth and even went back down on him to clean up that she missed. His dick had no gone limp and his eyes remained closed as he drifted off to sleep. Loose kissed him on the tip and did up his fly and lay back to relax.

The others came home right around the usual times. When all put together the cash they made it was clear that things were not improving. Something drastic would need to take place. That night the 5 (Blake was still fast asleep) gathered to have a meeting. Meetings only meant one thing. Something was about to happen. "This is bullshit, how come our money is so low?" Ryder snapped. Steel just shot him a cold stare. "Things are just slow.

Plus we just lost our drug income for a while." he said. Drax rubbed his eyes. "What about a bank hit?" he suggested. Everyone shut up and looked at him. "Are you fucking nuts?" Ryder spat. Drax shook his head. "Look we got the guns, all we need is a plan." he replied. Kokanee nodded. "I like it. One good bank hit dirty ebony bitch dancing while her booty bouncing a lot striptease twerking that will set us all straight.

One good hit and we can all get out of this hell hole and get a real place, with heating and electricity." She told them all. Everyone was sold when she said that. "No more sleeping on dirty mattresses. No more pinching pennies to feed everyone. When that money goes down, we can just hit another bank" Steel said.

Drax liked the enthusiasm. They sorted out what was to be done. Blake would of course would supply the get away. He could easily hotwire some car and use it just for the hit and dump it afterwards. Kokanee, Steel, Drax and Ryder would all go in with their weapons drawn. They only had a few guns, stuff they bought off beauties satisfied by dudes homemade and hardcore streets for protection.

An MP5K for Kokanee, Drax's 9mm, The Deagle for Ryder and of course. The two P9S's for Steel. Ryder was to watch the door while Kokanee and Steel kept everyone down. Drax was to empty out the safe and grab all the cash. Loose was to find us a safe place to lay low. The plan seemed perfect. They grab the cash, radio Blake for the pick up and go to where ever Loose suggests to hide.

Cops would or would not be a factor depending on how quick they were. The target bank was on the corner of a pretty quite area. They would hit it tomorrow if Blake was up to the drive. That night everyone fell asleep rather quickly. They would need plenty of rest if they were to pull this off tomorrow. It was sudden but they were desperate. Kokanee had a hard time sleeping and saw Steel in the same position she was in.

He got up and walked over to her and sat down beside with his arm around her. "You and I will have to try and get some sleep." Steel said. Kokanee cute chick touches pussy hardcore and blowjob. "You think this will work?" she asked.

Steel looked at her. "I actually do." he replied. "But I admit I am nervous. If cops show they will shoot at us. What if I get shot and die?

Then I will never of had the chance to sleep with you." he joked. Kokanee shook her head. "We can't let that happen." She said. Steel just thought she was messing around again until she grabbed his shirt and swung on leg over her so she was sitting on his lap facing him.

She pulled him to her with his shirt and began to kiss his neck. "Holy shit Kokanee! You weren't kidding." He spoke rather loud. "Shhhh." She ordered as she removed her shirt. He wanted to skip the foreplay and just fuck her right away. She seemed all for that as he slid her pants down and pulled them off. He was stunned to see that she was wearing a black thong. So Kokanee did have a more feminine side.

He undid his zipper as his massive cock pocked through. She looked down and marvelled at the size. So he wasn't just compensating after all. He pulled her thong to the side and forced his massive pecker into her tight pussy hole.

She threw her arms around her neck. The pain was severe. She hadn't had some one of this size in her before. A small tear formed in her eye but Steel wiped it away.

"Its ok, relax. Almost there. Your so tight" he whispered in her ear to coax her through the pain. She grew used to it as he slid out of her a bit then pushed back in. The feeling was almost overwhelming on her unused clit. The sensation was building quickly. He pushed in a little further and back out again. His pace remained the same. He pushed further again and back out. At first he thought he was to big for her but she didn't want to quit now.

She forced herself down so he went all the way up inside her. Pain shot through her and she yelped. Steel through his hand over her mouth but she seemed ok now. His pace quickened a bit as he thrust his cock into her.

She began to bounce a bit. He loved watching her tits bounced as he humped her harder and faster. They still held each other, locked in one another's grip. Steel had never had such good pussy in his life.

Kokanee had never been so willing in all her life. Kokanee looked at the handsome face taking her breath away, literally.

He began to suck and kiss her neck. It sent shivers down her spine. He was penetrating her more deeper now. Her cunt loosening up as he fucked her. She could feel his balls against her with every thrust letting her know he was getting to most of her.

She could no longer hold back. The sensation exploded through her and she shuttered. She felt her body go numb, all but her pussy which was throbbing. He pounded her cunt until his hot sticky cum shot into her. He moaned loudly.

sneaky milf scissioring session ends in trio, that was the best sex I have ever had" he commented as Kokanee lay motionless in his arms. His erection had gone away but the mess was very much there.

Kokanee fell asleep in his arms almost right away. Steel held her and sucked on her neck until he grew rather fatigued and fell asleep as well. Everyone was early to wake up. Well, all but Kokanee and Steel. Loose went over to get them up and laughed when she saw the sticky mess and Steel's zipper down when he stood up.

Kokanee went red in the face and said nothing. Blake was feeling fine and was able to take part after all. It was around 9 at night when Drax distributed the guns to their proper owner and gave Ryder, Blake, and Loose each a walkie talkie to keep in touch.

They each pulled out a mask they always used when doing other robberies. Kokanee had a snake head like mask. Steel had a wolf, Drax with a tiger, Ryder with the panda and Blake wore the lemur. They used animals natasha thomsen natasha k t Ryder's request just because he thought everyone looked kind of funny.

They all walked with their bags to the bank. Their gun hidden under their clothing and masks in the bags. When the 4 of them reached the entrance they looked up to make sure all was set. Blake had stolen a 1969 Charger RT for pick up and Loose had founf a vacant garage for them to take cover in until the heat died down. Each of them put on their masks. All 4 burst into the bank. Drax locked the door and turned the sign over so it read closed.

Ryder fired a single shot into the air and everyone dropped. Kokanee looked to Steel who looked extremely hot right now holding the 2 handguns. "EVERYBODY DROP AND STAY THERE!" Steel yelled. Drax at the one security guard looked like he was older then any of their grandfathers. Drax aimed. "Give me the fucking gun" Drax spat. The security guard raised his hands and dropped his gun kicking it over to Drax. Drax picked it up and went behind the desk to empty out the drawers.

Ryder remained glued by the sexy redhead wife loves that big black cock #12 eln tube porn keeping a look out while he waited to radio Blake. Kokanee noticed one man trying to crawl to another man. She took aim right at his head. "You going anywhere? This bullet isn't made for you so don't push me" she snapped.

The man froze and nodded his understandings. While she was busy dealing with the one guy another tried to sneak up on her and take her from behind. Steel shot him once in the knee. He dropped right away. Several people screamed and covered their ears. Kokanee looked back seeing the guy lying their crying out as he held his knee. "NO ONE IS GOING TO BE A HERO TODAY!" Steel shouted. Drax had already gone back to empty the safe. So far things were going really well.

No cops and no one fataly injured. Everything was nice and quite apart from Kokanee and Steel's footsteps. Drax came out with 4 bags full of cash. "Let's get the hell out of here" he told them. Ryder called for Blake who was there in seconds. As the 4 of them bolted for the car they heard the alarm sound behind them. The car sped off with Blake behind the wheel. Drax was holding the bags in his lap in the passenger seat while Kokanee and Steel shared the back.

As Blake turned a corner they all saw what they were dreading most. 3 cop cruisers were coming right for them. Blake ripped the wheel around and took off down an alley. Steel looked over at Kokanee and put his hand on her lap.

She pushed it off. "Not now!" she spat looking behind seeing the cop cars. It all happened so quickly. Drax opened up his window and began to fire back at the cops. He didn't even see the cop car that was parked about 50 metres in front of them with 2 cops aiming until Blake shouted.

There was a loud crash and a small bullet tore through the windshield and embedded itself into Blake's head. The car immediately veered to the left. Drax took the wheel and rammed right into the parked car causing it to eject out of the alley. Drax had the wheel but the car was in bad shape. "We need a decoy!" Drax yelled. Kokanee nodded. "Let me go, I can out run these bastards!" she replied. Steel looked at her. "Be careful." He begged. She nodded.

She took the walkie talkie. Ryder looked at her "Good luck!" he joked. The car slowed down just enough for her to jump out. THE CORUPTED COPS The car sped off and she was left to lure the cops to follow her. The plan worked to get one car off their trail. It followed her into a dark alley. She ducked behind a dumpster and hid. The car drove right past and out of sight.

It was so dark that she could barely see where she was going. She contacted Loose and told her where she was. The cop car that had been following her was gone so Loose could meet her here. She set the walkie talkie down and looked around.

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Suddenly a hand cupped her mouth and dragged her out from behind the dumpster. The 2 cops had ditched the car and found her on foot. They dragged her to where their car was waiting and pushed her up against the car. They shone a flashlight into her face. "Hey, this is a pretty one." She heard one say. They turned her around. The cops that had busted her were maybe not much older than her.

They were pretty good looking and one had his gun aimed at her. "Damn, she is hot" the other replied. She spit into the one with the flashlights face. He smiled and wiped it away. He then pushed her up against the cruiser with his body holding her there. He put handcuffs on her and pushed her down on the hood of the squat car so she was lying down on her back. "Hold the little bitch!" Shouted the one with the flashlight. The other came and held her down by the shoulders while The one forced himself between her legs.

He ripped open her pants and ripped off her thong. "This little cunt's already had some today." he muttered. He then undid his uniform and took out his hard erection. "STOP NO! HELP!" Kokanee screamed.

He ripped her shirt open down the middle viewing her tits concealed by her bra and ripped that off to. He lifted her legs up a bit and rammed into her without any warning.

She screamed in pain. This was far from pleasurable. "STOP! PLEASE I AMBEGGING YOU!" She cried but they just ignored her. "Do her man, Do her good. Don't let the little cunt get away for what she has done!" The other officer was egging his partner on. "KOKANEE!?" Called a voice in the shadows. The officer holding her covered her mouth and aimed his gun into the darkness.

"Who is there?" he yelled. Loose came into sight. When she saw what was going on she ran to help Kokanee. The officer who was holding her down grabbed Loose and threw her down as well. "LEAVE Tanned beauteous bitch adores banging hardcore and blowjob ALONE!" Kokanee snapped. The officers seemed attracted to her all the same. The one began to tear away at Loose's clothing as well. "Damn, we have these light handjob sneaking into your duddys cronys daughters room fine girls at our mercy." One joked.

The other laughed and threw Loose in the back of the squat car. "We will deal with you after." He spat. Kokanee was not standing up facing one officer while the other held her from behind. Her pants were at her ankles and she was un able to do a thing. "You are one fine women." the one behind her whispered. He then forced his cock between her ass cheeks rubbing it between gently.

Kokanee kept a firm glaring look. The one in front let his prick poke through and lifted Kokanee's legs and wrapped them around his waist while he slowly entered her moist pussy.

She shivered a bit as she he pushed in further, neither were as big as Steel but this was still tough. That's when she felt immense pain from behind. The one was forcing himself into her tight asshole.

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She clenched and tried to prevent it but he was going higher into her. The one in front was speeding up now. The pain was giving was to great pleasure though she tried not to show it. Having the 2 cocks fucking both her holes made the feeling sensational. "Ooooooooooh." was all that escaped her mouth. "You hear that Blaine? She is liking this!" The one laughed. Kokanee turned her head looked the one cop in the eyes while he fucked her in the ass.

It wasn't long before she felt his seed fill her ass. Soon the officer taking her in the cunt blew his load as well. They threw Kokanee in the back of the cruiser. She had never been used like this before. The pain was lingering but she held back the tears. Loose held her and glared at the cops. Their attention quickly turned to Loose as they grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the car. "Fucking bitch stop squirming!" One yelled. The other pushed Kokanee back and slammed the car door shut.

"Get on your fucking knees!" He ordered. Loose did as she was told when she felt the cold barrel of a Glock Semi Auto against her temple. The one officer forced his cock into her mouth. "Suck it bitch.

Clean it off for me will ya?" He ordered. She did as she was told. "The little cunt has done this many times. She is damn good." He commented. Loose found herself almost enjoying this. Any cock was good cock. "You want to fuck me officers?" She asked. They looked at each other in sock. The one called Blaine pushed her against the car hiking her skirt up and thrust into her wet pussy.

He gasped and tossed her head back. "Not the biggest I have had" she mocked. Blaine began to hump her violently. Ramming her hard. She was loving this.

She saw the other officer getting hard college babe mia bandini gets crazy from rough orgasm and passionate sex more. "What's the matter? Not getting enough attention?" She asked. She pulled away from officer Blaine and got on her knees. Her firm ass showed from under her skirt.

Blaine seized the moment to enter her from behind. Loose was expecting it so the shock wasn't there. She took the other officer in her mouth licking his tip with her warm wet tongue.

His eyes closed and he found himself in a heavenly bliss. While Loose sucked the one. Officer Blaine fucked her up the ass. Kokanee sat in the back of the car watching the entire thing. She looked down only to see herself getting wet again.

She refused to be turned on by all this but he pussy couldn't help but love it. She didn't even notice that her finger had slipped down and was now flicking at her hardening clit. The 2 officers finished their toy off and both paused to collect their thoughts. While the 3 of them sat against the car Loose leapt up and opened the door. Kokanee sprung out. The officers immediately drew their guns and took aim.

"LITTLE WHORES!" Officer Blaine shouted. Loose walked towards him smirking. "We both wanted to have a go with you uniforms at the same time" She seemed to know just what they wanted to hear because they withdrew their guns.

Kokanee looked to Loose with disgust but played along. Loose took the one officer in her mouth while Kokanee sucked on Blaines neck.

"My god Mack you were right! These girls are fucking amazing!" So Mack let Loose suck his prick while Blaine tried to squeeze between Kokanee's legs. Kokanee looked over to Loose and nodded. The 2 of them together struck the officers in the heads with their fists. They fell back and were caught again by another blow.

This knocked Mack out but Blaine tried to retaliate. It took one more hit to get horny young attractive babe screwed by old dude down and out. Loose backed up slowly and took off down the alley. Kokanee followed but running was quite painful. Their clothes were shredded so being seen would certainly draw unwanted attention.

Kokanee remembered she had left the walkie talkie by the dumpster. She managed to recover it and got a hold of Drax. He agreed to come and get them. It was Ryder who showed up about 10 minutes later.

When he saw the girl in their straight he started off with a million questions. Kokanee and Loose both just crawled into the back seat and fell asleep without saying a word. IN THE GARAGE Kokanee awoke in Steel's arms.

It was very dark and she couldn't see a thing. When her eyes did adjust she was in some kind of vacant garage. She looked and saw the busted up Charger with the bullet hole in the windshield and blood splattered on the drivers seat.

She then noticed a blanket with something wrapped up in it. When she eyed it more carefully she saw the blanket was soaked with blood. She knew right away that Blake hadn't made it and that they covered him with that blanket to be dealt with later. Kokanee looked up into Steel's face. He was grinning down at her. "Loose told us everything. You going to be ok?" He asked. Fox nodded and looked away.

"Pricks" She spat. Steel just laughed. Drax noticed she was awake and walked over to her. "Glad your alright kiddo. We pulled off with $763 065 even. Were fucking through with the streets.

Were getting a house up north. You know, one on a lake. Were out of here Kokanee. You can take your cut and go or stick with us." He told her. Kokanee stood up. "You know I am not going anywhere." She replied. She looked back to Blake's blanket bag. "He didn't make it I see." She said. "Bullet right between the eyes." Drax answered. Steel stood as well and looked at Drax coldly. "If you had been facing forward you would have seen them!" He snapped.

Drax glared at Steel and shoved him back. "Don't start this shit with me!" He yelled right back. At this time Ryder dove between the 2 before things escalated. Loose followed behind pulling her skirt down as she walked. Kokanee said nothing more. She walked away and sat down against the side of the garage. Loose came and sat down beside her. "Bastards." She muttered. Kokanee looked to her and then away. Loose smiled oddly. "You know what I was thinking? I know you may find this offensive but when we were with those cops.

I found having you there was a lot easier. We definitely made the cops feel better." Kokanee wondered what she was getting at.

"Well, what I am trying to say is that, do you think the guys would like having us both at the same time?" Loose asked. Kokanee was repulsed by the idea at first. She didn't say anything but thought about it more clearly. "How do we pull that off?" Kokanee asked. Loose smirked and took Kokanee by the hand and lead her to the middle of the garage. "Just go with it" Loose ordered. She began to kiss Kokanee.

It took about 3 seconds before Ryder saw the girl on girl action going on right in front of him. He ran over to Drax and Steel pointing to Kokanee and Loose.

Loose was know lifting Kokanee's shirt over her head. Loose had already removed her own. Kokanee had never been with another girl before. So far it was pretty sweet.

Loose was very gently and soft when she touched her. Kokanee found it easier to play along and was now fondling Loose's tits in her hands. Loose's nipples got extremely hard which was clear when Kokanee un clipped her bra. It fell to the floor. The guys just sat their, mouths gaping at the display before them.

Loose then took one of Kokanee's breasts in her mouth sucking it softly licking the nipple with her tongue. She turned her gaze to the other nipple with had a silver ring through it. So Kokanee had her nipple pierced. That was pretty hot. Both Loose and Kokanee could feel their pussies getting wet as their touchingsucking and licking got heavier.

Loose slid her hands down to undo Kokanee's pants which dropped to the floor. Loose got on her knees and licked the cum that was dripping from Kokanee's pussy. She then buried her face into her soaking cunt and slid her tongue up into her wanting pussy hole. Kokanee shivered with delight as the sensation shot through her body. All 3 guys were know standing around perfect blonde house wife gets her pussy eaten and fucked watching.

All 3 had their hands in their pants helping themselves. Loose stopped and looked at the guys. "Do us" She ordered them. Right away all 3 ripped their clothes away and rushed the 2 girls. Steel wanted to do Kokanee's cunt once again. He claimed his position right away. Drax wanted no more then to take Loose up the ass. She didn't complain when he pushed her to her knees. Ryder loved having his prick in Loose's warm mouth. The 5 of them began to fuck each other without any shame. Kokanee begged for more as Steel thrust into her with all he had.

He held her legs in his arms and sucked on her nipple as he drove his cock hard into her fuck hole. Loose was able to take Drax's large cock in her ass.

He rammed her from behind while she sucked Ryder. Ryder fucked her face feeling his cock swell and he girl fest time xxx for his into her mouth. Drax came almost at the same time filling her ass with hot sticky seed. The clock struck 11 pm and the lights turned off in the garage.

They must have been set on a timer. No one could see anything that was going on. Cocks were being shoved into any female hole they could fins whether it be a mouth, cunt or ass.

Kokanee was able to distinguish them by the size of their peckers. Steel was by far the biggest, then Ryder, then Drax. Steel was still fucking her pussy when she felt another cock slide between her ass and rammed her from behind. She yelled in pain but Steel held her firmly. She knew it was Ryder behind her because she could hear Loose shouting Drax's name. Ryder spread her ass apart with his hands letting him get in deeper fucking her harder and harder.

He blasted her with hot cum all in her ass and onto her back. The feeling was all to great. Steel was penetrating her pussy as she reached full orgasmic pleasure. Drax was busy in the 69 with Loose. She was ontop licking his head with the tip of her tongue when another tongue joined in the licking of Loose's clit.

Kokanee's tongue was aiding Draxwhile Steel fucked Kokanee in the ass a and Ryder had Loose as well. Ryder was honey sweet gets her ass anal fucked at ass traffic asstraffic swallow Loose's ass. It seemed to be the spot of choice with her. It was the tightest hole she had. All of them were covered in each others and their own cum but no one minded. While Steel hammered his massive pecker into Kokanee's ass, Kokanee penetrated Loose's cunt with her own tongue.

Drax was in his own world having his cock being sucked by the queen of head. Loose did give the best head in the city. Steel humped and humped Kokanee's ass harder then anything she had ever felt. The sounds of all them moaning, groaning, gasping, yelping or some sentence that could only be tied in with wanting more echoed in the garage.

Steel exploded into Kokanees ass and pulled her away from the others. He wanted her to himself. No one seemed to notice she and Steel were off doing their own thing. She lay down on her stomach. Steel lifted her legs and got between them. Kokanee held the push up position while Steel fucked her in her used pussy. This was more just a fast fuck in the cemetery blackxbook then anything else she had experienced but pain quickly turned to extreme pleasure.

Soon she hit orgasm again. Her arms collapsed and Steel gave her another blast of cum into her pussy. They returned to the group who were now quite and lying in a heap of cum and nakedness. No one said a word as everyone tried to catch their breath. It was Ryder who broke the silence. "We have to do this more often." He said.

The other laughed. Drax grabbed the bag of cash and pulled it over. "Were going to be fucking fine" he added. Steel leaned over and kissed Kokanee. She smiled and took his hand in hers. Damn right they were going to be fucking fine.

They were now going to get the hell out of dick starved blonde slut eating boner with lust in pov style hell hole. Fucking fine indeed.