Maddy oreilly is going to let you watch while she has all

Maddy oreilly is going to let you watch while she has all
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Auntie Made Me Cum.With Her Feet This is the second part to come from Made Me Cum Series Read the first one to understand the background of this story. ___________________________________________________________________________________ I had wiped all the cum off my mums feet now and they looked as good as new, i kissed them and gave them a little massage and put her shoes back on.

We then both walked into the restaurant and found the rest of the family sitting round the table singing me happy birthday. the restaurant was a local so it was a relaxed atmosphere and there was music playing in the background the same as any normal meal until i released my aunt was walking funny as she was going to get her food from the carvery.

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i walked over to her a i was thanking all the family for my various presents. i asked her "aunty, why are you walking funny?." "i broke the bottom of my heel on the way in" "oh ok bet thats not very comfortable?." "no it not, but we are in public so i have to wear my shoes" she looked slightly embarrassed i had noticed but seem not to mind as it was hurting her. i suggested she walks around barefoot, but she refused as she was like my mum and took really good care of her feet properly more than my mum.

"i can't walk barefoot my feet will smell" i tried to reassure her "its ok we are family im sure we can deal with it" "okay its your birthday and if it is okay with you i will" she slipped her broken heel off and rubbed her feet "ah thats better," she stretched her toes out and rubbed her feet. then looked at me then down at her feet implying i should look at her feet. "do you like the nail color?." i really did it was the all black look that i really like, i nodded and laughed it off and walked back to my table.

during the meal mum kept looking over at me and seductively eating her food mimicking it was my cock. i was getting slightly hard from this and seeing my aunties barefeet. nothing much more happened at the meal until we drove back to my aunties as she has a swimming pool in her house. mum and i got into the car and started up the car but mum waited for all the other family cars leave the car park and she said, "do you want to drive to your aunties?.

as you are learning and its your 21st?." i jumped at the chance and ran around to the other side of the car but mum didn't move. erm mum can you get out please. she smirked and got out of the car slowly and as she got out she grabbed my semi. "i saw you looking at auntie feet" "sorry, she looks after them as much as you!" she smiled and walked round and got in the zoey foxx asshole pounded by throbbing dick on the couch side.

we drove to my aunties and pulled up outside.

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"Hun im going to go talk to your auntie, you go and wait in the pool" i obliged and got into my shorts and jumped in the pool. minutes later my aunty came into the pool room and walked into the pool and swam over to me. i wondered what this was all about, was there a supervise present? my auntie was wearing a tight dark brown bikini, her breast were smaller than my mums around 32d but still big enough too see a big cleavage.

her pussy looked thicker than mums as you could see the lips outline in the bikini and it had a thonged back. my aunt has tanned skin with clear tan lines. "your mum spoke to me and said she had pleasuring a lusty thick jock hardcore and blowjob your her feet" "erm. yes" "its okay your mum and i love attention to our feet, its our thing" "ok i noticed yours at the restraint i told mum" "oh did you now, what did she say?" "that you take more care than her" "serious.

her feet are amazing i wish i could have mine half as nice as her's, and from what ive heard she can use them well too." i thought to myself should i answer her properly and tell her what happened, or would mum even tell her?." "oh ive never tried feet before, especially mums" "well i guess today may change that" i was in shock was i going to get two of the best footjobs of my life in one day?

just as i was getting hard, the rest of my family came in and jumped into the pool. my aunt looked shocked and swam away from me pretending to do lengths. as my family continued to play i noticed my aunt in the corner of the pool pointing me to go over to the hot tub. i swam over and jumped and waited. the next thing i feel is my aunts feet rubbing the top of my head as she stands on the edge of the hot tub. i opened my eyes and pretended to be shocked she chuckled "i thought I'd find you here" i just laughed back and grabbed her foot and licked the sole and a few toes she was looking around trying to look normal but let out a little moan "i think i should come in, someone might see" i moved over and she sat opposite me we had light chit chat about my work and what she is doing then i felt it her feet sliding up the inside of my shorts, thanks to the water my sensitive head was fine to be touched.

i felt her soft toes rubbing all over the head, i just looked stunned and started to pull my shorts down and get my cock out. i could see each soft black toe sliding up and off the end of my throbbing head. i tilted my head back and saw other members of my family coming over to the hot tub so i turned on the bubbles so no one could see. with this she picked up the pace. she whispered "my told me you have already cummed today, so i guess it wont be long" i could see her pulling her bikini bottoms down and aligning her bum with one of the jets on the hot tub.

she was moaning gently. but stopped when another member of my family got in. i expected her to stop but she continued faster and was having a chat with a straight face whilst i keep having to put my head in the water to let out a moan. my mum could see that the member was disturbing something and called them over to the BBQ and they got out.

My aunt put herself back onto the jet and asked me to turn lisa tiffian ebony chick blowjob fuck glory hole up as i did she started rubbing my cock so fast.

i was so close to cumming i though she was but as matures go they moan and moan and just keep on moaning as if they are going to cum but it takes them very long.

she told me its ok just cum in the tub and no one will notice are you ready for my finishing move, i think its better than your mums. "ok aunty" in my mind i was doubtfully, with that she slide her big toe over the end of my penis and began gently forcing it into the tip of my penis whisly her other big and first toe was forcing back my foreskin and squeezed.

i screamed into the water as i began to cum and my auntie pushed her big toe completely covering the hole.

i felt so amazing like i was cumming. then my auntie told me that i hadn't cummed and proved it to me by turning the jets off, i has to cummed at all, she told me as soon as she moved her big toe i would cum more intense than that. i didn't believe her but she move slightly then quickly moved her big toe off my penis head and forced the shaft skin so tight against my balls. immediately rope after role of cum floated in the pool i curled up and almost sank in the tub in pure delight.

"WOW THANKS, YOUR FINISHING MOVE IS GOING TO TAKE A LOT OF BEATING!" "thanks babe, anytime you need a good realse come round, only feet though" "i wasn't thinking anymore, i think thats all i could handle" i wanted more though but knew I'd have to wait, or maybe not at all. i thanked my auntie again and got out of the tub and jumped back in the pool to continue sunny leone xxx she sucks nipples a man wild day so far.

was there still more to cum. ________________________________________________________ thanks for reading comments are much appreciated + what you like and didn't + what more stories would you like in the future Hiddenpassion5 x