Xxx story ebony sex stories ind xxx

Xxx story ebony sex stories ind xxx
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James soon realised that domination was a need for him. Whenever he had been with a guy he had always lead the way. That was until, he met Martin. James was gay, Martin was bi-sexual and both of them had been exchanging images of themselves over e-mail for a while.

James went to school with martin a year ago and both were in scouts together where they found their sexual attraction. When James invited Martin over for a good time, Martin couldn't resist the chance to dominate someone. James was willing to be dominated by Martin, despite his usual position. Martin entered the house and pushed James aside as he attempted to kiss him. He lead James upstairs and as he entered his James's room instructed him to point out his underwear drawer.

James obeyed and did so. As Martin was rummaging through he instructed James to stand in the centre of the room and strip to his underwear.

James obeyed very quickly. Martin lifted his head from the underwear drawer with a pair of handcuffs in his hands. These would go great with the other chains he had bought with him. He also found a pair of Speedos in the drawer and instructed James to change into those.

Again James obeyed. After he was changed Martin took a chair from the side of the room and put it in the centre. He instructed James to sit on it and as he did he handcuffed his hands to he back and chained his feet to the bottom. James was helpless. He was chained to a chair wearing nothing more than a pair of navy blue Speedos. Martin undressed himself naked, he preferred to dominate his victims in this way, it gave him a sense of power and control.

Martin mounted the chair so his crotch was level with James's head and his 7" hard cock was almost in insane hardcore masturbation by innocent looking teen mouth.

He instructed James to suck on it and so he did.

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Martin moaned in pleasure as this clearly experienced slave, as he liked to think of them, was swallowing his cock whole time after time. He pulled away just before he came, he was saving that for later. He unchained him from the chair and then chained this feet and hands back together again to restrict James from moving. He laid James facedown on the bed and took nearby plastic rule and whipped his across the ass with it.

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James winced in pain as rule met with skin leaving a harsh red mark across his ass. Martin seductively ground his body against James's as he laid on top of him and whispered in his ear, "you are mine".

He lifted James up from the bed and laid him down flat, as he plunged down on his small 4 and half inch cock taking it all in, James's face went from one of pain, to one of ecstasy. Martin lifted off straight away giving James only moments of pleasure. He lifted him again from the bed and made him kneel by the side. As bent him over the low bed he spat in his asshole of lubricate it.

A look of fear spread across James's face as he realised he was not only bound but also submissive to Martin, anal sex is nothing he had ever ventured into before.

Martin rammed a single finger into James's asshole and he winced in pain as it hit the knuckle. Martin pulled his finger out and rammed two in, this hurt James even more as he bit into the covers to stop himself from screaming.

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But as Martin rammed three fingers into James's virgin asshole he could do nothing but scream. However James knew he pain would get worse than that, and sure enough Martin came from behind and rammed his fully erect 7" cock all the way in. He left it there for a minute for James to get used to it. Slowly he moved it in and out with increasing pace. Eventually he had a hold of James's hips and was ramming his cock into his ass at full pace. James screamed in agony as Martins fingers had loosened him up a little his asshole was still extremely tight.

Martin reached his orgasm and buried himself deep into James and injected countless spurts of seamen into his asshole. James felt a relief Martin pulled out and rested. They were both sweaty and out of breathe, as seamen dribbled from James's peta jensen gives a sneaky deep throat blowjob Martin scooped it up with his fingers, turned James around and made him swallow every last drop.

Martin then swooped down on James cock and gave him the pleasure he deserved after his painful ordeal.

As James came Martin spat the cum onto James's stomach, took the handcuffs off his hands and got dressed. He walked out of the house leaving James abused, naked and with one hell of drive to do that all over again.