Old tour bus driver sucks off 21 yr old rocker twink tube porn

Old tour bus driver sucks off 21 yr old rocker twink tube porn
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Brandy is 25 is single never married from San Antonio, she is a associate lawyer in my San Antonio office. She has no social life, she is in Dallas for a conference. Reading the society page Brandy seen an article talking about me and the rumor of me dating local young women. Suddenly it is ok to think darksome floozy receives hot pounding hardcore blowjob me - and did she start thinking.

Brandy finds herself fantasizing about me after a trip to my office; She'd play with her nipples and imagine it is me nuzzling at them, She'd finger herself and dream of me bending her over the desk in the office. One of her favorite fantasies is of giving me head in the garage, hearing me moan as she deep-throats me.

After the conference, she asks me about the article, and told me people were saying I was on the prowl for young local single women for one night stands.

" Is it true?" She asks me. " Mayyyybe," I answered, giving her a look with a wicked glint in my eye. Brandy feels a flash of desire run through her. If I'm looking for a new one night stand woman, did that mean she stood a chance?

She found me in my garage at my Turtle Creek estate, she stood beside me while I looked information on the computer. She casually let her breast brush my arm. I didn't seem to notice. She didn't want to be too obvious because my helper is was working in the next bay, might notice.

When she moves away I look at her and smile. She knew then I had noticed. " Hey," She said nervously. " Um. look. If you feel like getting some dinner, I'd like to go with you," Brandy stammered. I smiled, sending my helper to lunch and then on a errand. I walk up to her, partially blocking her against the wall. Before she can move, there is a sudden flurry of movement as my hands yank her into the darkness of the garage. Startled, she gasps as she turns her ankle, tripping sideways as a sharp pain shoots through her right foot.

Trying to right herself, she stumbles wildly as she is flung hard against the brick wall of the building. Her head ringing, she tries to push away from the wall, but stops when she feels my steely fingers pressing hard into the soft skin at the base of her throat.

She is quickly pushed tight against the wall, her arms flailing helplessly against me. Brandy can't breath, or scream, or think. She feels her racing heartbeat in her head and feels the ass flaunting naked hoes drilled in pussies in foursome tube porn start to overwhelm her.

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Digging her fingers into my arm she pulls frantically but can't match my physical strength. She is helpless and feels the fight draining out of her. Everything is starting to get a little fuzzy and she suddenly feels tired. The sound of her small, short gasps ring against the walls of the garage as I press my body against her. " Not a sound, I enjoy rough sex with a woman," I growl, placing my lips to her right ear. I pull back a little to look into her face, she feels my body heat through my pants as I slide my legs between bhojpuri aunty saree sex in up in gkp bare skin of her thighs.

My hard eyes are penetrating and she feels tears welling up in her eyes. Her vision blurs and as she blinks away the tears, she feels her lips begin to tremble. Brandy shudders as she feels the cold fingers of my other hand being drawn down the side of her face; Brandy can't help but turn away.

I chuckle and she grimaces; the fear has settled deep and I know it. The tightness against her throat lessens as I release my grip and she finds she can finally draw a deep breath.

I'm close enough that she feels the warmth of my breathe on her face, my legs still pressing against hers. Her hands are shaking as she slowly draws them up to rub the sensitive skin of her throat, her eyes big and round, locked on my face.

I place my index finger to my lips and raised my eyebrows in question. Brandy slowly nods that she understands and I smile. But the smile doesn't touch my eyes; they remain cold and penetrating. " Good girl," I whisper.

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" You are young and beautiful, especially with those tears." With my thumb I gently trace a tear down her cheek. Brandy can't help the low moan that escapes her lips as she presses herself against the brick wall at her back desperate to get away from my touch. She licks her lips, ready to ask me what I want of her.

The dark flash of fire in my eyes warns her and the question dies unspoken in her throat. She closes her eyes, trying desperately to gather her breath, her thoughts and her courage, she has never been with a older man.

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She has never experienced rough foreplay and rough sex. My hand slides across her chin and for a brief moment my touch is gone, then her world explodes in a shower of pain.

Her head rings wildly as her head snaps back from my fierce open-handed slap; the surprise of the strike more powerful then the actual touch. Her left cheek is on fire. The strike takes her breath away, thoughts and courage in a single moment. She thinks she might collapse, but I'm still close, pressing leg to leg, forcing her into the brick wall. Brandy raises her hand to feel her cheek but freezes when I snatche her wrist in a crushing grip.

She is trembling from head to toe as I glare intently at her, silently menacing. I pull her hand down to her side and then gently reach for her face. She wants to pull away, but the look I give her stops her cold.

She stands like a stone while I stroke her check, fire hot from my slap. My touch is oddly soothing and her mind tumbles at the conflict.

My hand moves lower as she tenses as I put the full weight of my hand again on her throat. She can breath, but the threat of pressure is there. " Good girl," I say again.

" I think you might understand now, what it will be like to be with me, right?" She swallows hard and slowly nods.

Brandy can't tear her gaze from my dark, hard eyes. Her mind is numb. I stare at her asian babe saya song rides a huge hard cock for money a few moments longer then suddenly pull away. It is shocking to suddenly lose my body heat and she feels her knees go weak.

She leans forward slightly, and concentrates on a few deep breaths, wishing desperately that her head would clear. Slowly, with each ragged breath, the roar in her head begins to diminish and she can feel a little of the fear subsiding. Standing back, I make a show of looking her over.

As I stand leering at her, " Take off your jacket." My tone, so menacing and primal, drives straight through her. She is startled at the command in my voice and suddenly feel very small and powerless again. Her breath catches in her throat homemade amateur teen orgy stealing for the fuck of it she hesitates. When I step toward her again she finds herself fumbling for the over sized buttons that hold her jacket shut.

I watch intently as she finally pulls the last button free and shrugs out of her jacket. She can do nothing but watch as I slowly reach for her jacket and take it from her shaking hands.

Brandy begins to tremble as the cool air in the garage dances across her skin. The silky top she had chosen to match with her skirt does little to shield her from the bite of the air.

She feels the goose bumps raise all across her skin, to her dismay, feeling her nipples tighten and harden. She starts to fold her arms across her chest but stops immediately when I hiss my disapproval.

She licks her lips again, her mouth suddenly dry, letting her arms swing lifeless to her sides. She can't help but swallow hard as I again step closer. My power and confidence is palpable as I step directly in front of her. My movement is calculated, like a hunter stalking my prey. She shivers again, and not just from the cool air. " Turn around and face the wall", I command. A soft sob escapes her lips as she complies.

Slowly I wrap one of my hands into her shoulder-length hair pulling her head back. " You will old mom son incent story as I command, you will not question, and you will not hesitate. And you will address me as Sir. Do you understand?" She tries to nod but can't as I pull her head back further. " Yes", She gasps.

She yelps as I pull harder and she blurts out desperately, " Yes, Sir! Yes, sir!" I release her hair leaving her panting. Brandy is trembling head to toe as she rests her forehead against the rough brick, trying to collect herself. " Hands on the wall." She doesn't move quick enough. Suddenly, sharp pain courses through her right ass cheek, the sting of my slap on her cold skin sending her heart into her throat.

" I'm sorry," She blurts out, quickly putting her hands on the wall. I grab her by her hair again yanking her backward; pulling me back so far I fear I am going to fall over. Pressing my face into hers, I growl " You want to me teen shares bfs big cock and jizz with her classmates one night stand? You want me to fuck you like a bitch in heat?" " Yes.Yes.Sir." She managed to gasp.

Abruptly I push her face-first into the brick wall. With my hand on the back of her neck, I pin her face to the rough wall, her throbbing left cheek pressed hard into the uneven surface. " Stick your ass out," I growl and she moves quickly. I kick her legs apart until she is spread-eagle and quietly sobbing.

" Not a sound, do you understand?" " Yes, Sir", She whispers. Her head is turned away from the street opening, she is left to stare into the darkness of the garage as she feels my warm fingers against her skin. My touch is firm, but oddly gentle. With my free hand I trace a pattern up the inside of one thigh and down the other, careful to avoid pussy. Her skin rippling under my touch as I sweep across her skin under her skirt. Brandy is horrified to find her body responding to my touch.

That familiar sensation of pleasure starts to blossom and try as she might she can't resist a sigh when my fingertip slowly slides inside the leg band of her thong.

Her breathing becomes ragged as my fingertips leave a trail of fire on her skin. Brandy is startled as I change tactics, reaching around roughly grabbing her right breast. Her thin is bra no protection from my fingers.

I torment her nipples, rolling and pinching her sensitive nubs until she cries out from the pain. She hears me hiss my disapproval at her noise and clamps her lips shut, desperate for some relief from my cruel touch.

With one hand still pressing her face to the wall, I grab the silky fabric of her blouse and quickly yank it open, the buttons spinning and bouncing around our feet. I roughly push her bra up, leaving her c-cup breasts unprotected to my brutal touch.

I begin to slap her breasts, building in intensity as I move from one to the other. Brandy is shaking with the struggle to stay quiet and remain still. I merciless pinch and pull her nipples, crushing her sensitive globes in my hands. Brandy is moaning loudly behind her pursed lips as she endures my harsh touch, her mind frantic for a way to survive this pain. Just as the pain is beginning to subside into pleasure I suddenly stop, leaving her dizzy and panting, her breasts throbbing and tender.

" Don't move", I growl as I remove beautiful chick bounces on fat dick homemade hardcore hand from the back of her neck. Again, the growl is low, menacing and paralyzing it takes her a moment to collect her thoughts. She hears a faint metallic ring and then the feel of hard cold steel slowly sliding up luscious teen strumpets bounce on cock hardcore blowjob outside of her thigh.

She tenses as the realization hits her; I have a knife! She sobs loudly as I step close, pressing my groin into her ass. She feels me pushing her skirt up further and moans when I slide the knife over her hip and under the band of her thong, easily slicing through it.

She feels the fabric sofia valetta latinas homecoming sextape latina sex tape tube porn to fall away as I switch the knife to the other hand and repeat the process on the other side. Brandy is paralyzed, barely breathing, fear knotting up in her throat. I slowly pull away the fabric and she feels the cool air dance across her pussy lips. She is in shock. Grabbing her hair again, I pull her away from the wall until her back is pressed up against my chest.

She is off-balance, confused, and scared beyond reason. She smells my expensive cologne and sweat, closing her eyes, trying to catch her breath.

" Open your mouth". Before she can fully comply I force her mouth open, shoving her thong into her mouth with rough fingers. Her mouth is full with the silky material and she starts to panic. Her eyes fly open in surprise as the adrenaline races through her body again.

Brandy frantically twists in my grasp, but her struggle is useless and short-lived. Pulling her up by her hair, her hands flailing, I have her on tip-toes when I harshly command " Be still!". She immediately stops struggling. I hold her there for a few moments longer, then slowly let her down. She feels the tears welling up again as she looks up into my hard face. My steely eyes glistening and I smile wickedly down at her. A predator with my prey.

She shivers, trying to blink away the new tears. " Beautiful", I whisper as I kiss away the tear rolling down her cheek. I turn her again toward the wall, pressing her face to the rough surface. " Ass out," I command again. " Spread those legs, slut. And stand still. I don't want you to move." She is shivering and compling, vision blurred by tears, her muffled breath loud in her ears. My fingers are merciless. I stroke and pinch, rub and pull between her legs.

Brandy tries to smother the deep fire to keep it from rising, but my touch is hot and sweet, rough and warm, and she feels her desire building and spreading. Then I slip a finger into her hot pussy, she is wet and ready. Brandy is horrified. More horrifying is that she doesn't want me to stop. I chuckle darkly as I slip two fingers in. She hears her juices slurping as I message her deep inside.

Then I slip in the third finger she moans grinding her hips against my hand. Her desire is building to a peak and she badly wants the release. She cries out when I suddenly pull my fingers away and slap her ass again with my open hand. The pain is excruciating, mixed with the pleasure she is experiencing, her brain doesn't know what to do.

Her head is ringing as I spin her away from the wall and roughly force her onto her knees in front of me. I wrench her head back by her hair, leaning down, pressing my face into hers. Brandy down on her hands and knees, she is shocked when she feels my weight as on her back as I raise up on her back.

She has never had a man mount her from behind like a bitch in heat, she feels something poking between her legs, out of panic and fear she tries to move away from me. She turns to look at me, she is horrified seeing my big cock head, my long thick cock covered in a cob web of veins. She set there with her eyes wide, and her thoughts filled with curiosity. Something about being mounted and fucked by a older man with primal animal lust excited her. Something about me using her as my bitch stirs something inside her, she has never felt before.

Maybe because of the dirty taboo, but she cannot deny the feeling that is torturing her body. Without thinking, Brandy raises her butt from the floor without taking her eyes off my cock.

No way will she spend the rest of her life wondering, and fantasying about me. The slut inside her would know what pleasures a older man with a huge cock has to offer. Brandy on all fours lowers her head as she offers me her body.

Fear racing through her with uncertainty, but she knows the slut inside her will endure. She takes a deep breath, and quietly waits. It is only seconds before I mount her, wrapping my arms around her grabbing her breasts. I thrust my big cock at her backside.

At first she thought about guiding me in, but she knew it is busty amateur gets boned at the pawnshop her place to help. She is my bitch, and whatever hole I enter she will have to endure. The sudden force of my rapid thrusting hips pushing the tip of my cock between her pussy lips, and deep inside her. " Oh lesbian and sex with horny teen on board hot women taking a shower together god," she screams.

Her eyes get wide, she gasps for breath, she feels like she is being torn apart by my massive cock. The pain rushing through her like a tidal wave, but the feeling of being impaled on my shaft turns the pain into pleasure, she has never experienced before. MY thrusts are hard, deep and fast, and my shaft feels like a hot poker, and she feels my seeping hot cum entering the depths of her body.

As I continue to fuck her with force, the pain turns to intense pleasure, and she drifts into the world of pure lust. She has never felt such intense lust and pleasure, and she found the slut in her pushing back against my cock. No longer aware of the things around her, she became the slut she knew was inside her. " Oh yes, fucking yes, fuck me, fuck me." She screams, without caring who heard her cries of pure lust.

Her whole body feels on fire, her skin is tingling. She has never felt this with any man before, and for the first time in her life the slut inside is getting what she needed, a good fucking. It is like she started climaxing the moment my cock entered her body, but when the big one hit it shook her whole body.

It feels like every muscle, and every fiber of her body exploded like the eruption of a volcano, and she struggles to keep from passing out.

" Oh yes, fucking yes, god I'm dying," she screams. In her weak state, she cannot prevent my cock head from entering her cervix, the knot at the base of my shaft knot enters her battered pussy.

" Oh my god," she screams. My cock head and knot going in sent intense pain throughout her body that overwhelmed her. Her beautiful face is marred with pain, as tears trickle down her cheeks.

The pressure of my cock full embedded in her became over whelming causing her stomach to cramp, then she feels my cock throbbing, swelling and jerking as I explode shooting load after load of cum filling her. I made an effort to pull back, but my effort only tugged her body toward my.

The pressure of my swollen cock and knot against the inside opening of her pussy is painful, but at the same time she drew pleasure from it. Now she feels she has become my bitch, and I'm her master who has the control, and she is my bitch who has to endure whatever happens. Brandy is submissive, and did not move. I stood, as my knot held her in place. She lowers her head down on her arms and closes her eyes in an effort to gather her thoughts and to calm her body from the intense fucking I had given her.

Her pussy feels numb, bruised, and the constant pain keeps pulsating through her body. No idea when my knot will go down, she remains still and thought about her ordeal with me. My cock, and cum is hotter than any she has experienced before, my thrusts are faster and harder than any she has experienced before. She has never climaxed so hard in her life; it is like her whole world has exploded.

Brandy had lost track of time, and with one lunge of my hips the knot and my cock slips from her pussy, and the sudden gush of my cum mixed with blood rushes from her pussy and down her thighs. The sudden rip of pain from my cock and knot pulling out brought a scream from her. She laid there on the garage floor, her thighs spread and my cum and her blood seeping from her womanhood. Her hand slips to her pussy, using her fingers to slide along her sensitive folds to coat them with my cum.

Until she tried to get up, she did not realize how sore her body felt. A grin came to her lips, the first time in her life, she had been fucked so hard. I took Brandy to the house, drew her a hot bath, the water feels good to her flesh, and the heat seems to penetrate her body and relieve the soreness from the throbbing pain.

She leans back, closes her eyes to enjoy the fulfillment that generates from her body. At the thought of being with me again brought a smile to her beautiful face. She came down stairs, I smile my concern is gone. I handed her a drink, our eyes met over the rims of our glasses as busty mature ava addams interrupts phone call for took a sip.

I watch her lips glisten with the alcohol and saw a little shudder after the first gulp. I step into her space, letting our lips press together as my hand slides onto her waist. " You look gorgeous," I whisper throatily, as I cup her ass, knowing she will get wet from my touch. My cock straining against my pants again and she sees the lust in my eyes again.

Soon my hand is between her quivering thighs, as I tease her clit slowly. My fingers are soaked in her juice as she struggles to grip her glass as my fingers firmly circle her pulsing clit. My ear is close to her mouth, listening to her pants, her gasps, her whimpers.

I took her glass from her hand before she drops it, moaning in delight as she came for me on my fingers. She didn't like my fingers inside her bruised sore pussy. I want her to be mine here too. I handed her back her drink as she recovered, sweat glistening on her upper lip and forehead. I kiss away the sweat, saying, " Ready to continue." Within half an hour I had her in the bedroom, having teased her and caressed her.

Taking her hand I had finally drawn her upstairs. Positioning her back to the door I had her bend from the waist and take my cock in her mouth. Her dress rode up over her ass, exposing her glistening cunt.

She took my cock in her mouth hungrily, so eager to taste me, to please me. I loved watching her lips slide back and forth on my shaft, pouting a little more as they stretched over my big cock head. Her eyes closed, she relished her work. My hands caressing her head, her soft hair, her back, feeling the muscles and soft skin.

Then down further, feeling my cock pushing deeper into her mouth as I lean over, wanting to tease that tiny hot anus.

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I feel her choke but hold her there as I push a wet finger into her sphincter, hooking it and holding myself in her. Her throat contracting as she gags for a few seconds before I straightened up and let her slide off my cock with a wet gurgle. Hot spit drooling from her lips and the head of my cock and I ask her if she is ok. She simply nods, eyes filled with tears, gulping, as she took my cock in her mouth again. I sigh.

A beautiful young creature. I repeated my fingering of her asshole, her wet gagging sounds turning me on. Each time I let her off me she would return my cock to her mouth after a short recovery and soon I have two fingers up her tight ass. I pull her off my cock by her hair and led her to the bed by her hair, pushing her over the edge.

My cock is now awash with thick saliva from her mouth and I smear her cunt juices onto her tight anus for good measure.

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My cock is huge, I knew, and I expect to hurt her like did earlier to her pussy. She gasps as I press myself against her asshole, the thick bulbous head slipping a little on her anus as I hold the shaft and start to push with my hips.

My other hand pried her round ass cheek away from her tight anus, I feel her quivering as the head pushes harder and harder.

Finally, forcing her to scream, the swollen head of my cock slipping inside the rubbery ring of her anus. Panting, she begs me to stop and hold still, letting her get used to me, I relented, feeling the occasional spasm of her cunt tighten the band of her ass hole on my throbbing cock. I'm painfully hard it is all I can do not to ram my cock in and cum. After what seems like an eternity, she begins to move slightly on my cock. I spread her ass with my hands and start to work the thick shaft of my cock into her slowly accommodating anus.

Rewarded by her little grunts I start to fuck her, forcing inch after inch up her ass until my balls slap her sore puffy dripping cunt lips softly. I gritted my teeth as the animal lust I feel with her begins to rise, reaching out I grab a fistful of hair in my hand, pulling her head back hard as I start to fuck. I know her hand is between her thighs, frantically rubbing her throbbing clit as I slam her tight ass hole, and the thought just made me fuck her harder, my free hand slapping her jiggling cheek so hard she cries out.

I own her and she loves it that way. She knew I would never hurt her, would only use her as I wanted. So she feels herself letting go, taking my cock up her ass so deep.

I groan as I hear her whimpers and feel her anus clench hard on my aching cock. Fuck, she is going to cum. I pull her hair harder, xxx vporn com brazzers story my cock up her slurping, sucking ass hole deeper.

She rewarded me, her cries echoing in the bedroom as she arched and shuddered. I rewarded her, grunting like a bull as I unloaded jet after hot jet of cum up her ass. We stood locked together for what seems like an eternity. Our panting breaths unifying and synchronizing, my sweat dripping onto her back as I let my cock soften inside her still spasm ass hole.

Gradually, I withdrew.