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Nudecamsnet christina models webcam session free porn hardcore amateur
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"Got any paperwork for me to sign?" I asked, after loading 2 pallets full of machine parts that needed to be hot shotted from St.

Louis, Missouri to Amarillo, Texas. "No, you are all good to go." said the Shipping agent, "We don't have anything, you will have to write your own Bill of Lading" "Okay, that is fine, Have a great one!" I told him as I closed the rear doors on my Ram Promaster.

"You too." He replied as he drove the woman fat big boobs fuck back into the warehouse. I climbed into the drivers seat, pulled out my clipboard and and a Bill, and filled out the necessary information, and pressed the depart button on the Dispatching app that the company I am contract to uses to dispatch drivers on loads.

My name is Emory, I am 40 and I am a long haul expediter. I work for a local courier company out of O'Fallon, Missouri, a western suburb of St. Louis in St. Charles, County. Been here for over 20 years now. Survived our company moving 4 times, several accidents, one that put the van I was driving at the time on its side when I was T-boned by an idiot running from the law. He was caught, and not only is doing time (Because he murdered his neighbor), but was also forced to buy me a new van, the current one I am driving.

I was married once, but it was a very toxic relationship that I was in. She hated my friends, my job, my family, and my hobbies (Fish Keeping, ghost hunting, etc). I finally had enough, and divorced her. That was 15 years ago. I have not been in a serious relationship since then. Sure, I have had casual girlfriends, and I have done booty calls with a few of them, at least once or twice a month. On this particular day, I was dispatched on my first run west of Missouri in over a year, picking up in the St.

Louis suburb of Berkeley at a machining shop going to a place that works on oil drilling equipment just outside of Amarillo. I was looking forward to it.

I plan to make it a 3 day trip, stopping tonight in Oklahoma City, then arriving the night before my delivery in Amarillo, before coming back, staying at the same place I stayed in Oklahoma City. I decided that I would stop at the Road Ranger in Fenton, Missouri to gas up before heading out of town. Mainly because I can also get drinks, snacks and I was also craving a Meatball Sub from the Subway inside the truck stop.

I was coming out of the truck stop after making my purchases when I was approached by a very young woman, who I thought could not be more than 18 years old.

"Excuse me, sir, but are you by chance heading west?" She asked "Depends on which way west you are going, if Texas, yes, but anywhere north of there, no" I told her. "Can I get a ride with you? I need to get away from here, Please!?" She said, with a worried tone in her voice.

"How come?" I asked her, a bit unsettled by the tone of her voice Right after I asked that, I heard a guy yell out, "GOD DAMNIT, GINA! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO!" I saw her look back at the entrance of the store.

I knew right then that she was trying to get away from this guy. He saw us talking, and started storming over towards us. "That is why! Please! I need to get away! He has abused me to no end I want to get away!" "Yeah, you can come with me." I told her.

I did not want to leave this pretty girl, who I gathered was named Gina, to be abused anymore than she had to. The guy came over to me just as I closed the passenger side door of the van, with Gina safely inside. "Hey, man, that is my girl, what the fuck are you doing to her." He scowled at me "Well, from what I understand, you have abused her to the point that she wants to get away from you" I told him, looking him directly in his.

"Fuck you, man, she is a liar, a whore, a skank, and she owes me for saving her scrawny little ass from her old man." Just by the names that he called her right then and there, I knew right away that she was going with me, and not with him. "You will have to go through me first, asshole" I spoke as I glared at him. He got even more pissed, and tried to punch me square in the jaw, I managed to easily side step him and avoid it.

I was about to charge at him, when I heard a police siren in the next gas booth. Apparently during this confrontation, the officer pulled up to the pump to fill up his cruiser. He had seen everything. He was arrested after he got my story, and he spoke to Gina, who told him everything he had done to her. He wanted her to stay so that her parents could pick her up, but she had no family in the St. Louis area. She was from Lubbock, Texas. I agreed to take her home, since I was heading that way anyway.

As I got back in the van, she thanked me profusely. "Thank you so much! I can't tell you how thankful I am for you helping me!" "Its no big deal, Gina, I think that is your name." I responded "Gina is just my nickname, my real name is Virginia." she replied "Well, Virginia, looks like I am taking you back to Lubbock" I told her. A huge smile appeared on her face. I offered her half of my meatball sub, but she refused, stating that she ate right before she approached me.

As we were rolling west along I-44, we were engaged in small talk. Mainly about why she was with the idiot. She told me that she met him a a mutual friends party, and he beat some guy up who was trying to make sexual moves on her. They had been together for vanessa blue fucked in her ass at home months, and they were heading to Chicago so she could meet his grandparents.

"How old are you, anyway, Virginia?" I asked "I am 18." She replied. "18? Isn't that a bit to young to be going out of state with a boyfriend of the same age?" I asked "He is not the same age as me, Emory, he is 29." That shocked the hell out of me.

Why would she even consider dating a guy who is 13 years older then her!

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"Really?" I asked. "Why? He is 11 years older then you." "I am attracted to much older men, I find them, well, most of them, more mature than boys of my age." "I see, hopefully you are not attracted to me!" I said, chuckling a little "And what if I am?" She asked, and I thought I saw her give me a little wink, but I decided to ignore it. "Well, for one, I am 40, 23 years older than you!" I told her, trying to convince her that she should not be attracted to me.

After my 1st, and so far, only marriage ended up in heartbreak and depression, I did not want to attempt another serious relationship, especially with someone 23 years younger then me. "Well then, I guess you will just have to find out." She stated, with a beaming smile.

"Well shit, I think she is attracted to me," I thought, "Hopefully it won't last and she will forget about me once I drop her off." I decided to change the subject back to her abusive, no ex-boyfriend, just in case I needed to be called into court in any sort of case against him. "Did he ever rape you?" I asked "No, well, he tried on several times, always using the excuse that I owed him for saving me from the guy at the party, but I would always fight him off.

I am a virgin, and he was my first real boyfriend." "What about forcing you into other sexual favors?" "Well, I was convinced to give him blow jobs and swallow his load, at least two to three times a week, I never enjoyed it, he always forced my head to the point where I could not breath." "Well now, at least you are away from that." I concluded. "What about you, Emory, is there a special someone in your life?" She asked "No, I am divorced, its been 15 years since then.

I have not been in a serious relationship since then." I told her "Damn, that must really suck, 15 years without sex! I am surprised that you have not tried to get into my pants!" She sounded surprised. "Oh, yeah, I do have sex, I have few 'Friends with Benefits'" "Do they please you?" "Yeah, I am satisfied, the only thing I don't like is that part of wearing condoms.

Before my divorce, every girl I slept with would let me cum in them." "Awwww, I'm sorry, I am sure if I were older, and if you wanted to, I would let you cum in me as many times as you want." She said, with a smirk on her face. "Yeah, the key word is 'older', I don't want to go to jail for being a pedo!" "You have to remember, back in the old days, That was the norm!" She told me.

"I don't think your parents would approve of you petite zoey is an expert cock rider pornstars and cumshots with someone who is old enough to be your father." I told her.

I concluded that kristina rose double in college with that statement, and the rest of the trip into Oklahoma City was uneventful, other than her having to literally run to the restroom when I was gassing up in Tulsa. As we were approaching Oklahoma City, we start to discuss the room situation when we got to the hotel, a Motel 6 on the Northwest side of the city. She tried to convince me to get a single room with two beds, but I was trying to insist on two rooms.

We agreed that it would be only one room if there were no other rooms available. When we got to the hotel, I went into the office to inquire about the rooms. To my horror, not only did they natsukkayama vs black men 02 have 2 rooms available, but they only had 1 room, and it was a single bed!

I reluctantly took it, mainly because I was too tired to drive on much longer, I had already been working for over 12 hours. (Van drivers are exempt from DOT Log Book laws) When I got back into the van, I told her the news. "Well that really sucks." She said, but I could tell in her voice that she was not disappointing at all, but seemed excited.

She was failing at covering that up. We got into the room, and I went into the bathroom to shower and freshen up. I told her I would order some Pizza when I was done. When I got out, I found her, laying on the bed, her back on the wall, only in her Bra and Panties. I felt my cock twitch a little bit at the site. This was the first time I managed to get a really good look at this teenager. I knew from our conversation on the road that she was part English and part Native American, but now I could really see it.

I stared at her for what seemed liked minutes. Taking in her small, frame, A-cup breasts, dark hair, and beautiful skin. My gaze was broken when she asked if I was enjoying the view.

I muttered an excuse, I think it something about forgetting my phone charge out in the van. Then I saw it on the little nightstand next to the bed. I think she knew what I was doing, because I saw her grinning. This was going to be a long.interesting night. After we finished our meal from Dominos, we both relaxed on the bed. She was watching television while I was surfing the internet for potentially haunted locations in Amarillo that I could check out after I dropped her off.

About 11:30, I decided it was best for us to get some sleep. After all, it had been a long day for the two of us. After the lights were out, I had a hard time falling asleep. I was thinking about the days events, and the one line that she mentioned to me about 16 being the age of consent. My cock was hardening, and I so badly wanted to make a move on her, but I figured that after today, she would storm off and leave after I made a move.

She rolled over a little in order to look at me. "Would you mind putting you arm around me?" She asked. "After what I have been through, I want to feel safe." I obliged and put an arm around her waist, making sure not to go anywhere that would turn her her on. However, she ended up shifting closer to me. "Uh-oh" I thought, I still had a raging hard on after thinking about our earlier conversation, I knew for a fact that she could feel it.

After all, she was only in her bra and panties, and I was in a T-shirt and boxers. Her ass was pressed right up against my cock. "Hmmmm," she moaned, "You are not going to take advantage of me are you?" She asked "No, I don't intend to" I replied.

"Good" She replied. A few minutes later, I could hear her moan again, but this time, she started to move her hips a little, grinding my cock into her ass. "Ummm, Virginia, what are you doing?" I asked "Making you feel good, Emory" She replied, and continued on to grind against me.

"I don't think that is a good idea." I told her "And why is that?" "Because you are 18 and a virgin!" I replied "Hmmmm, but what if I don't want to be a virgin anymore" "Why me? You will probably never see me again after I drop you off." I told her, with a concerned tone in my voice. "Well, that is a chance I am going to have to take." She ground her ass harder into me.

"Besides, it seems like that someone is enjoying this" She said, in a playful voice. Before I could say anything, she took my hand that was on her stomach, and moved it up to one of her breasts. I could feel through the thin material that her nipple was hard. She pushed my hand into her breast, letting out a soft moan. "Emory," she started, "I don't care if I ever see you again, you will always have a special place in my heart after what you did for me today, I want you to have me, you are the first person outside of my family to treat me like a real woman, and not some sexual object." That comment really turned me on, and I was finding it harder and harder to resist her.

She turned around and faced me, put and arm around me and came in give me a lovers kiss full on the mouth. That was it. I could not resist her anymore. All caution was thrown to the wind and I kissed her back, darting my tongue in and out of her mouth. She reached down between us, and fished my cock out of my boxers, and started to stroke it. "Oh my, you are MUCH bigger then he ever was!" She stated, and kept on stroking it gently with her small, soft hands.

I moved my mouth from her lips and kissed my way down to the base of her neck. This caused her to let out a soft moan. I decided to get brave, and moved a hand down between her legs. I could feel the warmth of her pussy, and could tell there was a wet spot forming. I moved my fingers to the edge of the crotch of her panties and moved it aside, sliding a finger up and down her hot, wet, teenaged virgin pussy. "Hmmmm, that feels so good." She moaned "Do you want me to stop?" "No, I already told you that I want you." She replied.

"I am serious" "Then lay on your back, baby" I told her She got onto her back, and I got up, removed my clothes and then Tiny tit teen with hard nipples fucks an old man moved down the bed and got between her legs.

I rubbed my hands up her legs until I got to the upper edge of her panties. I hooked my fingers around the waist band, and she immediatly knew to lift her hips up.

I pulled them down, exposing her bald pussy. It was beautiful, I have not seen a shaved pussy since my wedding night. It was a sight to behold. I moved my head down and started to kiss my way up her inner thighs. This caused her to really moan out load, and I could tell that, even though I have not reached her pussy yet, she was enjoying the attention I was giving her.

When I reached the top of her thighs, I decided to tease her a little bit and kissed her on either side of her glistening slit. I could smell her sex, it was a very sweet smell, a smell I could not describe. She was letting out dissapointing moans. I knew she wanted attention to her womanhood.

I moved in and started to give her wet slit light kisses, moving up and down. Her pussy was really soft to my lips, and from the moans, I could tell she was enjoying it.

"Please, please lick me." She begged. I moved my tongue and licked her slit from top to bottom, and she let out a very satisfied moan. I took this as my cue to continue, and started to lick her pussy more.

I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy, and she tasted really good. After a few minutes, I found her clit. The instant I made contact with it, she let out a busty babe april dawn bends over for a hard anal fuck, muffled scream.

I continued to flick her clit with my tongue, at times stopping to suck on it. She was writhing about, and had her hands in my hair. "Oh god! I'm going to cum!" She announced, and pushed my head harder into her pussy as she her orgasm hit her hard, causing her to flood my mouth with her juices.

When she finished, she was panting, and moved up the bed, over her, and gave her a kiss. "How was that, baby?" I asked "Oh god, You are the first to ever make me cum! I don't even get off like that when I rub myself!" she claimed.

"Do you want me to return the favor?" Now, like any guys, I love blow jobs! But tonight, I wanted it to be about her, after all, in a few minutes, she would be surrendering her cherry to me. "No, baby, not tonight, I two lusty sluts pleasure their orgasmic twats it to be about you." She pulled me in for another lovers kiss.

We made out like old lovers for what seemed like eternity, but in reality, was only like 5 minutes. "Take me, please, I am ready, make me a women and claim my virginity!" She announced.

"It's going to hurt, baby." I told her "I know, but I trust you." She replied, kissing me again. I moved to where I had her legs spread as far as she could stand without hurting her calf muscles. I could see that she was now soaking wet.

I was starting to wonder if my large cock would be able to fit all the way in her without hurting her. Before I positioned my cock at the entrance to her virgin pussy, a thought crossed my mind, and figured that I should ask it. "Do you want me to use a condom?" I asked her. "No, no condoms, I want my first time bareback, but I am not on birth control, I'm sorry, but I don't want you to cum in me." she replied "I am okay with that." I replied.

I positioned myself at the entrance to her love hole, and placed the tip of my cock in the hole. "Please take me, baby, I need to feel you." "Do you want me to be gentle or what?" I asked "Please be gentle with me." I slowly slid the head of my cock into her virgin hole. I could tell by the look on her face that it hurt her. I kep sliding it in, very slowly, until I reached her maiden head, and she winced in pain.

"Are you ready, babe? Its going to hurt, I am going to have to thrust really hard to break it." I told her. "Yes.go ahead, but please, can you give me a little time to adjust once you are all hardcore rough banging by a hot couple on cam way in me?" She asked "Of course." I told her. "I don't want to hurt you as much as I have to." I saw her grip the sheets of the bed, tightly shut her eyes, preparing her self to the penetration that was about to come.

I started to push my cock against her maiden head and I heard her whimper. I knew I was hurting her, but she wanted it. I decided to go ahead and get it over with and save her from as much pain as possible. With a great thrust of my hips, my cock ripped through her cherry and buried itself deep within her pussy.

She let out a scream of pain when she felt my cock plunge into her depths. I knew that the worst part was over, and that in a minute or two, the feeling of pain would be replaced with pleasure. "Oh my god, Emory, you are huge!" she exclaimed. "And you, Virginia, are very tight" I moved down and started to kiss her, and she returned them with vigor.

After a few minutes of making out, I could feel her bucking her hips up into me. "Does it still hurt?" I asked her "No, it feels really good now." she replied I took this sign and started to move my cock in and out of her freshly deflowered pussy. I reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. She took it all the way off and threw it on the floor with the rest of our clothes. Right away, she moved her hands onto her nipples and started pinching them.

I wanted to play with them as well, but I wanted to concentrate on her tight pussy. I have a feeling that I won't last long.

"Go faster, baby, please" She told me. "Okay, but I won't go much faster, I don't think I will be able to hold out that long before I cum." I told her, and started to thrust into her a little bit faster. She was moaning with pure pleasure that my cock was now giving her. I was plunging really deep into her, and I thought I could feel the head of my cock going past her cervix.

"Oh baby, please, fuck me! I am yours! I will always be yours! Oh god! YES!" she rattled I closed my eyes, trying to hold back my impending orgasm. I wanted her to cum before I did so she could cum on my cock before I had to pull out. "Oh yes, please! Keep going! I am about to cum!" She announced, and right away, her pusy muscles tightend even harder around my cock. I was struggling not to cum, I did not want to disrespect her wishes in anyway, but it was a loosing battle.

"Oh baby! Please, I have to pull out, I am about to cum!" I told her, as she was in the middle of her orgasm. "Do it! Cum! Cum in me! I don't care anymore! Shoot your load in me! I want to feel it! I am yours, mark me as your woman!" She screamed as she contuned to cum I wanted to question her, but I did not have time, I was going to cum, and cum hard.

I had not time to think, as I shoved my cock as far into her as I could, shooting my cum deep into her pussy, doing just what she wanted me to, to mark her as mine. 'OH GOD! YES! I FEEL IT! I FEEL YOU SHOOTING IN ME! OH GOD, I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" She screamed.

I was afraid that she was going to get the cops called on us, but I did not care, I had this little 18 year old under me, writhing about in pure orgasmic bliss, taking my load of baby makers deep into her pussy.

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I collapsed on top of her, both of us catching our breaths. I could tell that we were both satisfied.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and started whispering into my ear. "Oh god, that was amazing! You are the best, you made me feel like a real woman." "I am happy you think that, but what about that comment of you being mine?" I asked "Because, I am yours.

Even if I never see you again, I will always be yours." She told me, and gave me a kiss. "I will be sad when I drop you off, I find you an amazing woman." I told her "Then let me stay with you, let me be your woman. I promise not to be like your ex, I want to be the woman that loves you every day" She said. "Are you sure?" I asked, "What about your parents?" I asked "I don't want to see them. They are crack heads, and I know if I came back, they would still be the deadbeats they always have been." She told me.

"Then I guess it is settled, you are staying with me. Are you sure it is okay that I am over 20 years older than you?" I asked "Age is just a number, love exceeds all ages." She told me "Are you saying that you love me, Virginia?" I asked "Yes, I am, I love you, Emory, I have ever since we crossed into Oklahoma. I knew I wanted to be with you." "I love you, too Virginia.

But I don't want to rush into getting married. I still need time for that." "It will be okay if we never get married, just as long as we are together forever." She replied, giving me another kiss. By the time we reached my house, now her new home, we had made love at least twice a day, but that night, we made love six or seven times.

I found out that she was not on birth control, and we were both relieved that I did not get her pregnant. It was not until right after she turned 20 that she did become pregnant with our first child, a baby boy, that we named Jessie. The two of us did end up getting married five years later. When my co-workers found out that I was getting married to a girl 23 years younger than me, they thought I was crazy.

But they understood that she made me really happy. I shy love aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures feel guilty at times about our age difference, but each time, she reassures me that she really does love me, and does not care how old I am, but is just happy that she is with me, and will be until death.